Is it better to follow Hinduism or Islam

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AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of following Islam and the use of the word Islam in the Bible, as it is considered the most important source of information. They also mention references to god- based teachings in the Bible and the use of the word Islam in Arabic. The history and context of Islam are discussed, including predictions of a return to the thirteenth century, the use of god-that's-like beads in tweets, and the importance of practicing Islam.
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Regarding Hinduism compared to that is Islam in the Hinduism alt is also said that there is only one God. Whereas the same is said in Quran also. Is it good to go with Islam or

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Hinduism? Mashallah. It's a very good question. Brother says that he's a Hindu. He knows the industry per se there is one God. Even Islam says there's one God, is it better to follow Islam? Or is it better to follow Hinduism? The reply is given in Sulaymaniyah in chapter three verse 64. We Almighty God says Tala will actually within sava imbiah. Come, come to common terms as many as and you

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agree to follow what is coming. The first is Allah Allah that you worship man but Allah Now

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I'm giving you an answer that will satisfy both Hindu and Muslim.

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The first step to do is better follow what is coming. What is different. We'll discuss tomorrow, too, when you're following what is common in the Quran. And the Hindu scriptures, neither the Hindu will feel offended, neither the Muslim will feel offended. The problem is, neither do the Hindus know, neither do the Muslim know very well. What is common in both the scriptures. First thing most important is Allah Buddha Allah that He worship number one God that you already know. You already agree that there's one God Alhamdulillah. Let, let's go to the other point. The other point that has come in is that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the messenger of God.

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The Muslims agree, Prophet Muhammad messenger of God, if you read the new scripture, there are hundreds of references I can give you. Only from the Hindu scriptures talking about mama Salah Salem.

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I can give a talk time does not permit me to give a long talk of a couple of us but if you read the Hindu scriptures, it mentioned Vishnu Purana barber three panda three or day three shlokas five to eight about the coming of masala Salah it's mentioned Bobby Shepard on a part of a three conduct three day three o'clock afternoon during the seventh about Roma, Salah Salem is mentioned by Bishop Khurana part of a 301 or day three showcar 21 to 23 about mama Salah Salem

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if read Atharvaveda permission Atharvaveda book number 20 him number 127 was number one to 14 it's called as contact of TAS

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Atharvaveda book number 20 him number 127 was number one to 14 it talks about almost Salah Salem it's mentioned Atharvaveda book number 20 him number 21 was number six about almost Salah Salem Atharvaveda Book Number 21 Number 21 Mr. Mr. Omar Salah Salem, he is prophesied even in regret book number one him number 53 Verse number nine. There are many references of masala sermon in the Scripture. He is called as Hamad means one who praises

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that was the other name of Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. He's mentioned my name is Emma in some way, Otter chick mantra number 1500. He's mentioned that Emma in some ways, Indra chapter number two worse than 152 is also mentioned in chapter 31 Verse number eight in Ridgeway book number eight. Him number six was number 10. He's mentioned Atharvaveda book number eight. Him number five was number 15 and Atharvaveda. Book number 20. Him number 126. Most number 14. He's mentioned by name as Natasha answer. Nana Shantha in Sanskrit means nurse means man. Shantha means one who's praiseworthy so nurse answer means a man who's praiseworthy if you translate into Arabic it means Muhammad So

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Muhammad Salah Salem is mentioned my name is Nana Sansa in many places in the scriptures and regulate book number one, him number 13 was number three, regulate the book number one, him number eight investment nine regulate book number one, him number 106 was number four rig with book number one, him number 142 was number three. He's mentioned with book number two, number three was number two really great book number five, him number five was number two in the Great Book number seven him number two was number two really great. Book number 10. Him number 64. Because some of three regular book number 10 him number one, it was number two in the agenda chapter number 21 was number 55

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Chapter 20 Verse 37, Chapter 20, verse 57, deliver chapter 28 Verse, chapter 28, verse number 19 jejuri Chapter 20, verse 42, I can keep on on on quoting only references from the Scripture about Roman Salah Salem. So if you're a good Hindu, you should believe in Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem.

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I'll just give you one reference more about normal Salah Salem in the Kalki Purana. He's mentioned and Kalki Purana

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Chapter Two was number 457. Lebanon 15. It says that this Kalki Purana is the last and final anthem Rishi is the last and final messenger. His father's name will be Vishnu yas Vishnu means God. You asked me servant, it means servant of God. In Arabic. It's Abdullah. And you know the name of Prophet mo Salah son father was Abdullah, it mentioned his mother's name would be Sumati. Sumati in Sanskrit means peace, serenity. In Arabic. It's Amina, and that was the name of the mother of Prophet mo Salah Salem.

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He will be born in the city of peace referring to Makkah he will be born in the family of the priest of that city. We know mo Salah Salem was born in a family of courage. He will be a universal and timber he he'll be universal as the Quran says in Surah Ambia chapter 21 Verse 207, but ma Salah Allah, Allah Allah mean that we have found the knot but as a mercy to the whole of humanity to all the words to all the creatures. It prophesied that He will get the revelation in a mountain. We know he got the revolution job renewed, he got a heater. It says he will migrate northward then come back. Mama Salah Salem migrated from Mecca to Medina northward then came back. It further said that

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he will have four companions talking about the first call for Russia Dean has a double burger has Omar Hello this man Halima lobby beads with them all. So all these prophecies mentioned in the scriptures point to no one but the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. So if you are a good Hindu, besides believing in one god you also have to believe in the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It's mentioned in both the scriptures

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that you should not have alcohol. Quran says this reminder chapter five verse number nine did not prevail call it mentioned Manu smithy chapter nine verse number 235, you should not have alcohol moonless be the chapter number nine verse number 230. And you should never call Morris with the chapter number 11 Verse number 55 minutes with the chapter 11 Verse number 94 You should know about a call. So if you're a Hindu or a Muslim, you should know about both the scripture say that you should not gamble. So reminder chapter five of Psalm 90 in the Quran says that man was to be the chapter number nine verse number 221 to 28 says he should not gamble.

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If you read the book number 10. Him number 34 was number three to 13 says you should not gamble. So if you're a good Hindu,

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you should at least follow what is coming. And the basic thing in both the scripture that there is one God, he has got no image, he has got no idol. And Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of this almighty God the last and final messenger. So I will tell you initially follow both. And after that your scripture says that follow the last and final messenger that will be followed the Hadith of the messenger Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, and the last and final revelation which was given to him

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through whether you believe that there's one God Yes, sir. Do you believe?

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Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? Yes, yeah. 100 101 person Mashallah. So these two things.

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These two things are sufficient for you to enter the fold of Islam to enter the fold of Islam.

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And after that, we have to read the message and the guidance of this messenger. And what was revealed to this messenger that was the Quran and the Hadith said I have another one small doubt

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may question, brother but do you believe in one God, do you believe mama Salas a messenger of God? Yes, these two are sufficient for you to enter the school of Islam. Shared doubts will always be there. Okay. Thank you. No, but I'm asking the question, Do you believe in these two things? Yes. Do you have some doubt that before that you want do

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you want to ask one more question? One more question with Islam. It is stated that there is no idol worship okay. That is number one. Whereas in India, I see people who are doing on this protocol

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dargahs performing all types of poses like Indian Hindu is okay.

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What is your answer for this? Brother? You are Hindu. You told me? Yes. You know that machine your scripture I love worship is wrong. Yes, yes. Yet in India, I know millions of Hindus pro idol worship. Yes, that means they're not following

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scripture. Similarly I agree with you there are many Muslims in India who are not following Quran and Hadith, that that is, that is my question. That is my

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that is my answer. Like Hindus are not following the scriptures. There are many Muslims are not following the Scripture, any Muslim who breaks any law of the Quran or any commandment of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, he's a Muslim

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But brother I want to tell you that you want to be a practicing Hindu now. Yes. Now practicing means you believe that Almighty God does not have any idols. Yeah, I do accept that there is no idol worship and you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Gods so do you want to enter into the form of Islam? Yes please.

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Anyone forcing you to accept Islam

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is anyone forcing you to accept Islam? Oh come on my one Marcia. So do you want to be free will? Canada non person Mashallah. So inshallah I will, I will say in Arabic and repeat inshallah.

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I should do a shadow, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah wa shadow, Shadow,

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Muhammad and Muhammad Abu up to her word foo or as I bear witness, I bear witness that, that there is no God there is no God but Allah, but Allah, and I bear witness and I bear witness but that Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad is is the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah, masha Allah, your Muslim and Allah subhanaw taala guide you

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and give you the best of this world.