Ramadan 2017 – Khatirah Night 2

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Quran as a source of Guidance

2017-05-27 at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center

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maaseiah muka naka de vida de Roma publikum la la ku

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takuan O you who believe tastic fasting, catabolic amasian was prescribed for you the way it was prescribed for those who were before you lock into the phone, so that you might go to sleep during the day right?

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Look into takuan Cinema to become pious and righteous. So the whole purpose of faster the month of Ramadan is to draw you closer to Allah azza wa jal

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And believe me, if you don't feel that the four and if you don't feel that Ramadan or fast is bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. There is something wrong with your fasting, not Ramadan.

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Something is wrong with your fasting, you're not fasting for the right reason. You're not fasting for the right intention, or probably you're not getting the fuel by which you would benefit from your fasting. And where do we get the fuel for understanding the purpose of fasting? Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to them the ayah that comes out. He says shall Ramadan and let the Quran show Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed to you?

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Only the Koran so if Allah subhana wa does reminding us that a ramadan ramadan is that month when a loss of how good the Koran what reason? owns the refuge or an houden leanness guidance? Will people were the United Min alhuda signs and proofs of guidance, one for con a criteria that spreads with separates between falsehood and the truth? So Allah subhana wa that is telling us what the Quran was revealed for a lot of us Ramadan. hamdulillah will enjoy reading the Koran, day and night. We listen to it. We play day and night probably, but are we getting the purpose of it are and supposed to be a source of guidance, specifically in the month of Ramadan? And here's the three things Allah

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mentioned about the Quran this ayah Allah Quran Allah subhanaw taala says houden linas guidance to mankind all people doesn't mention anything about them understanding Arabic or not, doesn't mention anything about language. No. So it doesn't matter what kind of language you speak what language you understand, it doesn't matter. Core and in general, is a source of guidance for you. Just listening to it is guidance, just reading it as guidance. So that in itself brings me closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala imagine number two will be anatomy alhuda. And there are proofs, clear proofs of guidance. Now that is for whom, for those who can comprehend and understand.

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just reading it listening to it would give you guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we know of course there are tons and 1000s probably more than actually the Muslim in the Muslim population. 1.6 Muslims, that mature vast majority they read the Quran, they don't even understand it. But they still have guidance, they still have hidden they come to Allah subhana wa that brings him closer to Allah so just listening to it or reading it. Imagine if you add to that understanding the net

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so this is for those who understand the Arabic language. How many of you understand Arabic here on camera? Raise your hands if you understand Arabic?

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Well, law you are We are privileged beyond measure. But you have no idea.

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You have no idea how much many people around you mbu, just the fact that you understand Arabic language.

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Are you among those who have been at the middle Buddha understand the proofs of the God of Goddess in the Quran, then you say one for fun, a criteria that separates between falsehood and the truth. Now this is doesn't matter whether you speak Arabic or English or any other language, you need to have knowledge for it.

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If you have knowledge, you will know how the Koran helps you separate between the heart and the bottom, the truth and falsehood. So all your life is about understand the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala to get to this moment, and Ramadan Alhamdulillah Allah Ameen is the greatest opportunity to reconnect with the Quran to reconnect with Allah subhanho wa Taala I want to share with you a story probably very informed me multiple times but I have to mention again because of holla every time Ramadan comes in, and I stand behind the Imam and the party's, as I said before and I listen to it, I just cannot stop being grateful to Allah subhana wa that I've been privileged to live have grown

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up speaking the Arabic language as a native language understand the Arabic language you know, just native language for me. When I finished in Medina Alhamdulillah I was you know, in mid 20s early 20s and

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The entire life on time my life before that was in the Arab world. So everything I did was interaction in the Arabic language English was just kind of language that you studied in school. That's it.

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So after I finished in Medina graduate with the handover the studio degree, and I got the opportunity and I went to Bosnia, not even English, so I forgot the English altogether. So there in Bosnia start teaching students hamdulillah different ages, some of them were young, some their Mashallah teenagers, young adults. And one of my oldest students who wasn't his probably his 60s, his name was her saying wish to call them husum.

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So one of those days whoso was so eager to learn the Quran. When I arrived over there, he used to invite me to his place and he would hold the translation of the of the Quran, in his language in Bosnian, and he would be speaking to me and talking to me explaining to me and asked him a question as if I understand a word from what he's saying. And while I have absolutely nothing,

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but I was just gonna eager to sit with him and interact. Hopefully, I will learn a few words from him.

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And then one day, we will bring a lot of data we are southern Russia, as a matter of fact, was selected Russia. And our amendment handler was native from Bosnia was Halford as one he spoke a little bit out of it. So as standing behind him as he was reciting, and then when he was reading Somehow, I don't know what he was reciting. But I felt something about it, like, you know, when you understand the meaning, so naturally, without even thinking about it, I start nodding my head.

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Like it just like, wow, this is unbelievable.

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So when when the Salah was over who was next to me, he turns to me, he goes, sure, you know, install and the language and at that time, I said, understanding Adriana, because when you would use a man was reciting you will not have your head there a sooner and that can anything sooner. Did I do that? I didn't even pay attention. Because Yeah, I thought that you nodded your head. I said, there's something and so I don't know, honestly. But if I'd done that, maybe because the man was reciting something so powerful. So I and as I was trying to explain to him, he was way, way, way way. What did you just say? So when I was listening to the Imam, and he was reading something so powerful,

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because because of what a second, he said, Why

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are you telling me that you understand what the man decides?

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And I'm like,

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Well, sometimes I need to see

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just what a man is reciting. You understand this?

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And I'm like,

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yeah, hamdulillah

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and I just said that casually. And whoso broken tears.

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He starts crying.

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You could say he was weeping.

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And Allah He broke my heart and I'm just like, wow, what do I do? What did I do to him? I put my arms around his shoulder and just like, okay, it's okay. So what is this? What is it?

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So he turns to me, he goes, when is that day going to come? When I would understand the Quran, the will you do?

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will lie I never felt so privileged of understanding the Arabic language or speaking Arabic numbers before that they

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never felt as much before that they

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just know in the fact that the Quran that the Imam is reciting and every almost gathering in every Salah every method that I visit in America or anywhere else, probably Paula every time when they mama decides this thought and this idea, it keeps hitting me back and again and again and again, that you're probably among the few people if not probably the only person in this congregation who understand what the Imam is reciting. And that is what LA is a huge Amana is a great amount of melanin because it may give you the ability to deliver that Amana to all of your Juma but somehow at the same time, I want each and every one of you to take the opportunity and understand that what

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come to the Quran being the book of guidance, you don't have to understand the Arabic language to get that guidance.

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But you need to have involvement in the Quran in your life. Reading, memorizing,

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carrying it with you, residing in Salah. Just doing that on a regular basis, it keeps you attached to Allah Subhana Allah and the words of Allah azza wa jal, that in itself, that itself is guidance. Now having the baby not the understanding of the proof that you will find in the Quran that would remove any apprehensions any thoughts, any doubts in your heart in your mind, then you need to learn few words from the Arabic language you need to learn a little bit of Arabic language I will enable you to understand inshallah Baraka wattana we given many, many actually, you know, any ways of doing that, and if you would like to have a handle on the the perfect understanding to learn the Huck and

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the bottle through the Quran, that means knowledge you can have to upgrade yourself to the next level of learning more and more, not just the Quran. More than that in Allah hit America with Allah make us among those who will have the Quran under

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What's your opinion I mean, and the level of the book of Allah Subhana Allah in their hearts and their minds Allah, I ask Allah to give you all the ability to decide the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala perfectly and to understand the book of Allah azza wa jal and to work upon the digital parabolan I mean candelabrum Solana you know Muhammad Anwar earlier

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Just a quick reminder of shallow talabat

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