Are We Hypocrites – Surah Al-Mumtahanah

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And the third category of people are people who've actually, either they were tested and they failed. Or they never really became Muslim for the right reasons anyway.

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So that's the first group. These people that went above and beyond the call of duty. They were the first ones to respond to the prophets license call, whether they were from Makkah or they were from Medina, that doesn't matter. So that's one, okay. The second group of people are people that have accepted Islam,

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but they haven't actually been tested.

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So they it's not like they were tortured for becoming Muslim. It's not like they lost their home. It's not like they were kicked out of their home. They became Muslim because they think it's true. They believe it's true, and they accepted for

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EPs, put you in the same category as someone who has been tested and they still held on. Right. So they are a you can say not yet tested. Not yet test. And you know, there's a famous saying in Arabic, you know, Sofia Nora, Evangelion Koba. Farsan, Datacom. haver, right, so we'll see soon once the dust settles, were you riding on a on a stallion? Or were you riding on a donkey?

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Because if the dust is there, like oh my god, there's a rider that the ride settles, you're sitting on a donkey like this.

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Because you have the dust hasn't settled yet, right? So and this, you could say is a large population of Muslims who are in the middle, there's the middle category. They're not bad people, they just haven't been tested yet. Okay.

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Then there's a third category. And this third category of people are people who've actually, either they were tested and they failed, or they never really became Muslim for the right reasons. Anyway, they became Muslims, because the Muslims were winning, and they joined the winning party, or they became Muslim, because it looks bad if they don't become Muslim. So they became Muslim for social reasons. They became Muslim for political reasons for economic reasons. Or there were Muslims who were in the middle category, but when they were tested, they're like, too much, man, I can't do this.

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We're gonna go to war. I mean, like, the prayer thing is sounds nice. The Iran is nice. But this will bother business. Now I gotta take all my savings and go to the battlefield. No, I don't know. So this third group, the Quran calls them when I feel bored, the hypocrites, hypocrites, because now they're not if you don't believe it anymore, or you have a problem with it, come out and say it, they won't even come out and say it to your face. They'll say no, no, we will. Of course we believe, of course we believe. But actually, practically, they're starting to take steps backwards. They're being tested. So there's these three groups of people. Now this is the important part. I want you to

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what should I think about myself? What should you think about yourself shouldn't be thinking about ourselves in Group A, or group B or group C? It would be a problem if we saw ourselves in Group A.

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Because that is what Allah has invited us is that was a coup and fullcycle who are Allah movie when a TATA don't consider yourselves pure? Right. So I can't say I'm a true believer. That's, that's too self righteous, you understand?

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It's also problematic to just automatically assume yourself to be a mafia. And yes, there's fear of being an alpha, which is different from I believe I have a monopoly. So let me separate, I'm afraid of being a hypocrite is a separate thing. I believe I'm a hypocrite is a separate thing.

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And if you believe you're a hypocrite, and you accept that for yourself, that's a problem. That's a problem.

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But then there's the middle category, the middle category is being pulled in two different directions, to motivate them towards Yvonne, and the hypocrites. The force is pulling them towards Nipah. And they're like, sometimes they kind of go this way. And sometimes I kind of go that way. And I'm kind of stuck in the middle. And you know, what's really healthy for every Muslim to think,

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right in the middle. And these solos, these 10 solos from Surah, Al Hadid, all the way to sort of the Hareem, their primary audience, the main audience for the sutras is actually this middle category.

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They're being encouraged to become strong believers. And they're being warned, hey, by the way, don't fall into what hypocrisy, don't go in that direction. And this issue of being allies or not our allies is the exact same thing. These people in the middle, they might slip, they might fall towards some you know the later category. Now one last thing about that. None of these three categories are permanent.

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How many people here into fitness exercise

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70 Okay, a few three of you, mashallah the OMA is doing really well.

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If you're into if you were into an exercise last year, and then you stopped, do you remain the same at the same level of ability? Hell? Wait, do you stay the same? Do you deteriorate immediately? It happens, right? And but

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does it permanently mean that you're messed up now and then you can't go back? No, you can get serious again. And you can make improvements again. But it's a constant struggle, isn't it? It's a constant struggle. Even students have language I when I was in high school in, in New York, I studied Spanish. And I was really good at Spanish, I used to work in a Spanish neighborhood selling shoes.

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And the customers were there, the Spanish neighborhoods, everybody spoke Spanish. So by the I had no choice but to constantly speak Spanish. So I got pretty good, then I stopped using it for a long time. And guess what happened to my Spanish

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starts dropping, this just started losing more and more and more, I have some left. But it's not what it used to be.

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But if I started practicing again, and started studying again, what would happen, I would improve again, what I'm saying is, just because you were a true believer, doesn't mean you'll always stay there, you could start slipping and inching towards the middle category, and eventually all the way down to what we're gonna fix. So you're not safe just because you made it. Just because you're healthy in terms of your Eman, that doesn't mean you're safe. And if you're all the way down to even the level of runoff it

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it doesn't mean that you can't turn around and start making improvements and head back towards emaan. You could you could do that. There's hope for you. Now if there was no hope for you, because there's three categories. And really in the end, we don't know where we are. But at least we should assume about ourselves. Where are we? In the middle? That's where we should have so

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the thing that's important is that Allah talk to all three groups with one call. Yeah, you have Latina AMA, it includes everybody. It includes the strongest believer, it includes the middle believer, the weak believer or maybe not the yet tested believer. It even includes who don't have it includes all three. Allah didn't say Yeah, are you 100 dena Amanu because I will cover well then. Yeah, you 100 In an alpha who? He didn't say this. He addressed all of them. And even sometimes he wouldn't be talking to the hypocrites, but he would say yeah, you have Lavina Amanu Yeah, you Hello Dina Armando limits of Oh, Lola followed. Those of you who believe.

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Why do you say what you don't do? Isn't that a hypocrite thing? They say one thing do another is not a sign of the mafia. But he didn't start with ya. You enter the NA NA Falco limits. Hakuna Matata alone, he says, Yeah, you and Adina Emanuel the Metropole Luna marathon. This is really important now that Why did Allah do this? One of the reasons you can you can appreciate that Allah did this is even the people that have fallen into the depths of the fog can pull themselves out. There's still hope for you. Allah is still calling you someone who has a chance because Allah is still addressed you with ya, you Hello Lena. So there's hope. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me

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