Etiquette Of Praying At The Masjid March 29th 2012

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam, Mohammed

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Ahmed many

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other many others in the book of Goodman's from the other side of Babylon the

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Chartered excellence of walking towards the masjid, to perform a Salah. Wouldn't tranquility, with tranquility. Now, if I asked you the question, when you guys were coming here from southern Russia,

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can you tell me if you are

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driving past the speed limit or around that speed limit. Most of us when we come to the masjid, we come right before them right? before they come. So handler from the house to the masjid, it's only five minutes. So you leave, right? Five minutes plus 30 seconds, so you can get to the car so you can drive your car on time. That's what we usually do. But then when you have someone who's driving slow in front of you, what

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you get out, you get upset, right? You get angry, you lose your tempers, and then you lose your reward for the song. Many of us Unfortunately, that's what we do. When we come to the method, we don't really follow that sort of a process of of ourselves, we wait to the last minute. And that's when we come we lose this, this this, this editing, of coming to the method one second and more qualities with tranquility, and peace. And voila, it should be actually taken seriously in consideration. When you come to the method. You didn't take that in consideration, call a lot of data, when many of them shy and a lot of them shy about life and blue. And whosoever honors the

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symbols and the rituals and the rights to the last panel to Allah, then it is truly from the piety of the heart. One of these issues when you come to the museum, I know that a lot harder for us to come casual Yeah, there's nothing wrong with However, there is difference between coming casual and coming to class.

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To come to the masjid, it's actually in depends on how much you value what you're doing. Yes, you're at home, you're just taking the break from your kind of lazy wood in the house to come to pray.

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But when you come to the masjid, it's somehow you're going to be standing before the last crowd. That's what the last part of that says, and sort of terracotta every other man who does not automatically limousine or children of Adam kotoshogiku dress nicely to take your Xena your abdomen. When you come to the message of course, in some circumstances, you're in a hurry. There's some situation going on that's different. But whenever you come to the meta regularly, you should actually do that. At least have something that is relatively casual or semi casual. That's ready therefore you are home when you leave like so for example.

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Just like

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whenever you're ready to go solo artist pulutan on top of your visit your casual clothes, and come to the meta dress master for this in Charlottetown Accord avec la

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semana Rasul Allah has sallallahu Sallam you have

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either ultimate Salah ferrata to have unto the sound or to have them soon

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enough to form a direction for Salut mama Fatah confession metabo finale in this character says the messenger the Messenger of Allah saying when the words of the farmer pronounced and Salaam Salah is about to start, none of you should run to it. So when you hear the Imams and so on don't run from the from the from the parking lot to come to the Minister. If you hit a miss Fisher citation about to bow down for the record, this is not the time for you to exercise

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is the time to come and join us Ah, so you do it and you won't quite convert fact salata wanted the song Don't run to catch the salon. We have to have anthem should come to the masjid come to the salon while walking when you walk in because that's a sign of tranquility some students got a modicum of Sakina and can't walk walk company would try and pull it into join

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for son Why are you running anyone unsure how to cut this off? Of course. So therefore this tape is from address to facade whatever you catch with a man just join right there. Which means if the man is Institute What do you need to do? keep standing until he stands up for the next record know your cell lock button and go down that for the second what would appear to the surgeon position car masataka gym and whatever you miss whatever you miss them you complete or you make up for that. So when the man finishes just stand up, complete the salon or make up for that song. So where I'm from is the prophets of Allah seven even though as an oma we should really so short term strength and

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But that's not the time for this when you come to the Salah.

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into computer quality. And please don't run, don't rush don't start to sell out of your mind too busy with what you've seen outside or just trying to catch your breath. That's not actually the appropriate thing to do when I saw one law Any questions?

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I have a question sometimes when you're reciting we're behind you shut down comes and starts whispering or of course you remember something that project that's that's waiting you deadline and you say it

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still keeps going or you move from two different subjects.

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So what I did there was first of the shaper is that

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this is a chiffon comes to whispering and you keep just one witness Dr. Salah he reminds you of everything you lost last year, she would come to you and he's very clever. You would come to remember the kid who lost it actually less than that place in that place, the file you misplaced on the computer, all that stuff comes to your mental

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level. The moment you finish the song, it's gone.

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How much unbelievable. So what the solution was the profits of assumption if this is becomes excessive in your salon, then you turn to the left and you blow

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30 times. Let me say a little bit less. I mean, I live in another gym. Man, how is he one of the one after you continue with your song. Now if this doesn't work out for the one time, then in this case you you have a serious problem and how you perform yourself needs to you need to work on preparing yourself for Salah not just like before the beginning of Salah you need to take time just like a buffer zone. What you need to men will do you need to pray the sooner sit down made God may declare until Mashallah the farmer or maybe if you pray that Allah by herself, then you better form when you're not completely feeling good tranquility and peace. But if you always just make one come with

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us Allah chances you're always going to get busy with whatever it occupies your mind Allah

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what is the proper way of making the process of loss Allah whenever he travels whenever he is resident, he never actually was praying to Allah or the sooner I'm talking about this he never put spreads

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or certain water so water water here salt of the lake is the last thing you pray after Saturday shot so he prayed so now if we want to do they have lane and so on, then you do use a lot of water and router now this allows us to do his average water was actually three Raka and when we talk about water, it's a the odd number. Could be 1357 the profits of a sudden there was some reporter he did up to 13 he didn't return up to 30 who said return up to 13 they count the tour aka sumatera Russia and then for Raka tiama lay and then theory capital solid so they counted in that in that fashion even to the highest levels and Amane but the average most of the time you will do three so what the

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Bible says

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there are many reports on how he performed that the most popular of the son of the prophet to pray the last continuous three continuous passivity there is no the Shahada in between except a matter of 100 for him Allah tala Salah devoted resembles allotted to them meaning you pray to you sit down for the shower then you stand up you make sense.

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But the law is the most accurate and authentic and accurate and that is to pray three in a row without another shot until the end of your salon. However, if you feel let's say too tired, too exhausted, too lazy. You couldn't do it or maybe you woke up late you don't have time to practice for an hour and then do one. That's what the professor said to be that Cora transoceanic merger, he says a lot to learn Mathematica to emulate should be in unison. When especially

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if one of you is afraid that fracture will start or will come in then for you to realize that this person may have been crying.

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So some of them some of them will amount they actually differentiate obesity divided the water into two parts to record for Chevron and Malacca for which are separate from each other. But below are the most appropriate is to really know or to get a lot of data. Now

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dimensional solotaroff about photos from take your adornment when you come to the message or when you do whatever the I have not said, it doesn't mean when you come to the message only, no and the cool image and the kunisada. Even when you're at home, you should pray properly. The minimum of Xena the minimum of Xena is that when someone knocks on your door, you can you feel comfortable opening the door and receive those people as guests.

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This is the minimum. I know this quarter, it's the minimum becomes a weird these days. So people they can open doors or whatever it is that we're talking about what is considered sound among the people, something appropriate, nice that you can do. Just like you said, the standard is different. The standard is different. I'm not saying there is a specific standard, but eventually what is known to be nice clothes for people to come you know when they come to the masjid, and so on. There is nothing wrong with that. So the standard is that there is no specific salary.

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you said I believe I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong, that if you're praying by yourself at home, let's say I do a lot of motive by myself. No, I don't have to do that. And you see a lot because of the need to pray and just proceed right. The question is if someone is praying for it or by himself at home, for example, do you have to make that no retama? The answer is no. You don't have to do that on the farm. You could simply just start by saying a lot what was your intention in the article you're praying for? If it's another good book and then your salon will be okay shall Anupama is not obligatory upon the individual because that is to inform the public with the beginning of time and

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so on. And the tama is to call the congregation to get together to start the congregational prayer. But are you allowed to do it as an individual? Absolutely is there what forever they do that of course there is a reward for him to do that.

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with your family, you as you're doing Gemma at home, you pay the congregation at home with your family, then you do the home. But if you're doing separately by yourself, then there is nothing that will form.

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The basis for allies to bring people to get the necessary karma is to get the people together to start up the congregation of them. So if everybody's standing by time, the mob, roaches

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everybody standing, and the Imam is already actually in this position. So do we need to do a comma? The answer is yes. Because there's a similar process of of audio sermons even though he was there in the masjid and a column for a farmer. There was still actually there was a long time

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Jumanji has one other

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Juma has one other. The other other was called to alert the people who are not in the desert to get ready for this

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to happen and happen at the top of the profits all of us over the

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top of the allotted time and part of the templates manager lotta Juma had on that one, the one that acted as man or the alarm went off, when you saw that people can slow down and come to the message getting too busy with the market, the city expanding and appealing, people are getting too busy really with the dunya. So what he did, rather than he starts sending them to call the Alon in the marketplace to sue them on the news to call the other in the marketplace right before the actual adapter for the gym.

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So the first was before the time of solder to master. Why is that to alert the people in the marketplace to get ready. Time is coming and approaching back then they didn't have watches like we have today. So how do they How do they know how to Gemma Sakuma. They guess? They look at the sun. Okay, it's coming close. But of course when the season changes sometimes that shadow deceives you so some people they miss it. Sometimes they come too early. They come too late. last answer depends of course.

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Now that we have all these times and everything a woman knows Juma is at 145. So well you see the shadow don't see the shadow Gemma is at 145. Do we have to do that to advance? We don't have to do that. Besides, the first Adam was the purpose of it is it to call the people to mention there was no such thing actually, for the first time it wasn't for that reason, when calling for.

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Now, even when we call that first, we still call it in them as so alert and the people who live around the magic is also not applicable to our time because we're not doing we're not using our speakers. So what's the meaning of having to announce in the method in this case, if you just say just to follow the example not only allowed to respond, but if you say well

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There is no need for it. In this case we resort to the example for some lava

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and then that's okay as well. I personally don't really think that we need to adapt in this method.

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I don't think we need to adapt in this method. One is sufficient people they come they don't have to do much at 145 so they can come and they pray as much as soon as as they want to shut out the

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normal days five times a

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week which is on demand comes on demand.

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Yeah, because a lot of gems out there Juma is actually is different from both. So it has a special, special reason. That's what it is comes with the salon. Not before after last question.

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Why is it such a big day, because the biggest day

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last panel data when you created Adam, you get him Friday, when Adam was admitted to agenda, it was fine. When he was given the blessings it was Friday, when he came down earth to receive again the blessing for for the commands of Allah, Allah and the plan of Alas, it was also fine and the process of awesome says, the day of judgment will not be established except on Friday. So eventually, Friday is very special day and the province of Assam says even though we were the last nation to arrive as oma, Allah has given us the day that comes before Saturday and Sunday. So even though we came last, we took the data for themselves, along with the blessed day of your Mooji man the Prophet sallahu wa

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sallam said that on that day, there is an hour, which is sometimes you could say a few minutes or 1520 minutes half an hour Mohan

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in that particular time of the day, Friday, Allah pounder will answer that. Now which hour is that? What time is that the amount of difference a difference of opinion. Some days is the Monday members on the member are disabled, actually, it's between NASA and salatu wa. Now.

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You can use

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it for whatever before you go to sleep, canister prep Ramallah, if you don't plan to do the online, then you need to pray water and go to sleep. Let's say you couldn't sleep after one or two hours you find yourself you know too tired, you can't sleep. So in this case, what should I do this case you need to stand up and do the opposite if you want to. And you add you add another router at the end

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because that wasn't planned. But if you have a plan to wake up on time, then you should delay your wins in a shot on that. Same thing if you just went to sleep and you woke up three, four hours later, you found yourself martial law very strong and you're willing to do formulae go for duty on the leg and do another way to wondercon Charlottetown. And that was the first

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I should have done