Even Half A Date Can Make A Difference

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WOW! Even half a date can make a difference. Riyad-us-Saliheen. Vol.1 Chapter: Ways of Doing Good Hadith#139


AI: Summary © The importance of fresh and fresh foods during the month of war is discussed, along with advice on protecting oneself from hellfire. The prophets of union and the holy month encourage people to give in charity, and small ways like sending flowers and donating to a charity are emphasized. Delayed and hesitant behavior is advised, and money collecting and giving without permission is emphasized. The upcoming week in Charlotte is mentioned as a new announcement.
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Salam Alaikum talaga

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handleable Allah means

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Mohammed Ali

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Baba Yaga remember the month of Ramadan

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didn't remember the month of Ramadan. The members are sort of fresh in your mind right? Okay so one thing that is very common in the month of Ramadan is worth

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eating fresh date

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now how many of you can even remember how many dates you've eaten Ramadan?

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Can you can you try even guess the count? How many of them? You know in Ramadan? How many days?

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Five and tomato Ramadan?

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Probably maybe a few. If you count maybe five a day it is five days. I think more than that, right?

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It must remember at the start time sometimes in between snacks and then you know that's the whole time or maybe 10 pieces a day probably.

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So that's basically it 10 a day. Can you imagine you will have 20 opportunities of entering an agenda and getting yourself away from Johanna just the number of data we've been eating and maybe any kind of sharing with other people.

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How is that? Let's hear from the professor the lesson. The very famous Hadith a very short Hadith has it been hard to apply? Or are they allowed to call Samaritan via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he call it canara what you should

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definitely in this hurry the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, protect yourself against the fire of hell or hellfire. Even if it should be that given over half a day,

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even in a charity.

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So he's saying protect yourself from jahannam even by giving half a day.

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Remember that that you believe in Ramadan?

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Can you imagine if you had one day one opportunity as you were eating, someone came late? What did you do? There you go.

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That's a full day now not just have the full day. This could be your ticket to Elgin.

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Maybe you didn't have much to split that state and you gave it to the person next to you. This half day that you've given this person could be your shield from Johanna.

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And that's when we have given given hierarchy and given doing good deeds. The Harris has a story.

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stories I showed a lot Rhonda one day

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she she had she a lady came asking, you know, poor lady, she came begging for food. And she had two little girls with her. So I showed the load on her. She said I looked around I found three days.

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She gave it to the woman to the mother. If you're in possession of that Mother, what would you do?

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Sure, right. I say no, I'm still I need to protect them. So I'm gonna need everything now. So she gave one to this girl and one to this girl. By the time she came to the second one to give her her date. And she was about to put the towel on her mouth. What happened to

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the little girls while they're still chewing their date, what do they do? It starts climbing on mom's hand trying to get that extra day.

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I mean, the mother's as hungry as the kids, right? But

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kids are kids. So when she looked into the situation, she of course preferred her kids over herself. She She grabbed her on and she split that she gave each one of them half

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I she was astonished by that sight. She was like wow, this is a lot this is too much.

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So when she told the Prophet sallallahu Sallam jasola earlier I had such and such you know incident happen in front of my eyes and house. And the prophet SAW Selim. He said to her, it could not Allah we should. Like he said that this hadith and the statement means that protect yourself from the Hellfire even if it was by giving half a date and charity.

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There is another narration for the holidays. To show you how significant this half a day to give in charity that will be in the Day of Judgment. And the continuation of the Hadith was another generation the prophets Allah Sam says, My main command I hadn't ill so you can remove oolaboo les Sabina obinutuzumab. He says Allah La Silla, this in this narration, Allah will surely speak with every one of you in a manner that suits His Majesty, of course, subhana wa Taala without any interpreter to translate for him.

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So each and every one of us regardless of what what tongue you speak, you'll be standing before you Lord subhana wa Taala individually on your own, and there'll be no translation, no interpretation between the soldier you're going to speak Allah will speak to his panel. He says Fernando Iman Iman, Farah Illa macadam, way under mmm Bella Bella maka de Wanda Robaina de Farah Illa Nora Takahashi but upon Allah Allah Bishop

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septembre emmalyn register b calamata

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now if you were in that position before I get to the translation if you're in that position standing before you loads of Hana, what are on your own?

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What would you do?

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What would you think at that moment you're looking for what?

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Most likely be looking for the exit door right?

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Like, oh, man, I don't know. So is there any, any way that I can, you know, get away from here. So you try to look to see if there's anything I can help you on the right side. anything anybody? Try to look to the left there is anything I can I can have, you know, to help me while I'm standing with a large look behind you look in front of you look everywhere. So the prophets of Assam said after he said Fernando, Fernando Ferreira Lama padam so this person will look to his right side or her right side and he will or she will see nothing but what they've already what they have already done, which means have the deeds good or bad.

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And then we don't want to rush Mmm, which means look to the left side. But

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same thing he won't see anything except what you've already done.

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And then he said, Well, why don't Robaina de Ferreira Illa Nora Khawaja then this person will look facing you know him that direction. And this is the this is the help file

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like the scary part basically. So there is nothing to help that will be the destination.

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The professor something is said for Tapu neuroleadership kutamo. Therefore, God yourself, shield yourself from Johanna. April it was by given half a date in charity.

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Some of us might say, well, I even that data.

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So in this case, the professor Sam said femen limited Federico elementum Paiva Sophy couldn't find anything to give, at least give a good word.

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Which means be positive. Someone is begging, asking you for something. Yeah, don't don't be rude to them.

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As if you don't know them, they always not none of your business. That's between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala if anyone has asked without drill, assist a serious need and just kind of take advantage of that people are less of our punishment, they have judgment that the flesh of their face will melt. So that's none of your business. If someone comes and ask you for it, please speak to them if you don't want them to give to give here says if you don't mind, just go to the office that you know they will take care of you.

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If they come to you, they ask you you don't want to give just tell them you know I don't have anything I'm so sorry. mela make it easy for you.

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But don't you ever say anything rude to them? One of the columns and

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not necessary for the needy people. Even those who are going through a rough time rough day, whatever you see them in a bad situation bad mood. Just give them a word of encouragement. Good word will act as a charity on your behalf. So that's that many things you can do. And as a professor send the list is half a day. If you couldn't have that we didn't have that. Then good. Would that be sufficient to Charlotte are proud to shoot you from Jana mela pathophysiology math

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question. Okay, dates because back in the day, they have dates as a staple, you know, food for themselves. How about today? With a fig count for us? Like a taco Narada will be should

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have half a fig with me? Will that count?

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How about half an apology? Man?

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How about half an apple would count the same thing to come on you have dealt? There'll be so little as Don't say no, the professor happens to be a date. What if someone has an IID date?

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How about half a loaf of bread? Would that count.

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So the meaning of the head is not necessarily to focus on the date itself is to focus on the the amount of cherry which means something you would considering insignificant but with a loss of Hannah Montana. It's not what you give. It's what's in the heart that made you give the intention that made this so valuable to Allah subhanho wa Taala to resist for you. So that's what it means. So like a bottle of water for example. It's so hot out there is so hot out there. So every now and then, if someone for example wants to make a charity, keep in your car, keep your car, you know, bottles of water as you drive around and see people in the streets and they're just kind of like you know,

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soaking in sweat and and just give them a bottle bottle. There you go. How about you know ice cream, you buy ice cream and give it to the people? Like give it outside them as after a shot for example, why we take permission from our friends. All right. So eventually, you do something it will come and I guess all of you have been to Hajj you've seen that right? A lot of people in the hedge they see people somehow they give ice cream and bottles of water for free. Everybody's trying to collect these half a debt capital of charities so make sure that you collect your collection shall only gather collection

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Vanilla zildjian begin with half a day and go with big winner later Baraka and Allah Subhana. Allah shieldwall from Jana malice of how they make their own people have a general behind me. Any question?

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So basically for you half an hour is not challenging because it's easy to give, right? So it doesn't mean that I have to do something so great and big so I can so it counts for me. The answer is it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you give. What if? What if, at that moment, you're a chairman, at that moment all what you had in your pocket is $1 and someone asked you for money

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as a millionaire, what would you say? $1 Come on, that's nothing. Maybe next time

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you don't give $1

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but somehow when you look at you're given for the sake of Allah xojo and just do it. Just give it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and you don't have to put yourself into hardship to get the greater reward. No no, I need to first of all collect $10,000 I can give in charity in shallow time, and therefore I'm not going to give $5 $10 you know give just give and when the time comes for a bigger challenge and you're up to it Bismillah you can participate but never gone given the least such as half a day while on

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treasure hunters Monica lava handed a shirt several extra cuando la vaca

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reminder inshallah by the programs when the larger just a quick actually my there's a new announcement here for you guys. Next week in Charlotte Allah Wednesday.