Why The Prophet Muhammad Repeated Himself Three Times

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March 8th 2012

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I'm no longer anime so a lot of cinema

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mama but before we start with from the other side who just like to remind my brothers and sisters about the upcoming events inshallah Tara for the speaking half one. So the biggest event that we have in this community right now is the ici fundraiser, which is on Saturday at shallow data, and they need your support. So they're expecting, of course, on the line is that

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to have more community, as many people to go and show them to support a shout out, I would like to encourage each and every one of you to spread those filaments in shallow Tata, and go there and support them and participate in the fundraising as much as you can.

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Definitely, I mean, we're all one community.

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One day, we're gonna go back to them and ask them for their help. So it's their turn right now we'll give them a shout out to the support when enough for this weekend, as much as you can, again, if you know anybody who can really contribute to that, call them and invite them take them with you, as well for Charlottetown. So make this a shallow data big successful event for the community. It's for all of us Sharla in this area. The second is tomorrow night and shortly after. So after Saturday shot, and that's the mother want to make it clear that you guys can pay attention to the Assad regime tomorrow will be at 745 just for two more. The reason for that because we want to have we

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want to have an event after that. So we would like to finish as early as possible inshallah. So we will start the event right after Saturday, around eight o'clock.

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Tomorrow is going to be a joint program between Valley Ranch and will be the first minute promo for America situ

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volunteers, my motive would be happy to hear also from the Dallas Fort Worth area in Sharla. Dr. Tim Cook, who will be speaking at the ici event, he's coming Sharla him into football at ici so eventually he's coming here in Charlottetown against our method for santosha. And for the for the program, I'll be sharing that banner with him. The program the title for the for the lecture will be all for the panel will be lifesaver. The blessings of being Muslims attempt crisis, what Muslims can do you know how they live in times of crisis? What are the blessing that we get during this time? We'll see this tomorrow and shall have to

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remember now that I have a lot of data all of you could tell me the other side of the book of good manners from the other side of file about Mr. Ravi ban and Konami what you thought it was a clear, yes, either the Muslim it at least some element from Allah with that. He said chapter the clarity of discourse and it speaks in details about the

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desirability and the recommendation of when you speak, you speak eloquently. And you make it clear for the people to understand and to repeat it as much as needed until people understand and imagined how to answer the allotted

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Teradata column you can imagine,

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you can imagine, I'd

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have to say, Man, we're either at home in Santa Monica, Santa Monica,

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or the allotter. He said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam.

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Whenever the Messenger of Allah

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says said something, he would repeat his words, three times or thrice, so that the meanings would be understood fully. And whenever he came upon a group of people, he would read them, give them the salon, and he would repeat the salon three times, or four times. Can you guys try to give me an understand what would that mean?

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For example, if I'm not talking to,

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if I'm not talking to you,

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if I'm not talking to you, I repeat that three times. Would that make any sense to you? So what would it be to the prophets of Allah? Allah, Allah said, Every time the Prophet says something, he would repeat that three times, what would that doesn't mean all his speech will be repeated three times important?

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emphasis, emphasis on things that needs to be clarified. So it's not every single statement or sentence. That wouldn't make any sense. That would be the thing that they needed to be clarified and needed to be emphasized. How would you do that? Well, some of them, they say, depends on the crowd. So when you have a big group like this, for instance, the process or lesson is very well known that he when he speaks, he gives his face to every direction of the of the crop so everybody knows that they've started to them. So perhaps when the prophets of Allah says something that is very important of significance needs to be repeated, needs to be clarified or emphasized on he would repeat that

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the three different directions.

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So as he says that, he repeats that to the three different directions, so the proper he repeats that for the three different directions. Now that I've done that

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Do you guys all know, there was one here, one here. And

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so he does that sort of loss and then to show every side of that congregation the importance and the significance of that. Also, in some other occasions, he would do that purposely. And I guess you might might remember some of these famous Hadith where the prophets of Allah said, repeated the statement three times. Do you know anybody that did that three times.

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Your mother, when the man came around, sola was the most intelligent By comparison, the Prophet says your mother.

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The managers are solos next, your mother,

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again, your mother, so they don't know proud of you.

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There was no proud to repeat that three times for them. But he meant to repeat that importantly for him, there's another ad. That man actually came with a prophecy era. So a lot. Give me an advice. The Prophet told him lotto never be angry, don't get angry.

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The ministers are so lucky man advice. The Prophet says Don't be angry.

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Now the man getting angry, right, that says, You're so lost. I need another advice. I got that one. The Prophet still said to him, that Allah tambien. So the man realized that's the one. So when the Prophet repeat something, even if it was what one individual, it's for significance.

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You know, sometimes when your kids get sometimes they wouldn't want their mother to visit, they get distracted, right? So you got your son or a child to tell them Okay, so what did I say? Okay, do this when you're done from this thing and so on. Then before they leave one more time, what was it? Why is that as a prophet sauce I was, it was said about the prophets of Allah Salah leave.

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So that would be understood from the profits of assemblies.

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Also, the second part of the idea that when the profit used to come by a group of people that would give them salon three times, that doesn't mean given Salaam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum, it's not like that. It's the same as the same thing, you would give them salon for three to three directions. Let's say you come to a group of people that are sitting like half circle, for instance, or maybe any kind of big fraud. So when you go solid, then you see the people on the phone, so I'm sorry.

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So repeating this for the congregation, but for the same group summary amaretto wouldn't count like this. Although sometimes some of the Sahaba deliberately would actually withhold their response until the proper repeat this the last few times for

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like it was reported, the professor said Monday, he actually passed by someone he says.

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So here's an answer.

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That probably goes against

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greeted after after perhaps two or three times, then they say

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They responded to myself, sorry, we just wanted more setups from you.

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Because when you say Salaam that's blessing says the hotbox. So, you want more.

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So, if anyone gives that up to them hold it, because they actually have to carry on you are not good eventually. That is for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So next time if you there is a need for you to be emphasized.

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And if you meet a group of people, you give salami every direction of the crowd, so that each side of the crowd understand that, you know that personal attention? Well, long data, and it works really

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The right pronunciation.

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The right pronunciation for that and Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. What do you guys think?

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Yeah, but what does that mean? When you set a bar and you stop, that's the school. But when you continue a lot of law or a lot of law

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it started with a long, long, long back but

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now it seems that the because Yeah, well, people were this what they do because when they when they repeat a lot, but it comes with a fat because they tried to stop with the sukoon on the first one. And as they begin with the Elif, Allahu you they be able to fight so it appears like a lot about Allahu Akbar. But when you connect them with that initiation, it becomes a lot of Akbar Allah, but it's supposed to be Allah, but Allah, Allah. Now,

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any question

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another reason I'd be stuck on a budget

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for the month of

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May in those days may not be far away.

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doesn't mean that when the professor said you repeat, he used to repeat the statement three times that in order to make sure that the crowd in the back can hear, because he didn't have loudspeakers back then so it doesn't mean that he will repeat that for them to hear. That's a possibility.

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Although one seems to support this issue of Allah, someone might say, remember the prophets Allah said when I went to Hajj, and he was the only had that he actually he went to sola sermon Islam.

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Or at least after the hidden, then the prophet SAW Allah somebody made his patch he was given the football among the largest crowds, the Arabian Peninsula ever actually seen each other about almost 100,000 people went to Hajj.

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How could everybody hear the voice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam without the need for speakers. Now that is one of the miracles that Allah has given

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them, everybody in the crowd was able to read the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as if they were sitting close to him.

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So the level of the audio level basic of that foot before everybody was clear, it just like today's palette, we have all these speakers and radios. You can hear even if we're too far from the nebula in an alpha, you can still tune in to the radio, and they will have it live. So you can hear the football, you cannot play with the motto. But at least you can still hear the football. I'm not saying this is just what happened. But at least it shows that this possibility that I must enable the people to hear his speech so a lot of send them but in regular certain circumstances and the message. I doubt that because the prophet SAW us and he needed a member. That's why they made a

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member for him. So you could stand up on it. Because I'm a member and you could see the father the people in the back

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and his voice will be floated in Milan

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said again

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when you hear that?

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Okay, are you

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on the radio? Oh, so basically if you hear if you hear this a lot on the radio and you're at home, can you pray with them? The answer is no. You have to be present with the Gemma with the congregation. And there have been

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huge activities. So therefore, those who are far away camps, they are they are not connected with that they are not at least not make demands. joined the demand. They can play on the on the on demand por la

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Monica la 100