Munir Ahmed – First Jummah of Ramadan during Covid Pandemic

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The upcoming trial of the Prophet sallua and upcoming trial of the Shiro will involve warfare trials and the use of warfare equipment. The negative impact of fasting on individuals and their health is discussed, including the negative impact of shutdowns on society and the return of the light. The importance of fasting for personal health and the spread of the virus is emphasized, along with the use of warfare equipment and the use of warfare equipment. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book.
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matter who he knew who was the one I want to be, let him in surely unforeseen Allah means so here the art Melina many dilla hufa who will move to the one minute little fella ha de la la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika will shadow under Mohammed Abu wala solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman Toby Abu Li Eli Ahmed Dean am about your escort will come. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Follow la hota Allah Phil could Anil Majeed

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Xena man who co de ballet coo coo coo coo coo coo coochie ba Ll as in

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Polycom, Allah Allah. Poo, Praise be to Allah. After praising him, seeking His forgiveness, guidance and mercy and refuge in Him and declaring that there is no God but Allah worthy of worship, and he has no partners that Muhammad

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam is a slave and messenger.

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We begin by Allah smart Allah says in the Quran, or you who believe fasting has been prescribed or made obligatory for you, as it was made obligatory and prescribed for those before you. So perhaps you may gain taqwa,

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the baton sisters, so it's here finally arrived, the month of Ramadan, the month of blessing, the month of goodness, the month of forgiveness and mercy.

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And, you know, actually, this is a day of rejoicing. I know that we've been on in lockdown the majority of us and others at the frontline for many weeks now.

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And many of us

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are perhaps some of us, not many of us were thinking that how difficult is going to be After all, this long period of lockdown, to face fasting in Ramadan. And some were even mentioning out on the social media is about perhaps COVID-19 canceling Ramadan and fasting Ramadan for everybody.

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Let's first acknowledge, no doubt the difficulties. It is not a

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basically a play in the park being locked down, despite all the goodness in it, but there are trials with it. It is difficult.

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We're not meant to live a life like this.

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Somebody said to calf in massage, it is not going to be possible. And somebody replied, Well, we've already been doing Attica, of course, we don't mean by it calf D and T calf

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that comes with a bada but in meaning in lockdown in hubs. And that comes with difficulty with trial trials between husband and wife trials between children and parents. And the old those who are living under the same trials have not been able to see other loved ones and friends. And those people were close to and not been able to go for many other things. So this in itself, no doubt has filed by but it has it's as I've mentioned in other reminders and talks before this trial and tribulation has its benefits as well and has as a law smart law says

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what a laser Lille in San illamasqua that for human beings is nothing except which they strive for. Well and NASA Yahoo so far you draw from

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and then he says, And surely

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the the the the striving that's been done when the Satya who so far is striving his or her striving will soon be seen soon be seen meaning on a day of judgment meaning its results will soon basis from now you desire who judge

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and then he or she will be rewarded with full reward full compensation. So the greater the trial, the greater the effort whatever we put in, the greater the reward and the greater the forgiveness and mercy of a lot smarter brothers sisters. So I say are the Shiro received black tidy brothers sisters.

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Muslims should never be those who get down I imagine will always keep us in

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The positive mode and so said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Audible, audible. Liam real Minh in in Umbra. Who Kula hi Elisa Veronica Illa Lil mcminn deef which I mentioned before I haven't got time to go into all of it. But just remind us that amazing is the affair of a believer and it is only amazing for a believer Eman is the only thing. Really and without it is impossible to realize this Eman makes us realize that we are always in the positive. We are always fortunate we are always potentially been rewarded

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in our sabat who somehow shackle sakana Pharaoh Allah, if any kind of goes through a good turn good times faced by the believer then he or she is grateful to Shakur and it is good for good for him or her. And if why not saw but who Dada who suffer for K for Kana firewalla. And if he or she faces difficult to tribulation that times and they have suburb then it is indeed good for him or her as well. And talking of suburb this is a this is the month of suburb. This is the month of summer indeed. Allah subhanaw taala sent this month as a blessing for us it is only our Eman which makes us feel and lighten the burdens of his obligation lifting the difficulty from us and instead giving us

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giving us increase in amount and rarely receiving glad tidings as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said happy thing Bukhari Muslim

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Avi hurayrah Tara Delano call Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam men sama Ramadan, Eman and Serbian warfare Allahu wa tada Burmese zombie whoever the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam he said, Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan full of Eman and hoping of reward from along those that's our Nia that seems tension behind the fasting. It is to grow closer to Allah subhanaw taala will have his or her all her previous sins forgiven warfare Allahu mantapa Dharma means ambi that is Bushra that is glad tidings. What kind of who? Who gives these offers except Allah subhanaw taala and who do we have to turn to besides Allah subhanaw taala brothers and sisters to whom all of creation is heading

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to whom all of creation will stand before him very soon those who have gone and those who are on the path and journey to him so to have that in our account of a fasting Ramadan, I must fill out a lot of the promises of giving the glad tidings from a lot of having all the previous sins forgiven. So the prophet SAW Salem

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as you reported again from Abu hooray Dr. radi Allahu

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and Hadith Allah de Africa who I've met when the sorry

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and an obeah Salallahu alaihe salam a call Allah Maha Ramadan, pata.

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Shadow Mubarak for the lava alikum sujana to houfy he avaiable Jenna, what tovala poofy ibwa booja haym What to hulusi his shopping fee Laila. Hi roaming as Fisher man huruma how you have to hold him

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it's beautiful Hadith that when Barrera says when Ramadan arrived, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Indeed what has come to you is a month of blessing, Sha Mubarak, full of blessing. This is a blessing for us. Allah has made fasting obligatory for us for the believers.

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In it, the gates of Paradise have been open flung open that hence the Baraka gets a paradise meaning easy to get into paradise. Baraka mercy forgiveness is being showered on the believers who are fasting in this blessed month. So that's the main part of the meaning of truth. Tao Fie, Fie. avaiable Jenna, what tovala cofi avaiable jehane and the gates of Hellfire have been closed. What the one lofi his shayateen and they say Tom's have been

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yoke torina in one rewire to suffer doofy his shoulder pain. They have been shackled. The shape

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bands have been shackled, and the gates of Hellfire have been closed. Meaning that it's actually for a believer now difficult to get into Hellfire unless they are bent on trying to do eight by doing bad deeds. And he's been made easier for the believer by shackling. The shayateen from inside engines.

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Some people said, Well, well, I think they said it as a joke in this month with COVID-19. It's not the shade bonds or been chained, but we seem to have been chained by being put into lockdown. Of course that's not true. However funny it sounds, the reality is, the shakedowns still have been on free range and still affecting us despite our law despite our lockdown in in in that way that human period beat people, human beings have been behaving in a negative sense. There's been lots of positives no doubt and we hope we have a lot of positives in our homes and those who are working at the front lines and the essential services etc. But there's been negatives in society as well.

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shutdowns have been rampant in what they've been spreading. Whether it's with anger or discourse in the families etc. We can we can go on but here we're talking about shutdowns being restrained or chain shutdowns from incident Qian. Of course, we know in this lesson month evil doesn't stop happening. This closing of Hellfire doors and shutters being chained is for the believer, believer who is fasting when they're able to fast Of course when they are not able to fast they're still included in the month of Ramadan so people shouldn't get the wrong idea whether out of illness or old age or or being in the front line in saving lives. They are included in this bush Ryan glad

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tiding that the shakedowns have been changed for them and the gates of health are being closed for them and the gates of Paradise have been flung open for them to gather the the the jewels and the pearls for going into paradise. So this is no doubt a time of great blessing and we feel it. When we were thinking a few weeks ago, it's going to be really difficult to fast You know, we're already on lockdown, blah, blah. But now when the month arrives, Eman will give us that feeling until you arrive to that station and place full of the man like the prophet SAW son said he man and with the seven full of the man and law hoping for reward from Allah begging from Allah SATA stretching our

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hands from Allah swatara then our scenario and our feelings and our challenge becomes different it becomes rather than mount a big mountain it becomes like a small hill and you'll see brothers and sisters as we all will see as the first few days go on how are you man increases our strength against shaytaan increases Allah smart Allah makes fasting a shield for us and and how how we will feel differently than we did when we were a few weeks away or even at the beginning. So receive glad tidings brothers and sisters have a wonderful time that has arrived for us.

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really blessed time as the prophesize and then further selfie Laila in it is a night which is better than 1000 months 1000 months of worship more than 83 plus years. Awesome. All right.

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Man, holy Maha yo ha, for God for him. Whoever really means whoever misses out in its goodness, the night of Laila, Laila to Potter. They really have lost, they really are losers, they live really lost great, great benefit, well 83 plus years of worship, they've lost out on so this is the Hadith which is authentic and the CIE in atmananda. Say,

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always in this season, we find

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that there's some murmuring and noises and part of it is Hadith, a hadith which are sent around the internet and some a mom's use them as well. And one of them which I mentioned nearly every year is the one which mentions about Musa alayhis salaam, asking Allah subhanaw taala that you are a lot you gave me the honor of speaking to me without any screens in between or without a tradesman, a translator or a mediator between you and me. And have you given this shot of an honor to anybody else. And in this hadith mentioned that Allah mentions an Omar he's going to send which is the oma of Mohammed, that when

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he says that musala Islam when I speak to you, there are 70,000 screens between us.

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But when Omar Mohammed comes to break that fast and do iftaar meaning when they make the law there'll be no screen between this is not a hadith the Prophet Salah Salem This is pure fabrication raising the level of the Omar Muhammad over masala Islam that's against the Quran and Sunnah anyway the whole idea. So, these are these do not circulate it when you come across it is not at ease. It is a fabrication it does not mention anybody's book actually. And the other one which is famous as well, which is mentioned by Eben Cosima and also mentioned by Albert hockey, but the allama Hadith and made it clear that this is weak. This study is weak dive in it is a weak person in his chain and

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that's the famous one mentioning about Ramadan being the greatest month and that one who comes to come closer to Allah smart Allah with with a good deed will be rewarded as though they had done a thug deed outside Ramadan and one who comes with a fat deed in Ramadan will will be rewarded 70 times or in one of the funds in Ramadan

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which would have been different from outside Ramadan. And this one is the famous one same Hadith which mentioned the first part of this month is aurasma the middle part is forgiveness mellifera and the last part is being saved from hellfire. This is the reason I'm talking about this week we don't need to use them we don't need this we can leave too and we shouldn't say the proper size for them said when their hobbies are weak anyway even further we shouldn't say that actually the whole of the month of Ramadan is full of mercy forgiveness and save being saved from Hellfire and

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about grid great reward in it. The police Arsalan as Abu huraira mentions in Hadith which is in Bukhari Muslim, he says under Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam upon all Allahu xojo so Hadith could say that the prophet SAW some guy said of a Lhasa centered Allah says kulu kulu emaline abley Adam

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la who illicium for India who leave Anna, Zb was CR mo Gianna for Eva kana yo mu so me a honeycomb. Fela your first one is hub Walla Walla

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phi in fact in Sha Tama who had obatala who fell Leah Cole, in the saw in Nara attain this idea which carries on the first part is that Allah says all of the deeds of the son or daughter of Adam, are for him, him or her. For him or her. explain that later. What he means except for fasting for that he is for me, meaning and he says and I will personally reward for it

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last night by saying and fasting is a shield prophesized on goes on to say fasting is a shield and hence a we are this is a shield, same idea. similar idea to the Hellfire gates being closed and shut out Shut, shut our team being chained or

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restrained. This is the same idea fasting is a shield anytime the fasting and then the fasting in the month of Ramadan, which actually protects this and therefore the publicize them said

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so if any, any one of you is fasting on a day, follow your force. They shouldn't come out with swearing and rudeness. swearing and rudeness while is cub all shouting and bawling and meaning in anger not shouting when you're playing football a pass the ball you know shouting and bawling means with anger for a while or behaving ignorantly or foolishly. Yeah, all these to do with behaving in a sinful manner. So when you're fasting you shouldn't be doing these things that is the purpose of the underlying purpose of the fast and to the extent not only themselves to the extent that even if somebody else fight inshallah, who is somebody else swears or insults the person insults

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a person or even tries to fight a fight

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the person Yeah, then this fasting person should stop themselves from responding and reacting to that. Instead say meaning no, in the sodium ion fasting and repeat in nissar him that is to remind the fasting person and the one who's being offensive that are not going to respond that I'm going to control myself as I control myself from food, drink, etc. Initial

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Sorry murder obtain some matara civil rights de la sala Willoughby Neff su Mohammed BIA de la Lu fami saw him after your en de la he Yama Yama, Murray Hill misc, the publicized and then said by him in whose hand is the soul of Mohammed is taking off. Surely the smell of, of the * from the mouth of the fasting person is more more fragrant with Allah on the day of judgment on the Day of Resurrection than the best smelling perfumes then then Musk, then the smell of musk. And, of course, here it's not really talking actually about walking around with bad smell but there's a natural smell that comes out from the body and comes out through the mouth of people who have been fasting

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and meaning that had this partner This is representing a fasting person, how valued they will be before Allah subhanaw taala some people misunderstood meaning that thought that in men we suppose go around with a bad breath. No, that's not the case. And brushing the teeth etc is still Mr. harbor recommended as it is in the rest of time in any of the months from the profits or loss on himself. So, this is talking about and actually in the Hanif version in Buhari, the policies some explains it after saying this after the other in the law, he's more fragrant before Allah, then then musk. Then the prophet SAW Some said says that Allah says you have to look to Allah who was yarrabah who was

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Shahada who mean actually a sayama li was an ad Zb while has enough to be ashati and Sally here this is in Buhari where the poverty starts and goes on to explain this

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fragrance of the disease smell from the mouth of the fasting person being more dear to a lot than then the smell of musk saying Allah says he or she left his food and left that drink and left their sexual desires marital relationship for my sake, the fasting was for me and I will personally reward for it. And then then it says while

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while has an Adobe Astra tm solea and every good deed is rewarded normally. In other words, every good deed normally is rewarded 10 times its reward, as Heidi mentioned 10 to 700 times a reward the meaning of this, of Allah saying I will reward for it, it means without limits, there is no limits from Allah subhanaw taala unbalanced sisters, if we are in this situation in a more difficult situation, with the worry and of the spread of the virus or our loved ones our selves falling seriously ill or enable ending up in intensive care or even dying with all those worries, the effort Allah swatara rewards us even greater brothers and sisters even greater, so take delight in this

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time. And

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the Hadith in Muslim carries on then saying same. Wallace saw in for hotton. Again, glad tidings from words of the prophet Isaiah. For the fasting person. There are two times of great happiness. Yeah fla Houma that he that he or she gets happiness from both of them, either. And what are those two times either after our furry happy fit today, when he or she breaks, they're fast. They are full of happiness and rejoicing by breaking their fast why not only because Allah gave them Tofig to complete the fast and then feel happy that completed another day of fasting, but by the food and drink by itself, we feel happy, that's natural, and that's fine to be happy because of that. So both

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meanings are in that and then the second time or happiness

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either lucky or Abba furry hobby Somi and when he or she meets their Lord there Rob, they are full of joy and happiness because of the fasting that they did, because the fasting in are going to give them the forgiveness and, and mercy and take them into paradise on the Day of Judgment of course they're going to be full of happiness. So this hadith brings out that beauty. I just want to finish

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that brother and sisters is already started from yesterday and don't get bogged down in this. Let's be positive and strive to be those or happy and rejoicing in the bounty Allah centers and we're having some time to reflect

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And reminders on what kind of things we can be doing. I haven't got time for that today otherwise they become too long, but do not get entrenched in the discussion of social media of people slugging each other off, or slagging Muslim scholars or slugging countries, whether it's Saudi Arabia or other countries or Morocco, on the siting of the moon and what day we started, we started on the right day, they start the wrong day. This is all nonsensical, actually. There is room for Etihad, it would, of course, it'd be nice to, for the Muslim community to start together on the same day and finish together same day. But if it doesn't happen, there's room for a city hall there's reasons for

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it, it is legitimate, to call the first day of Ramadan today, it is also legitimate to call it tomorrow, the first day of Ramadan, actually, you should know the whole world cannot fast on the same day, it's impossible. The world is divided into two anyway, as we know from the time lapse and difference between one end of the world and the other. So nevertheless, whatever opinions we're following, they shouldn't be slugging of each and saying that the others are followed the wrong day. The families living in the same place should be fasting and celebrating the eat on the same day. And also the best is to follow the mosque where you spend. Do you normally pray you know, go to do mine.

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So let's not go down the public don't have enough knowledge and information of the possibilities that he had on this. So But nevertheless, our brothers and sisters those who fought begin fasting tomorrow they are they are our beloved brothers and sisters, those who are fasting today they are our beloved brothers and sisters. May Allah forgive us fillers with mercy May Allah smart Allah make us give us the don't seek to do good deeds.

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In this month despite our lockdown May Allah give us summer melasma gifts Shiva Melisandre is this robot is infection and pandemic from humanity. May Allah sorta bring light to humanity bring the back on throttle musta came Allahumma amin

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aku cola was tougher hula hula hula Rahim. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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