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In this chef-ops tutorial, the chef named Nick Nick creates a Southern Fried Nashville chicken sandwich using black butter, white vinegar, and a small amount of citrus. They also use a knife to shred the cabbage and cut vegetables for the recipe. They then assemble the coleslaw and shred the cabbage for a recipe. They then prepare the sandwich and cook the chicken in a pan before mixing ingredients and stir frying the chicken to caramelize the peaches. They finish preparing the sandwich and thank the audience for their time.

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Ramadan Kareem everyone my name is Deepak Rashad, and welcome to episode number two of you made that presented by Wheaton piko and ISNA, Canada. So the entire premise of the series is really easy dishes that you can cook at home with your family, super fun things to do together, especially for Iftar. So today, I'm so excited to introduce you all to Chef Nick life and our special sous chef of the day.

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He went over there so many times, it's like if you mispronounce this, there's gonna be a problem. So I let him introduce himself. So how are you guys doing today? Very good. Thank you. So today, we're gonna be doing a Southern Fried Nashville chicken sandwich.

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We're gonna be doing a simple holsclaw pickled red cabbage and a carmelize peach and brown butter milkshake. Well have you how are you excited about that?

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Like, what?

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What's one of this? What are we going to be focusing on first. First, we're going to start with pickling some red cabbage. Right now here, we're going to take a head of red cabbage. Just gonna make the first cut for you because I don't want you to hurt yourself. For this recipe, I'm going to use a half of a half a cup of red cabbage

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and a full cup of green cabbage. So we're going to remove the core.

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We're going to take that out. Oh, that's the trick. That's the trick.

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You can go ahead and try with the box grater. You can use that sorry.

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There you go. Have you?

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It's okay. You have to try everything at least once. So perfect. That should be good. Over here, I have measured one cup of white vinegar, you can just go ahead put that on the bottom. Yep.

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Yep, all of it.

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And this year, I save some of my favorite pickling, Brian. So if you'd like your dill pickle brined, I save that as well. So we're gonna put that all of that in there literally, like if you have a jar of dill pickles. The juices that are leftover, you can never throw it away, always keep it

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never gonna have a cup of water.

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So the first ingredient was vinegar, then we use the pickle Brian. So we're using a little bit of water to dilute it a little bit just to just so it's not so acidic. Here's about one ounce of grenadine which is a cherry syrup is also gonna help with some sweetness and some color. So downtown Toronto, we use our cherry wood in our smoking. So I use a little bit of the grenadine just to try to accent both flavors of the cherry.

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So this pickling liquid is now almost up to a boil. What we're going to do, we're going to turn the heat off, and we're gonna dump it over top of this red cabbage. Oh,

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question for you. If you don't have grenadine at home, you use just like regular brown sugar or something for the sweetness. You don't we're using a strictly for color. And if you want to make it sweeter, you can add you can add sugar, you can add salt.

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The pickling liquid that I already use from my favorite pickle company already has sugar and salt in it. So I'm not adding any more sugar and salt. So this will sit off to the side. And we'll let it cool completely in the refrigerator. That's why we did this first, and then we'll come back to that later.

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This will last this last month in your refrigerator since you've pickled it. Okay, okay. Ready, step two, we're going to work on the coleslaw next. So coleslaw, green cabbage,

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red cabbage,

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carrots, and I have a little bit of kale here. We also put a little bit of raisins as well.

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So we're gonna break this down

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same thing as you can see, they're not that easy to get through. So I understand why people buy the pre pre bought stuff.

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Yeah, so So in this ratio I'm doing today I'm going to use a cup, one cup of red, green cabbage. So basically my ratios are kind of like 221212121. Okay, so I'm going to use two parts of green cabbage one part red cabbage, one part carrot, one part kale. Okay, perfect. Kind of like an easy, easy guideline for everybody to remember. Right? Same thing here. We can start shredding some of this stuff up. No, not at all.

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I did

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have you know this is your favorite part, right? Yeah, sure.

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So when you're making this at home with your family, they should know that mobila would love to shreds

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using a knife but

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like I said, we can always use a knife to if you can do

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you want to lay it on the cutting board. They're all

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You can always do like a nice, yeah.

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right kind of just shred the cabbage up like that.

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So we're gonna make the dressing for the coleslaw right now.

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The dressing basically consists of some mayonnaise,

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some sugar,

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some white vinegar. Then we're gonna put a little bit of salt in there about a half a teaspoon

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Yeah, something along the lines of a salad dressing consistency. You know, not too thick, not too watery. Perfect. That looks exactly where it needs to be. Alright, so now we're gonna peel some carrots. It's gonna be a race. Ready?

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Ready, one?

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Yeah, just like ready. 1234 go.

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Start yeah

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you guys finished roughly at the same time?

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Same thing. We're gonna get the box grater out. Yep, same thing. We're gonna grate the carrot.

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Yeah, same thing. Ratios I'm working on are basically two cups of cabbage. One cup of red cabbage, one cup of carrots. One cup of kale. Is there like an expiration time on the coleslaw? How long you have about five days, five to seven days in your refrigerator. Okay, that should be good.

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Perfect. Good job.

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Now we're gonna assemble our coleslaw. So we have our dressing right here.

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You're gonna add

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the red cap or the green cabbage.

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Red Cabbage.

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You know, you're gonna add some. Yep.

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dumped it all in there.

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And then some reasons

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we're going to take the spoon here.

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And we're gonna mix it up

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have you like your spill it everywhere? I figured out that it's okay. As long as you're gonna keep Yeah, as long as you clean it up. Right? You

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so we'll just put this off to the side here. Sure. Wonderful work we did. You have a cool slogan. Perfect.

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So next, we're gonna get back to the pickled red cabbage. Since we just when we get finished with the magic of television, I have one already made. Wow, it's been refrigerated. Well, basically, you can see the consistency. It's the same Oh, that's going on. Great. And then we can just

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dump the water. plate that up and see how beautiful the color is. Wow. Alright, so next we're going to work on some hand cut french fries, we're going to use two different kinds of potatoes today. Why? Because because I want to

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we have a rusted and when we have a Yukon gold here.

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creamier, sweeter. So here, this is kind of a traditional one we use in the restaurant industry. So I'm going to start cutting one. So basically, we're just gonna make about a quarter inch cuts all the way through.

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And then from here, we're gonna make the second cut. So we have perfect,

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perfect looking french fries here. Nice. I'm gonna get you to do

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this potato. So one thing I always say you know, make your first cut. Make sure it lays flat doesn't have a chance to roll over. Okay? Don't have to give that knife a death grip nice and light. It's very sharp.

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Now what we do after the French fries are cut, we put them in water. I have some meat here already. And so by soaking the potatoes in water, it's going to release carbohydrates. It's gonna help the potato get crispier and crunchy. Or if you don't do this step, there's a lot of sugar in potatoes and they will burn and not cook completely. How long do you have to soak it in the water

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in the restaurant industry probably about a day okay at home just maybe like an hour or so because you're not doing a lot of volume volume. So after we finish this stage here, we're going to blanch them we're going to put them in a in a low oil at 225 degrees for about eight to 10 minutes. And that's basically just going to cook the potatoes

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there's gonna be no crunch on the outside is basically to soften the potato at home you can all at home you can boil the potato and water if you'd like. And then after they're blanched they look like this. So these fries have been drained from the water and then deep fried at 225 for about eight to 10 minutes.

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And then we, they've been refrigerated and then from now we can drop them in the fryer oil. I'm not going to do this right yet. I'm going to do this after the chicken. So just leave those off to the side for now. Now we'll get back to the chicken. Okay, exciting part. First off, we're going to start with our our breading mixture.

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And I'll have you, I'll have you crack a couple eggs for me and crack the eggs and put them right in there.

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I hope you're good at cracking eggs.

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we're gonna be using a boneless thigh and leg. So it's all connected. Oh, okay. Okay, so we're, we have a little bit of buttermilk here and we have a couple of eggs. We're just going to

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put the buttermilk eggs and we're gonna season everything. So just we're gonna use about a pinch of salt. In the this is all purpose flour, buttermilk eggs. And this is our secret batter for our fried chicken can't give that away. Sorry. You'll have to figure it you'll have to come. We'll have to come try it yourself.

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Right, I'll get you to beat up the eggs

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are good. Good. Job. If not.

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We're going to trim a little bit of the we're going to trim a little bit of the skin off here. And we're gonna just put a little bit of salt.

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Both sides. So right now we're gonna go into our flour.

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Flip it over.

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And we're gonna go into our egg mixture.

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Right, let somebody drop off.

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And then the secret. The secret mix

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nice, even coat nice even coat.

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Yeah, I'm gonna drop one right into the hot oil. So this oil is preheated to 350 degrees. Okay.

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I'm gonna drop it in slowly, carefully away from you.

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And if you want to you can read the other one. And how long do you have to pry this for? When you watch the pot when it's when it's boiling like this, you can kind of listen to it and tell what's going on. Once all the water escapes, you kind of know it's getting close. I would suggest about seven eight minutes. No not at all. And once you kind of

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you can hear it frying you can hear all the action going on. So

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once that starts to subside a little bit you know the chickens all the water content is gone from the chicken it's getting close to being done. So I have a pan

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a pan being heated up over here.

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I'm gonna have you put a

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half that amount of butter in the pan. Right now we're just going to toast the buns.

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Oh yeah. The color on that is so nice.

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Now like I said, Well, you can hear the water you can hear a lot of the water coming out of it. So I know it's it still needs still needs a little bit of time. We'll wait for the chicken to fry here.

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And then we can do what can we do next. Now okay, let's do the milkshake while the let's do the milkshake While the chicken is cooking. All righty up. Next we're going to do a

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carmelize peach and brown butter milkshake, caramelized peach and brown butter milkshake. Oh my gosh, that sounds epic. I use canned peaches for this because they're always consistent you know there are I would advise to go to the grocery store. Sometimes the rockhard much sweeter the colors nicer here you can throw it on.

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So right now we're using we're using canned peaches with the syrup with the liquid we're not going to release we're not going to throw the liquid awakes we want that to caramel and help with the caramelization

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as their karma as a reducing right now we're going to add a little bit of sugar do you want to add about half of that

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so we'll let this

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these peaches caramelize you can also put a pinch of salt in there if you want a little bit of pinch pinch of salt will help bring out some flavor.

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Already there's one nice piece of chicken oh my gosh, that is beautiful.

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So as we can see here, the peaches are starting to caramelize

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in a nice color on there, we're gonna add a couple little bit of butter as well. We're gonna grab some more butter.

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You can throw that all in there is fine.

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Just letting this reduce a little bit so we can create a caramel.

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And one thing that's really important is that we season everything when it comes out of the fryer immediately. So we're going to put a little bit of salt

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a little bit of pepper

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I want to eat it right now I wait till everything else is done, but it's calling my name

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so here we have our, our Nashville hot oil. So this is a mixture of a lot of ingredients. There's God's bonnets, habaneros Chipotle,

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Kashmiri chili, a little bit of everything in here. So on a scale of one to 10 How hot would you say? Seven and a half? Okay, yeah. Not gonna kill you. But it's

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usually we would dunk this actually right in the hot oil or we can brush it on. Oh, okay.

00:15:34--> 00:15:37

This is just our favorite little hot sauce, whatever one you'd like to use Frank's

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crystal, whatever you'd like to use, you can just drink a little bit of that on there.

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We're gonna go back to our french fries. Now because we need to let this rest it's way too hot to eat at this moment. So we're gonna get our french fries in the oil. And you also mentioned that this is super easy to do with an Aeroflot airfryer as well right? Yeah, you can plant your potatoes and then add a little bit of oil to them afterwards and put them in your airfryer or you can just buy your regular frozen McCain's french fries with Costco french fries when

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they will the fries are frying and go back to the milkshake.

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Alright, I'm gonna get you to open this up.

00:16:14--> 00:16:21

Put as much scoops as you'd like in there this whole tub. Yeah, people. How many scoops do you think you're gonna throw in there heavier?

00:16:22--> 00:16:23

I think I'm gonna hear

00:16:30--> 00:16:30


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we put the lid on

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the top on

00:16:40--> 00:16:41

that off to the side.

00:16:42--> 00:16:44

And then we can start the Vitamix

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and just that quick, it's done. Oh, wow.

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All right, back to the French fries. A French fries are almost done. You're gonna get them out of the oil. Oh, they look so yummy.

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Same thing just came out of the fryer.

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We're gonna add a little bit of salt, a

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little bit of pepper.

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All right, now we're gonna assemble everything here. Okay.

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Oh, yeah, that looks good. Oh, that looks so good. And then here's us some brown butter. We've just put some butter on the stove and toasted it and then we strained all the milk solid so it's perfectly clear. Taste somewhere tastes very similar to like caramel or vanilla. Oh my goodness.

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And then there it goes the straw.

00:17:44--> 00:17:47

The question is who gets the milkshake and of all three.

00:17:49--> 00:17:56

We'll fight for it already. Now we're gonna assemble the fried chicken sandwich. We have our toasted brioche bun. The bottom bun here. We're gonna put the

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the Nashville fried chicken on top.

00:18:02--> 00:18:03

A piece of chicken. Absolutely.

00:18:05--> 00:18:10

And we're going to put some of this creamy coleslaw right on top

00:18:15--> 00:18:16

and then we take the top one

00:18:20--> 00:18:24

almost done. I just have a little garnish here to go on there. And

00:18:25--> 00:18:29

Oh, nice. There we go. How do you eat that's massive.

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Already, this is what we did today. So starting with some sides for our National Hot fried chicken. We have some pickled red cabbage. We have some coleslaw over here. We have some hand cut french fries. We have some russet potatoes and some Yukon Golds. And then we have a fried Nashville hot chicken sandwich with some creamy coleslaw. Our hot oil, brioche bun, some chilies pickles. And then to finish everything off. We have a peach criminalised peach and brown butter milkshake. Oh my gosh, this is amazing. This reminds me of summer, like a backyard barbecue type of style. You have your coals on your sandwich and the thing is a lot of times when I go to get chicken sandwiches I'm like

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I could never make this at home. Well you waited so simple and easy. I was like really? That's all I have to do. So that's it. Shall we try it? Alright, let's dig in. So you want me to eat a sandwich? You and prices aren't friend I'm not friends with spices either. So

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how kind of you feel

00:19:32--> 00:19:41

gonna end very badly I'm just telling you from now, but I will take oh my god, this is a very heavy lunch. All right, let's go for the bite.

00:19:43--> 00:19:44

Oh yeah.

00:19:47--> 00:19:59

You hear the cries? museus spillage. You know a sandwich is good. When your hands look like this after you've done holding it. That's amazing. It's so delicious. It's so tender. The spice actually

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is not too overpowering oh it's not it's just like a nice subtle accent to it so we'll pick 10 That's all you

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00:20:17--> 00:20:19

you put them you put them five

00:20:20--> 00:20:44

Yeah, that looks awesome. So again, very easy to make it home with your family and pretty quick as well it wasn't actually as long as I thought it would be so if you guys are going to try to make this at home feel free to tag everyone on social media it's not a score Canada and also mean piko and show off how well you did at home. So for now, thank you so much for joining us on episode two of you made that and until next time see you guys later. Bye