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Nouman Ali Khan
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If a cop is killed, then the cops go crazy. Now they're gonna hunt somebody down one of their own. That's that's a different story. Musa alayhis salam in a sense, you can argue is killed a cop. He didn't intend to, but that's what's happened. Now they're looking for him they're just there's a blank and they don't know who did it. But actually it came out the guy who he actually helped ratted him out and said, he's the one who did it. Now everybody's looking for Musa and he escaped Egypt, barely surviving with his life. Okay, the entire city is on a hunt for him. He's the most wanted man in the land. And he escapes into the desert. Obviously, no, no one in their right mind would think

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about escaping into the desert. It's death anyway. It's there's no shelter, there's no water, you're gonna What are you going to survive one or two days and you're going to be dead. But he goes into the into the desert and he asks Allah for guidance. As he walked into the desert. I thought I'd be the Anissa Sabine, maybe my master will guide me to the straightest path. And that's what Allah did. Allah gave him a, like a divine GPS. You know, in a desert, if you're walking, you can walk in a circle, you won't even know. Well, Musa alayhis salam, he walked straight tilaka Ahmadi and he won't walk straight in the direction of Medina somewhere he's never been before. And Medina was a place

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where there was water, there's, there's a township, and this is arid land now, okay, so he gets there directly. And just just about when he's about to be dehydrated and die of thirst, he gets there and he sees water. And he starts sipping on the water and, you know, destitute, desperate homeless, fugitive from the law. And he's sipping on this water, barely surviving, and he sees two women.

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You know, these two women and Allah says about them tattoo done there. To put it mildly, they're playing tug of war with their animals, meaning they're holding their animals back from drinking the water. Now, obviously, in the desert was a few places where you have water, so everybody brings their animals to feed them there. And these girls are holding their animals back, not letting them drink. So he gets confused what's going on with you to Mahatma coma, he goes to them and ask what's wrong with you? What's your situation? So they said, Let us be hotter, you still only gonna share from cabin, we can feed our animals until this entire flock, everybody, all the men are done.

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Because these men down there basically what they're saying is those men are perverts. When we go down there and serve our animals, they start whistling at us, howling at us, hitting on us or whatever, making inappropriate comments. We don't want to deal with any of that nonsense. So we let all these men finish giving their animals their drink and leave, then we go feed our animals. And until then we have to keep pulling on our animals because our animals don't understand that they just see the water and they want to go and the reason we're working so hard. And the reason we're out here, and we're not down there. Why don't you have a man in the family they explained what a

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buena shakin Kebede are. That is an old man. He's not capable of working anymore. Even though that's not the subject of Mayakoba, the subject of my football is actually the DUA that comes. But what I wanted to highlight to you is Allah, in fact, mentions a very strange situation. Typically, you would imagine that the head of the household or the male in the household is going to earn the income, they're going to make the money. But Allah mentions a situation where these two girls have to go in a hostile environment. It's not a friendly environment. These are men that are not friendly towards women, not respectful towards women. That's why they have to hold back. And they don't have

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a choice because their father's too old, he can't do it. There are situations in families where, you know, it's not the ideal situation, but it happens. Women sometimes have to work they have to go seek an education, they're the only one that can they can take care of the family that happens. There's nothing on Islamic about that. That's just what it is. That's life. And there's a reason Allah mentions these things. Because these situations occur. It's not right for us to look at some family situations they all look their daughter works, oh look, his wife work, etc. And it's not right for you and I to make those judgments. We don't know what their family situation is. In any

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case, these young girls say that we can't, you know, we can't go down there. Musa alayhis salam I mentioned he was a strong man. He just grabbed their animals went down there, move the other people around like their flies, fed their animals brought them back and then didn't say any not a word to them and went back to Allah Allah will then he went back towards the shade and that's where he made this dua so this man who's barely barely alive himself saw these two women that needed help help them out and then went back didn't ask for money didn't ask for thanks didn't say his name nothing. Went back into the shade and said rugby in the Lima and delta Illa Yemen Hidin fuckin master there

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is no doubt about it that I in regards to whatever you send my way whatever you send from above towards me any good you want men hate Astana war any good you want to send me I could totally use it. I'm bankrupt fatigue and Arabic fucker literally means for the back to be broken. Okay, when you have soul

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much burden on your back, that you can't take any more on your back snaps. Like some of you work out, if you're squatting, if you put too much weight on the machine on the rack, you could sense I can't take any more. That's actually when you're about to experience fuckery, your back is about to snap. He's basically saying, I am disabled at this point I can use I'll take any good you give me I'm in this desperate situation. He turns to Allah and he makes this profound, profound. Ah, this has two meanings. The first meaning is your Allah, I don't have a home. I don't have family anymore. I'm by myself. I know nobody. I got nothing. I all I the only shelter I have is the shade of this

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tree. That's all I got

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anything, any risk at this point, I'm not going to be picky. Whatever you send my way, because by the way, he was raised as royalty. When you raise a royalty, you eat expensive food, you sit in comfortable housing, your right is nice. Everything is kind of a certain class, right? And there are certain things you're not so comfortable with, like, you know, if you're, for example, if you make a certain amount of money, then you're like, you're gonna go book a hotel in some other town, you're not gonna go get to know one star half star motel, you're gonna get at least three stars, aren't you? You have some standards. There's some kind of or if you're going to rent a car, you're not

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going to read like, some US dinky Hyundai or something, you're gonna say, hey, what's what's the upgrade? You have certain standards, Musa alayhis salam has actually been raised, you can argue with a silver spoon. He's been raised in pretty elite standards. But he's in this desperate situation right now. And he's not picky. He's saying yeah, Allah, whatever you give me. I will take whatever of any kind of good you decide. And I know that it will come only from you. It can only come from you because I got no worldly resources left. That's why anxiety is mentioned. I'll be in De Lima and delta LA. I mean, Hayden fucky can only come from the heavens now. I'll totally take it. I'm

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bankrupt. I'm not going to I'm not going to be whiny or picky. This, by the way, by extension is somebody lost a job. They used to have a high paying tech job. They were making six figures. Now they don't have that job anymore. They've been looking for a new job a year goes by two years go by three years go by the savings have run out. There is no money left. They can't even pay the rent anymore. Somebody offers them a job to drive a truck.

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Somebody offers them a job to work at a grocery store. Somebody offered him a job to drive a cab and he says, Look, man, I'm a programmer. I can't do this. This is beneath me. Yes, it is beneath you. But at this point, it's been three years. You need to be realistic, whatever you can get you take I'll cashable Habibollah the one who earns works hard and earns an income is beloved to Allah. It's not humiliating, what hard work is never humiliating. Now, just on that side note, I go out of my way, if especially when I traveled to the Muslim world, I go out of my way if I take a cab or a limo or anything else, to make sure I get to know the driver, and to make sure I get to like remind them

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that what they do is very honorable and noble.

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Because this is actually a sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to remind people that do hard work, that they are honored by Allah. You know what's happened in many of our cultures, the driver, the waiter, the cleaner, you know, these people, they're treated like trash. Like they have no respect in society. The opposite is true. In our deen, Musala ceramics keep saying whatever job you get me whatever permission you provide me. I'm not going to be picky. That's a gift from Allah. It is because a gift from Allah, a job is a gift from Allah. So now, this is why it's our deen is so beautiful. The guy who collects the trash, the guy who's cleaning up the bathrooms. All of these

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people are dignified people, because they work hard to provide for their families. They are in fact gossip and therefore they are Habibollah their beloved to Allah and how can they be beloved to Allah and despised by us? How can we look down on someone who Allah loves.

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studying the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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