Ali Albarghouthi – Seize the Ten of Thul Hijjah

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding opportunities to work for the future, including forgiveness and rewarding actions. The success of Islam in bringing people back to their former ways, including voluntary fasting and hedge during busy times, is highlighted. The importance of planning for events, being a servant of one's culture, and not cutting personal belongings is emphasized. The Day of Kairos and Day of Killer are also emphasized, and suggestions for helping others with fasting and donation are offered. The speakers encourage people to use their own money to help others, and offer opportunities like a car wash and a house for Islam.
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cleaner handling metal who understudied who and stuff who went oh the wheeler he made sure all the info center or senior to Marlena, me either Hila who fella medulla, one minute way further the

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worship Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika what number Hamedan abhor pseudo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, a Mossad author in the field of heavy thick heater, water heater,

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water heater and heavy heavier Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were several more in the third to her peculiar thing

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food or salsa he says Allahu Allah, he was a boy yummy dunya Yum, wood ash,

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the best days of the year or the days of the tenant behavior.

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In this headline he or the Salatu was Salam. And it is a great number to hear that from him because otherwise how would we know? What are the deities that are best and most pleasing to Allah azza wa jal unless he tells us so in this heavy, we can get more of knowing that the days of the hedger among all the days of the are the best and most beloved to Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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And that means, in comparison, that they are even superior to the days of Ramadan,

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even though the nights of Ramadan are better, but I want you to imagine that these days are better than the days of Ramadan

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and to consider all the attention that we give to Ramadan, all the emphasis, all the effort, all the attention

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that communally globally, we attach to Ramadan.

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And it deserves all of this and yet, he la Salatu was Salam says that these days who do not hate are even better.

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Annabeth presents an opportunity and a challenge.

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It's an opportunity because it's the season of a burdah that we desperately need. It's Allah's Rama, then it gives us the seasons, you finish from a one and even come to their hijab you finish the picture and you won't count on the camera on and in between you have Friday's because you need these days to remind you of Allah azza wa jal because we forget and we become so distant from him. We need the opportunity to reattach to ratify to increase our iman to work for the hereafter as we are toiling for the dunya to work for the hereafter and invest in it. We need opportunities to be close to Allah azza wa jal so that the freshers of the dunya do not get to us, so that we can come to the

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whispers of the Shavon. So we can walk the straight path so where is the strength going to come from accessible from attaching ourselves to Allah azza wa jal loves, except through taking advantage of these days and these nights to do what we can for the sake of the AFA.

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And for the seas of the dunya, to increase our iman increase our tougher to reach depths in our in our worship of Allah azza wa jal that may not be available otherwise. So here is a season like any season like any say, those who are seeking the merchandise which is Janna, which is the forgiveness of Allah as though didn't recognize that the seasons of forgiveness is their provision to the hereafter is what will propel them to it is what will save them through the mercy of Allah azza wa jal from hellfire. So these days they're all going to come are a great opportunity and they are such a great opportunity that he says

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that they are better than he had for the sake of Allah zodion access for Mujahid who dies and Mermin a young in an AMA Lusardi.

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How goofy Allah He we have here a young card wallet, you have two pieces of data here called our like you have a few study data, hiding data to cover the VFC HumanIK some of them have gender recognition. So he says

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that there are no days where good deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days. That there they said at the top. So they said oh prophet of Allah, even jihad, because they understood very well that the head is the best of things.

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So they want to know to understand the level of exile excellences these days, he says even now if we compare them to jihad, he says even if you were to compare them to jihad, except in one case where someone goes out for Jihad and he dies, goes out with his life and money and he loses both. That is the ultimate sacrifice the bar

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meaning that those who strive on those days are performing a deed that is better than jihad.

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So consider how much Allah Arzo did has for you on those days, anything that you do in them is better than what you do outside of them. What do you if you read the Quran on the 10 days that's better than outside solidifying them better than sort of outside fasting in them is better than fasting outside the voluntary

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so it's an amazing opportunity. But it's also a challenge

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because these days don't have the attention of Ramadan.

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They don't have

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the numbers like Ramadan does.

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And because they are voluntary, no one has to because in Ramadan because you have to fast and everybody fast. Globally, everybody knows about Ramadan communally. Everybody feels Ramadan, but these are voluntary ads in these 10 days, and most people don't pay attention to them, their life does not change because of it. They don't do anything extra so you're not fronted because of your company or because of what the atmosphere around you to do anything. Unless what prompts you is Allah azza wa jal. And here you will stand to see the difference between those who are servants of habit or servants of culture and servants of Allah azza wa jal, because if you are a servant of

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habit, then that's what we do in Ramadan, so I'll do it. If you're a servant of culture, that's what people do so I will do it. So that is what motivates you. But if you are a servant of the Almighty and you want to do what Allah loves, now what people love what Allah loves, that Allah and His Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam is telling you Allah, Allah loves these days the most. So that is the thing that is supposed to move you of course if Allah loves this the most, then I should love it.

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And if Allah wants me to do the best in it, then I should strive to do it. So don't waste these days simply because people don't know about them. Oh, people are not doing much in them. Being the word who is a servant of Allah azza wa jal,

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and Allah swore by these days in the Quran will February warrior Allah in ash, and in the commentary, they say the most of the setup have said in interpreting that 10 days or 10 Nights Allah swore by he says that these are the days of good hygiene.

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So they stand out.

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And they send out because

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much of the worship of Allah

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is concentrated in them, which does not happen at any other time. You have had you have fasting you have swallow you have the Dhikr of Allah azza wa jal, so they are concentrated and Allah loves death.

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So we,

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most people will not have the opportunity to perform hegemony they do they could perform it only few years of their lives, most of the rest of their life, they're going to be left behind. But that does not mean that we do not partake into the actions of hedge, we do not mirror some of that a burden to stay connected to history connected to the a burden connected to the forgiveness of Allah azo did so it's not simply only those who went ahead, which by the way, is the best that you could perform during these days.

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What about everybody who stays behind? What do I do? Well, there are things that we are supposed to do. And we begin by saying, and the easiest thing is the vicar of Allah azza wa jal

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See, he says,

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Alana Luffy, hit

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up in the minute tech VT with me, he says, There are no days that are greater and more beloved to Allah than these days. So increasing the same of Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha, Illa, Allah and Hamdulillah.

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So, genuinely not time specific, from the first to the 13th the first of the hedger till the 30th of the human engage in the remembrance of Allah has loaded and there will be like the few

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there will be like the announcement there will be like a change of atmosphere. See the some of the Sahaba

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of the Allahu Allah they will go to the market, and they will engage in says be loud enough so that the people of the market will be alerted and the whole market will be repeating to be because of those reminders. That's what will that they did during those days. So you would bring life, to your house life to the community life to yourself

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By saying Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah it's not time specific. And that is the thing that will give you fuel and energy and connection with Allah azza wa jal. So the more that you see the better that it is, and there is a time specific vicar of Allah Azza Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah Hale Allah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar when Elijah Han Han

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and that begins after the fajr of the day of out of till the 13th so that will also have the 13th

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but throughout your remembrance, Allah azza wa jal

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and if you're not someone who is used to it or you will forget about it planet.

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So, one thing that we want to stress is that an intention for a birth is great but an intention without a schedule will be wasted. So if you want to say okay when will I do this? after fajr and after arson, after and after Isha? You pick the time, but you say, I will say 100 of this and 100 of this and 100 of that, but planet so that actually happens? So the vicar of Allah azza wa jal is the first.

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The other thing is fasting.

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Can also Weitzel Allah Hatha Yoga CISM Yasumoto, he used to fast the nine or the nine days of the hedger. So you fast from the first if you're able till the ninth, and the ninth is the day of alpha. And there are levels, let's say levels of fasting, you can plan according to your ability and schedule. The least. Nila is to fast the day of alpha, which is the ninth

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and above that he says are the Salatu was Salam you can feel to sanitize, it will forgive the sins of two years to use

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the past and the coming one. So that's the first level.

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The second level is to fast few days here and there in addition to the ninth.

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And the best of all, as he his salatu salam will do at times too fast from the first to the ninth.

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Because as you as we said that if you remember, the deeds committed on that time, are better than the deeds outside of it. So sunnah. Fasting is the best of fasting at that time.

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So fast.

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And that will bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal because it will change your day. And that will increase you suffer because it may remind you of Ramadan and I hope that we remember Ramadan as we're doing all of this because all of the energy that we had them, all of the motivation, all of the planning should be reinjected into these days and even more, because we need all of that because it is voluntary. And we need all of that because these days are even better. So fasting those days. And let's add to that also doo

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doo is the VA

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and he says and he says hey, you will do

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the best

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of the day of our offer will

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be Unum and Pablo de la ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika the whole koala who handle who Allah cliche in a day. So the best day is the day of our offer. And the best that I've said and the prophets before me is that in the hula Sharika hula hula called Al Hamdulillah. Allah can be shaken per day. And you can take from that hadith, because the Prophet joining between these two things is that that is recommended to say on the Day of Allah because they can also be called. Because when you remember Allah azza wa jal, you're asking for something you're asking for forgiveness, you're asking for good deeds. So you think it is also. So if you want something from Allah azza wa jal,

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those 10 days are excellent for DUA and highlight the day of our offer, specifically the day of our offer, and highlight within the Day of Arafah seeing that either Illallah to the rest of the Hadith. So this the vicar of Allah and there is fasting and there is DUA

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and also staying away from the Haram

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and you must stress this because unless we do this or a data is not really full and complete, it's not really wholesome something always will be deficient in it. And we will not have the motivation to excel in a bother because something will always be holding us back. So if you want to be the world's best of

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luck, a Lena V and Amina involves a lot of nightly prayers or a month of fasting of voluntary days, but it does involve in

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Deke staying away from the Haram in the Mojave. Aboriginals chemical Ali salatu salam, stay away from the Haram and you will be the best of worshippers. So in those days before they come, you want to say to yourself now I'm going to look at the Haram I'm not going to touch it I'm not going to listen to what I'm not going to be a rounded. It is disgraceful that you would have people journey into Makkah sacrificing so much to be close to Allah azza wa jal, Allah looking at them looking at their sacrifice and we who are sitting back during these blessings days disobey Him Subhan Allah to Allah during the best of times, how much we would have denied ourselves if we do not do and how much

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we would have doomed ourselves if we disobey Allah during these days.

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So that's why I say you have to start thinking about them, plan for them and be motivated because if they go and when they go to Ghana few days, but Allah azza wa jal can grant you so much in the whole of all they had was to who Lolly what a confessor.

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And hamdulillah Hello Bill alanine huntin catharanthus, evil Mubarak and fee. Also they were sending one also the Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam system, my bad.

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And other deeds that should be performed also is the old here the sacrifice the animal sacrifice that takes place on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah all the way to the 13th. And it is a sunnah of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And in order to connect yourself to what Ibrahim Ali, he said, and did you connect yourself to what Mohammed Ali has set up with Sudan offer, you feed yourself, you feed your family, you feed the feed the needy, and you celebrate the nebulas of Allah azza wa jal, and it's recommended that you slaughter with where you live and that you eat from it. And if you want to send it elsewhere, you can do that. And it does not matter the time difference really does

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not matter even if they slaughter it at a place before your own aid. It does not matter but wherever you live, if you have to be slaughtered, it has to happen after so love to eat. And if you're someone who's going to sacrifice and Allah had blessed you that and it is at least a recommended sunnah. So if you can afford it, why not? If you can afford it, absolutely do it. And if you're going to do this, he says are a Salatu was Salam Viva la Vida that they hate jerky? What are the new love hate for new sick and shabby here? Well 30 It says if you see the heat of the month of the hedger and you want to slaughter you want to offer that sacrifice, don't take anything from we're

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here. And don't take anything from your names. And you could see who that is, in a sense. It's like a mini

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it's not a full, like those who are doing Hajj and Umrah but it's kind of a mini farm where you are connected to these actions you also going to slaughter and you also going to stay away from certain things and that will put you in a safe that should propel you to be closer to Allah azza wa jal, I'm not going to cut the name nothing in terms of restriction. But in terms of surrender to Allah has ordered that Allah is the judge and Allah does not want me to do this. And when you do this, feel yourself surrounded with Allah's care and Allah's mercy and obey Allah so to 24/7 by not doing this by not cutting my hair, or obeying Allah 24/7 So feel yourself surrounded with Allah is bad, and

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that should elevate you. And that's what a bad does. You think it does not matter or is insignificant, these small things, but when you do these small things, Allah opens your heart and He opens your mind and puts Baraka in your life. So this is a sudden upon for yourself and for your family. And the dead do not need an individual sacrifice. There's if you want to include the dead relatives, parents, and what have you, in that sacrifice include them. So this sacrifice will be for you and your household. And you can have any intention and also on behalf of my dead parents or cousins or uncle or what have you, but you don't offer a separate sacrifice for the dead.

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And also so that today, the best day he says Ali Salatu was Salam is the day you read Yamuna

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and the thing that we can do is the performance of each Sudan

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with everything else that we said. So let's not forget it and also before I forget, we will also

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as we know that it will not allow too fast on the day of eighth the 11th the 12th and the 13th a young with the shape are also forbidden days of fasting mean we cannot

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fast on those days as well in a clean washroom with a clean Illa These are days where you would have to eat and drink and remember Allah azza wa jal DESA, hottie of Rasulullah Ali Salatu was Salam. So in those days plan between Allah azza wa jal read your mind as you did in Ramadan, gives us up every single day. Maybe you make a lot of vicar exam. So that's Orion, connecting with your relatives, helping others do as much as you can. And take advantage of this great bounty that is coming our way. And before we conclude, insha, Allah and origins a tale on behalf of Mr. Abbas. So they're coming here and they're asking for your help. Now, if you can get beaten into donations, get

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donations because they're closing date is fast approaching and they have a lot of money to take. And as I understand, they have bought a church as they will read the data, they want to transform this into a house of Allah azza wa jal. So first of all, may Allah Azza didn't make this easy for them. May Allah make this for his sake, may Allah make it a prosperous, blessed project, and may Allah assisted in trying to finalize that deed. And let's on top of that, see what we can do. So if you can give, give something for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and inscribe your name among those who had built the house for the sake of Allah, even if you only think you can afford is $1 If you don't

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feel like anything else, but $1 just give something to at least your name will be included among those who had given. But then in addition to all of this, if you can get

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carbon Huson that will be returned to you via Allah azza wa jal within a year or so. And you can talk to them about that to confirm. But if you can give in larger amounts so that they are able to purchase that property, then please take advantage of it, you will have the reward of what your sadaqa that you've given, even if it's a loan, you get paid for whatever your sadaqa and also rushing to the aid of Muslims and opening a house the houses of Allah has none of us knows when we are called to do something that pleasing, which of these opportunities would be the one that will take us to him subhanho wa taala. So every time this door opens, take advantage of it, enter because

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one of these days these doors will start opening and we will not be there or the doors will not open for us. So as Allah Bellamy to make us as those who are ready to take advantage of whatever He offers us a way to gender, the Allah makers as those who build your houses and inhabit them and cultivate them yada, yada make us as those who are planning to take advantage of the 10 days of the picture and assist us in those plans Europe Alameen help us to think of those who remember you often in them, who make plenty of them who are fasting from the first to the ninth era but Allah Amin and access our fasting, makers of those who are forgiven on the day of Arafa, makers of those who are

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freed from hellfire on the Day of Arafah and access our dryer Bilal and D the Allah makers us those who are will enter Jannah and forbidden entry to help five euro Bill al Amin teaches what is beneficial to us and make what we learned beneficial to us and protect us from the evil of ourselves and the evils of the whispers of the shape on Western. I mean to make a sense of people have genuine elevators and drank in the heavens Yalova me and protect us from hellfire and our loved ones and the rest of the among the Salatu was Salam. Allah Almighty method dunya has no Villa filthy Hassan okay now other than Allah, may Allah collude with a bit Fluvanna Isla de la hermosa calcolo resource

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group and authority Hola Hola.

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Hola Hola Anna says local Jana Tanaka providing him cold environment when older becoming a nanny or my papa you need him in a cold environment. When it says here are cooler who I agenda who de la Houma aluminum in warmer weather all the big ammunition equally hygienic daily, Hema

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when it says come in Haley masala kava to come Hamedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when all the big initiative that can interrupt you can humble themselves Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Hama Jana amendment Mintaka here on philosophy or Bill alanine Allahu Allah sia y NFE Hina Quran y NFE hinda Vickery will do what you didn't see him that haram herbal alanine Allahumma

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headwater BioPerl alanine, Allah Magellan, I'm him and Warfield Rhonda we are hammer rock, I mean,

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I mean and now Aloha.

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Aloha Mata phenomena now. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allah to have been to Anna Anna Aloha, masculine and fusina Allah houmas s ki lenana fusina Allah Mesquita number four center alarm adaptogenic duniya Kabara Hamina, Walla Walla, Remo, Sirona. welcomes

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