Conveying Glad Tidings And Congratulations April 16th 2012

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handle a lot of banana mean so a lot of us and our family and

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my mother you know know that a lot of data for defeated me That doesn't mean the other side of in the book of big man or three outside in Babs that interfere with

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chapter the excellence of conveying glad tidings and congratulations for that he had the horizontal dimension of a longer add to the story the sort of masala shadow the above the line and the story inside bajada Muslim bananas and toffee babies and Maharaja Abu Musab the ultra young companion, he may well do and he left home. So after making although he left home, Karla zemana also Allahu sallallahu wasallam cada una nama to me that he said today, I'm going to go and stay with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the entire world, whatever he goes, I'll go with him. So I'll be like his entourage. If you need any help, I'll be there. I'll be around. If you need assistance or be there

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for him. Basically, I'm going to be around the Prophet salaallah center sermon. Of course, it's a great honor to serve the profits of a lot of salons. And of course in return, what is he going to get? He's gonna get the award from our last panel a lot of knowledge, knowledge and Baraka and blessing. He said for journalism. So

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I wanted a message for Santa Ana Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam so I thought

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he asked, Well, what did the Prophet said?

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They told me one to so and so place Kaurava Yamuna, so he immediately said for Horace to Allah, sorry, Hassan. I kept going tracing is basically through to a lot of Solomon's way asking Which way did he go so a lot of Laos around Malaysia had de la Aris until he entered the area of the location where Reese was used to be as a matter of fact is still there is Mr. Waterworld of Ellis is what what it is. It's close to one university of Medina which actually study that we graduated from used to be it's very now urban area, a lot of houses in the area. And that location is still kind of left as is almost surrounded with fence that was my memories actually back in more than 10 years ago. I'm

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not sure exactly how it looks like right now. But eventually that is the water well, where the prophets Allah says Allah will this incidents happen and considering right now the distance from Medina to that place, it's, it's about actually four or five months. So I'm not sure how the prophets Allah has come on to that place with the ego walking or riding along around him But eventually, he went there so a lot of volume ceremony for the

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for the restaurant and had to follow sort of like his Salalah Hollywood cinema, or whatever. He said, When I heard the prophet SAW someone there I sat down at the door till he had to leave himself and perform boo. So the professor said maybe just because the water is there, so he cleaned himself, he made some a lot of money or seldom partner for him to be there.

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So I want to see the prophets of Allah Salah

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for either who are jealous Allah recently was SATA Kufa were kashia ansata he was Allahumma COVID he said when when I came in to see the Prophet sallahu wa salam I saw him sitting on the platform of the world on the top of the world. I saw him sitting there salado Salaam with his shines uncovered and his legs dangling in the world. So if you can imagine are visualizing that someone wouldn't want to sit on the basically the border or the wall that is protected from the world. How would it look like he was sitting down so a lot of center grabbing this though, perhaps and holding holding it very well. So that means would reveal his shank salata, Lawson Amane, and his legs will be diving

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into the, the water will not necessarily reaching the water, but at least into the wall itself. qualify as a lump to Allah is a monster. I give syrup to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and then I went out maybe the property to privacy. So I left him there and I went stayed at the door at the door of that water what it was like like a garden until today actually it's in a garden. So he said basically, I was guarding the door for the profits or some other gate for the profits or loss and apoco to the Khurana Baba

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I'm gonna be the guard for the profits of a lot of Salah. So the Lord keeper for him for today. Hanukkah, Java, karate, Allah, after some time suddenly shows up shala. Also the law isn't there now, but it's such a great honor. For God for that Alba for two mana. He wanted to come in. I said, Who's there? For Karla Alba. He said oh, by the way, this is one of the etiquettes of seeking permission. When you seek permission when you want to come into someone's house. Of course you

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knock the door, ringing the bell, or even give them a phone call that you are at the door right now. If there was no door or the door was open, that doesn't mean you come in. And it's still to seek permission. The least you could, you could say, is to knock on the door and says Salaam Alaikum ad for a saramonic Who Can I come in? Because maybe when we have an amputation, you know that there multiple people will be coming in, they leave the door open, so that whoever comes Bismillah Feel free to come in. But still you need to say a ceremony from seek permission before you come in. The other thing if someone knocks on the if you knock on the door, and someone behind the doors asks you

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says goes there? Don't say it's me.

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Which is what most people do these days. Your kids there knock on the door says Who's there? Say it's me. It's me wonder the profit Some of us have had someone knocking on his door. And the property asked Who is the man said Rasul Allah, it's me. So the prophet SAW such as Anna can, okay. Which means Me, me? Who's me? Meaning you need to say you mentioned your name.

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Even if it was your wife asking

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you I was asked me you knock on the door, as you asked him who was there? Don't say it's me open the door, smash it.

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smash your name, and then open the door? Well, hakushi wrote my voice. Like that's, that's your problem?

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Maybe because you're not talking enough to her. So she doesn't recognize your voice anymore. Eventually, you still need to mention it. So when he was asked who's their collar worker for two hours, he said, Take it easy. Wait for a second, let me ask permission for the profits of the Law Center. Maybe the property didn't protect privacy, or faster than workers with a lot of workers that is a worker is just seeking permission to come in. For Carlos have a lot of send them in for the show to the gym.

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He says let him come and give him permission. And I gave him the glass tile and he will be admitted to a gym

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locker. This is coming from the profits or loss. What do you call this?

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It's guaranteed to him. That's a badge of honor to green light ticket, very important VIP pass agenda. Still, we all know what I did. After that he didn't just quit and retired early. He did everything possible. Just to pull the exhibit that the last panel then for the level of assurance of agenda but too hot that

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was sort of like he was trying to cover it in says come on in and the Messenger of Allah is giving you good news. And you will be interviewed to a gym

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for worker half a million a piece of colossal amount of workers came in. And he sat just next to the profits of the lesson on that. There was the water water, the water world that form on his right side, the right side of the profits of the line and so on not well they're largely kamisato so the likes of Allah salla waka Chapin something, he did the same thing. So you can have this though, is the map showing the shank basically dangling his legs into the water. Well, Carla from Morocco just went back again to that dog. Then suddenly after that fireworks

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were happening. He said when I left home, I left my brother he was making will do and he was supposed to come and catch up with me so we can serve the prophets of Assam this day. And he said to you they will be full and silent. If Allah subhanaw taala was good for my brother. He will come he will catch up. Which means that which means what?

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His brother will come and he will just say my brother's asking permission for what might tell him Yeah, and let him come in. I'm here the good news was Jen. She was hoping for his brother. So how about Allah VEDA inside you Heroku that somebody is moving the door but to come in for tomorrow haha. I said Who is there for karma.

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Allah to Allah is with some sort of nice

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lady wa cultura sala de Maria. So this is what is asked, you

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same thing didn't come in until given the good news of getting into agenda. Allah fajita Rama Caputo.

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Like I said more but surely.

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You've got the permission. And you're going to be into agenda sha Allah. Allah Jalla sama Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Kofi Anya sorry, this time you came in and he sat next to the Prophet salaallah Salah on his left side, and he did exactly the same thing. The same session, the same position.

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For just I went back again to God or for the Prophet salaallah Salah. I remember my brother. So you go to the lobby.

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claiming to be a law was good for my brother. He will show he will come in.

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Then kalasatama from Nevada in Saudi Arabia hearken back to how do you feel that suddenly the doors moving on again, from coal to Montana? I said Who is that? Can you guys guess?

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some part of the same order of

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service man, when I've traveled a lot, I'm open to others. Like I said, wait. So he came in, he asked permission for him. What was said to him at that level, what the shooter who will agenda, Allah Belvoir to sleep.

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This is very specific. He said no, given the permission to come. And they give him the good news that he will be admitted to agenda. However, Alibaba to Cebu after he being tried after being tried to stay with me that he will be gonna be facing a calamity.

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It didn't tell them what was exactly the thing that he was be facing, but eventually said a form that he will have that and he shall be going through that tribulation.

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Eventually, when one Alamosa he told him what the prophets Allah Sam says to him, Carla, Carla Lumsden said, Hamdulillah, Allah. So Allah azza wa jal into the lungs, Dan, then when a man was about to find a place for himself, for the pocket, and he found it's all the activity and preoccupation completely occupied, no more space for him. This is their call of agenda which our Home Minister did after he sat opposite to their side, as he was watching them, are they allowed to run one bomb?

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How long one side will say about the allotted and one of the sub directors of Daddy, he was asked, how did you explain the basically the, the format, and then Earth man being a distance from them, it says color guru, this is their order, and their graves, because of what was said it was buried next to a prophet salaallah Salah

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exactly the same in the same position, as mine was buried actually, somewhere. No one knows exactly what it was man

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was buried.

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In the cemetery of Medina, eventually from this array, now we learned that if there is something good that people they need to know about, you should really give them the good news. Give them the good news. regardless of the circumstances, maybe something bad has happened. But there's always something good comes out of it. Right? You give them the good news. So pressure on us, whenever we hear something good that's coming for the community and let them know that we're about that malice panel without a lot and a

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lot of a lot of you know,

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what's the significance of that?

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At least I'm not sure actually, after whom the name was this, this, this water what was that after a long time. But there is something significant about the berries besides the story as well.

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Many years later, a man with a lot of time came one day, I don't know who was coming to remember those that incident was just coming. For the same reason the prophet SAW someone come when anybody else would come to take a shower, maybe the fresher and so forth. So as he was making law, or the law on the heart,

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is a silver ring, which was actually the silver end of the process of Eliason. It was the scene that the Prophet used to take as states in the states in which he has common law school law. He used to have it in his hand, because when the Prophet passed away was given to them. And when he passed away, it was given to him off when he passed away, and he gave it to a man with a lot of time. So it was like a seed of the states. Eventually, they seen all these correspondences, as not only a lot on one day, he was in that area. And as he was going through a slip of his finger, or the alarm on, or maybe he's out there, and then it just fell, fell into the water and was lost for the rest of the

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profits or loss of hammer, the loss of the loss was lost because of a lot.

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Now, some of us myself,

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because I've had this the thought of Rasulullah saw Saturday with us somehow, even though they tried to recover that Father that that rain, they were unable to get some of the remedy mentioned. It could be a mercy on Brahma from Allah zosen. You know what?

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Because of the fight after temple, it's not a lot of time when the omo is divided into groups. Imagine imagine that someone grabbed a gun that that rain and the rain came into the wrong hands.

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They cannot

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claim to have the state. And their correspondences known into the region will be coming through this activity now, official state of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they will claim the sovereignty of the nation. But as the head of Allah subhanaw taala, that was lost, so that anyone who's going to come later to claim that the state, you're gonna have to invent and make up their own their own seat. But that's the last panel that some of us might say right now. Okay, since we have all the technology and all martial law, and all these imaging machines, and so forth, could we go has gone excavate and try to find it? A lot of them, don't ask me ask the authorities over there. But since

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it's 1400 years already, a lot of data if it's still in the same place, or law,

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changes position.

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Is it the same Hadith where the prophet SAW someone sitting? And then he revealed his thigh and then changed his position? The answer is no, that was Ayesha. And it wasn't her house, when the Prophet was leaning to the side. And you know, when you sit down, sometimes casually on your side, and then you link basic one on the other, and then you reveal, your link somehow goes all the way up to the thighs. That was a position.

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Yes. So how can they?

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How can they have a picture of that when they say well, love

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says they recovered one of these letters that have profits and loss and I'm sent to these foreign nations back then, specifically the one in Egypt. When you send the letter to the to the gyptians. Back then they still they still have an original of the parchment. And it was preserved in one of these monasteries of churches.

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All these years. That's why they see now they can have actually an emergency.

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not motherlode.

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That is a lot. I'm not sure actually was the exact meaning of it. But I'm gonna go check it out. I got a brand new

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article on salon