A Minute with the Aware Academy #04 – Happiness

Wael Ibrahim


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One of the questions that I always ask my clients, those who are struggling with porn addiction is what is it that you want it to achieve by the end of this program, the coaching program or the recovery program in many of them, if not all of them 100% of the time, they said they wanted to achieve happiness. They wanted to be happy at peace. You're watching a minute with VMware Academy. This is why the Brahim and happiness is one of the things that always sought after everyone is after happiness, who amongst us does not want to feel happy. But happiness can be achieved only by a choice. If you want it to be happy, do what it takes to bring happiness into your life. I have this

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quote right in front of me by Mark Manson. He said to be happy, we need something to solve. You've got a problem and we have to acknowledge that you have a problem a very compelling one addiction, addiction to pornography addiction to visuals that can ruin your entire life. And he continued Mark Manson by saying happiness is therefore a form of action, taking the necessary actions to bring about happiness into your life. And here you go. You have resolved your problem.