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Al-Mursalat 1-50 Tafsir 16-29

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minishift language investment they recommend Rahim

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lesson number 301. Suitable Salat will begin from a number 16 but before that we listen to the recitation from the beginning of

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this meal

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one to

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one national

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II young in Jena

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so we see at the beginning of the suit Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by the different types of winds. Why? Because what do they appoint you? What do they reflect the great power of Allah soprano tada because if you think about it, the wind is something so amazing how it blows, you can't see it, you can't touch it, but you can feel its effects.

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And its effects are such that are everywhere up in the skies and down on the earth as well. That we see that the wind is what causes the clouds to move the wind is what forms the clouds and then through those clouds, the rainfall down. And as a result, there's life all over the earth or there's destruction all over the earth. So the wind is a huge sign that indicates the power of the last panel data, that with the wind comes life and with the wind also comes that that sometimes wind brings mercy, and sometimes it brings destruction and great loss.

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And why is it that Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by the different types of winds over here to prove to us that if he can cause the winds to blow, then he can even cause the day of judgment to be established. He is the one who created all of this. And he can also put an end to all of this. And then he mentioned as to how the stars, the sky, as well as the mountains, all of them will be finished when the Day of Judgment is established. And what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment what either was will be that the messengers are brought their time is scheduled for what for testimony when they will their witness against their people, that the message was indeed delivered

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to them. So basically, the day of judgment is the day of alpha. So, it is the day of decision decision between who the prophets and then nations because in this dunya what happened Allah subhanaw taala sent messengers, but what did they face from their people denial as well as opposition. So, when is it that justice will be established in the hereafter yo will fossil the day of decision. Similarly, there are many, many matters of differences amongst people, all of these matters, when will they be decided on the Day of Judgment. And finally, I will Fussel also means the day of separation. The day of separation the day when the people of Hellfire will be separated from

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the people of

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Paradise, they will be separated in this dunya they're together, buried in the same Earth living on the same Earth eating the same food. But on that day, they will be separated neoman fossil Wilma de la cama yo will fossil and what can tell you about what that day is? Allah says Why are you doing yoga even look at the bean war that day, for who for those people who deny.

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Now, this is going to be repeated many many times in the solar whaling you may even look at BB and you know that the meaning of the word whale What does it mean? destruction? Whoa, great loss suffering disaster. And what it means by this is that may there be war destruction for those people and Waylon, the sentence is also telling us of a fact that on that day, the book has been they will suffer from great loss, great ruin great destruction. They will have no way of escape on that day. So in a way it's a threat. And in a way, it's a fact as well. It's a habit as well as informing us.

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Now with regards to weight. It has also been said that way is actually a valley in hellfire. It's actually a valley in hellfire. It's a bit in Hellfire which is so deep, that if a person falls in it, he will fall

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down for 40 years.

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Just imagine how deep it is. So, those people who have been denying, denying who are the prophets of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala himself. Similarly, they have been denying the Day of Judgment, the Day of Resurrection. For such people, this is the punishment that they will be thrown into this valley. So that they will keep falling and keep being punished for those 40 years just imagine.

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Similarly, it has been said that Wayne is a particular place in Hellfire, where all of the blood and pass and the excretions of the bodies of the people of Delphi will be collected. Just imagine, because we learned that koloman aliter jalota home but the Nahum diluting,

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the skins will be replaced again and again. And you can imagine that those skins as they're burning, and as they're wounded, how much foul matter is going to come out of there.

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So all of that foul matter, the bus, the blood, the infected material, all of that will be collected were in a particular place. So you can imagine this to be like the sewer.

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So this is for who and who can live in this is what they will be punished with. wailing yoma edullinen McAfee bien.

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Allah says alumna of nickeil a whirling did we not destroy the former people? Meaning Why do these people deny having taken a lesson from history?

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And I'm no liquid or wanting? What was the result of the former people who denied the messengers? Did we not destroy them? Of course Allah destroyed them. Uh, when he who does a well in refer to the former people, the ancients, those who came first in the dunya. So it refers to the very, very early generations. So for example, the people of New Holland Center, the people are the people of the world. When Allah sent messengers to them, and they did not believe, alumna of nicaea, actually, did we not destroy them? In the dunya? Where they're not punished? Yes, there were so many to whom will clean then we follow them with the later ones not to be asked about our youth Bureau, to make

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someone follow the other.

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So we follow them, meaning we follow the a welline with who they are hearing, who are the acronym, those generations those people who came later.

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So it refers to those who came after the ancients the ancients are whole people have no some mood. But after the Malta, there were many other nations such as the people who brought humanists and and the people of Lutheranism, the people of meridian. And what did they do? They also denied the messengers. So when they denied their messengers, Allah says, So minute we, we made them follow the same way, the same way of what the same way of destruction and loss and punishment in the dunya. So in other words, the outcome of the ancients, and the outcome of those people who came after them was the same. Why? Because of their same behavior? What was their behavior of denial? So when they

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rejected when they disbelieved? The result was also the same

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guy, then he can offer a little bit more, Jeremy, thus do We deal with the criminals? So what does this show to us, that those people who deny it doesn't matter? In which time in which era they are from, or they belong to?

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The very early the later ones, or closer to the Day of Judgment, even it doesn't make a difference? whoever denies he is who emerges him.

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And how does Allah deal with him? Because he can have alluvial moody mean, this is how we deal with them, meaning this is how we punish them.

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Because mania or mal suelen you just have to be whoever does evil he is punished for it. So it doesn't matter whether a person came first or he came in the middle or he will come closer to the Day of Judgment whenever a person comes in this dunya if his behavior is of denial, he's a Muslim, Cavalli gonna follow Bill Murray mean

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wailing yoma either Lin vaca Divina in the dunya. Yes, they were punished. And on that day, on the day of judgment, a bit water them great punishment for them. And I'm not look calm.

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And you will notice that many questions are being asked over here. First of all, it was an element of luck in a wedding. Now it's being asked, Did we not create you? So what's the purpose of these questions? That What is the reason for your disbelief? Why do you not think if you take a lesson from history, you wouldn't be in look at them. If you took a lesson from the signs around you within you, you wouldn't be able to cut the alumnus local minima in mahane did we not create you from a liquid that is disdained

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look at your origin

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mattone maheen mahina is from the newsletters. How long home What does that mean? To be weak to be despicable little?

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So my in my hand, a very base fluid and liquid that is disdain meaning that is washed away and what is it referring to? The sperm the semen meaning it's not even spoken of itself it cannot do anything. It's something that is washed away

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fudger Allahu. And then we placed it field karate McKean in a firm lodging.

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Look at your origin mat in maheen liquid that is disdained and we placed it further unknown we placed it where few karate in alleging that is McKean that is firm cut off from the root letters call for what does it literally mean to be stable, and from this error is also used for a lodging and abroad. Why? Because a home and abroad is where a person is firm. Otherwise he would be moving from one place to the other constantly with his luggage with his belongings. So when a person has a place to live a place to stay, then what happens? He has some kind of stability. So Arar is the place of stay and what does it refer to? the womb? And this womb Allah describes it as McKean.

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McKean is from meme calf noon, and Makana is to be strong, it gives meaning of security as well. So a secure about a firm about and that is the womb

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and it's very true that the womb if you look at it, it's not made of bones, so it's not really solid. However, what is it it's made of muscles, tissues, but at the same time, it's firm and secure. That what goes inside of it the sperm, then what happens to it Allah subhanaw taala makes it attached to its wall and when it's attached over there, it doesn't come out unless Allah subhanaw taala wills

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nothing else can go in no external harmful elements can intervene can disturb what's going on over there. I think it's karate McKean. It's a very safe place. It's not transparent that through it, everything can be seen. No, it's karate McKean.

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We learn yeah 100 in control theory BIM in a variety for in the hollow canal come into

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all people if you are in doubt about the resurrection then know that we created you from dust, some women not getting salmonella cotton some almond Mudavadi mahalo cotton, was it Macaca that we created you from? Not further than Allah cotton motiva? maharlika that is created and also re mohalla meaning I'm creating or incomplete in its form. So we see over here lots of penalties mentioning the creation of human beings. Why? Because that proves resurrection.

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So all of these things that have been mentioned over here, what do they point to? What do they prove the fact of resurrection further on now houfy karate McKean. So we placed it in a firm lodging.

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And you see how the womb is called out of a place of stain, because it's a home for the growing child, because all of its needs are fulfilled over there. All of it needs, the nutrition, the food, everything that it needs. It's provided over there. It doesn't have to go elsewhere. Further along with your karate McKean. It's secure and it's nourished in that safe home.

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And it's secure. It's kept over there, it's nourished, it grows until when

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either further Mr. Lu for unknown extent, further orders cotterman

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decree also means measure estimate. So other overhead gives meaning a measure of time and growth, that For how long will it grow? For how long will it stay? It is marylu Marlin to only Allah soprano. Only Allah knows until when the child is staying there.

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Sometimes the child comes out very early and sometimes overdue. So who knows about this only a lot in our country maloom. And then other Maradona is also understood as the time that is well known, meaning it's understood how long a normal pregnancy is, and that is how long nine months. So in our quarterly model,

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and remember, the quarter is not just with regards to time over here, but also with regards to growth that in our quarterly model until a known extent, and until a particular measure of growth, meaning sometimes it happens that a child is born completely fully formed. And other times what happens the form is incomplete.

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So who is it known to only illustration

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I'm Dr. Catherine Martin, for cadorna then we determined meaning we decided,

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we are the ones who decreed concerning who concerning the child who is in the womb, how long it is to stay, how much it is to grow, when it is to come out for cadorna for near Milan modified de Lune, an excellent are we to determine neerim excellent apotheon is one who has further so how Perfect in Ability we are, how excellent we are in our ability, that look at how we cause the child to grow gradually in stages over a long period of time. And then when it's the right time, then the child comes out. So who decides with regards to it? Allah Fatah de venir, a monopod de Lune.

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So what is this show to us? That the one who creates you in the wombs of your mothers in such a perfect fashion? And he is the one who brings you out of there at the perfect time at the right time. Then how can you deny him? How can you reject him? How can you doubt his power and ability? If you think about it, the womb is also like a grief

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that the child has completely hidden. What's going on inside you can hardly tell. And then eventually when it's the right time the child comes out.

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Similarly, we see that in the earth, when people die, they are put in their graves. And when it's the right time of loss, it will bring them out of their graves. So if he can bring people out of the wombs of their mothers, can you not bring them out of their graves? Yes, he can. For Kaduna, finir, Malka, de Lune. How excellent are we as those who have power or perfect inability meaning of work and cause whatever he wants to happen?

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into the new hire 17 to 18 also we learn will love better communal arena better. Some may you're either comfy her where you need to come is Roger. He will cause you to come out of the earth into the walker I 57 to 59 nano Hakuna comme falola to set the tone that we have created use a Why do you not believe? Why are you not sure? About a tomato noon? Have you seen that which you emit and don't have lacuna? How

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do you create that spirit? Are we the ones who create it? Do you create that child? Or are we the ones who create that chat

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while doing yoga even look at the bean war that Day to the deniers war to them? destruction for them. Why? Because the reality is so obvious. It is so clear. It's so logical, it makes so much sense. Yet if a person doesn't believe, then May you be destroyed, then he will be in great trouble on that day.

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Then a lot of questions. alumna journal obergefell. Have We not made the earth a container? The earth is described as key facts. And key facts is from the roof letters, cafe.

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And keypad is a mustard from the word Kapha. And Kapha means Bama to enclose. What does it mean to enclose to contain? from the same root is the word gifts and gifts is used for a box? Like for example, a lunch box?

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Because your lunch box, what does it do? It contains all of the food inside of it.

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If you carried your lunch around without a box, and what would happen, if you just put it in your bag, then what would happen? One Piece of your salad would be one part of the bag and other would be another part of the bag and God falling out. Right? So what's the purpose of putting it in a box so that everything is contained together in one place?

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Everything is contained together in one place. So keep that what is it a container. So Have We not made this earth a container, meaning a container for the creation so that they don't leave the earth.

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They don't have to go outside of it to search for food and water. But rather everything they need is where within the earth and it's also a container in the sense that if you throw something, it doesn't go flying away from the earth.

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What happens to it it falls back onto the earth because of the gravity that Allah subhanaw taala has created. So alumna, geranyl, Albuquerque Fattah, Have We not made the earth a container, everything you need is in the earth. You don't have to go anywhere and you stay on the earth. You live on the earth, you die on the earth and you stay in the earth.

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Isn't that so? people's nourishment, their food comes from the earth they're born here, they die here. Like for example, there are some creatures whose molded and muskan their place of birth. their place of living is what water so they cannot survive without water. If you take them out of water. They will

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Die, they will finish. They're born there, they live there, they die there. Similarly, the Earth is such that people, they're born here, they live here, and they die here. Because this is the place that Allah has created for us to live in. So we don't have to look in outer space, looking for other plans where we can live. No, there's no need to do that. Because the earth Allah has made a container for us, for all creation, and for who are here and of the living are underwater, and also the dead

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are here plural of hate, and and worth Florida, may yet so the earth is a container, keeping both the living ones and also the dead ones. Amazing that the living beings, where are they on the surface of the Earth? And the dead ones? Where are they inside of the earth? when a person dies, he doesn't have to be thrown out of the earth, He can stay in the earth inside. When a person is living again, he doesn't need to go outside of the earth to find food and nourishment. No, he is on the earth. here and what I'm what.

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And this is such a blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that the living and the dead both can stay in this earth. Both can stay in this earth together. For example, if you have a fish tank, and you have fish that are alive, if one fish dies, can you just leave it there? No way you have to take it out. Why? Because yes, it is a container, but it's a container for which fish only those that are alive. It is not capable of keeping the dead inside of it.

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But the earth is so amazing that the creation whether it's alive or dead, it can actually stay in the same Earth here and what I'm worth

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into rapa 53 Allah says Allah de Jana Komal Obama then was Santa Clara, de hacer bulan or Angela minister Emma Emma and for origin ob as werdum in Nevada and shatter. So the earth fulfills all of the needs of men. It is He was made for you the earth as a bed and inserted there in for you roadways and sent down from the sky rain and producer by categories of various plants. Everything you need. Water, sunlight, food, plants, everything where is it in the earth and when you die? Again you go back into the earth.

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What's your fee her Alessia and we have placed there in firmly anchored mountains. But alesi for the last season Florida last year and last year is basically that which is firmly grounded into the earth and it refers to mountains. Why? Because even they are deeply rooted firmly anchored into the soldier and if he had Alessia Rousseau, what does it mean to be deeply rooted soldier unless he had Alessia and these mountains that are firmly anchored? How are they share me Horton lufti tea Hi, dog huge.

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Shami Hart is a plural of shamika from the machine mimco and shamika is that which is huge, in its size, so big, very huge, and also very tall.

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Not thin and tall.

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Similarly, not just huge and wide, but rather huge, as well as tall high. And this is exactly how mountains are Shammi hot that they are massive. And they're also very high lofty. So they are deeply rooted into the earth, which is why they're stabilizing the Earth's crust. And then on top of that soaring mountains reaching high up shermie hot we're assignor Kuma and ferrata. And we have given you to drink sweet water for you to drink we have given you especially Matt and ferrata. For us we have done this word earlier, I want to say one shout out for this word that which is sweet, tasty, palatable, called easily swallowable. You can easily drink it. So we'll assign a comma and forbartha

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two things are mentioned over here, the mountains and also the water. Now the mountains Why are they mentioned? Because it is because of the mountains that the earth is stable.

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And because it is stable. This is why we're actually able to live here. And then secondly, a lot of panels are dimensions water over here, because sweet water that is drinkable that we can actually drink and benefit from because of that we are alive. If these two things were missing from the earth could there be life on the earth? No. Perhaps other species could maybe exist. However human beings No way. No way we could not exist on the earth to the mountains, as well as Sweetwater both are in a way source of life sustaining human life on this earth

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way. Do you

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Let's look at dB wore that day to those people who deny

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with a sense of the recitation

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v. v.

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v v.

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wainui. oma

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Libby alumna

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22 and 23. Either other Mr. lufa cadorna phenomenon called the rule that the child is made to grow and stay in the womb for as long as Allah wants it to stay. No person knows when it's going to come out whether it's going to be premature early on time later. And then a person doesn't know whether it's going to be in the morning or at night. And when the child has to come out, no one can start that process. No one can delay that process. No one can say I'm not ready know, when Allah decides that it comes.

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And *a domna funair, Malka de Lune This is the decision This is the color of Allah. And Allah is excellent at making his decisions for near Mankato.

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And over here for cadorna this is with regards to do things that we have decreed two things, first of all, the mood, the the length of time that the child is to stay in the womb, how long it is to stay, who decides that Allah And secondly, Adama with regards to the league as well, that Allah is the one who determines who decides the League of the child meaning its shape, its form, its gender, the capabilities the physical appearance, and the destiny of the child all of that is decreed by who? Allah subhanaw taala for near Mercado de Lune. How excellent are we to determine meaning the decision of Allah whatever it is, is excellent. So a person must accept it. And he must not say I

00:28:02--> 00:28:30

wish this was like that. And I wish this was like that. No funnier macaroon. Whatever decision Allah has made, that is the best. It's excellent. And because it's excellent, this is why a person must accept it. Then we see over here, that after mentioning so many things, so many signs that prove to the power of Allah that prove the fact of resurrection, Allah says wainuiomata look at even water those people who still deny will still don't believe.

00:28:32--> 00:28:40

So those who still don't believe on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen in clinical, it will be said they will be told proceed.

00:28:41--> 00:28:47

In tallyho tala cough panna cotta, follow me. What is it literally mean

00:28:49--> 00:29:32

to untie to be free and when a woman is free, then she can go away. Otherwise she is bound to obeying who her husband, but when she is divorced and she's free, she's no more bound to him. She can marry somebody else. So in Tahlequah in parallel, what does that mean to proceed to set out funds on an intellectual graph we have learned from Tanaka both of them set out they proceeded. So the people will be told and look at the vino be told on the day of judgment in paliku set out proceed, proceed towards what Isla towards Malecon to be to get the one that which you are denying.

00:29:33--> 00:29:35

What is it that they were denying

00:29:36--> 00:29:41

the resurrection, but in particle Ilana come to me to get the ball

00:29:43--> 00:29:52

the punishment of Hellfire, the punishment that you denied you did not believe in go towards that same fire go towards that same punishment.

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

And it's amazing how there are so many people who actually deny the concept of hellfire. The reality

00:30:00--> 00:30:19

of hellfire. They say that it's only figurative, it's not actually real but this is just to frighten people. This is just to, you know, frighten them so that they change their ways. Even in the Quran when janome is so clear, it's mentioned so many times in so much detail. There are people who came to believe in the Quran yet they say the journal is not real.

00:30:20--> 00:30:51

Yet they say it's only figurative, that this is the burning, you know that a person experiences in his heart, the frustration that he feels in his heart, because when a person does not believe that he will suffer from unhappiness and dystonia, even or people say that eventually, the people will be punished in the Hellfire and they will be taken out or they will not feel the punishment. Allah says, Ilana come to me to get the boon not 11 now, but to what which you were denying the punishment that you denied go to that punishment now.