What To Do When Your Done Eating Your Meal

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handle a lot of anime, some local salon Baraka Nabina Muhammad, or any loss of your salon with a statement my back when I finished your food What do you guys

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when you finish your food but how do you declare that you finish your food

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you know sometimes when you finish your food and just use Al Hamdulillah and after candlelight, it maybe another two plates

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and you asked them just you know, and until everybody finishes snagging, you want to grab from here there. So how do you declare that you finish eating? Yes.

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Drinking water, about some

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qualifier? Is there anything that you usually do to signify that you finished an Alaska

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the son of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam he would finish eating by doing one thing.

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So when he does that, it means what? Hamas we're done. So the prophets of Allah Allah, He will lick his fingers. So in advance, he finishes his his foot salon himself. And what will he do that solo lives? He will do it. Because the Baraka is still there. And he says,

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You will know where the volunteers and I'd like to bomb Yeah, okay, after you know, the blessing the entire meal that you ate, the blessing is on it perhaps is just the fact that was left on your finger, or the sugar or whatever it would be that thing on their finger. So as soon as I check that today, we don't eat without this. Many people don't do that. We eat with spoons. What do you do with that spoon? Yeah.

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You look at

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Yeah, if there's food there, issue that. I'm not saying to look at basically in a roadmap, specifically if you're in a public place, but at least you clean it, you make sure that there is no food left over actually on on the spoon. Also, you do that by making sure that you plate is what it is clean. How do you clean your plate. If you're eating rice, you make sure that there are no rice grains left and that

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there is nothing left in them. And if you can count them, then there is still something that also if you can always keep bread on the table. So once you're done, each and every individual teacher kids that grab a piece of bread and wipe the slate clean because even the leftovers of the food still become as count count actually, as part of the food make sure that we teach in very shallow data. But the most important thing is that once you finish eating everything that's when it needs to say

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but how do you say an episode about seven different ways and have a mama tell the grandma I'm gonna be a solo Ba ba ba ba ba Paul Alhamdulillah Catherine play even bata config

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fee and voila, what i what i was done and

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that's hosting hamdulillah at hamdulillah Kafeel by Eva

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de la la McAfee. What, what the and what I missed out on ambu, acuna and hydrographer in a translation, that the army is our Lord, all praises due to Allah praise which is abundant fuel and full of blessings, which is indispensable and to which one cannot be indifferent, which means we always tend to last panel down so you say Alhamdulillah we thank Allah Parramatta Hamden theorem, abundant plebe feuerhand it's not the $100 for good criticism. Now, remember, when we say the self hamdulillah name, what do you say?

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But it can be better.

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Some people just say, Hampton, I'm gonna say it in a connotation that shows that not they're not happy, like said to ask them how you're doing.

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Which means what

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they wish they can criticize. Well, I just want to set hamdulillah that's not it. But that's how do the connotation within there with kind of an evil hidden criticism. So you said Hamdulillah, even from the heart of hamdulillah even Mubarak can feed that bless it, the discipline Can this be blessed for this handle and gratitude, be blessed via Rama, Rama three, which means this indispensable, which means this is not sufficient. We know that we're saying that hamdulillah Baba knows not enough. The hand. The hand is not enough. It's not the food.

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The food is always enough. But the ham is not enough which means you are admitted. Whatever I say however, how many times I said hamdulillah that is still not sufficient.

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Thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the great blessings that are on one dime is that we will never abandon saying 100 you will never stop saying 100 even though it's not enough, but it will still continue when the hand is not enough yet. You will still serve hamdulillah you will never stop second hamdulillah what I'm starting I'm Hakuna and it's not you will never feel self sufficient. From that hand, be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala from Allah so just being the one who said this blessings upon you, so that the son of the prophets of Allah Allah shall repeat that together Gemma so hamdulillah

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are you

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gonna try to memorize that? I'll keep that actually bookmark over for your shop.

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There's another dollar purchase all of us have used to say, which is very common for

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whoever eats food and then says Alhamdulillah Lady of Imani Hara was a funny lady how many one to one Wolfie Rama omata.

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Hama karanji vena

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cava calm and whoever eats food. And then after eating we finished you say Alhamdulillah lady up Imani had I thank Allah subhanho wa Taala who fed me this. He provided this for a time and he had was attorney and he provided this for me in Nevada. How will it Mineola without me being able even to do that without his boss Panama without that mind and that help? And the power from Allah subhanho wa Taala would never be able to do that.

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How many What about 100 a lady kausani Hannah Armani Hannah was a funny he

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is very short. So Lupita Alhamdulillah

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Armani hada

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a mini min away.

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So if you do that the prophets Allah says

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Allah forgive them their previous lives just for a few minutes. And do you have to mention all these glass for every single meal? The answer is no. You should alternate. So one minute say this the other day that if you want to say them all together, it's fine. But if you're someone who is sufficiently shot, love

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any questions.

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The other thing, other dogs but they're just examples you remember no

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that is 100% on that