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other allied ministry Don rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Bucha mursaleen Sadie now Muhammad in one early or savage remain my beloved brothers and sisters Sudan Malik and work with Lloyd with regard to

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hamdulillah Ramadan I mean always we will begin with the praise of Alana sure to alert you and Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings and salutations, whatever it may be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is priceless to your family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant as close to the Musa Salam with fKM and his companionship in general for DOS. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Hamdulillah I can see everyone is very, very tired. hamdulillah likes, every effort that you've made, we've made Allah subhanaw taala bless us 27 days

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of fasting 27 nights of pm my every single moment that every sacrifice for his cause be a means for us to enter Jannah where we only need one good deed to intercede the Jana Nila mean Hamdulillah we have been doing the biography of the NABI Salam. So those of you are following the lectures of the Torah we were doing the Sierra or the live version of Islam, and most of it is about the events, the battles and, and someone asked, we want to learn more about him as a person, you know, what was he like at home? What was he like, you know, day to day between his companions, and this is called Shama in, this is the character I'm going to be synonyms, a different genre in today. Insha Allah,

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incomparable complimenting the Sierra, we want to talk about that every salams character, and the simple things that he did had done in his life, the purpose of which is for us to emulate. When Allah Subhana Allah says, We're not understanding that raw material Allah mean we only see your hands on them as one of the greatest mercies and blessings to humanity to all of creation. And he says, What in NACADA Allah Who looking at him and says, Oh Mohammed salah, you are of in High Exalted caliber stature of

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your character is extremely exalted it is for us to emulate. So, let us look at the example of nubby Salah look at some of the stories in his life, for us to emulate and Inshallah, the purpose of which is for us to inculcate in our life, that the NABI Salam conquered the world book with an army and not with power and might be through his character, you want people's hearts over through the kind of person that he was, even before Islam. We know when he became the Navy the day you became an IV, and he was scared and he called collegia. I'm scared, something bad is about to happen to me. So Khadija mentioned to him, Allah will never humiliate you, because you're a good person, you are good to all

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your relatives, even the ones that are not stand we all have relatives that cause issues and that you are good to all of them. You are always speak the truth, everyone knows, no one can say that you have told a lie. You help anyone who's in need, if someone comes up there, you need you're going to stand up for the cause of the of the weak, the poor, the orphan you and if you have guests, you honor them, and you call the anyone who's in distress knows they can turn to you. So this is the nervousness character before Islam. And it is for us to also ask do we stand for these principles? The Sahaba when asked about his features, the thing that stood out the most was the smiling,

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smiling. Now sometimes we imagined this is happens when you become mashallah, sorry. You become an OG and you become extra pious, the smiling disappears. You're not serious. You are the vicar. No one. In fact, no one wants to interact with you anymore. No one even wants to look at you anymore, because you're so easily different. Daraja Sahaba was the most pious man that walked the face of the earth. What can we say about him? He was a man that smiled a lot. He always felt comfortable, easy in his in his company. And he was always concerned about others more than himself. And then to be Salam says in the Quran, Allah says that the prophets of Salaam is closer to you than your old

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selves. So he said, because Allah has made me closer to you. If any of you passes away, and you have debts to pay, you owe money, I will take that upon myself. I will pay your debt, I will make sure it is paid to panela that's the whole community, the whole community. And obviously, we know that as we said, He's Eman and his Taqwa when it came to rituals of evader and sometimes we become especially now in Ramadan, we become serious Why don't make Salah and an ambulance Very good. This is never someone more pious than him. But we know the very famous Hadith that when he would perform Salah and he would leave the Salah, and obviously he wants to push along and and then he would hear a child in

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the background crying, and then he would in the Salah immediately we just cut this short why? Because he knows that this child is distressing the mother the mother is feeling awkward, how much it is going to be inconvenience and he would in the Salah. And when he would ask this Hava would say that if he asked anyone to do something, if he encouraged the OMA to do something, he was always first in line, and he would always be the one that took the lion's share of it. Even when they were digging the trench. The trench that Allah has up he was the one that was digging the hardest in the in the grounds. This is the man that Allah Subhana Allah loves the most and he's in the dirt covered

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in dirt digging, digging with his his Sahaba and that's an sp Malik Allah would say that at times, you know, they lived Medina was basically around it was these and it's wilderness. You don't know what's out the bandits, animals, whatever.

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And they would say if we heard a strange sound that would disturb us. One night it was such a weird sound out there that we couldn't ignore it. We have to come up and see what it was. And we were all debating who should go and investigate these noises out in the middle of the desert. And before we could gather the courage to go out there we see someone in the distance coming back from the desert, and it was the mojito Salam and he was riding a camel who was basically laying but no one was about to die. And so then we Salam said don't worry, I've checked it out, though sounds are nothing to worry about. And mashallah this camel is not so Lamy he still he still got some energy still got

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some food on him. Alhamdulillah that Subhan Allah when he came to his charity, we know the hobbit would say he is like that wind wherever he comes and he brings he brings goodness, and his charity was that he never ever said no to anyone that asked him something. He gets gift. It's panela a new cloak. Beautiful cloak and the Sahaba are marveling at this cloak. And a man says I'm just gonna give it to me immediately takes his cloak off and he says if you want it it's for you. To have I didn't say anything when there was some department there. How could you ask him? You know that he's gonna say yes. So the man said this obviously I didn't really care about the clock the fact that he

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wore it I want to wait now I have something which going to be solid Moses for me. I'm gonna be very interesting. And this one lady comes and she gives her jewelry as not they suck but as a gift to you as like, you know, this is a gift my jewelry to you Yasumasa Salah and he's so happy another girl comes another young girl comes and you see yes, some cucumbers. And he's so happy he takes the cucumbers with him still he has the plate of jewelry. I think the jewelry is for you.

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That is why when he was giving and giving and giving the enemies realize this is not a key. This man has no love for the dunya when he was the undisputed ruler of what is now Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, UAE all these countries were under his command and he asked eyeshadow the Allah Allah, I like my time is coming to an end gather all my positions every way you can find what you have. And she brought in seven that are Queens seven, this is all you have. And he was so sad. Because how do I face Allah with these seven coins in my hand? How do I face Allah with this? Distributed this now? This is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. People came to him not just

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for the DEA needs but people came to him for all the needs of dunya man comes

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he's begging is begging for resources come I don't want you to be constantly begging What do you have in your house? So the message all I have is a a sheet that sometimes we wait and sometimes we sit down to eat food and evil which I go fish routine so that it's okay bring it to the masjid and then everyone has an auction he's always gonna buy this one and one day he will give it to someone obviously this harbor and they buy this for a few more than obviously it was worth they gave it so then he says yeah, take this money go and buy food for yourself and your family off of it and the other one buy an X and bring me that x so then how becomes an he brings an X not a great x then it

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sort of fixes and makes the difference it uses X it's good. Now go out for two weeks go cut some firewood I don't want to see you here and bring that firewood back. And so he did that and he came back with a firewood he sold it and a hamdullah from that that man became wealthy and not wealthy but he became you could now look after himself as gonna be some this is better for you than you always begin and scan Allah Who does this. This is a man who is ruling a country, a nation and he looks at a big so let me come and fix you fix your living standards. That'd be so long. As we said he had a sense of humor. The man who cries before Allah at night and he stands and he's worried

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about Jana and Jana who is people, the Sahaba obviously not only did he smile, but he had a sense of humor and we know many of the jokes. They know the permissible jokes that he would have he would the lady that came and said the masala will I go to Jana? She's an old lady. And he said to her no, there are no old ladies in Jannah and she felt very sad and she was about to cry and run away he said no, no, I didn't mean it like that. You will be you will be your main gender but you won't be old you will be young and she made very very happy. And then a very solemn said I'm going to who's going to help the sahabi wants to sell a camel. But it's a baby camels it was harvested. What do I

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need with the baby camel, but it was actually big camel so is it but isn't this camel also the baby of its mother. Another beautiful example. The Bedouins the people who lived in the desert. They were not as

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Allah says in the Quran that they don't say you have Eman so you become a Muslim. You must still embrace Islam fully. They Islam was 5050 most of the Bedouins they were always in the back and they were always having problems. But there was one Bedouins hobby Allah mentions him in Surah Toba that he's Eman was sincere. And the Sahaba His name is the hero. And he had a ugly, ugly but he had he obviously had some kind of box or some kind of disease when he was younger. And so his face was very scarred.

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His face was extremely scarred. And so

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this harnesses there was a man from the people of the desert whose name was Vahid, even his arm and he was loved and who loved him very much. And he was not a pleasant his face didn't have a pleasant appearance and he must because he had this disfiguring and the province and came to him one day

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And he's so the mountain. So this desert in the middle when he's coming and he's selling something in Medina, and then the sun comes behind him and hugs him from behind. So that and so you couldn't see who was behind him. And so he says,

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those are the beta ones. This was this was holding me. And so then you send them said, hug him. And he says it is it is me. And then the reason this holds, and everyone's holding him now this is who is going to buy the slave from me. Right? And then the easiest look at me is how ugly I am who's gonna buy me you're not gonna get much from I'm not worth much. And so I'm actually worthless, you're not gonna get much profit if you sell me. So let me say no, no, you are worth a lot. Don't underestimate this is how to me you're worth a fortune. If you were to be sold, you are worth a fortune and in the sight of Allah Subhan Allah, how do you think he made this? Manfield? How do you

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think is made this Manfield every single person he would look at, and he would give a comment that will change their life, just one comment. And they will remember the rest of their life save not only the sun, but the Allah and so he's only a young boy with an average diet. He's still a teenager, and then a B, so Salem is married to his sister Hafsa and so there'll be some C's to have, sir. Tell your brother, a wonderful boy. Even ominous say Don't say Good boy. Amazing boy. Oh, you made a little more tragic, you will be excellent. And so even I'm gonna see ya, he notices me. I'm gonna make the tattoos and then we know he will become the greatest of the second generation Sahaba

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this is even Amara the Alon as a husband. Now, how he balanced his times, hundreds amazing. On the one hand, he's teaching preaching, fighting Jihad politics. But when he came home, every day, there was time for his wife, his family never got neglected. And Saba mentioned that he distributed his time in threes. 1/3 is the the quality of the politics but the statement for the for the nation. 1/3 was for his family, you would make sure that they have the hub and 1/3 was himself for him meaning his own personal iada his own worship and vicar statute. And if anyone needed anything extra you took from that third from his own personal time so solemn and the wives gonna be Solomon we had a

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whole series about them, called the women around the messenger. So Salam, it's on it's online, it's beautiful. We should get to know how they describe what he was like at home, that he made them feel like the most special people on earth. Now he's busy. Now all of us can can relate when you go through a difficulty at work, you come home, you take that baggage on your wife, she knows who you hate at work, how terrible you are, see what you deadlines. That's the norm when he comes home and even though he's got the weight of the world, the weight of the athlete on your shoulders, it is about them, how are you What did you do what's happening in the House speaking to them, and he made

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an extra effort to show His love and His affection to them as we know that he had this he was nice was very fond of PDA public displays of affection, he would hold their hands and if he would enter the house he would kiss them on the mouth and when he leave left the house he would kiss them on the mouth even when he was fasting and other surfaces and cases how did you make Salah and he just kissed his wife it's a fake masala and

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he would

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if they would eat we don't I share you would make a point to look where did she when she would drink always the wife things first and then he would have waited you put your lips I put my lips on they just added little bit extra. And he would

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he would allow them to when they were angry they would shout at him and scream and man he would let them be wouldn't ever complain about that. And he would use secret. Each one he would give a nickname. You would not call him on the name. So this calling sweetie loving whatever it is Sunnah of the Salah Salem and he will be playful, and he would be when they would whistle. He would splash them with water. When they had an opportunity. He would obviously finally be out and play games. You know, Muslim is playing games with his wives because he knows that they want to be entertained as well. The beautiful example when Najafi when the emperor of Ethiopia had sent some entertainers to

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the delegation to Medina. And they were guys were throwing spears. Now it's in the masjid. The ladies also want to see now sisters also want to be part of it. But of course the wives in Amsterdam are extremely in hijab. And so I shall want to see so he said no problem come out. And he stood. He stood in front of her cheek against his cheek watching and she said I stood like that longer than I needed to. I wanted to see how long before he said okay, now it's enough. I show it's like you know, longtime things through but he didn't say anything. And he kept standing there until i i became I became tired of that. And to Han Allah. He would always defend the honor and the dignity. If anyone

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said something about his wives, he would Subhanallah not only fight for them, but he would defend the honor and the dignity and for the lady. This is extremely The show is the kind of man that he was even after they had died. Khadija Rhodiola and he would continue to praise her and honor after she was 18 years after she had died. He would mention her honor her her virtue and her and how special she was how special she was in the home. I showed her the onset when they asked what was he like at home. He was very domesticated. He washed his own clothes. He sold his own clothes panela all of us do that. So and he wasn't very good at it certainly wasn't excellent at everything. And I

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should say

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I was looking at him and he was struggling trying to thread a needle. And she's looked and because he's is he's focusing so much, he's beginning to sweat. And so I said, like, looks at him and she's grinning. So there'll be salah, you know, when you feel someone looking at you, so then obviously looks at her and says, What are you like laughing at me? So she says, No, we are still Allah. You remind me of what a poke there was. There's a poet called a boo, boo, boo boo. So he said, we're looking at you like this sweating. You are like what aboubakar, you said, so there'll be some familiar with the poem. He knows the poem. This is what it was what it

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says he says it as a poem about how in the full moon that full moon at night, it's so bright that you could it's almost like the day, if he saw you, he would have written that poem about you, not about the moon. And so she made and then abbyson got up and kissed. And she's and he said to her, and you are like that for me as well. That's how you are. To me, as a father, we know he was Al Hamdulillah, a household full of ladies. He had sons but they all died very, very young, and all of his children basically what ladies, and so you can imagine this kind of environment of ladies, all of them talking and chatting and all of that. And he had the most honor indeed as a as a father,

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Fatima, who is the baby. She says that gonna be salaam, basically a few months before he passes away, he comes to visit her and she comes to visit him and he gets up and he puts her in his chair like honoring her, you know, my daughter, this is the baby and then we send them treats like the absolute gentleman how he is his grandkids that of Islam could not resist them. If you would see them in the masjid. He would get down from the member and it would be castling for sign up and he would give hookah while standing on the member and he would say what Allah said is through that, a manual balloon, Xena hayati, dunya. The children and money makes the life makes it beautiful. I

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could not resist seeing them they I just wanted to hold them. And of course we all met beautiful Hadith were in the middle of Salah. This wasn't when he was making his own private Daljit he was leading the Salah, and he sujood was long harvested. What's happening now is this is a new type of sujood Why is the suit so long? So he said no Hassan was on my back, my grandson climbed on my back like all children do. And I did not want to get up until he was tired of playing. When he was done. Then I'm caught up. He's carrying Hassan on his shoulders and he's walking. And one of Sahaba says to Hasson Oh, oh, oh, little boy, what an amazing thing that you're writing, you're writing a very

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blessed thing. So that I was and I have a blizzard rider. And this rider is also very, very Blizzard, And subhanAllah he had other grandchildren, besides hassling her same simple mama, his granddaughter who makes her holding her in his arms and then putting her down when he made sujood. He loved children in general. And of course, his grandchildren, he was very affectionate, he could not resist himself around him. We know all the Hadith about animals, when you would see Sahaba sitting on animals talking, you would say these are not chase, if you're not gonna ride the camel, get off because this is volume for the camel Subhanallah, things like that to things like that. And

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of course, for the environment. So all these things about modern issues, things that we can take today that if Kiama were to come, it was upon you, and you have a plant that you haven't yet planted a seed go and planted even though you know it's not going to

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you know, it's not going to grow. But you do it. That is what we do as as Muslims, every single person felt loved these community. And as that young boy was as we gifted to them, we saw them at six years old. By the time that I mean he's passed away he was 16. Now between six and 16 This is when your your teenage years, you're the most naughty times. And as I said, I served in basically every day, but not once. Did he ever say us? Why did you do this? Why'd you do that? Even though he says even though I mixed up a lot of times you say do something and I get distracted. And then he would come nicest unless you remember I sent you to do something. And it's so important things. And

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so that is why his whole life and it's not the Allah on the next like 70 years after that. All he would do is narrate Hadith about Islam. I mean, the effect that he had on us, every single person felt special in his in his eyes, he invites the NABI Salam invites one of the senior chiefs of another type to come. And this man was unsure if Islam is a Muslim or not. So he said, this, the chief is saying is he saying in my mind, he's either a king, or he's really a prophet. And we were about to talk and we and he's inviting me to his house, on the way an old lady comes. And she takes him by the hand and she she wants to talk to him, that sometimes the old people just, you know, talk

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and I think of seals, but he says, okay, you know, Chief just hold on, I need to speak to this auntie, and he sits and he listens and he listens. I think she's just rambling on. And so the chieftain says, This man is not a king, a king would never do this. A king would never put a dignitary on hold to listen to an old lady, what she wants to complain about her daughter in law, whatever it might be Subhanallah and then he goes and he sticks the heart if this is added as a hobby becomes a hobby, obviously after that, and we know that when that lady was to clean them as if everyone saw that she was insignificant even when she died, they buried her without telling them to

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be solemn. And you notice with anti semitism, I haven't seen in the masjid. So listen, she died yesterday, we believe has home

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Why don't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me I wanted to make Janessa Ana, and he went to her cover some lesson and he performances Janessa sada on on her. And so, the Sahaba many, many years later, they will be asked by the Taliban tell us about the visa law and they almost like struggled, you expect to find some kind of superhuman, some kind of person that was, you know, you know, like a

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otherworldly kind of person. And the Sahaba said he was, you know, it was mandala he was, in his ordinary human nature. That's what made him special, that whenever we came, he would always be smiling and he would be pleasant, that his attitude V when you greeted him, he would always greet first and you would not let go of your hand until you let go first when you until you let go. And when he greeted you, he greeted you with his full body is full, and he gave you his full attention. If someone took him by the hand, he would he would not let go until they let go. And in a gathering he would not if you were to sit in the gathering, you will not see him sitting on any fancy chair or

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any other high place you would be as on the level of his own Sahaba he would not allow people to stand for him in honor. Whatever they'd rather onesies Sadie mini fabric and his adopted son. This is how you compile the Quran. He says I was the scribe of the visa for a long time I was the Secretary and I lived very close to him, meaning I got to know him very intimately. And he said Villa visa Salam spoke about what we spoke about. So like when people speak in the month use these vicar and Salah and crying in hamdullah. But there's also Manchester and Liverpool is also about what's going on here and that B and then a B so participated in these conversations if they were

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even if it wasn't, SO LONG Isn't haram conversations, but he got to know what was happening. And he spoke about the things we spoke about Zedi was his if we spoke about food, that that Auntie cooks very nice isn't as yet undecided. Yeah, that restaurant is really not that obvious. And also, he's speaking about things that we add, if we lost, he would laugh with us. If we showed amazement at some news, you would also be amazed he would like participate in the conversation. And if someone went a bit overboard, and said something that he that was not inappropriate, he would make like he didn't hear than me. So we just ignore it. If someone asked him of something, you would look for

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every excuse to fulfill this man's needs in the most easiest way. And if he could not, he would just remain silent and the person who would never make a person feel offended if someone if someone did something wrong in his presence, he would he silence would be his rebuke, he would just look away and that man would know I made a mistake. And that will be it. We would you'd find the Sahaba takes us up you will always find

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the sahabi did this and that his by name if he did something good. So and so you know, Paula did this on Oprah and that one did this. But you always find the man who urinated in the masjid the man we don't know his name. Maybe it's a famous the hobby. But the the Sahaba understood from the reason we don't we praise in public and we criticize privately and they learned this from the NABI Salam

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Hassan Rouhani Allah and Hassanein saying there was always going to be some passed away so they all say that tell us about your grandfather. Tell us about what you know. Then at least one was like and at either young in the race along Hadith and he says there was always a smile and a sign of happiness on his face, your soft nature and when the people needed his approval, he easily gave consent and he always wanted to give in when people asked him something, he did not speak in hushed tones, nor was he stolen out of usually when he was you know, one would say he was a serious like to see this person. This is the most devout person you say he is. He was not hard, a hard hearted. He

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never screamed while speaking he never is never elevated his voice. Nor was he rude or spoken decently. He did not seek out the faults of others he never criticize people he never looked at why didn't you do that? You know Subhanallah sometimes you think that as an Imam, your job is only to point out the faults and everything everything that he only plays if he could and if but if he prays he never overpraised anything, no, he exceeded in joking, but he was also a miser, he would also have a sense of humor. He kept away from undesirable language and he would and he would make as if though he did not hear it if people spoke in a bad way. And if he did not agree with somebody, you

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would just he would not make that person feel small. He would just say gently give a his disagreement. And, and he would pass it on he never argued. And he never He was never someone that had pride. And he never indulged in useless conversation. He did not this. If he never disgraced someone or insulted someone or looked for the faults of anyone. He only spoke to that from which there was a reward and follow up. When he spoke, those present bow their heads in such a manner that he's teaching them when he speaks. They all lower their heads and listen, and then when anyone else spoke, he also lived that person speak completely everyone gave their attention. No one jumped into,

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you know, no one else spoke about the other one and this was his adapt. They never we never argued in front of him. Whenever one spoke or the other. We kept silent and listen, and Subhanallah this is the way the Sahaba described him. And you would have thought How do you describe him? He's only making tattoos. He's Oh

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was in the car. They didn't describe him like that. They never describe him like that, when he wanted to exceed in vicar that was always on his own terms. The last third of the night, everyone is sleeping, that is his personal time, whereas his time in the day was with Uma. And in the in the middle of the day in the evenings was his family, and only at night was when he pushed himself in a bad and then the salam even discourage the Sahaba from going to extremes in worship. So take it easy and make it easy on yourself. If you found like we mentioned god yeah, she was sitting the whole morning in vicar. So he said let me teach you a dua that is easier, and you don't have to suck no

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money, you get the same reward. And this was the Salem looking for the easiest way to enter Jannah looking for the simplest way to get Allah's reward some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, if you were to ask, if anyone can have the title of messenger of Allah, you look at his life at J Li and look at where things were in his in the world before he came. And within 23 years with these qualities and characteristics well without an army, without the powers of the empires, and he changed the world. He changed people from within. This is through noble work, and Alhamdulillah 1500 years later, we sit here and every good quality we can think every good quality, we can see an individual is just a

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reflection of NaVi salsa lamp And subhanAllah we know that they'll be solemn, the Sahaba were very fortunate because they got to live with him and experience that song about with him. But then every Salam did not forget us. As much as he loved his companions they he loved you and me and everyone the Sahaba we know that very famous Hadith way then it says I have a special special dua dua a guarantee from Allah he will have to accept it. You know, ALLAH given each and every especially like token when you put when you use this thing I have to give it to you. So every night we use these to my one I kept for my own monkey AMA. I'm going to ask Allah and Kiana when Allah's Anger is going to

00:26:50--> 00:27:26

be like never before my people, my people that ALLAH forgive them. And this beautiful Hadith we can conclude this hadith, that I'll be subsistence harbor. How long have I yearn to meet my brothers? And the Sahaba to me, not your brothers. So yes, you are my Sahaba My brothers are those of my ummah, who believe in me and love me if they have never seen me. I look forward to meeting them. And we look forward to meeting you. We are also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who asked Allah to bless us to be upon the Sunnah and to be sending them to follow him to look like him to act like him to be a husband like him a father like him to worship like him and to always follow in his footsteps

00:27:26--> 00:27:52

so that we may be in his companionship in the era. I mean, just a few announcements we continue please continue with your salatu Leyland UKM Ramadan is not finished, please make the most of Ramadan and then a lot of collections times your your fitrah your Vidya your sadaqa for the masjid your Maharaja and all these things and hamdullah happening make the most of these last three days your The award is multiplied more in Ramadan Villa Allah hate or sun Allah say no Muhammad already your service animal Celine hamdulillah Billa mean salaam wa Library Counter