Zakir Naik – Wudu (Ablution) and Removing Footwear before Salaah (Prayer) is a Requirement in Islam …

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and characteristics of the Bible, including the use of the word Voodoo in Islam and the historical significance of the word in ain't another chapter. They also mention a book about a woman offering black shoes to Salah after his grandfather said he thought he was upon him, but the woman did not want black shoes. The speaker suggests that Muslims can offer black shoes to Salah in a footwear apathy.
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And the Quran says, and sort of either chapter number five was number six, or you believe when you prepare yourself for Salah, wash your face, and your hands and arms up to the elbow

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and rub your head with water and wash your feet up to the ankles

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ablution Voodoo, is one of the prerequisites before Salah Voodoo is

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the same message is even given the Bible.

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If you read the Bible, it is mentioned in the Book of Exodus, chapter number 40, Muslim 31 and 32 that Moses and Aaron and the sons, they've washed the hands and feet they're at.

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And when they went to the temple, and when they upgraded the altar of God, they washed as was commanded by Almighty God.

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The same message repeated in the book of Acts, chapter number 21, verse number 26. It says that Paul, along with his men

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he watched before he appeared in front of the Lord.

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And previous it was mentioned

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in the Book of Exodus, chapter number 40, verse number 31, verse number 32, that Moses and Aaron and his sons, they washed before they're put in front of the Lord. So Voodoo is compulsory in Islam, as well as in Christianity ablution.

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Further as mentioned, in the Quran, in Surah Taha, chapter number 20, was 11 and 12.

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When Moses approached the fire, you're the voice or Moses, I am your Lord. So in my presence, remove that footwear, for thou art in the sacred valley of

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removing the footwear, for Salah was a commandment given

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by Almighty God Allah subhanaw taala to Moses, peace be upon him. This message is also repeated. In the book of Exodus, chapter three, verse number five. It says,

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Almighty God says to Moses, do not put off their shoes from of their feet, for thou art on the sacred grounds, the same message repeated in the book of Acts, chapter number seven, was the metallic tree

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of their shoes from their feet, for thou art on sacred grounds.

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So because it was a commandment of Almighty God, Moses, to remove our footwear before from Salah, but it's also mentioned the hadith of masala Salam

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in Abu Dhabi.

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volume number one book of Salah chap number 246 and 53 shape my love with him. He said on the authority of his father, that his grandfather said he thought, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him pray, which is footwear, as well as without footwear. So we Muslims, we can offer Salah with our footwear, as well as without a footwear. But when we offer with a footwear apathy to it that we clean the soles

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