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Zohra Sarwari


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning from the greatest leaders and building character through the process of learning from them. They stress the need to learn how to act and respect parents, and to remember that one's success depends on one's character and ability to act and behave properly. The speaker provides examples of how individuals can improve themselves and reach their potential through the process of learning from the greatest leaders.
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Okay, let's go to the next chapter of the book, which is actually building your character from a mistaken and tell me how that process works. What are some of the steps that we need to take as individuals, especially as youth who are living here in such a society where we have to learn certain things from different ways, not just from school or, you know, even our surroundings? Absolutely. I think building a character is vital to any one success. It doesn't matter if you're Muslim or non Muslim, it's powerful in the sense of if, you know, some of the greatest leaders, you know, they have high morals, high values, high character, and they live by it. But the greatest way

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that we can obtain that and the greatest way that I've seen example after example, that I've done that is by the books of a last mile of Allah, and the Quran being Subhan Allah, our guide, you know, and the character of rescue losses on lemmings upon Allah, it's packable Mashallah, you know, we cannot learn from a better example, or a better leader, and so to me, by going and analyzing that, and knowing that it's if we don't have that we lack one of the biggest things of success, we cannot be, you know, when you see people become successful, and they don't have that, and no one really cares, they don't care if you have all the money in the world, but when you have no matters, and no

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morals and no values doesn't matter. I mean, whether you're Muslim or non Muslim, it doesn't matter. People are just like, yeah, they're rich, but whatever it isn't. And so I think our youth need to remember that, that you know, it's upon Allah, we are Muslim, Mashallah. And we're blessed to be. But more than anything, we need to learn how to act and behave and respect our parents. And not only our pets, respect, our elders respect all of mankind, in the sense of, you know, controlling our temper, having tolerance. There's so many so many details we can get into Once Upon a Time and again, the suit of the solar system does the best job in that in making sure that we learn it and

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effectively use it, but my book does give you examples and also gives you techniques that how we can improve ourselves and go forward. Okay, actually want to read a short short paragraph from your book. And if anyone has this book and wants to follow along, it's on page 27. It says, Yes, I feel so sorry for those people. They think their problems are so huge when they're actually quite small. Every problem can be solved very quickly, should they have the wisdom to understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not give us more than more than what we can handle Allah. Allah does not give us illness, or what does not give us a illness, whether it is of the body or of the Spirit without

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giving us a cure to it as well.