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A Summer Series

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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as salaam alaikum

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allah wa salam ala Carnaby, Muhammad Anwar Ali Salam, the Sleeman Kathira mama but I want to welcome you all to our first session of this summer 2023 Hamdulillah we always try to keep some are alive and keep it fun and also active for our community. So we kick it off the session inshallah Tabata Kota Allah with our fun summer, and of course food as well to open the last version every week, inshallah every Friday, at least for the next maybe five fights were to interruption for the Raiders will do. We're gonna have a speaker Inshallah, that we bring to the community to talk to us for a few minutes about one of the aspects of our family life,

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especially in the summer insha, Allah azza wa jal, and then we socialize outside Bonilla, Baraka Wattana. So tonight, we have ice cream for you. So don't leave before you enjoy your time and chalazia so what is my talk for you? Since this is the beginning of the summer, I wanted to discuss with you the concept of having fun in the summer, but at the same time keeping it halal. We need to have fun and keep it halal. Why is it so important? Because as Muslims as Muslims, we don't believe that there is any break any break from learning from worshiping from living alive, dedicated to Allah subhanho wa Taala the way that our time has been divided, unfortunately for families, it

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usually revolves around the kids schedules. And it's always around school times. So as long as the kids are in school, we feel trapped. You can travel you cannot do this you're gonna have to go home right? You cannot do this. There is many limitations when school is going on. Once the school is off Bismillah doors of heaven open for us hopefully. But as a Muslim, I don't want to live that way. Because the summer for me, it doesn't mean to break from studying my deen or doing my hair or my Quran Oh my bad no, there should be no limitation for that. But at the same time, I don't want to live all my life all my year so serious and you know, studying and learning and doing all these kind

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of things. So how can I create that balance by which I can still handler continued to learn and grow but at the same time, take some some break in my time and that's what we're talking about inshallah terracotta Allah when Allah subhanho wa Taala designed us in this world, he made the purpose of the slide very clear, what did he say? One o'clock two general INCEL Allah Buddha, that you did not create jinn and mankind but to worship me. And that purpose, that purpose is not limited by time, by geography, by age by generation by any of these things. at all time, we requested to worship Allah subhanho wa taala.

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When it comes to the worship of Allah azza wa jal is not limited by device by devotional acts only. So worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala is not just through Salah and cm and giving charity, even living your life completely should be for Allah azza wa jal, he says in the Quran, called inner Salah to you and also Kiva Maha materiala Blumen say to them, yeah Muhammad in Salah to Nozaki my salah, my salah, and my acts of sacrifice, my life I my death are always dedicated to Allah subhana wa Tada. So I need to live a life that is worthy, that is worthy to be accepted by Allah subhanho wa taala. And when it comes to my moment of death, I need to make sure that that moment is also worthy

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to be accepted by Allah subhana wa Tada for me. So therefore, even when summer comes, we still need to keep in our mind that look, I mean, we still need to be dedicated to Allah azza wa jal. How can I enjoy my time and make sure I still benefit from it? Insha Allah Allah. Let's talk about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam at the time of the prophets of Allah, Allah was that Imani? He was the most serious man you've ever met in your life. How come? I mean he's been commissioned by the Creator Himself subhanaw taala to deliver the message of Allah to the world. You can't have it a serious mission more than this. So he was the most serious of Allah wa salam. So he dedicated time for Ebola

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and Salah at night he would fast as well to during the day. So he's always dedicated an Ebola devotional riba even to the extent that some of the Sahaba like Aisha della Anna, she even she asked the Prophet della sola semirara surah Allah, why do you keep doing this? Why do you keep doing this yourself when ALLAH SubhanA wa has already forgiven your sins? He says, if Allah Hakuna Abdullah Sakura, shouldn't I prove that I'm worthy of Allah subhanaw taala has mercy so I would like to be grateful person. So even in our times of break we need to still be couldn't be count as grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala still, they had some

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am fun at the time of the prophets of Allah, Allah wa salam ala, let's see what type of font that we say we have seen the creation of time they spend at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Number one, certain exercises like what they would,

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they would enjoy

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wrestling. And even the Prophet says amaz was participating in that. A man by the name, I think his name was Americana. And he was known to be one of the greatest wrestler in Medina. Like he is that tough guy, no one can beat America. So this man, he came to them to Medina and the Prophet SAW Salem and he was gonna, like,

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try to bet with everybody. Like if you win, if you can beat me in wrestling, if you can pin me down the ground, you get this money, goats, so everybody in Medina would lose. So the capital prophesies of a prophet Sallallahu wasallam. He said, I'll do that.

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And then here's the deal. The Prophet SAW Allah, Selim and the provinces immediately pinned him down to the ground, and the Prophet was on top of his chest. He was stunned by that. Can you imagine I want to Subhanallah I wish I was there to see how the Prophet says he flipped this man over all the way and it flew in the air and put them down on the ground would have been a fun sight. And the Sahaba will probably will cheering loud, for the fun that of sightsee in the province, and when are you against this man? So the man who was stunned by that he goes Carla after me, which means you know what? I was ready. Can we try again?

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Like, can we try that again? And the professor said, Sure, we'll try that again. And immediate the moment they hold hands, he found himself flying in the air on the ground and the provinces him again on top of his chest. And that's when he realized, you know, what, no one ever in the Arabian Peninsula when wrestling against me, your power is not from this world. And that's what made this not to become Muslim SubhanAllah. But you can imagine the entertainment the Sahaba they had in that moment, the fun time. They had as they were watching the provinces and wrestling and other people wrestling against this man. That's Subhanallah Alfonso Juma?

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Another thing horses, racing horses. They used to do race as well too. And they used to there was a place in the Medina at the time, an area closer to banjos, right? They had a masjid in the area called McDonald's, right? Like, a significant distance, where they were draw, go and raise horses, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would even assign a prize for people who win.

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Now you can imagine the community all gathered and back then it was still a tribal system. So what does that mean? Every tribe will bring what their best horse and their best riders

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and they would like to raise And subhanAllah can imagine the excitement in the entire community. Men, women, children all get together to watch this and enjoy that.

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When it comes to also some exercise, the Prophet says I'm used to have fun with the people archery, archery. One time the Prophet Salah Salem, he came by a group of Sahaba della Donham different tribes, and they were competing in archery. They're shooting at targets. And the Prophet says and says thermobonded was smile. Keep doing it, throw more of this, do that and I will be with you. So the other Sahara desert cholera. So if you're gonna be with them on their side, we can't we can't you know, we can't compete against you. And the Prophet says, Okay, fine, I will be with all of you just keep going Bismillah and they were having fun and exercising at the same time. How about

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children, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even was considered of children's time and of course their hearts. So he would also make competitions for the children among themselves as well to like even race, like Abdullah and Isabel de la Nevada, and also from Al Hasan her saying the report of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to bring the kids and he asked him to go and race. So it would go a distance, and then they come running back and he was the finish line, the Prophet himself, his hands, his arms were the finish line. So they said that they when they used to come back, they come back running, and they jumped the Prophet sallallahu Sallam until he falls on his back, and it will

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be giggling and laughing.

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Imagine the fun time these kids are having in the community, their parents, the adults enjoying the sight of the prophets, Allah sampling with these kids. So all these things that you've seen, entertainment, and it's physical entertainment, all of this. What does that exactly mean?

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In our religion, our deen even our recreation activities are supposed to be meaningful. They're supposed to be meaningful. If they're not meaningful, they becomes questionable. They become questionable, like entertainment for the sake of absolute entertainment. It's considered low and low.

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It just like an empty low, empty game, and level distractions that

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benefits you nothing in the dunya on the akhira. But as long as the entertainment recreational time that you do is bring benefit whether it's physical benefits such as the exercise that we've done there we're good

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let's see other example okay. So it can there be any kind of you know, law who just for the sake of entertainment without having to have any specific intellectual, you know, or physical exercise? The answer is yes. Like what? During eight the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam The Prophet said about the law of ceremony, he allowed the seniors, the overseers to have their festivity in the masjid

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imagine the magic over here, having the other scenes are the people that come over here, and they have their war exercise.

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They're basically they kind of like playing with the swords and the spears and beating on their shields. Imagine the noise and the sound that comes out from this in the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Today, people want to see kids running around playing soccer, for example, the measured Alon was done like this committed Coover.

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It's still in a reasonable way. It was allowed at the time of the Prophet Salah Salem, what was the majority of the people doing and that that kind of festivity they were watching.

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They did not participate physically. So you don't have to run. You don't have to ride your horse. You don't have to wrestle yourself. But just being there and watching is also Halon.

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It's a halal entertainment that they're watching. And they're enjoying that time.

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Another containment that happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which was also an eight, the young little girls, they were actually singing, and they were playing with the deaf,

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somewhat like an instrument, a specific instrument was called dwarf, which is basically is allowed, you know, for the younger ladies to do during celebrations and festivities. And they were making this they were singing these songs. It was during the eighth day and the Prophet Salah Salem was in his house and he was kind of like,

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resting on his side, facing the wall and the girls on the other side, this little girls abaca study comes in and he was appalled by that said he thought that that was offensive. This is what is going on here and down to the Prophet Salah Salem. So the messenger of Allah he says, Yeah, Baba can leave them, leave them. It's read.

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Which means okay, that's fine, that's fine. We can enjoy that we can have that fun hamdulillah but again, these innocent little girls singing for everybody. Imagine little kids making songs, activities, like these are choir of little ones. They do that and people listen and enjoy that. But also permissible to do that.

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What about other fun activities that we can do? What about intellectual activities, intellectual recreation, even our bass are they allowed to run our da was Hubbard Khurana terjemahan Quran Hubbard OMA autojumble Quran he was a great master of our religion, and also the interpreter of the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. He would sit down in the masjid, teaching people the Quran and also Hadith the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but then every now and then he would pause and he would stop. And he would ask the people in the magic because anyone knows some nice poetry over here.

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Does anyone know poetry can sing us you know, can read or recite, or at least you know read for us some of that point beautiful poetry. Some of the students, some of these students who came all the way from countries beyond you know, the Arabian Peninsula. They came to Medina to then had it in a bit Salah Salem. They they will tell him an ibis. colorable Father, we didn't come for this. We didn't leave our home. We didn't leave our didn't leave our families. We didn't take that journey all the way to Medina to listen to poetry. We came here. I didn't abuse Salah Salem. He says he said no, no, no. He goes, Listen,

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in nearly Haidian who's humble?

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These nerves, the nerves, your nerves, your heart means your energy level he goes has humbled does that mean it becomes sour every now and then. They become sour. He says we need to rejuvenate ourselves, our spirits, our hearts. Our energy. Pay che immunol hikma some beautiful words of wisdom. It's okay. Every now and then. It's okay. Every now and then. So, yeah. Intellectual entertainment. Like what? Reading stories, reading novels that are beautiful, although unfortunately today's novels and stories even for the youth and the kids are unfortunately horrible. All come with ideological agenda. And by the way, just for those parents who have assignments for their children

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to read in the summer, you know, Texas Board of Education unfortunately assigns the bluebonnet list of readings have many many, many books for the youth and for the children. Be careful.

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Be careful a lot of these books are actually has agendas and have very subtle, very subtle, mentioned here and

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They're too LGBTQ actually agendas and so on in a very, very, very subtle way. Like a whole novel is a story. And then somewhere in the middle, they say, so she, she spoke to her mother's as simple as statement like this mentioned in the story, you don't pay attention to, like, Whoa, where this is coming from. It's an agenda, unfortunately. But still, we are required. As a matter of actually my daughter, she reviews all these books, and she puts them on her Instagram page, if anyone interested to know about these books anyway. So the idea is that we need to also grow intellectually, and entertain ourselves intellectually with some beautiful poetry, some beautiful stories and novels,

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and it's okay. It's okay, you can do that.

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Okay, what about just sitting there with no particular serious agenda that we want to just talk about, you know, chit chat, people that just chit chat isn't even allowed to do that? Talking without having any specific, you know, see the subject? Absolutely. Absolutely. You can do that. And it happened also the time of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam Sahaba, they used to say, after salah,

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they will sit down with the prophets, Allah, Allah ceremony. And they will be reminiscing the days of Janelia not in a positive Of course, you know, remembering them to

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in a joyful way, rather, they look back at these days, and they laugh at them. They laugh at their ignorance of terms of Janelia they would say we would be talking, we were talking around and start talking about how foolish we were when we used to worship these idols. Even Omar Abdullah and he said, there's one time he said that sometimes when people don't have, they don't have any idol with them on the journey. What do they do, they pick a stone, they pick a stone, actually, they pick four stones. They choose three to become a Daffy, which means the bass for the cooking pot. And the fourth one, that the cleanest maybe or the most fancy is one for them. They use this as God to

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worship. And when they're done, they throw it away.

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So they would laugh at that kind of story, because I remember we used to do that. That was so funny. Back then. Another example it says, if someone didn't even have if you didn't even have stones, or rocks, what did they used to do? He goes, we used to bring dates, dates, and they make an idol out of it. Like they put the dates together. They make a figurine out of it, because then they start worshipping that. When they go hungry, what do they do? They eat it.

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And they start laughing at that. So just sitting down and chit chat and mentioned these fun stories about you know, what they've done in the past and so on. Is that permissible? Absolutely. It's Halal fun. There's nothing wrong with that.

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Even around the Prophet Salla salon, they used to say we mentioned these stories, we would laugh, we would love this it and we look at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he would be just smiling

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is like he's amused by these stories as well too. So he's sitting there not scolding them, or saying you guys are wasting my time I'm going to be going just read the Quran. It's okay, but this time just to have recreation time with your friends as well too. It's okay to socialize Sahaba Allah Tala annum, the vignette Kenyatta by the whole interview question, but what does that mean they the core of the watermelon season for it right now, the core of the watermelon. They used to throw it at each other.

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Now, I'm not sure if they were actually smacking each other with it. But I know they used to throw it at each other for fun how they did that Allahu Allah, but they would even have like pranks, these kind of pranks just to to laugh and have and have some some moments of joy for months with each other, together as a community. So as we can see from the Prophet SAW Selim Stein on the Sahaba of the autonome, as serious as we know they were, they steal the spirit of the law, I don't have time to enjoy and have fun, have fun together as a community, and also as individuals, and even with their children, are they allowed to run home or the home. Some are starting a handlebar, I mean, and

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there are so many things you could do with your children. Make sure that whatever you try to do with them, make it meaningful and has value add value, whether it's a spiritual value, physical value, intellectual value, social value, don't just present fun for the absolute sake of fun, because sooner or later, it's going to become boring for them. It's going to become boring for them because it just doesn't doesn't add any value to them anymore. Diversify that entertainment for your children for your families, inshallah Tabata Kotara. I know a lot of parents, a lot of parents that would like to

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like to travel.

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And travel obviously is one of those fun activities we do. It's scores of the most expensive fun activities that we do obviously.

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Remember, Shadow him Allah Allah call

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the rub out on if you certainly thought about the ruler, whatsoever

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However as far as humsafar either

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whatsoever well as far as humsafar goes develop anilao Taan if you would like to seek glory and if you'd like to seek you know status, then you're gonna have to try you're gonna have to travel have to go somewhere else experienced life somewhere else. Well, surfer is a travel, travel as far as sums of our ego. There are five benefits, five benefits on your travel. What are these benefit, called the free German work disablement initiative and where ailment

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imagine, to freedom what does that mean?

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Being at work all the time and family life all the time, it just sits in the same place for a very long time, it just becomes so heavy. So when you travel away from from from from from home, whether it's two hours drive, five hours drive, or even go on, you know, an a plane trip, whatever, just going somewhere, it gives you a break to free to Harmon it will alleviate some of that accident, some of the concerns of the hands of the heaviness that you have in your life, seeing something new, seeing a beautiful sight or even Subhanallah creation of Allah azza wa jal, it makes you feel better. So when you come back, you're you're energized, work the salvation. Sometimes you go there,

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you meet people, you network, you make money.

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Suddenly you become Richard hamdulillah banana.

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It happens. You travel, you meet people on that journey. Subhanallah you start becoming partners, you make business and so on.

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Sometimes you learn, you go there you see somebody you learn from them, you know a new things about this country, or this area or this region. So there's something that you learn

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etiquettes the companionship of people that Subhanallah they become they become part of your life forever. We've seen that with our communities when we go for ombre together Subhanallah See, this year one went in the in the spring, beautiful companionship. So you start having that etiquettes you learn from other people how to behave in certain gatherings and so on. God was able to manage it. And then you have the companionship of some people that will always cherish a new life.

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So if you'd like to plan a trip with your family, go ahead. But also make it meaningful. Don't just travel for the sake of just traveling. make it meaningful. Don't make by the way don't try to make it meaningful for your children to the extent it becomes boring for them. Like they have to take notes and answer questions and you know treasure hunt on that journey. Come on, man. Just enjoy. Enjoy that time with your family. Have fun with it. Insha Allah Tabata Quwata Allah, it is alright for you to do that. So as we see in hamdulillah summer, it's time for fun, but you can still make it halal.

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We don't have to do something haram to enjoy it. We don't have to go to a concert to enjoy we'd have to do this. To enjoy there's so many things you could do. from home, from your town, or out of town or even traveling to enjoy that summer in sha Allah Allah and also keeping a talent May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to worship Him they are natural but Allah when we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us among those who make their life meaningful. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the ability to see that which is right and do it for ourselves and our children. And that which is wrong and stay away from a gerbil. Alameen We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep our our

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life and our practice Halal sincere to him and honored to him or Bill Allah mean we ask Allah azza wa jal to keep the Haram away from us and keep us our families away from the Haram er Abdullah Al Amin, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect our children from the evil of this time Yoruba al Amin. The way we all gathered in this place we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring us together in genitive VEDA Salah Allah with the Prophet Muhammad Salah Lhasa Masada Halal hamdulillah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Anwar early was salam desert from Allah here. Enjoy the rest of your evening as your ma outside. We have some social time inshallah we have another 55 minutes until

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the karma of Salah Trisha Saramonic rahmatullah wa barakato.