Ramadan Series Day 14 – The Month of Quran Revelation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh one of the names that was given to the month of Ramadan is the month of the Koran, the month of reading the Quran, and it's the month that the Quran was revealed. There's so much more names that relates the Ramadan to Orion.

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When any one of us think of Ramadan, two things come to our mind if not three things right away. Number one is fasting. Number two is the Koran and number three star with which there always is a solar but we are reading for iron and we all ask Are we going to have a hotma? Are we going to finish it how many Rocha they will

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pray and how many how much of the Quran they will read. So the Quran is very much related and connected, total Milan.

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Allah subhana wa Taala actually taught us this in the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah where a lot pantalla talks about the verses of fasting, they are involved in Amano kuchibhotla camassia or you who believe fasting has been revealed upon you. There in the next verse, he says Shahada, Madonna and Lady Anzhi reveal Quran, the month of Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. So I was pantalla define the Ramadan and remember Allah is the one who knows everything who chose the best. The Quran is his words, and he chose Subhana that Ramadan that month of the year that he decided Subhana to reveal the Quran in it. What does that bring to my heart? hamdulillah we all have a lot

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of all to Ramadan, I we see it every single day I can't I can't believe I can't fast. It's Ramadan. Alhamdulillah Allah keep this young and old. We need to bring even more the or to the Quran way more than what we currently have. For many reasons number one is the words of a law. And how do we define or an kalaba law is the words of a law that was revealed to our Swati hisar torsina or through sadan edubirdie The angel reached to us through uninterrupted chain and it is acts of worship to read it and it is written between the two covers of the must have or the book. So the Quran itself is the words of Allah by itself should change me to give me a feeling to it. That's a lot chose the month

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of Ramadan and defined the month of Ramadan that hamdulillah we all

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absolutely, not only acknowledge but we honor. He defined the month of Ramadan by Allah the OC Rafi of Quran not by the month that you need to fast right away number one, the month that the Quran was revealed and when was the record on revealed for all of us to learn and also in the Quran? Allah subhanho wa Taala said that in two places presorted Johan the Smokies that Jaime tilka to kitabi Moby How mean well kitabi mobian How mean by the clear book in Anza. Now fidi Lattimore Baraka, we have send it down in a blessing night, which What is this bless at night in another surah in Anza. Now, hoffy de la tierra either we have sanded down in the night of power. The relationship between

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Ramadan and Quran is in many levels. Number one, Allah has revealed it to us to the humanity in the month of Ramadan, when I pick up that Hold on, I need to look at the haoran not only the words of a loss pantalla it's not an only an act of worship, but it is the words of a law that he decided chose to send the town down in the month of Ramadan. So in these days when I pick up the Quran, I have to say something so special between in the connection of the Quran with Ramadan and a last part of what Allah How did the Quran reached us, this is something for all of us to learn, and if we know to remember and to re accelerate this knowledge, and last pantalla the Quran is his words. This is the

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words of Allah. And in the most agreed upon opinion, it was sent all as one book, middle low helma for from the preserved tablets. So Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is something beyond you and me, but I lost pantalla sanded down his words in the lower levels. He put it in the preserve

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tablet, and then send it down, send it down, down, feeling a little caught up in the night of power through syedna debris to the lower heavens somata dunya the whole book, this is beyond again You and me but I need you to feel it. What an honor this Quran is. And one What an honor this month that Allah honor that even more with the book. So the book The words of Allah, all together, came one, once to the lower heavens, and then from the lower heavens are last sanded down in piecemeal, bit by bit. According to the circumstances. According to the incidence, some was revealed in Makkah, some was revealed in Medina, some was revealed in

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Jerusalem. One or two verses were revealed in the heavens fill mirage. That's how the Quran was revealed. But all of it was for shalyah Ramadan in this blessing month, and on a Monday will Allahu Allah based upon a hadith of roswaal risotto. Sarah, that's an email Muslim narrated and when he was asked, Why do you fast on the month of Monday, in one narration, he said is the day I was born, it is the day I was worth the day I was sent as a prophet, or it is the day that the Quran was revealed to me. So look at the time, the place, the place is all the hero is in the cave of hero, the time. The time is the month of Ramadan, and the day is the night of Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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thought or Swati site or ceram tortoise. And this question will come to all of us how much time we have, how much time you have in our in our hearts, and how much time we read while we read 100 Lego behind me, all of us these days, we know a lot, whether it's in our field, whether in other fields, we read a lot. And the more educated we are, the more people look at us and respect us Alhamdulillah that's good. But what about the book of Allah pantile how much we know this book that was revealed all at once? From the preserved tablet to the lower heavens. And then gradually terrassa De Soto center the words of Allah and Allah Swati Sato Salam said this Hadith, the parable of the believer

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that has horror and is like a citrus food per fruit taste good and smell good. Think of it this way. When I learned the Koran when I read the Quran, it is like I smell good. And I carry good like a good ripe citrus fruit. And the believer that does not read the Quran, does not read the Quran. He is like a gate that has no smell or taste good because I believe of the fact that believes in Allah and Allah so Allah saw to the inner side of it is beautiful. The internal part is beautiful. But if you want to smell good, smell good as a soiree salatu salam taught us. Let us start reading the Koran and the parable of the hypocrite who reads the Quran. So he will smell good is like the basil.

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Basil smell good, but it is bitter. And the hypocrite who does not believe, who does not read the Quran and doesn't believe is like this kind of a plant which does not smell and taste bitter. The Book of Allah pantalla Allah have elevated it, Allah have honored that and honor the month of Ramadan by having chosen it as the time the month of the year that he or last pantalla chose to send the Quran in it, all of it one to the lower heavens and then piece by piece or part by part depends on the circumstances. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make the haoran or bL colombina your Allah Yeah, Corinne, you are the generals make the haoran the spring of our hearts, the spring of our heart and

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the cause that mean that our worries are removed, and the means that our sorrow and sadness is removed. That's the duhallow Francois De Soto cinna llama john for Ireland, Avi ma kulu Vina your Allah make the glorified Quran, a spring of our heart, weather how the homeowner and it's the agent that remove our worries, modular designer and the agent. That's clear. Our sadness you

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Don't be I mean May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us may Allah is pantalla give us the resolve, the Hinman the strength the power to focus on his book in this month to learn more about his book to recite more of his book European he said Amani Kumara, Lahore Baraka