Yaser Birjas – Isha Khatirah 2012 01 17

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a wrestler's negative attitude towards people, which they call "any negative attitude" and refers to people who have negative behavior. They also mention a man who was drug addicted and had a bad relationship with his relatives, causing him to lose his power. The speaker emphasizes the importance of patient treatment and not retaliation for one's actions.
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Remember no matter how long

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he finished last night,

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Chapter of forgiveness of the

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Bureau of very short title mentioned Coronavirus.

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The strong ones not the one who's stronger, and wrestler in power, physical power is the one who controls his angle. Then the former champion or the new chapter, he says, cada bourbaki, many other endurance of reflections, basically, of hardships, you know, when people hurt you, when people eventually act me towards you, how should you? How much should you endure all this kind of attitude of the people? So he brought her in.

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And he was brilliant,

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is very, very precise. And he is talking about the worst and the most difficult kind of attitude you get from people.

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If I asked you, which is basically the most hurtful, you know, any action, or maybe someone says something bad to you something, does something bad to you. From whom would it be the most hurtful.

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Someone was distant is almost close to

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closer, the more powerful I say, read this

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clock. So a man came to the province. And he said, you're also

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in a

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for civilian lives to see when a

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man who was heroin addict

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not enough men, so

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he says, This man, he asked the Messenger of Allah and he said, almost no. I have relatives who didn't say Who?

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He didn't say my parents, my brothers and uncles. I didn't mention that. So it's less who there are there are blood relatives. He said, with whom I tried to join ties of relationship. But there's severe relationships with me. So every time I tried to connect with them, they cut me off.

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Well hold him while you see

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whom I treat kindly, but they treat me badly.

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Whatever good I do, they never appreciate that. And the response might kindness, that you'd be bad.

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Who was heroin addict? With whom? I'm gentle? But they are rough to me.

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Does that sound familiar to you?

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It sounds familiar to some people that you know,

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almost every every cycle of human beings, you have these kinds of relations with others. Maybe not today, perhaps tomorrow. Maybe it was yesterday. handleless past. But eventually, as human beings, we tend to have some issues,

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sometimes when they're closest to us.

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So that doesn't mean to go and act like this.

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So this man, he was the one who was trying to maintain the good relationship with his relatives, and they're trying to cut him off. What are the profits of Samsung? What did you tell him to do? For Carlos alive? So the Inquisitor cannot point

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to sifu when he said to them, if you are as you have said, that it is as if you are feeding them hot ashes. That's an Arabic expression to sinful humble man. You know, when you feed someone ashes, what does that mean?

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Basically, whatever they want to say, whatever you say, I just, it just, it's not, it's not gonna display in their mouth. So you basically with all the bad things they're doing, you're responding without which is which is good. They're acting is for what for them to feel good, right?

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But you good kind treatment to them. It doesn't make them enjoy what they're doing. They feel that they feel guilty, even if they don't show it.

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Because people somehow they know that people, when you act me they expect to act to be provoked. But when you're acting with kindness, they know that you're better than them.

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And even if they start acting more nasty, it's because they just they're not happy with the results. So it's as if you're feeding them the ashes and their mouths. So Mufasa de la sala well as a remarkable not like a human modem data that he said and you will not be without support or against them from Allah subhanho wa Taala as long as

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Ready to sell which means you don't worry about Allah subhanho wa Taala will be with you. One day they will realize that what they want what they have done to you was wrong. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will support you against the ill feelings ill treatment speech talking whatever you have done in this area, it will be in there

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so don't try to retaliate for yourself from them. That's the point. Again, he said that so he says that this is dangerous for free the archers and it's the hardest, the most painful it comes from the closest to you. And that's what that was the Prophet sola salon that if you Be patient, and you always respond without his best there a loss of power that is there for you to support you will love

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so much have a good time with their families.

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know, that's I can't answer this in five seconds.

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That's the longest longer question. All kinds of insurance they have details on the magic answer. Sorry.

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