Yaser Birjas – What Is Salatul Istisqaa – How Do You Perform It

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The upcoming evening of Tabata's graduation party is a graduation party for graduates, where participants will be asked to bring prayer notebooks and personal belongings. The event is a graduation party for graduates, where they will be asked to participate in a small group of people. The event is a graduation party for graduates, where they will be asked to bring their belongings. The Prophet's rule on the sun is a symbol of mercy, and the event is called the MAC or the Red Sea. The event is a casual atmosphere with many activities and events, and attendees are encouraged to use it for their own purposes.
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So I can send them to Steven because they have them on my bad. So reminder that tomorrow on shallow Tabata, Kota Allah, we are going to have Serato Scott at 7:30am It's going to be outside outdoors. So please make sure to bring with you your prayer rugs inshallah and bring your families with you. What is that that's a spa and what's the sort of sort of where this is coming from? So the word is to Scott in the Arabic language comes from Mr. Scott, yes, there's an Arabic word in the Arabic language that begins with LFC into

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that LFC into the beginning of the word, it means actively soliciting something. So you can requesting something that's what it means. So when you say

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the solicitation of service of something when you do something, a tool for example, this this car, you're soliciting now a Sofia, and Ahsoka means what is whare. So basically, you started asking for water to quench your thirst. That's what it means. So when we do is to start, actually, with soliciting right now water so that we quench our thirst, and obviously the thirst of the animals and the land and the ground and everything around us and so on. Now, where do we where do we go with that? Whom are we going to solicit Scott from obviously the one who provides panel data, the One who created the heavens and the earth, He created the cloud and the rains panel Wattana it's in his

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command and his order to say confer Kuhn and Allah will create that rain in an instant and bring it down a few words. We ask Allah to do that only

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the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah Salam, when the season becomes dry, that he would take the Sahaba or gelato out as if it was solid aid, and he will lead them into raka to Raka and then he will give the DUA. Now there are two narrations two major narrations describing Serratos thus far. The first was Khalid Abu Huraira the alot Ron who waterbar which is the majority actually follow that opinion in which the word of the Ron he says called Hara Davina Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam.

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Yeoman, for Salah VENA Salatin Cassata ate, like he prayed like as if he prayed Salah today. That means in terms of the timing to the format, which means even the first raka you do seven technically right and second, okay the five times

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now that's according to Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Tara right. Imam Malik Rahim Allah He takes other Hadith, Hadith.

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Even Abbas, in which he said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he did not do any good work. And he did not do any specific format. He just prayed to Raka and he made dua, Salawat Allah He was Rahmani and he made a very long that. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala foreign Have you ever given extra Obernai bus as well and extra to the finishing of the practice itself. He said that the Prophet saw Sam was making his dua and he raised his hand all the way up as if, until we were able to see his underarms SallAllahu Sallam and you can't see someone's underarm Melissa raise your hand all the way high in the sky. That also tells us that wasn't up to the normal practice of the Prophet Salah Salem

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his draft was not usually by raising his hand all the way up like this. Instead he will be covering his hands all of a sudden closer to his body. But this is because now the situation is dire. It's a very serious matter. So requires obviously you know this kind of us Palla pleading to Allah subhanho wa Taala for Rama and for mercy. Now

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after the Salah, the Imam will stand in front of the people give a short reminder not a full hook band but a very short few words Yanni and then started making the DUA, sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem to make the multiple versions of the DUA Allahumma screenwriter, whatever John nomina mcConathy in your providers reign and don't make us among those will be desperate. Llamas Coronavirus and Meryton Serhan cotton, Arjun, Arjun yo Allah we ask you for an abundant rain, kata multimedia to pattern which means actually not flooding. Rather it's an easy very good rain that will benefit us agile and agile means you know immediately Allah not later. So there are a lot of a

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lot of that a lot of that and ask Allah subhanaw taala for that. And again the purpose is that to invoke Allah's mercy in Hadith, even Ambassador Lawton walga He said that the Messenger of Allah Salah Salem, came out to the masjid of the masala area, ha Shan moto barbarian medallion. It came with full humbleness and humility. Usually for eight what do we dress up with?

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The best of all clothes. That's not the case for others this club.

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That doesn't mean to come with your pajamas.

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But at least it's not necessarily the best of your clothes.

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was rather close I chose humbleness and humility. This is not to show off your status, or your culture or tradition. This is simply to show Allah subhanho wa taala. As you know, our weakness or poverty, our need of Him and His Rama subhanho wa taala. When the Prophet saw Sam used to finish his dua, he would turn around facing the Qibla. And he starts making individual DUA and people they make the individual DUA and with that the whole event will be over. You can leave before the Imam is done. You can wait until the Imam is done with him with his dua. And then as the Imam comes down, Ibn Abbas mentioned something about I did not mention the Hadith that the Prophet SAW Selim, he

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would turn his his outer clock or garment inside out, which means you put the right on the left and the left on the right.

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As if a symbolic thing, saying you're a be Allahumma Yama oil, what are your heart Harlan Ellison Hal, you are the one who is alternating the events and the efforts of people. We asked you that you alter our affair to that which is best for us. That's the meaning of it and me. And then he would walk home Salatu was Salam ALA. So that's going to be the format of serratus describes. There are many events and incidents that happen at a time of the Prophet so I sell them in that regard, by the way just attended here at least before I forget. Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah and his men have there is no such thing as the independent cytosis club, there is no such thing. Instead you can make just

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a DUA or in any Salah you can just make that dua like for example those or you can make right after the door. That's it that is QA. So there is no like a special event as it was described in the Hadith insight and interviewing Ambassador Hara radula Aguada, but the majority they say there is actually Salah casados as far as performed in the way that we described to you in shallow Tabata, Kota.

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One time the Prophet sallallahu sallam was given and that's from the evidence for Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah. One day the Prophet sallahu wa salam he was given foot butter Juma. So a man comes through the door, Korea Rasulullah halacha. Tell Masha, Allah Canis Israel were ruined. People are dying animals are dying. Our crops are dying. Buddha Allah has asked Allah to bring the rain down for us. So the Prophet says and he stopped the hotbar raise his hand made for Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring rain down a Sahaba they said they did not even finish that he didn't even click finish the football they're already making the search the into the mud

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is how much rains panels coming down.

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The following week, the same man or somebody else comes through the door. You're sort of Harlequin salad girl Masha we ruined everything is dying too much rain this is

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like flash flooding basically. So LaDonna ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy on us. So the Prophet SAW said he didn't say Allah stop the rain. He didn't say that. Instead he says cut it Allahumma how Allah in our law Elena, Allah my cameo I

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will drop the basically Allah sent the rain on the top of the mountains and the mountain range so that it falls from the mountains and goes slowly and gradually into streams and goes to rivers where people can benefit from Shawn love Tabata, Kota. So so how are they after the out of the prophets of Allah salah. We he didn't finish the Juma but they were walking out with a sunny mashallah water and the ground was already dry. Subhanallah sounds like Dallas's you might write

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me trains five. Every few hours you come out as a few minutes the ground is completely dry. But it's a book of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, if it rains tonight, if it rains tonight, shall I mean, there is no need for us to do Serato Scratch for us, that is the purpose of it will be will be done. You just make that at home and it should be financial out of our coda. It was one of the anecdotes from the story of Solomon Ali salaam, the Messenger of Allah sauce and he mentioned that how Allah subhanaw taala can put Baraka in the DUA, Allah when Allah Subhana Allah gives to the people he doesn't necessarily give the people because they deserve it.

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It gives to the people simply because ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada wants this to go to the animals and the plants

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as the Prophet saw some you mentioned Carl

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for those who don't give them as a car when people stop giving the car Corolla Sella mana communist circa 11 Allahu Anhu Mercato when people stop paying there's a car Allah will stop the rain from falling upon them.

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And he says Call us all awesome what lol behind him my motto. If it wasn't for the poor animals, they will receive anything.

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So something

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As we received the blessing not for us because of the animals, and to confirm that in the story of Solomon Aleister and again, that's one of those miracles that Allah has given Solomon. The people complained there was no rain so it took the people out to go and make their daughters to squat on the way out, so they finally salami season and

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that ant was on its back raising its legs to the sky making dua to Allah how the other end. So that man he smiled, and he told the people that go back home, goofy to be Dr. Erica, you you'll be good because someone else was making dua for you. So

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now we don't know the answer making the difference. Right? So we have to make our own inshallah with the barcode data. So that's the Sunnah of versus ca. And it's would be very great to bring everybody your families and your kids and because that's the son of Alyssa Scott we need to show or humble humility is Allah subhanaw taala by bringing everybody out there and shout out so hopefully it will be done in 20 minutes within a pray for for maybe 10 minutes and just make a hook grant shallow to Allah and they will do it for you to make the drive in the NAZA Zachman locker and of course, your Joomla.

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Longer than 30 minutes plus, whatsoever, we'll make it long the thought of Kosovo, Kosovo, the collapse of the seminar mode. Now, by the way, just a quick thing before I forget some people they say that is required to fast on the day when we press our addresses got to show us all humility and humbleness. The answer there is no requirement is not required for you to fast on that day. But if you want to do it, that's up to you at Sunday anyway. And if you have the offer you would like to take advantage of it the Charlottetown bottle of

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