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Remember now that I have a lot of data your follow up, that'd be the last

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chapter forgiveness of the ignorant Wakata one of you who are a lot of the a lot one who understood a lot itself about money will set them apart later

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in the delivery, only one of sorrow and another

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and this is very short it in the profits or loss and give very short statement but it's so powerful and profound its meaning and that's of course the start of the profit. So

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he says a lot of I was around money, Lisa shady do the Sora the strong man is not the one who wrestles with strong one is not the one who has the most upside. In our culture, of course, the body culture, who is a stronger,

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no one can beat you in a fight. That's how I describe, you know, the strongmen and the prophets, Allah Sam is redefining to the people the meaning of power.

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When we see someone in sculpture, see someone martial no one we're very well built. You just get impressed. A lot of muscles. Maybe it's all steroid gentlemen.

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You get impressed.

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You see that something physical met this person very strong. However, these people that are so strong, they're building this up for what

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to do to use it in moments of weakness, when they cannot hold their angle.

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And the professor Sam says, in a machete, and let the emblem NASA and

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the strong one in power and really strength is within your control, you're able to control yourself in a fit of rage.

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When you're really angry, and you control yourself. That's impressive. Again, remember, naturally, if you get angry, what do people expect from someone who's angry, would expect them

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to learn up, right. And you learn by me, generally speaking, wonderful, verbal,

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venting, or physical. So if someone reacts to anger, through physical power, would that be really impressive. It's not impressive at all. Because that's a natural, natural reaction, we expect that to happen. Especially when someone has martial law very well built, you expect this person not to be strong is able to fight. But what is really impressive, if someone so huge wouldn't muscles, and they get angry, and they're able to crush whoever is talking to them right now. But they still hold your firm, and they keep your ground and they don't let it out. And they don't use any physical retaliation. There is the person you'll be really impressed with wha I have no idea how this person

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was able to control it.

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I don't know if I've ever seen that. But I remember a long time ago, there was a very famous video on the internet for a policeman who stopped someone for a traffic for a ticket.

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So this guy inside the car The truck was was yellow was the cursor was, you know, that officer and the officer was keeping his school.

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He just you know, kept to school did not respond with whatsoever. And I was really impressed with the layout, look at the stresses of Panama. That's how I did interviews.

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Even when he gave him the ticket, and the guy saw how much the ticket was he got and he ripped it off. And he threw it through from from the window. So the the opposite told him Sir, if you don't come and pick it up, pick it up, I'm going to give another ticket for littering.

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So the guy came out from the truck and was really even more and cursing. And so he had to pick it up, came to the truck, and then leave and that officer kept his cool the entire time. While I was Look, I saw how that's exactly the application anything.

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You have the power and you have you know, you have the ability to retaliate and take even action he has the authority, not just physical bodies within authority to do that he could even had a workaround. So whatever means to retaliate, he was able to do that, but it kept us cool. So Panda, some of the profits or losses and even when you have the power muscles, and you have all these martial guns in your, on your hands and your arms, that's when you need to show that you're strong by controlling your anger. Again, many people that go to the gym, in order to use these muscles and moments of weakness when they could not control their anger. Instead of you know, taking this as a

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back plan. These are the middle of the plan A so an invisible asset and again, in this video, he's teaching us a very valuable lesson. That means that Listen, you are going to meet a lot of these ignorant people for the job.

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This course member knows him a lot. And after all on a journey to show forgiveness of the ignorance, so he's telling you listen, you're gonna meet a lot of these fools. And every time you turn right or left, you're gonna see someone who would look at you say something about you, maybe, you know, whatever they try to provoke you by enemies. The sooner is to control your anger. And

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particularly, if you're able to retaliate, that is the most important lesson that we learn from Harry's in the midst of ourselves. And that's how you really, you show how powerful how strong of a person you are. One law, any question

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of the subject? Should we understand

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the religious prayer with all the prophets now? Was that?

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Or was that?

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The question about

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individual reliable seller when he led them beyond the profit during the journey with a solid garage? Where did he? Did he leave them in the heavens? Or was that on earth in the opposite corner to the head he was actually invested in, and that's why he was taken care of. So first, he got the new salon, then he moved up to the seventh heaven. Now the question is, how could this happen? We know that we're dead, right? And even when that when the prophet SAW so much traveling up the heavens, he again met some of his own via he met Yeah, he met Adam, you met him up as well. So he met them. So how could this happen? They were down on earth, and then he made them up in the seventh

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heaven. And even on the way back, I'm not sure if he puts it the way back when he was still going to Jerusalem. The prophets of Allah said he was able to see Moosa and he was praying in his grave, in Encino, and Simon, which is in Egypt. So how can this happen? inshallah, we're gonna continue elaborate on that with the land a series that's coming, which is the journey to the hereafter about the journey of the soul, what happens to people die, this is part of another phase of life, which we call is the variable. So, we are walking in that activity barrier. And therefore the quality or the characteristics of that life is unknown to us as part of it soon, so that there isn't they can be in

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different places. Because the nature of life there is different. And the nurture the nature of their bodies, and souls basically were different. But when they met the prophets, Allah Salah, according to the Hadith, it seems that the last panel that have brought them back together, and it seems to be the word alive,

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imply that the prior body and soul that's that's what we understand from Milan, there are some reports, there are some reports that there were actually two times for that, for that saw.

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One, they say it wasn't before he left. And the other one says when he came back, after he was given the command of making the salon, then when he came back, he let him move back to Mac. And so I love that, but the most popular one, then on the way up after he stopped by Jerusalem. Now

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the frame that he was asking me in the dark, Under the Dome of the Rock, well, yeah, the whole space over there is called metadata, the whole the entire space. So there is no limitation to what was that actual spot where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam stood? Today, the MB, Arkansas, which is the Dome of the Rock, physician in area law, one thing I want to just mention, by the way, that the prophet SAW some leads all the MBR and the masuri. That's another question. Because according to medicine episode, Allah Salah, and MDL, mattone warbonnet.

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That the number the process that allows them to mankind throughout the history of mankind 125,000 amongst them, there were 300. And so messengers, let me know, so correct me if others are awesome. So if they all came down, did he receive only that also means the messenger already received the MBR and the messengers all together? So if this is the case, what are the words that are going to fit all the 125,000? And how long? does it last? I mean, in Jerusalem, and it wouldn't think that that many easily. So a lot of data, I would say,

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time and space takes a different dimension. That's the thing about a person. Again, it's a different dimension of life. So time space and all these characteristics will be different all.

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Yes. Back to the topic of

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what are any practical tips?

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What are the practical tips to controlling the lecture?

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Did I give a lecture about the 10 tips for installing Django. I did that

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10 tips to control your anger

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that lecture back. So I didn't give a lecture over here about the

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Yeah, the profits or loss of medicine, let's say for anger. And I gave a talk on 10 points on how to come to an angle

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to this other job, but I don't think if I have given the entire thing

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I gave a different places for sure. But I think I gave it over here.

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I'm getting to

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find some time to give a lecture on this bundle, I thought maybe we make a weekend program family program.

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But there are actually 1010 tips from the profit center center, that I call them in anger manager, preferred solution, anger management. If you do that, you will never have to stop for any defensive driving lessons after that.

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Don't worry about it, it's gonna be the most entertaining shot the most productive style. Michelle, Any question? So back to your question.

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Not the lack of regard to the to the Dome of the Rock. Now what we know is that this rock, when the prophet SAW Selim moved up their chests and up, they said, We went above or actually above it. Now, that is a very common

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understanding or belief, but in reality is not actually I was a must have. So that rock, the rock is actually not suspended in the air. It's attached, you know, to the, to the, to the ground. But yeah, it's it's relatively suspended in a certain way, but not entirely. So eventually, people can go down below it, and go up. So didn't go through the process of going through this whole. All these are stories, we don't have the confirmation for these stories from a hiring perspective. So a lot of time, it was even before the prophets Allah surrender, that was word that the Jewish people used to consider sacred sites for them as well. And the Christians used to

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throw their trash there was like a dumpster for them. So when the Sahaba, Jerusalem over, and they cleaned that space, you know, out of respect, you know, to the site and to the place.

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Since then, then they came and they felt that nice, beautiful Dome of the Rock messed it over now to make sure that we'll never be actually put in that position again. But I found a lot of damage. since then it's been

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clear and slim, but didn't the flag behind the profit and loss of the profits of our Salah. These are just stories we don't really have any confirmation for now. I believe the goal is for ventilation.

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And I also heard that it's a rock from heaven as well.

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I don't see there was I don't even remember reading any confirmation on these reports. alone. It's not not long term.

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Profits Nabhi. What's the difference between eBay and the messenger

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that actually have differences of opinion on how to define messenger and the Prophet, that the basic way of defining the differentiate between both, is that saying that every messenger comes down with a new law. He comes with a new law, and usually it comes with a book and the Prophet he comes to amend the law for the Prophet before him. And just or just continued his mission without bringing in a new law. So for example, when you check that the Prophet the messengers, we see that Moosa was a messenger, there was a messenger so the man was a bit of profit.

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Also, yeah, can I be in? I saw was a messenger prasun

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Ibrahim prasun it's nine, maybe one can I look away now soon for about a half

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a shot. There is a difference between a soul and messenger the messenger he brings a new law and a new book sometimes, and the prophets they come to amend the law does before

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and to go in terms of

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the meaning of an attempt to learn a new word, especially gift from the last panel, which a lot of communicate with a human being in order to deliver a message that also condescend to the people. That's why we barely saw an episode last fall.

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Canada and Australia Dhaka mobile ambia

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were ruled by the prophets Kula Matta. And I believe

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every time a prophet dies, another prophet comes to succeed. That's how they will rule.

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And that's why when they got used to the MBR too much, they killed some

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law somehow subhanaw taala blaming the middle ground for that

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document, verify that you can stop because some of them but for the most part, Mohammed and that is our son, he says, Mr. Almighty, and we are very sorry.

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That the ruler man, the great scholars

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are in the position of the profits, we're very sorry, in terms of leadership and guidance, and religious leadership. So they have their communication with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But they want to come to complete and continue the mission of the Prophet report. Allah, how do we know there's a difference between a prophet and messenger and hate Abdullah bin Zayed or the last time when the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam he taught him that? When he used to go to bed he said, You're so loud, what should I say when I go to sleep? So he gave him

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a little longer back? And in that episode, Sallam said, Allah I meant to be Gita because then the answer would have been a vehicle levy ourselves, I meant to be Tarik levy. Anza are the name of the book which is sent down or been a beacon levy or sub and the Prophet whom you sent. So then when the Prophet finished, he told him to repeat, said, okay, repeat that to me, to make sure that he tends to do very well. So when it came to that statement, he says, are meant to be tactical idioms. And what we are assuming he can levy ourselves, he says, and we'll deal with the messenger whom you sent for an abuse Allah subhanaw taala, whenever he can let yourself and the Prophet from you send from

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this dilemma dilemma, anything from these two things that they learn, there's a difference between the D. And also, there's a difference between a prophet and the messenger. And the second thing they learn is that a car, the words of detail, that are

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done for a specific purpose, let's say and so are somehow a bit as a part of the army, for example, or when you when you need to say Bismillah when you sneeze, you say hamdulillah. These words of the record are meant to be in the way they were given to us. So you cannot alter these words. So if someone's making the Shabbat, sale of masala, Mohammed, you cannot add Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina, Muhammad. Why because the Prophet never add the word say that. That's what a vicar, he say that there was a lot of his old master old leader and when you mentioned his name outside, so I would say a lot.

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But it's a lot because the position of the kid, you cannot add anything or alter the words of the kid because the prophet SAW Salah, he corrected him even though to us it means the same problem and a messenger. So the right amount they say when it comes to profit and messenger or soon gonna be called startup.

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So when you make when you mentioned the two words separately, they mean different means when you mentioned them, when I'm sorry, when you measure them separately, they're they're interchangeable terminology. You use them in the same fashion when you say maybe also it's the same. However, when you mentioned them both in the same statement, in this case, you separate the mean. So one means a messenger means the one who said was set with a new wall, and the prophet who came just to amend the law beforehand, or just to continue the message of the previous prophet. Just like the issue of Islam and email. When you say Islam, you also include what email and when you say email, you mean by

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that by default, you mean Islam as well. But when you mentioned Islam and the man together the same statement, Islam becomes the practical aspect of our Deen and the man becomes the the actions of the heart, the spiritual moral aspects of law.

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None. Can we say every messenger based on this Can we say every messenger is a prophet, but not every prophet is a messenger? The answer is yes. In that sense, yes. So when you say Mohammed Salah

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Can you call him David? Yes, you can. But the profits anyone was mentioned profit is not necessarily or assumed. But if you use the touchdown was just as an interchangeable terminology would be fine. But technically speaking, he is not concerned.

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Today, everyone received inspiration.

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And we are the owners received inspiration otherwise there will not be any

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example of new I mean, heroin anamosa. When Allah sent Moosa musasa as a messenger, he was sent with a Torah he was over the new law was sent with a lot of things. So but Moosa because he had speech difficulties, he said, Tara was really how old you are. Can you send tomorrow

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heroine. So Allah subhanho, wa Taala and spartoo Harun. So he became a prophet, and he was assistant to masalas. And that was his mission. So when Moosa leaves, he tweets his loss of Hannah without his brother behind his brother, being a prophet not being a messenger, he might not he wasn't taken as seriously as most of us taking by very slowly. So every time it goes away, what do they do?

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And they start to sneak around. And when Messiah comes back, they straighten up. Again, why? Because most of all, the tough man

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when he came back, and so when it's like worshipping the car, what did he do? He went to his brother, his brother

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is basically like, scolding him, call him no matter.

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Whatever, don't grab my head.

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I was afraid that you say that if I if I separate them, you will see that I have a very, very split very slowly because we're nowhere. So I was waiting for her to come back. So he just meant the last panel data forgive him a

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lot. Now, on the subject of

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watching a video the other day on church age, it was a it was a guy was doing a documentary on the on the cops.

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He said everything, all the rituals that he knows as a Christian are the same. And he was surprised to see them actually know, the church had no chairs in it. So my question is,

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how did

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starting from Moses time How did the act of prayers, how to start and how to change how to become so

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evolved in different faiths and religion, specifically the loss and dumped mankind right? Because I've seen some some

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pretty much.

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I have a whole class on this subject should attend the San Diego. No.

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It's actually it's the divine link for Salah. The first two chapters are about the history of Salah in which we bring that even in the Torah. There's one other we have today Are these the remaining of the tour and also in some of the verses of the gospel. There is a mention of Roku and

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there are video clips I will show you later when we get to that point in class inshallah, a specific video clips of Hamlet in Brooklyn. Some of these Hasidic Jewish people were praying in their stores just like

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he was praying there. And when you look at him, you will think he's a Muslim.

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He will have his hands like this and then he went down.

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Exactly to pick like, Where did this come from? The Muslim adapted from the Christians or the Christian COVID from the Jewish people. How is that? That's the way the MBR used to press and we should see that inshallah we'll discuss that in details even a rahima is even running.

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He made ruku answer. Allah Subhana spoke about Musa make plans to do the ASAP metal plans to do

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his mother Maria. Also, she made the record. And so do the last panel with Sylvia Morimoto, to Vicki was 21

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or Maria, standard devotion to load, America and Mexico. So eventually, all the MBR they had that. How is it in details? That's a different story. How long The longer the

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last question you ran was,

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Abraham, he was also

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he was the father actually the patriarch of all these MBR buddies.

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masa was our soul as well now. Milan is part of the longhand