Waleed Basyouni – Importance Of Making Haram Relationship Halal Fiqh Of Love

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speaker advises parents to be patient with their children in relationship, as they may need to adjust their behavior as they go through the process. They suggest that parents may need to be patient with their children in order to avoid harming their partner's health. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of character traits in relationships.
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If you are having a relationship, please make sure that you keep it helot.

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Because when you cross the line and you start doing haram things in the relationship, or let's find out a punish you on one of the punishment is that you don't see the reverse red flags anymore. And you keep continuing in this relationship a long way. And no one sisters

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should reach to that level. They already like even I owe the biller, sometimes they fall into Xena and like, he knows everything about me, he saw everything of me, I saw everything I know everything about him, I can even think that I can cut the relationship. So what this What's your brain start playing a trick on you, and will tell you, Oh, you know what is not a big deal. This person will this, this person will change. You know. And that's the second point that I want to make sure that you understand clearly, this concept of he will change, she will change. You know, it's a very, also wrong way of approaching this issue. Parents, please stop telling your kids, because you're so

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excited about this candidate for your daughter, or you're so excited about this girl for her son, and their son Ty, but mom, she doesn't want to head out, oh, she will change.

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You know, oh, but he doesn't pray, he will change.

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You know that going into the relationship with the assumption? Oh, but he's like this and that he will change, she will change. I have bad news for you. You know, people don't really change.

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The reality is people don't really change. Very few people change. Especially when it comes to the character of the person. People adjust a little bit.

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And in the end of the day, when you're married to them one person, it became a game of, you know, balancing your options. Is it a better to stay with this problem and the person, again, more of this relationship. But if you're all out the relationship, why would you go into it,

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you don't have to make that choice, you're still out.

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So, this idea of the will change, people adjust, especially when it comes to character. You know, when people change, when the know under realize 100% that this is something wrong. And they have been working on themselves so hard to change themselves.

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And while they are changing while they are changing, it will take time lapse while they are in this process. You have to be very patient with that person as they go through that change. And my advice for someone who's not into the relationship, wait until the person's cleaned themselves up and real change happen to the light.

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And when this happen, yes, I can look into the and I'm talking specifically about character traits.

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And something that so it became a habit part of the DNA of the person.

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Somebody came to me and said, Jeff,

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I love this person so much. But he is addicted to drugs.

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You know, my I think I'm the source of a strength for this person.

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You know, I help this person heavy. You Yeah, you are going to be his wife, not his therapist. Not his addiction therapist. If he's addicted to drugs you need the addiction therapist doesn't need a white

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you know, I think I can help him yeah, you're not his shrink. Okay, you are government to be his spouse. There's a big difference between these two this person all these red flags but you know what, I feel so bad for the person Yeah, that's not why you marry someone because you feel bad about them.

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Give them money if they are poor, you know? You know let someone from their gender give them a hug you know, but doesn't mean you you feel bad for someone means I marry that person with all these red flags I see. So one blue, all they will change and again go back to the assumptions of they will change that this is not it doesn't really happen a lot. Okay, and there is adjustment happen

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