What To Say When You Forget To Say Bismillah Before Eating

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kinda love that anime. So a lot of us are kind of in

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the moment now we have a lot of data. The other the other the farm, the other side of the book on etiquette, the etiquette of eating from the outside in Palawan omega. If the machine is so heavy or louder and more long, I can also

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send them a jettison what I do when young

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fella Musa mela Donna said that the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam was sitting while a man was eating food. So he was sitting somewhere and the man was eating. Carla had some infanticide. Milan, this man that man did not mention the name of the last panel with Allah had Tommy lucuma until until only one morsel of food was left. So the guy was maybe enjoying his food and his meal. And I didn't mention that in our last panel that he remembers and the last meal and the last morsel of food was the last piece. That's what I remember is a Bismillah R Rahman r ala fi con Bismillah or whatever.

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When he was ready, he was lifting.

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He raised his mouth he said Bismillah at the beginning at the end, partha makalah Baba canovee salado messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, he laughed. And then he said Kala masala shavon you have kuruma for americares mala sakamaki botman the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam you say the shaytaan had been eating with him. But when he mentioned the name of Allah shaitan vomited, or that wasn't his tongue.

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So basically, the shaitaan was enjoying the meal until the last one. Now here's a question How about we keep doing that to the shutdown agenda.

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Instead of saying this bill at the beginning, we keep falling in line with our eating and then towards the end we say Bismillah and then I will throw up everything that he has done. I will say No, don't do that. The sin of the prophets of Allah says that you say Bismillah the beginning of the mean so but if you happen to forget that when I say Bismillah when I was wrong about the beginning, and at the end, and another highlight of the lockdown Hadith karasuma herself alive. Yeah. She said that the minutes have, she said the Messenger of Allah some of us

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was eating food, what six of his companions,

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six companions, Salah Raja Ravi Bergman came in. So I got a little bit of methane. He basically when he the whole food that the prophet SAW six of his competitors would eat this bed when he just ate it into

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two shots. So that was a fatahna sallallahu wasallam ama in some laka he says how I said had he mentioned the name of Allah that would have sufficed suffice for all of you.

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So when someone is eating and is not saying Bismillah the Barak has lost so you might have a lot of foot power but wouldn't be sufficient for everyone. But it was less than something few and don't be scared afraid to share your food with other people. And in this culture is the culture of individualism. Everything is an individual package. I mean, it's not like you know in some other cultures but the Muslim countries they should even sandwiches right, you will have a right here don't share sandwich

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unless you just rip it from the middle. So there you go. You go to the bottom side. But they're they're very natural. Have a pie that's okay. So the prophets of Assam said that when they saw this man came Mashallah to yc first everything, he said, Well, he said, Bismillah the entire food will be sufficient for everybody. And you talk about seven people beside this man.

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That's how the son of the prophets of Assam is that you remind yourself and your children almost to servicemen. So whenever they need, you make sure that you say Bismillah and you keep reminding your children did you guys say Bismillah? Yes, I did. Okay, someone's gonna say Bismillah if someone says I'm still hungry after I finished food, so they just say Bismillah Ar Rahman and there is a Bismillah every time before they eat their food and shall not die, while Dada and of course, you know,

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considered to suffice.

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When you need it, I grew and one individual says Bismillah would that be sufficient for everybody else? The answer's no. Otherwise, one of the Sahaba hiroto sola said Bismillah will be sufficient.

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But he says because you didn't say in this manner, one of them he didn't say Bismillah

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Took the entire Baraka from the Milan

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SDU. And you said yes, maybe it was the context invitation

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to start serving, but not eating your individual plate. There's different when it comes to your individual plate. You need to service Mila when you eat your food not that someone else will on your behalf not

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enjoy it

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I think you're right. I wasn't

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Hey brother hams actually just handle and move over here. So you guys make sure that you're given Mashallah a nice warm welcome to

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the veteran side. Okay, guys.

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Second question is for the ward.

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are they planning to get somebody to cut the grass and

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take care of what's needed?