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Sajid Ahmed Umar
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alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was happy I am Solomonic Kumar to logical Baraka to everybody.

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That's an Arabic term to welcome everyone. Welcome to episode number nine of our young learners hub. This is week two, and our week dedicated to salah and our chance to build Jelena every day from you all and I also send a special welcome to Isaiah with 11 and Abdullah who is 10 from Birmingham. And Khadija Aeneas who is eight years old and up to recommend me Yes, who is nine years old from Sri Lanka. Masha Allah special Welcome to you both and keep encouraging your family to pray on time. I really love to learn that from your parents. Also a special welcome to test me I was eight years old, and Samia Nadeem from the UAE, the United Arab Emirates and a special welcome also to Iran him

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with I'm from Multan, Pakistan. And last but not least, a special welcome to usara who's watching in all the way from India. Now today we are going to do something a little bit different. Okay, in terms of the wonderful homework that you've sent in and the special call outs, I'm going to do that at the end of the program okay because Mashallah the list is getting bigger and bigger and I'm forced to make it bigger because there's just so many names that come in their last panamericana bless you all, so we're going to do it at the end. And as I always say, even if your name is not called out as long as Allah because you did your work with Allah, then like your agenda has grown

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and your call out is being done in general inshallah, so please don't be sad. Okay. Now, before we start, I want to give a special thanks. Okay. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that if we can thank each other, then we won't be able to thank Allah and thanking Allah is a great act of

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thanking Allah is a great act of worship. But thank Allah we should also be able to thank each other and as you all know, especially for those who visit the website daily we all your worksheets Are you always see practice questions by a group of sisters, sisters project, Masha, Allah, Allah, they spend their time watching the program and extracting all possible questions so that it helps you consolidate your learning. So I would like to extend a special thanks to Eva and her team from the sisters project. We almost Pamela Tyler Bless you.

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Bless your children, bless your family and everyone you love and you almost kind of were to Allah grant you and your entire team and your families. Alpha dose Allah Allah the highest gentlemen. I mean, you're

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okay, this is our week on Salah. Right? And hamdulillah we began asking Allah to bless our lesson, we praised Allah, we asked a lot to praise and praises upon the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, right, and we also said thanks to this, this project, so it helps us thank Allah for our opportunities daily to do Jana. And today we want to continue with our journey through the Salah. And in particular, I want to teach you all about the meanings and context behind the most common recited phrases in the slide. Why do we want to do that? Well, because if you understand what you saying in your Salah, and I just understand the meaning, but you understand the context, right? If

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you understand it, it's going to bring more life into your Salah, you're going to really be there in the moment and remember yesterday we said which Salah helps us stay away from heroin. The proper solid, solid has concentration, right? Not the solid with us looking all over the place, isn't it? Right, the solid that has concentration. So how do we get that concentration? How do we help ourselves have the concentration? We help ourselves by understanding exactly what we are praying. But before we continue, Khadija wants to share with us on some words that we normally hear before we start our Salah. Let's say karma isn't a Khadija even though he did for us. I come closer for

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everyone. And let's let us hear the karma.

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Oh no.

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No more.

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Masha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah trying to do the cute of the harem as well and in the process you ate up some words but Mashallah that is the Dharma well then Masha Allah Allah bless you. I hope you will manage to

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hear your karma out there I don't know if my microphone managed to pick it up but Mashallah she shared with us the akami Allah bless her. Bless all the children here and all the children behind the counter will not bless all the children of the I mean, I mean Mashallah diabolical. Okay, so after we hear that your karma happens, we hear or we say Allahu Akbar, we say Allahu Akbar, to start the Sunnah. And Allahu Akbar is said so many times in the Salah. It said at the beginning of the Salah, it said, when we go into ruku, when we bow, we say Allahu Akbar, and then we bow. It's also said, when when we go into sujood, we say Allahu Akbar and we prostrate. Right? It's also said, when

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we stand up for the second Raka, or the second unit of the prayer, right? We say Allahu Akbar. So Allah makes us recite, Allahu Akbar, so many times in the slaughter. And the Salah, as we said, yesterday, teaches us so many things, and it trains us in so many ways. Right? So if Allah is telling us that Allahu Akbar, we must understand what it means so we can appreciate what it's trying to make us understand and how it's trying to develop us. Now, what is Allahu Akbar mean? A lot of Burmese means was the greatest of Allah says Allahu Akbar means Allah is the Greatest. Okay? And that is correct. That is not an incorrect translation. That is a correct translation. But

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technically, Allahu Akbar means alized greater. That's what it means a lie is greater.

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But we know that a lie is greater than everything in existence. So that means a lie is the greatest. So that's why it's translated as a lies the greatest, but I want you to understand, this translation of lie is greater. Because when you say Allahu Akbar, and you understand that I'm saying Allah is greater, I'm saying Allah is greater than everything outside of my Salah is greater than my toys, is greater than my books of y is greater than my toys is greater than my books is greater than my parents. He is greater than everything I want. He is greater than everything I'm scared of. He is greater than everything I like, his he's greater than everything. So all I'm going to focus on in

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this fella, I'm going to focus on Allah. Because Allah is greater. Maybe there's some work you got to do after the Salah, maybe there's an exam that you have, maybe there's some homework that you need to do. Maybe your parents told you to do something, maybe you need to go somewhere, it doesn't matter. All these things are not important, why Allah is greater than those things. So you got to think about so whenever you start your saara, you say, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than everything outside of the Sunnah. Nothing else matters. Everything I have to do after the Salah. It doesn't matter why I'm in a meeting now with Allah subhanho wa Taala only ulimate. So it helps you

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concentrate, isn't it? It helps you focused? Because you know shavon is going to come to you and say, Hey, don't forget your baby brother took your toy took your pen. You have to get it back. That's gonna come tell you in the Salah. Why? Because he doesn't want you to remember a lie. I want you to remember your pen, or your book, or your work or your game. Right? You tell you did you save your game? You didn't save your game, you're gonna lose all your points. When does he tell you that in your Salah? Why suddenly start thinking of your game you start thinking of Allah. So what do you remind yourself of Akbar? Allah is greater than making a lie is greater than the points that I'm

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going to lose? Doesn't matter. Right. And also, it stops you rushing your Salah. You don't rush yourself. Somebody might say, Okay, let me focus on Allah. But let me rush quick so I can get back to my game. It stops you rushing your Salah? Why does it stop you rushing your Salah, because, you know, Allah is greater than everything, and the help that I need in my game, the help that I need in my study, the help that I need in my work, the help that I need in my play I needed from Allah. So why should I rush my devotion to allow for something else that I need to do afterwards? Which I need I was helping anyway. I might as well spend my time properly with Allah. And then I was gonna help

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me afterwards anyway, isn't it? So why rush your devotion to Allah for something else which you need Allah helping anyway. So Allahu Akbar teaches us that Allah is greater

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ally is our helper and throughout the Salah Allah mix has repeated when you go into the coup Allahu Akbar, don't forget, Allah is greater because the blue chiffon might come to you and say, okay, you beat me when you were standing. I tried to make you think of other things but you, you will struggle. When you bow down in the record, you'll come back to you again to say Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than whatever Shere Khan is saying. Allah is greater than whatever is in my mind and whatever is in my heart about other things, right? So you focus when you when you go into sujood Akbar, Allah is greater. Nothing can harm me, Allah is the Greatest, I lost my protector and

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worshipping him right now. So when she upon comes to whisper to you, to make you forget about Allah, He broke it up. So every time you see Allahu Akbar nine, your Salah from the beginning until the end, remember that you teaching yourself that nothing else matters besides Allah, okay? That's Allahu Akbar. Then we begin our Salah, we have to recite some things and then we recite the fact the fact is

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the opener. In English, we put the open and it's the first surah in the Quran. And it's the first chapter in the Quran. And it's the greatest chapter in the Quran, Mashallah, some people are saying that the fasting, whoever is fasting, a lot less human likes, if you're fast is amazing. Mashallah, today's Thursday, and it shouldn't be too fast. barakallahu fecal? Okay. We start the facts. And the fact is how we read in every record, every unit of prayer, whenever you go down, and you stand up, you have to praise the

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hero pillar. And I mean, that is a factor, isn't it? A rush man, he, he, man, he kiyomi D. That's the factor until one of

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the most I mean after that, right? That's the factor. Every time we stand up, we have to decide the fact the fact that is the greatest tool in the Quran, the greatest chapter in the Quran. And when we decide the Fatiha, we say Al hamdu, lillahi, rabbil, alameen, all praises belongs to Allah Subhana Allah belongs to Allah, all praises, and not just any praise. You know, sometimes I've done that as a good thing. I praise Him, or he doesn't nicely, I praised her, see, well done, the teacher does a nice thing. I say, well done admit I praise Him. Right. When you guys email me, I write back to you. And I say, well, then I'm praising you. But when we praise a life different, because we praise a

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lot, not by saying thank you, but by saying Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah can only be sent to Allah. Why? Because that's a level of praise, and a level of thanks that no one else deserves, but Allah because it's a thank you to Allah. Or it's a thank you that you say to someone who gifts you a gift, and gives you a present, that no one else can give you.

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Can anyone else give you eyes to see? Can anyone else give you a nose to smell? Can anyone give you a time to taste and to speak? Can anyone give you the heart that beats and lungs that you breathe through? Can anyone give you air for the lungs to breathe to to have oxygen? Can anyone give you a so that it can carry my voice from my mouth to your ears? Imagine if there was no air, I'll be speaking to you.

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I'll be talking and no one will hear me without the air to panela the air carries my sound. Can anyone give you that? No. Only Allah can give you that isn't it. So Allah gives us presence that no one else can give us and because of our gives us presence that no one else can give us. We praise him with a praise that no one else can get. And that's by saying.

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You can't say Alhamdulillah for anyone else. You can only say Alhamdulillah Allah, but Allah says Alhamdulillah all praises belongs to Allah doesn't say all praises is for Allah. He says it belongs to him what is belongs to him mean? It means he owns it. No one else can have it. And it means Allah is the praised one. And Hamid. Allah has so many names right? One of the names of Allah is and Hamid, what does that Hamid mean? The one who is the owner of praise, meaning Allah is the praised one, whether you remember to praise him, or whether you forget to praise whether you want to praise him, or whether you don't want to praise him. Whatever we do, it doesn't change the reality.

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If even if you don't praise Allah, allies and have it even if you don't want to praise Allah, allies and Hamid, He's the owner of all

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Praise. So we are announcing when we say Alhamdulillah we are announcing that we acknowledge your love that you are and Hamid, you are the Praiseworthy one. We acknowledge it. You don't need us to say it. Allah doesn't need anyone. Allah doesn't need us to see Alhamdulillah for Allah to be Allah. Allah doesn't need us to see Alhamdulillah for Allah to be an Hamid allies and Hamid even if we don't see that come to the light doesn't matter. But we are announcing that we are announcing that you are committed and we know that you are committed and you taught us that you are committed all praises belongs to Allah, Allah, all praises belongs to Allah, but some of it who is Allah, so Allah

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says, Rob, Bill and me, the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of everything in creation, the Lord of the heavens, the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of the earth, the lower of all the planets, the lower of all the solar systems, we lower of all the stars, the lower of the Dark Hole, the Lord of everything. That is who Allah is. Right? Someone says dinosaurs loves the Lord of the dinosaurs, right?

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Allah is the Lord of the horses also, Khadija. Yes, you're right.

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Rob Bella, Helen says if somebody says, Allah is the Praiseworthy, but hula is the Lord of the worlds. What does it mean? Well, Rahul alameen or hamdu Lillahi Rabbil. alameen means allies, our Creator, I want you to count with me. Because Lord has all these meanings. It's a universal term. A universal term, or name is a name that has so many meanings. Rob means allies, our Creator, he is our maker. He is our shaper. He gives us life. He gives us death. He gives us food, he gives us drink. And he nurtures us to perfection meaning he allows us to grow and become good at walking good at talking good at learning good at seeing good at smelling good at hearing. Allah does all this for

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us. So

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that's what we say in the Salah. Now, how many of you your Salah, say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and understand that this is really what I'm saying? How many of us do that?

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Now imagine if you understood what you're saying and come to the European Parliament.

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I make my Creator he protects me nurtures me to perfection makes me good at it. You understand what you're saying? Wouldn't you want to concentrate more? Wouldn't you want to worship a Lambo? Wouldn't you want to fall down into frustration into students who cannot be Alana? That's what you say. In fact, you have to be okay. What else? A rush manual Rahim.

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Allah is teaching us some more things about him. Allah is teaching us that Allah is our man.

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Our man means the Entirely Merciful. What is the Entirely Merciful mean? It means Allah is merciful upon everything you can think of.

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Even those who don't believe in Allah, Allah is merciful upon them, even those who do shirk, Allah is merciful upon them, they also under the mercy of Allah, or rush man means everything in creation is under the mercy of Allah. Everything in creation is under the mercy of Allah. We know the non Muslims, they associate partners with Allah, some of them worship idols, some of them say Allah has a son. Right? Does that make Allah happy? or angry?

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Angry cars not true. But

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do they eat does a lot give them food?

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give them food, why a wise man? Do they breathe air? Even though they associate partners with a wide range of idols? Do they breathe air?

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Because allies, man they breathe a lot.

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They have children who gives them children, Allah because the lies are Rama. Who gives them money? Allah who gives him a house? Allah right? Somebody is asking what is your name, chef?

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Well, I see your name is Abdul Aziz chef Mashallah. My name is Sajid aroma. Allah bless you. Allah bless you. Okay.

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And I see shrimp shrimp is from Keithley I remember sharing welcome sharing Mashallah. All right. So Ally's Irishmen, they Entirely Merciful. Everybody's under his mercy, every insect, every bird, every ant, even if it's under the rock on the dark night and no one knows the answer.

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There, Allah knows it's there and allow me to have his food. It's under a was mercy.

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And then we say R Rahim or Rahim refers to the one who is Especially Merciful or rushman. Entirely Merciful, or Rahim Especially Merciful,

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especially mesial means Allah has a special mercy for the believers as allies super.

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Right? Allah doesn't judge a non Muslim, Muslim, a person of gender is not just like a person of gender. So if the people have jahannam they will go to the Hellfire tomorrow because they didn't listen to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but Allah has mercy for them. And what about the people who listened to the prophets of Allah?

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They're going to have more.

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So a Muslim gets mercy from men and gets mercy from Rahim, especial mess. And that special Mercy is that who ever dies as a Muslim? Even if you are bad, but you died as a Muslim, Allah will put you in jail. As a specialist.

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He might put you in if you are bad Muslim, Allah might put you in the fire first to clean you. Or allow might just forgive you. That's another mercy from Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever dies, but he was a Muslim. He was bad or she was bad, but they were Muslim.

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Allah will decide what to do on the day of alarm. I put them in the fire first, then put them into Jenna. Or alarm I just forgive them and collapse. No fire. Go into gentlemen. You forgiven because the boss is in charge. But that's a special mercy for who?

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For the Muslims, that's a special message for the Muslims, those who pass away as a Muslim. So they get a special message from our Rahim right? Which is a lower protecting gender even if they were bad. Maybe he would forgive them. Or maybe you put them in the Hellfire first to be clean. May Allah protect us from the Hellfire and put us all into gender straightaway say me. When Allah says Maliki ami de Maliki hometeam. Malik means owner. But with Allah, we say owner and King of the Day of Judgment. Allah says Mary kiyomi, Dean, Ally's the king and Owner of the Day of Judgment, the king and Owner of the Day of Judgment is the King. And I wonder why King and owner and not just owner,

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because sometimes you can own something. But doesn't mean you're the king. You love everyone. And sometimes you're the king you love everyone, but it doesn't mean you own what they have the car, the house? No, they own it. Right? But why is the king and owner a lot is the king and he owns everything that exists. Even the Kings that exist on Earth, Allah owns them.

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Allah is the king of kings, and is the owner of owners. So we say Manny kiyomi de to Han Allah. Now imagine in your Salah, are you thinking about what you're saying? Ally's the owner? And King?

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King of Kings? own of owners? Who else should they? Why should?

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Why should they worship Anyone else? When everyone else needs Allah, when everyone else is under control? Does it make sense to worship anyone else to worship a prophet to worship a grave to worship and it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense because Allah is king and Owner of the Day of Judgment, the Day of Judgment where everyone from Adam to the last man is going to be there. Everyone is going to be there. Every King, every prophet, and everyone is going to be under a lost control in our last rule because Allah says he is the king and Owner of the Day of Judgment. So why should I waste my time worshiping a grave or worshiping a person or worshipping a stone? Why should

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I worship a prophet? Some people worship Jesus that's wrong. Why should they worship Jesus? Why don't I worship Allah directly? The King of kings. That's what you say in your Salah. And that is why after you say Murli kiyomi Dean and you realize hoopin Allah, I am in Salah, worshiping the king of the day of judgment and the Owner of the Day of Judgment immediately say ear to ear kind of study. Yeah, Allah you alone do I worship and you alone? Do I ask help from? I won't ask anyone for help because everyone needs help from you. So I'm not going to ask anyone I wouldn't ask you and because I can only ask you for help. I'm not gonna worship anyone but you young

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that's what you say in the sun.

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Right now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam towards us. So you

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam right when we say profit, we say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam okay. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah towards him.

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He said that Allah said, when my slave says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah says, My servant has praised

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Subhana Allah. When you say in your Salah when you guys say your Salah, and humbly letter of Delilah mean, Allah says My servant has praised.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:37

Then Allah says, and when my slave says a primary Rahim,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said that when my slave says R Rahman r Rahim. I say my servant has exalted

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he's announced that I'm great. Who says that?

00:25:55 --> 00:25:55

Who says that?

00:25:58 --> 00:25:59

A lot of people say oh,

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I think I'm a bit tired today guys.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:14

Are you with me, Ahmed? When we say R Rahmani Raheem, what does Allah say? My servant has exalted me Who says that?

00:26:15 --> 00:26:34

Allah says, okay, Rahmani Raheem, that's what Allah says. Then we say Mally kiyomi Deen, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when we say Maliki only Deen, Allah says, My servant has glorified me and my servant has submitted to me.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:41

Right? When we say medic unity,

00:26:42 --> 00:26:47

Allah says, My servant has glorified me and my servant has submitted to me.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:56

That's sort of lattes every time in Salah when we say this, Allah is hearing us and Allah is saying this.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:26

Not hundreds of 1000s of dollar billions. Right? Then we say he can do he can stir in you I don't do we worship and You alone do we seek assistance from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when that Allah said that when my slave says he aka Buddha, kindness, Corinne, Allah says, This is between me and my servant, and I will give my servant whatever he asks for whatever she asks.

00:27:27 --> 00:28:08

And what do you ask Allah for in a circumstance can guide me to the straight path? When you saying your Salah is in a certain Mr. Team, guide me to the straight path? You are asking a lot to guide you to the straight path in all you assess your APA guide me to the straight path in my belief yanagida with a straight path in my worship, Yama guide me to the straight path in my schooling. Yama guide me to the straight path straight path in my health. We scared of Coronavirus right we scape of difficult sicknesses if you say in a certain Mr. Team and in your heart you intend the right path in terms of my health meaning good health.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:24

You asking a lot to give you good health right? Maybe you choosing which school to go to you don't say in a certain study guide we did the straight potty Allah in your heart which school I go to allow will help you choose the right school. And for the mommies and daddies watching.

00:28:26 --> 00:28:40

If you need if you're getting a job or which holiday to go to or which house to buy which city to stay in to is in a certain Mr. Team and you intend help in your decision here. Allah will guide your heart to the right decision.

00:28:42 --> 00:28:54

Is the Nosferatu Mr. Game guide me to the right path, which part in terms of my agenda? Allahu Akbar, you're asking Allah to guide you to the greatest gender that becomes a draft virgin.

00:28:55 --> 00:28:57

And then you say, you're on

00:28:59 --> 00:29:39

that path of all the people who you are happy over the people that you shared your happiness upon. Your happiness fell upon them. And Allah tells us in another part of the Quran, Mina Nabina was Cydia. Tina was sure there was follow him. Allah is happy with the prophets. Allah is happy with the truthful ones like Abubakar and the Sahaba. And all those that followed the prophets were Shahada, those who possibly as much as was slightly him, those who are righteous they do good deeds. So we asking align our solidarity Allah guide me to the right path, the same path you guided all those people who your happiness find out what

00:29:41 --> 00:29:43

the law says that is.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:45

Excellent, you have the

00:29:46 --> 00:30:00

right then we see Allah to be Allah, bon de Ayala and save us from falling into the mistakes, the mistakes that make us from the people who you

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became angry over, and the other people who went astray, that's what you say, in your Salah when you decide. Now imagine if you recited your Salah, you said Allahu Akbar and you understood what the law means, like we explained it. In fact, you understood it, how we explain it and you know, a lie saying this when I say this, and Allah says that when I say that, how amazing Will you be?

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Amazing, right? Okay, so we'll stop here for today because our time is up, and I promised you at the end, I'm going to do the call up so we're going to do the call out inshallah. So today's Part One, two hour lessons related to the meanings of the most common recited phrases in the Salah. Tomorrow, I'm going to teach you other meanings inshallah. And also, a lot of us ask different questions. Okay, I missed them. But I tomorrow for half the program. I'm going to teach you the other meanings or the meanings to the other phrases that are reciting salah and the other half, I'm going to answer any question that you ask. Okay, I'm going to pick your questions. So in the live chat, I want you

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to write questions. Or if you're watching the show recorded, place your questions in the in the comments box, okay, you can ask anything you want some people ask me, you know, what's your name? Some people ask me what do you do, right? Where do you live? In any other question you have inshallah, I will answer that tomorrow inshallah. Okay, so tomorrow we're going to have half the program dedicated to the meanings of the most common phrases that we receive in our salah and the other half inshallah, I will take your questions, inshallah, from the live chat, and from the comments box, and I'll also answer them tomorrow, inshallah. Okay, now, last but not least, very

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quickly, I will call out that we managed to get related so many quarters, as I always say in my heart, pains and hurts I don't want to leave anyone out. But to vanilla. We can't call everyone out, but I picked a few. So here goes, a call out for excellent work to me to LA was six years old from Qatar. Excellent work here. I met Allah. And that was an impressive post that you did on Sarah and the Mirage we have yet Yaqoob Hussein, who's seven years old, and Adam Hussein, who's nine years old, your prayer mat designs were really, really nice, and the work that you put in was praiseworthy, keep up the work. All right, keep up the good work boys. We have Sammy how Moosa who's

00:32:26 --> 00:33:10

five and Anya Musa who's seven from less than excellent effort with your prayer mats. I really loved your prayer mats. We also have Mohammed who's 10 years old, and Ibrahim, who's eight years old. And Mashallah really appreciate you all completing all your homework Keep it up. That's a good sign. You have discipline Well then, we have Elmira from Sydney, Masha, Allah, and Myra stays up so late. So late to watch our program live. I think it's about 11pm in Sydney when she watches the program, Myra, you don't have to stay up so late. But I am really honored and all of us are really honored that you stay up so late towards the program. So Pamela, may Allah bless you and honor you like you

00:33:10 --> 00:33:50

honored me and I pray that I meet you the next time I come to Sydney and in fact talking about Sydney we also have nsbe Shamim, who's nine years old from Sydney, ns thank you for decorating masala and writing all your notes around the Muslim that I saw them that was a great effort. We have Amina Mohammed who's 11 years old from India. Your worksheet Amina yesterday. I only have one word for it. What's the word Abdullah? phenomenal, Masha. Allah phenomenal Allah He blew me away. And I wish I could show everyone logged in. I wish I could show you all Unfortunately, we can't do that. But that was amazing work. Keep up the work. Yeah, Amina in everything that you do. All right, keep

00:33:50 --> 00:34:32

up that level of excellence. We have Maria Mooji, who is eight and Maria Mooji. Who's six from Australia is Arcola here for sending in your work? I have Amina Mohammed who's 11 yo masala Amina. It looked like a real one. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference. I'm going to LA Jamil who's six and a man who's three from Qatar. Thank you for sending in your notes and your homework and catching up pericolo vehicle. We have Aisha who's nine and Abdullah who's six from Dubai. And Abdullah I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make you an alum, and an engineer. And I hope I answered your question via email. Okay, we have Sophia who's 12. And Abdul Razak who's a PhD from Aberdeen. Well

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

done on completing your homework. And Sofia, may Allah Subhana Allah bless your health and bless your life and bless you with knowledge and steadfastness. I mean, they are but I mean, we also have from Aberdeen and I hope I pronounce this correctly. It says it's a new name to me. Kimmy topi. I think that's the name. I hope I got it right. And she's almost six years old and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

temitope Allah bless you and your mother for watching the shows and also rewatching them Mashallah I really loved your message that you watch the shows over and over again. And we have Maria who is eight and moonta who's eight from Leicester beautiful masala

00:35:16 --> 00:35:59

beautiful masala girls. Well then also from Leicester. I have Khadija choccy, who's eight years old and that was a very nice prayer. Matt, and I have more need. Just jazzy. We need jazz Lee, please forgive me if I don't pronounce the names properly. I am trying. We need jazz Lee who's seven and higher jazz who's 13 from sorry, in the UK excellent prayer mat. And last but not least, Asia open from Jubail. She's based in Jubail and she's six years old. And your notes were amazing. For a six year old Keep it up. Okay everyone, that's it from me because I cannot hear for your patience. I'll see you tomorrow. Insha Allah and I love you And for the sake of Allah, I really love building

00:35:59 --> 00:36:27

gender with you all. Don't forget to access the worksheet at the bottom. Okay, there's a worksheet at the bottom and in that worksheet is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaching us what Allah says when we recite Surah Fatiha, I want you to read the Hadith with your parents trying to memorize it. And if you can't memorize it, then at least understand it until tomorrow at 11am Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

This 3 week Youtube Live Series taking place during Covid-19 Lockdown by Sh. Sajid Umar esoecially for children aged 6-12, covering the following the themes:

1. You’re never too small to do great things.
2. Salah – You are never too small to open the gates of Jannah or build palaces there!
3. Ramadan & Fasting- Because Ramadaan is just days away.

The idea behind this series is to ensure that children never feel forgotten during waht will be the most difficult period of the 21st Century.

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