When Women Greatly Outnumber Men

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Columbia Mohammed Montolivo SIBO Salam, the Sleeman Kathira from my bad. Munna Rahim Allah to Allah in the book of rebels Saudi henchard elemental rato moolah. The book of miscellaneous a hadith of significant values, Hadith number 1825 Call Barnaby Musa Cherie Radi Allahu TerraNova Allah Ananda Vyasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam ocol laity are not unnecessary. The man and your two for Raju Yoto for Raja Rafi he was so Ducati minute that fella you do a hernia? Who do Harmon the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam speaking here about two signs with a judgment in this hadith. So the first one he says, God, a time will come when a man will go about with arms with me, will this occur from his

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gold? I will not find anyone to receive it. What does that mean?

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Oh that mean

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mashallah people would be rich prosperity, right? We spoke about in a previous Hadith we spoke about in the previous hadith is one of the sons of the of judgment, the one of the later Khalifa or leaders of the future, will have abundance of wealth that it will be given right and left without even counting. Like no no measuring, because it's so much of it. Subhanallah that's what the Prophet says I'm counted as fitna to Sarah, like that will be the trial of prosperity. The people will have so much access to so much wealth, it becomes fitness of panela. And here's an example that someone is trying to give his account.

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And he's going around saying, hey, the only one who deserves DACA. And honestly, I don't know, I don't know no one to receive. There's a couple people handler in good condition could position. They don't need the DACA. Some people might say well, hamdulillah we'll have this time already. That's not true. There's so many people who are poor around us as well. Some of them are Masaki, not necessarily poor, but nessa kin, which means yes, they have jobs. Yes, maybe they live in apartments or houses, but they're struggling. They're struggling their income is not enough to cover their basic needs. I'm talking about basic needs. Not that optional, or poverty by choice. I call it that

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poverty by choices when people living above their means.

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Like they their income is about maybe 4000 3000 And they want to live out 12,000 $15,000 For example, lifestyle that's not your lifestyle, humble yourself live where you can meet that standard. But he the Prophet says on speaker about that time when the wealth will be abundant that no one is there to receive that occur because everybody will handle our Brahmin live in comfortable life. The second sign Carla Salah Salem call while your original wa had you had to borrow or borrow Anambra attorney Luna V him till later region worker threatened Nisa Raha Muslim, he speaks all of us about the great number of women and we outnumbering men in that time. For Karla salat wa salam, one man

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will be seen being followed by 40 Women dependent upon him on account of the scarcity of men, an excess of women, RWA Muslim. Now what does that exactly mean? I want honestly before I came here, I was checking the statistics, the current statistics about the ratio of men to women in the world. Now, in different countries, the ratios are off, but overall around the world, like if you have an even distribution around the world, they say that it's almost even, almost even, even though they say slightly, men outnumber men today, like between 100 to 101 102 for men versus 100 for women. So what men outnumber women, obviously we're talking about biological men, okay? So because right now,

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even definition is off a little bit.

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But if we stay in the standard norms that still outnumber women the same However, according to the UN statistics, they say if the trend continues today, by 2050, a woman will be outnumbering men. Now that's again around the world. But if we look at different countries depends on their economic circumstances and also the social circumstances, the political situation and so on. Some countries women outnumber men. And at least I personally witnessed in some occasions, for example, in Bosnia

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right after the war Subhanallah you can tell because of the war, obviously, and most others reason why men, usually less is because they are the one who faced the most dangerous, they go out they go to war they face you know many circumstances, and eventually, they they perish, they lose their life for it. And as a result, women will be outnumbering men. Now what that means in the future, there'll be even more reasons for men to perish and die, that for every man there'd be 50 Women another Hadith generation actually was 50 women. So what's the reason for that?

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again other interactions are inside Bukhari Muslim the Prophet saw Sam says, Call your father and we have shall general knowledge will be removed and ignorance will become prevalent like Subhanallah people right now depend on knowledge on tiktoks and all these things take it as knowledge. And then he says Arasaka wife should Zina

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we should have a Hummer and Xena becomes public. No one seems to be, you know, bothered by it. And unfortunately, if we look today at the Internet, and even on your phone, without even even asking for it, you see a new you exposed to all these awful things. That is not the actual Xin itself is not too far from it. And then it says collusion will cover wine will be

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public as well to people drinking publicly. And when he says that's the last time he refers to what is your ma, also Muslim countries where it's not supposed to happen? That's what he means by that sort of what the law of Somalia and the Muslim land. And then he said, Carlos, Allah Selim called your killer region.

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Men will be less work for women numbers will be higher. And he says until there is about one man for every 50 women. That's an additional bacana Muslim as well to this one. This narration says 40. Now the prophets of Assam says Kassim. What's the meaning of claim over here? Because there's misunderstanding of this hadith like a man will be marrying 50 women? No, that's not what it means. means every man will be responsible for 4050 women, these women would do it. Some of them will be maybe his sisters, his mother, his aunt's his cousins, other relatives, Muharram and Muharram. Probably like every family, probably maybe one or two men left, and the response for all these

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ladies in their households. And that's why you lose maybe they kind of like seeking shelter and protection in that man. Now May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from going into that Robben Island, because obviously, there will be a time of great fitna, a great fitna, for both for men and women along with Stan some element in the shadow of the Hadith, they say, this could be among the last signs of a day of judgment, like almost towards the end.

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Like as everything becomes almost done. Kalasa says Pamela so they have their own interpretation to why but eventually, it becomes one of those latest signs of the Day of Judgment, may Allah protect us from being in that time or Bananaman. So the Prophet says that we tie him meaning again, responsible to care for all these ladies, all these women. Now, in our time, like I said, in some cultures, someplace, you'll find that out men outnumber men like in the situation in Bosnia, I remember I was responsible to serve in one of the villages that was hosting some of the ladies in the families that came out from Srebrenica. And there would go and drive drive to the village and

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Subhanallah, but hosting about 2000 plus the depopulation of that village, obviously, predominantly women and children because they will have two or three families living in the same house, and then all women and young kids. Out of all that village you'll see a handful of men walking around. And many of these men are older women, older men as well. And three would you drive around Subhanallah use can feel it can feel that you know that the situation circumstances how awful it is Hanalei Miller's family is over the metal Bananaman. And as a result of that situation, sometimes unfortunately, the fitna happens and it's forced on some of these women as well to you'll find

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sometimes you know trafficking happens when we be exposed to things that is not supposed to survive along with Stan and unfortunately, it was not the best situation for anyone to be in. So that is a time of fit and the May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from the horrible element. So this is just two signs the prophets I mentioned the prosperity and then when women outnumber men and science are still yet to come, the futures will inshallah Zavala any questions

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so the question is are these science exclusive science that will happen when the Muslim land Muslim Ummah or this is generally in general in public like the Khalifa was given money to the people it seems that this is actually within the Muslim Muslim population you know put it this way for that particular example we mentioned but in regards to men outnumber women are actually women outnumber men it seems to be common. That's very common get again if there will be a reason for that would be war, I would say it's gonna be all over alarm Stan nallah spam methods from that time era Bananaman. Aloha.

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So some people say that the cause only for Muslims does that mean that at this time we can give zakat on Muslims that what you're saying

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oh like there was there'll be most predominantly Muslims at that time that's actually one of the interpretations and I'm glad that you brought it up. So that will be at the time of race Ali Salaam. You know when SRS time comes and Islam becomes you know, the most part yeah popular. So a lot of people will accept Islam as a result. So eventually the opposite is that you give it to them because they're all covered right now colors. So whatever the color boom there is no need for that.

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There is no need for them. I love Hulu boom to give to the non Muslims, you know to come to Islam, wala Ana, now, opposite to the concept that you're mentioning.

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Subhana colomba 100 I should have learned several good very good

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the card is predominantly for Muslim but out of the eight categories of Prophet Allah spy mission sort of the Toba there are some categories for non Muslims such as a lever to Kulu boom for example, will officer Videla Nam good

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some people say

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look for our Messiah pin. And for Cora Amasa pin the main two categories the poor and the needy is predominantly for the Muslims as a priority. Now given to non Muslims accepted through a Lefortovo Lobo when he tried to soften their hearts for example, also even a seven if someone is actually stranded. Are you allowed to give non Muslims who are stranded somewhere you know from the America you can give them a Zika but again, the priority for this category is for Muslims. Aloha. Can you give them from the charity? Of course it's open for everybody charity is open for everybody, Allah. So I'm gonna go on to loca