Yaser Birjas – Ta’Seel #7 Q&A

Yaser Birjas
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studies over things like math and poetry. mean there is no doubt there is nothing nothing better than studying the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and living the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. However, not everybody has the capacity to do that at the same level. Some of us have Allah were specialized in, in archery are those specialized in engineering or specializing in Illuma, Quran Tafseer even the Sahaba among themselves, like for example, Harley, the new leader of the ultra nwaba Yeah, hybrid or the LA anois. He wasn't among the Quran of the Quran among the Sahaba however, the prophets hasn't called them what. So if Allah Allah must loot the soul of Allah

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azza wa jal because his specialty was on the back of the Azores, or the Alon one time he led people in Salah and he made the mistake. So when he turned to the people, he goes, God shall geography sebelah and cathedra Milan Quran like I'm too busy honestly fighting I don't even have time somehow to read the Quran. But yes, there is no doubt getting yourself busy with the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Danson of the Prophet Salah Salem is the best thing if you can balance your life and your time in sha Allah, then definitely you should.

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Why there is always difference of opinion on some ayat of the Quran it appears that messages message is not crisp and clear and leads to different interpretation by different

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So like sort of use al Hadid when these burglaries and all this stuff and so on, and other sometimes sometimes they call each other Kaffir May Allah subhana wa Taala forgive hon Allah May Allah guide us all to the truth to Allah. When it comes to the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah is the head of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. There are many reasons why the orlimar they differ in terms of understanding. They may even tell me Rahim Allah Allah He wrote an entire book on that referral Mala Mala masala, meaning remove the blame from the noble notable Imams, meaning give them the excuses why the lmrda differ. So sometimes Allah differ among themselves because when it comes

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to the Hadith, for instance, some they deemed it to be authentic, others did them to be weak. So those will see say it's authentic hadith, they will take it and take the ruling from those who don't believe it's authentic for whatever, you know, technical reasons for that. They don't take the ruling of from that Helene, others they believe that they both believe that is authentic, however, their understanding of it is different. Linguistic for example, grammar wise or whatever reason, they have differences of opinion. So from the interpretation of the words, they make different meanings, when it comes to the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. Some of ayat Arness, some of the

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ayat are absolutely clear in terms of pneus like for example, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says while tmos salata will add to the cart, there is no interpretation here for saying what Salah is what it is, it's clear, everybody agrees Salah is what we know it's thought to be solid, the five daily prayers and it has occurred to give the 2.5% of your of your wealth, excess wealth, no one disagree on that this is NUS means it's an textual evidence, but then there are some ayat or some words in the Quran, that can be MOSHTARAK, which means have dual meanings. Like for example, saying I'll call I'll call or meaning could mean in blood, it could mean actual purity, and it was mentioned in Surah

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Al Baqarah in regards to the waiting period of the lady after divorce, for example, after the passage of her husband and so on, or actually, in terms of the divorce, so in this case, she waits salata Kuru, three quarrels, okay, what does that mean? Does it end with the third blood? Or does it end with a third purity depends on how you define core in terms of linguistic being being purity or blood, you will make a different opinion. Okay, so why they even differ on defining core. That's when the Arabic language becomes actually very diverse and cultural. In some, some tribes they have different different use for the words. And as a result, when the Arabic language was spreading among

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the people, everybody would interpret based on what they understand from the language and as a result, we have different meanings sometimes for these for these words, but there is no difference on the fundamentals of the deen and Islam the font the difference sometimes will be actually in matters of practice, that's all well I'll tell.

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You mentioned learning to read is not required or details of Tajweed So is it true if you don't read Quran with Tajweed then the meaning of the words could be different if you do not use proper Tajweed rules? I think we're differentiating here between Tajweed grammar and also Maharjan huruf. So yeah, if you if you don't pronounce if you don't pronounce the word properly in terms of you know, articulate the letters properly, you might change the meaning. You might change the meaning because sometimes when you pronounce var as del a TA or TA as you change the word completely so that the pronouncement obviously, people will recite to the best of their ability. If you change and alter

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the grammar, like you put for time place of Dhamma, orchestra and place of sukoon and so on, you might also change the meaning. So that's different, definitely it's wrong. But that's not

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Part of Tajweed there's not that way that read is only the beautification of the pronouncement of the Quran, like saying, I left

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me, that prolonged of pronouncements that you need to have to pronounce it that way. Now, if you say, I left me, still acceptable, not necessary, the best way of resetting it, but still acceptable and would not change the meaning. Similarly, por lo Allahu Ahad Alcala, you shake the data at the end, Allah has some other the shakedown if you don't do that, it's okay. It just a matter of beautification of the tenacity of the Quran. Tajweed does not necessarily alter the meaning of the words, but it's the grammar and Maharaja haruf The articulating articulating points and pronouncement might do so

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None so this is like saying Islam and Iman The question is basically the finishing of Tajweed Yatta Aquila, whorfin hubco Mr. hochkar given every letter its actual help and muster, which is what entails to pronounce it with other letters and other words, so the first one speaks about the articulating point of the marriage and the other one is that the circumstances the context will position of the letters and the words that expose them to Hoonah and other things and so forth. So that all of its consulted with once again it's if you want to define to do with that all of it with the MacArthur's well to steal, we say that the pronouncement of the Muhammad what alters the meaning

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but if you if you recite the words with proper Maha Raj, but without the prolonging of the of the mud for example, or don't do in the Calcutta or the Hoonah you're still doing it right I mean it acceptable wala na

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Yes, so the the follow up from this actually it's very helpful to of course are very important to have proper grammar and Maha Raj than prolonging and Kalonzo but definitely if you restart with touch with you, the quality of your citation will even will go Subhanallah to the next level. And the Prophet saw Sam says call Tara noble Quran meaning you know beautify the Quran with your voices if you can do that to shallow the outcome tension

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Okay, I'm gonna answer the question that we have actually here and

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in the class

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I had a live event in Irvine almost Salah that the covenant between them and us a solid minute between the Muslims and non Muslims is Salah means if you don't if we don't pray the fourth Salah then you're not Muslim anymore would that be considered life? No, it's not life. I mean, some might consider to be life but actually the matura know that it's not life it's considered because I didn't say well Levana

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can inconsistency in Salah like for example, making poodle do selective Salah praying Mara one time you produce or skip passer intention delaying Salah and so on can that lead to abandoning Salah out of laziness then eventually into intention abandoned to cover I'm gonna share plan is clever

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at the beginning is going to convince you look hamdullah you learn from the chef if you abandon Salah lay out of laziness is not covered hamdulillah

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so you start kind of like skipping salada or the chef said I mean it's not covered. So now the shaitaan is playing games on you and then slowly and gradually stopped kind of getting really even any

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easier with Salah to the extent that he kind of abandoned complete and then is finding justification for herself not to pray at all. Do not let the shutdown take on that route. If you know something is wrong, then it's wrong. So you say well it's Annie let me just make a quick will do.

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I understand quick Waldo might be valid to make a solid valid, but you always need to make will do what Savile which means store will do that's the proper way of making as a proper system always advise us to do just

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for them

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inbound someone with that marriage. How bad are we talking about?

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It is okay but but on top of that are two different DNA markers.

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Now, so Brian behind someone with bad Mahajan. Depends who that person is. The person is an official Imam. This is the Imam of the masjid for example. And he is the best among them to the streets Allah Allah understand what kind of Gemma is

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But if if it was Gemma in the house, for example, or an uncle wants to read, let's say somewhere and so forth, and then eventually their pronouncement is that proper

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if they decide to the best of their ability, may Allah forgive them reward them. So that's still valid. But it's better to have somebody who recites it in a better way. But if they're promising pronouncements of the ayat and understand the Surah, like you can, you cannot even tell which surah is reciting. In this case, the Salah is invalid, especially with the fatwa. And by the way, it happens also among the under the Arabs among the Bedouins like Wallah one time over traveling for HydroMet I forgot to Australia was on writing. We stopped on the way to one of those sideroad masjid and we got into the masjid so one of the locals of the bidwill travelers were proud actually, he was

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studied in Salah. I had no idea what it was decided. I swear. The only thing I know that he will just kind of like we say I mean and then it comes to something else.

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Then later on after we were done, I realized I was reciting the ILA coration 11. I heard he was asserting something like something like the Flavio Qureshi live laughing

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Allah and I'm so I would say if someone does extend you can tell what they're reciting. And that sense then probably maybe you should repeat that. But be careful. If you don't understand that people recite different para art and then you start saying, Oh, they're making grammatical mistakes and No, no, there is something different Cara. Like one time somebody called me and he says chef, our Imam he is mashallah his half but he doesn't even know how to recite.

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I said, I said, How come you had half a dozen how to decide, how is that possible? He goes, he always makes mistakes in the fathead on the mud.

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It can read aloud to you and says, Tell me the truth. Said Izzy from North Africa someone from North Africa. He goes yeah, as a matter of fact he's I think from Morocco Algeria. I said okay, ask if he decides to wash or cologne because he said differently citation. Then he called me again because I asked him he said he was just slightly different to citation. So if you don't know that there are different Quran be careful before you judge someone that not knowing how to start Quran, they might be reciting different there are now

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a question from the sister side here. We learned that abandon abandoning act is worse than committing a sin. However, isn't the act of abandoning fourth considered as sin? What are the differentiation between the two? There is no doubt just like saying abandoning the sin is for like abandoning sin is also forced on you. Just like committing a sin is considered actually abandoned and fall will be considered as sin. If death from that perspective, if you look at from that perspective, mirroring it basically yeah, it's the same thing. However, the Allama technically speaking would come to the finishing of fourth and sin worship and muharram The fourth is the act of

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action that you do and and and the Haram is the negative thing that you abstain from.

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It's a technical definition only

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if someone hits the snooze button, too many times in the morning and Miss Fudger by mistake.

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Is this regard as a major sin? Or depends when they go to sleep as a man?

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If they go to sleep at 3am and they expect themselves to wake up at 530 Masha Allah Tabata, Rama Buhari probably didn't do that. Yeah, and so unless of course you have an active lifestyle that makes you sleep to three hours on and wake up with Vegeta mashallah, may Allah bless you. But in order for you to be able to wake up a fragile Gemma, it's not really about Yanni. Waking up early, it's about sleeping early.

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If you sleep early, there's a better chance for you to wake up early for fragile and shallow tan. So ALLAH forgive them. Yeah, if they tried their best and they couldn't wake up for it.

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Again, it depends on the circumstance if they neglected the other circumstances to wake up for Fajr and deliberately we're just watching TV or wasting time on their social media on the Internet and the computer doing nothing useful.

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You know, trying to put 10 alarms is not gonna help you wake up

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what was the punishment in the Accra for abandoning salah or the camp? Will that person enter Jannah it's considered it's considered sin. It's considered sin, no doubt about it, but will they be entered in Jannah? By the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and how do you think the abuse Allah said I hate the Shiva will along Hallo Shiva the decision of the Prophet service and for the people of Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala the believers after they cross the bridge over Jahannam they will look around they're missing people. And they started calling upon the Lord Subhana wa urbanna model our Lord is one we're missing some brothers and sisters of cannabis Aluna Rana was someone a man

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they used to pray with us they used to fast with us. We don't find them amongst us. He goes go into Jahannam look for anyone you find that their heart demands such and such an amount of a man and full demand. So ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Darla will heal their bodies and they go to Johanna and they look for the into their hearts. Allah give him the ability to see. They see whatever amount of Eman and their hearts they pull them all out slowly and gradually, but some unfortunate they will take longer than others because there'll be different phases different tiers of people so some they will stay longer than other May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from being in that situation of abandonment

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so when we learned that sujood is Ford, and leaving them is a major sin we'll talk about Solavei soon Salah What about Witter or any other words Uppsala? Well, this is now a definition technical definition the Hanafi school the reason that here is the word the word wajib use in the Hanafi terminology and also the HANA Hana because the HANA differentiate between fourth and huajian for if it was established through the Quran or

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Matamata sunnah, which is for them is considered like a text. But then Elijah is established is not necessarily with a with a motivator, I had enough and not considered pneus understanding of the I will be enough as well too. So for them wajib is a lesser form. Why don't we the reason for for the majority of dilemma elevator is not far and it's not wajib either. It's for them. It's because of the highly recommended Mr. habba or Senator Mica. So if you don't pray and water, it's not a sin according to the majority. But definitely it's something blameworthy because the prophets has never abandoned his water or certain Fajr whether he was traveling or he was resident, so the water line

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was Rahmani but when he was asked about the Salawat he says what five daily prayers it didn't say six now

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so leaving all salah or just even one Salah make it make a person a Kaffir according to the OMA according to the humbly only if someone needs a Salah one Salah deliberately would be considered careful, but the majority is a sinner

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if you have

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if you have a loved one

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who believes on the surface level, but does not pray and never has out of laziness and lack of Eman Is this an indicator that you should advise them to through warnings and fear as opposed to feeding them? Endless hope both. That's the way of the Quran. Allah subhana wa Tada he gave people hope and then they warned them he scared them as well too. You can only just give people hope, endless hope so they can now become so dependent on it and they restart realizing that there is no real punishment for them because Allah beforehand so there is no incentive for them to do anything good. So the way you invite them to do good you also need to warn them against doing something wrong

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golden light Allah Allah Al Quran Arthur Tila, meaning to recite the Quran water till beautification of 30 The Quran does it does does it have to do with the druid? This is actually one of the proofs and evidences for the LM after do we do say that God is watching. So look, Allah says what till Khurana tila. So the meditator to various causes, obviously is meaning you know, the beautification and the sound of it and the speed of the resuscitation as well too. But as we know, people don't all speak Arabic. And some they have difficulty pronouncing it. So they do to their best of ability, even their 13 is to the best of their abilities. And Allah subhanaw taala is the most generous those

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who recite professionally. Allah subhanaw taala said that they will be among the ranks of the angels there is our the angels and those who recite the Quran and it's hard for them and they keep stumbling and they keep you know, making mistakes. The Prophet says Lahoma

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Iran, they have doubled the reward, one for trying and one for the ayat that they'll be resigning.

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As for themselves, they'll be missed when when people were young, many question asked about that actually. So the right answer for this Allahu Taala is that if someone abandons Salah for years, and then hamdulillah now they're in a in a better position, they repented to Allah subhanaw taala seeking His forgiveness and trying their best and never miss any Salah after that. hamdulillah what do we do with the Passover? Now some of them or they say still with them, which means you have to make up all the Salawat but if you have 10 years of Mr. Robot, and it doesn't you have to make them make them up all of this what would you expect this one was going to do?

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So I'm doomed anyway call us we'll get to that.

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That's why even Timmy Rahim Allah Tala he goes look, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for Rahim as long as they make Toba since you talk about repentance, and then they tried to make it up by praying more tahajjud more sunnah monofin never never abandoned the five daily prayers but add more Netherlands soon answered. Why because the prophets Assam says in the

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idea that on the Day of Judgment, when a person is going to the to the stages of questioning, the first thing they're going to be asked about is what? Salah and they look into the record. If they find it to be perfect they pass? If not, the question is going to come on through Halle abdomen totowa did my server live any novel any sooner? If they did, then add them to this to this. Try to patch the record with this Sooners. If it was sufficient that hamdullah they pass and it wasn't sufficient Allah Mastan they're doomed.

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This is the value of also nothing. It's your buffer zone. There will insulate between you and Johanna.

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So that if you go lazy, you don't pray sooner. But if you don't person at all, and you go lazy, what are the chances that you're going to miss four becomes higher? So maybe you laziness and missing some of the Sunnah and Nafion but not the fourth salah? How do you do that? Make sure to be consistent with your form and your Neville and Sunnah and add more. So if you get lazy, you might not wake up for 200 but you will never miss Fisher. Allah for them

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what is the

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same thing.

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So the one say Kaffir meaning this believer, a Muslim who doesn't pray at all, according to this definition, who said that the person will ban the salad concert Kaffir specifically to the humbly school. This is not Muslim at all, according to that definition. And we mentioned earlier that there's a difference between abandons Allah by saying you know what Salah is not for. It's not even I don't care. That's Coover that takes the pressure of the fold of Islam. But someone when you ask them why don't you pray Allah yaki I'm busy I wish I can show Allah one day make dua for me. So that's considered a FAFSA which means a disobedient Allah Yes.

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Now that so basically said, if you make a mistake and then a citation, you still have a context and the citation right? Even if you make a mistake, you still can understand from the whole context, what needs to be done. Well, sometimes some mistakes can be actually detrimental to the whole context as well to like when we recite the story of Musa and Allah Subhanallah speaking to him, when you say what column Allah Musa Colima column Allah Musa Grima, what does that mean? No one knows what's the meaning of his own Arabic? What's, what's the actual idea? What does it say? We'll call them Allah, Who will call them Allah Who Musa attack Lima. If somebody said this, I will call la

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mala Musa attack Lima. What happens?

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completely the opposite. Because we're kedalam Allahu Allah subhana wa right now is what is the subject right now of this of the sentence? So he is exactly he is the one who spoke to Musa listener.

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Who is the one who spoke to Musa but if you say well kedalam Allah Musa tak Lima, you say now that Moses spoke to Allah is completely different Allah so sometimes that mistakes can be detrimental now Allah you have a question right

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so many altering the sound of Allah to the author to Sir

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true but that did their best to the best of their ability

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doesn't really matter how long they've been in Islam, but some people's panel has no matter what their tongue is, or they actually formed the muscle in a shape that they will never be able to pronounce that as Oryzae as a or as from ALLAH SubhanA wa to reward them for trying. Definitely we asked him to fix the resuscitation as much as possible in Charlottetown.

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So basically you said you're saying, saying shahada is a further convert to embrace Islam. What about those born Islam? Right?

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So basically, do they have to officially say the shahada when there is age of puberty?

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That is that's the question that you are

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shouldn't have to say the shahada officially to become Muslims when they reach the age of puberty. I think we've covered that in the previous session actually.

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I hear you but we cover that in the first session when that when we say that what is the first word of Al? Mukalla? Once they reach puberty? Do you have to pronounce shahada again on the bottom of the sea? No, that is not like that, because they already been pronounced the shahada and their lifetime when they were young, whether they don't salah or just imitating their parents or reading the Adana so 100 they pronounce it you had already so what's the first version for them is now to start slowly find that that that faith and that belief with knowledge, that they did not solidify that with the knowledge that they know there is no God but Allah azza wa jal now learn it learn what does that

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exactly mean and how to implement it properly. Walton last question.

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you so why is there a debate among Dharma if some Sahaba like aroma and others they say that the one who abandoned Salah is like considered Cofer, why does the debate like we said earlier because some element they learn things other than unlearn them before. It wasn't they didn't have the same knowledge at the same time. It took a while before they start debating these issues. So in some areas, because they were present around America, that was their popular opinion. Others they went to maybe Abu Hurayrah and others and they learned maybe something different from their time. So by the time we collected everything, we realized even the Sahaba differences opinion when it comes to

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Vandana masala those who say this is the person who doesn't play is not Kaffir as

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is basically from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you know, anyone

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when he said in many Hadith Allah Saravana if a person says La ilaha IL Allah Allah someone called Be sincere from the heart, the current gen. Gen Gen didn't have to do with any other good DNA, but definitely that doesn't mean they're going to enter Jannah immediately.

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They probably are gonna have to go through Jana to be purified before they can get to Gen and the last panel with Allah protect us from Gen. Brian is Aquila has Monica loam and ashwagandha several rakes Rama Rama with a lover

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