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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The creation of the angels and their powers is discussed, including light, energy, power, and the origins of certain culture and language. The jinn called Julio is mentioned, along with the use of dirt and mud to create mud and clays, and the use of shapeshifted individuals to conduct arguments against mud and fire in relation to the spiritual realm. The use of a chamber and soul camera in conjunction with the spiritual realm is suggested, but it is too late to use for argument.
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hamdulillah al Amin Salam Salam Baraka Vieira Mohammad Anwar earlier Sahil, salam to slim and kathira. To mama bad. America is the amount of volume a little bit please raise the volume a little bit.

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Today we have a hadith number four number 1846 at 46 from the other side of hand in which Allah subhana wa the Prophet saw some actually explains the nature of the creation of Allah azza wa jal the difference between the angels the jinn and mankind. Hadith number 1846 One Aisha Radi Allahu Ana cara cara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam holy Fatima Morocco menor Haruka Janome marriage in Managua Holika Adam member was a fella come Raha Muslim

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in this direction Asha de la Anna Anna port the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said the angels were created from light Jinn were created from a smokeless flame of fire. And Adam was created from that which was been which was, you've been told which was described to you in the Quran, Hadith Roho Muslim. So what's the meaning of this? So here Allah the Prophet Cecil explaining the different creation between Jinn angels and mankind? So the angels were made from what light? What kind of light now if you look in books of Tafseer and a hadith Allah they dispute is that the light of Allah subhana wa Taala the light of his hijab the screen that she is the creation from Allah subhanho wa

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Taala Is it a superior light that Allah created exclusively for the angels? different interpretations? All we know that they've been created from light?

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And if they be created from light, what does that mean?

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requested from the sisters if you don't mind, just give us few minutes insha Allah Tala to finish the hotter desert malecha Thank you very much.

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So the angels will create from from light, if they were created so much, what does that exactly mean? So that's why some contemporary interpretation, that word enables the angels to have all these superior powers that we know that they have, and they possess, like what being fast.

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Light is fast isn't a demon. Light is energy. Light can transform the different types of energy can even penetrate through objects and stuff. Depends, right? So the angels have these powers as well to Subhanallah because they were cleared from an energy, the energy of that light.

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And they'd be created, of course, for a specific task and duties and Allah subhanaw spoke about them in the Quran call Lai Osuna Allah Omraam wife, Elena might model, they don't have a free will. They will create it and dedicate it to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala and fulfill his, his obligation, the obligation they owe to allah God, that's it. Now the jinn called Julio called John on the marriage seminar,

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they the gin was created from flameless fire maraging menar the smoke this actually smokeless fire, they were different, different description of the creation of gin because Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran mentioned Jen will create some different types of the flame, sometimes saying lab

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sometimes says maridjan not. So it depends, you know when the when the fire depends on the heat of the fire right. Sometimes when the heat is very low, you can you can see the smoke when the heat is very high, it starts turning into sometimes bluish even if it becomes white and there's no smoke so and sometimes the heat of the fire you can feel the the use that comes from the fire itself. So that's what I say, when Allah spoke up and Elgin a general also cannot arrive at data we've been different types of chin like the human beings they have different races and different ethnicities and so on the gender have their own categories as well to where did this all come from just like we

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are different types of colors. Those have different you know, kind of like characteristics we don't know about colors though, but these characteristics because of the nature of flame that that was used to create the gin.

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So these are different kind of categories of gin. Humans on the other hand, Allah the Professor Sam did not give us the Scripture he goes called well holy for Adam MEMA was if Allah Komodo Kerala calm and Adam was created from what you've been told. And what does that even mean? He didn't mention something specific Salah Salem because in the Quran, Allah spoke about the creation of Adam in different ways. So sometimes it says Calaca and sandboard ma Waro, right. mandava, gushing fluid gushing water. And then it says word, Torah, which came from Torah which means dirt, and then sometimes it says what says clean means mud, and then Trini Lazar, which means sticking

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mud. And then sometimes he says for her, which was pottery and then hammer in mess noon means cooked clay. And then you have Sol Sol sounding clay, and you have the different description. So

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if Allah could Adam, how I mean, what type of what was the material that from animals created from Sorolla, they say all this description that you've seen in the Quran speaks about the different stages of that creation.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says that the wala halacha come menma he created from water, which is obvious the majority of our body as a percentage is actually as water fluids. And then from that fluid he makes it with what Tura dirt. When you mix dirt with water, what do you create?

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Mud, you create mud right? When that man loses its moisture, it becomes sticky.

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And that stickiness created what clay

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if you burn that clay, you make what pottery

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and that pottery was hollow becomes sound in pottery, rings when you need on it. All of these are the different stages of the creation of Adam so don't get confused. If you see in the Quran. Allah says He created you for model. This is from dirt and this is from thin mud and this and that. It's not that he was made from different material, different ingredients. It's the same but the different stages of the creation of Anna y Gen were made out of light, fire and the angels of light and man was made from dirt or mud. There is Allah subhanaw taala

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that is his absolute divine will. And Allah says Allah is

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Allah Amaya overwhelm us. You can't question Allah azza wa jal about his actions, but he shall be asking you in a question about everything. And Allah save us from that question. We are on Bananaman. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah and a question Gemma.

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Just an anecdote, I remember actually one of the books of our feeder about one of those early philosophers or some of those smart, smarty pants wanted to argue with one of the LMR he goes, You guys claim that

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bliss was created from fire.

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He said, Yes, that's true. Because he was Jen right? Because how God is going to even then there is going to be punishing him and fire.

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And he's made a fire, how is he going to punish it with fire?

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So the chef, he grabbed a rock or a stone. And he and he threw it at him. And he was hurt. He goes, ouch. What are you doing? Because I thought you were meant for mud? Shouldn't we actually hurting you? Like he just kind of like defeat him with that argument? Because if that if that thing hurt you even though you made from from mud, then how come is that easy is going to be accurate to hurt Elgin or shaitan with the fire monopotassium for vulnerable animals. Yes.

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So in terms of the dark, dark, actually energy, Dark Matters and different energy in the universe. I mean, I can't relate this to Elgin. But at the same time, I cannot also disassociate that from some of these actually phenomenons. Keep in mind that agenne, they don't operate in the same room that we do. They travel easy, they go fast, they keep in check, actually, they're shapeshifters as well, to some of them are all of them. Some of them are shapeshifters, because they're energetic. But for us, for us, we have this chamber, solid material, that doesn't actually change in terms of shape. Although people are now doing it actually the change of their shapes.

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But, in essence, we're not supposed to. So that's why we can't do the shape shifting like gender, or even actually, the angels. So we know that when Gibreel used to come to the Prophet SAW, Allah said, I'm used to come in the form of what human beings

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How could that be impossible? Can you become an angel? Can you change your ship to become an angel, you can't because you're trapped in this, which is why the witch in order for you to be able to see that spiritual realm how you're going to see the spiritual realm.

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Only your spirit is going to be able to see it. So once you die, and that soul camera that chamber that body, the soul right now as part of the spiritual realm is going to be able to see everything

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but that's gonna be a little bit too late. So you better that when when that moment comes. My last point I'll make it the best of all moments.

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So I want to go home with a lover

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