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The history of the last panel on Islam is discussed, including the use of exceptions to negative behavior and the need for people to be patient and not do things that cause anger. Medical records and objective evidence are also emphasized. The importance of showing support for upcoming trials and giving brief summaries is emphasized. Prayer for oneself and not just pray for oneself is emphasized, along with the use of different language during filming and video presentations.

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handed a long line, I mean sort of low sentiment kind of you know, while it was like a settlement statement at the bottom.

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I mean know him a whole lot of data through the other side of him. You have auto fever, but a lot of the hidden ticket Mahalia Komatsu, Sheree. sovereignly didn't like that chapter on a lot of which means getting angry getting provoked in an automatic law against transgression of divine law, the laws of the last panel that if someone sees the loss of a loved being violated, you get angry for that wanted to solve the law, and the person should support an ADA denuvo last panel or circumstances. If you remember the past few nights, we were reading the stories about you know, controlling your anger, and how much provocation someone should endure before they show that and the

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last one we talked about diversity matters, either the newness of afflictions and these trials. Now this time remember no Rahim Allah that I'm making some exceptions. Okay, you need to be patient shouldn't be rude. But then Okay, what if For how long? How much?

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How much you shouldn't do? And now he says exceptions that allows you to really get angry and get provoked meaning what are the circumstances in which it's it's worth it to get angry? It's not something over to do something for Allah subhanho wa Taala for the sake of Allah azza wa jal. So if someone Adam Billa walks in the street of a Muslim country, and some Muslim countries around the world, other people don't will not care. And they can verbally abuse the deen of Allah Subhana Mota. You walk in the city, you hear him cursing the deen of Allah.

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I've heard it many times. And they're supposed to be Muslims. Perhaps even they care that Mohammed Al Hamdulillah.

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So that is very dangerous. Should we just stop for a while keep going? Or should you go on to do something, or at least

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at least say something Are you allowed to get angry about these issues. But again, remember getting angry does not mean does not should not translate into bank becoming violent. Now getting angry should get angry when you make a positive action and Charlotte celebrate the positive change in the society. Allah subhanho wa Taala says you fall in love with either one more album format for her lover and and whoever honors the sacred things of a lot of sacred broker rules and laws of Allah, then that is better for him What is lost?

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When you have them, you honor these things, for example, the most

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the most,

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is a book that has the words of our last panel data, when you show respect to this. And you're always you know, keeping them clean place, keep it in safe hands, and making sure that no one would ever find the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that's, that's something you should you should consider all the time. When it comes to the salon. You don't allow anyone to mock that salon without a banner, because that's what should be the last panel. So this is a last parameter. So

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this is better for them with the last panel, but I apologize in terms of Allah.

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If you didn't support the last panel, what Allah Allah will support you doesn't need our support agenda. He doesn't need it right. But why should we do that? For our own sake?

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If we need Allah Subhana Allah to be with us. We need to show that to Allah subhana wa Taala that you're allowed, we're with you. We support your deen to support us and help us with a bit of damage and the last panel what would make your football firm stand firm against all these afflictions and trials of this of this work? amendment number one molar mentioned one which is a very

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important medical record for the moms in particular carnavon Abby Mr. Rudin only a lot of

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Colorado children in obese a lot.

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geralyn Dylan obese a lot of faka in the US so I'm salata Suki, Minh actually to learn more little bit.

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This man come to the prophets of Allah seminary says Yasser Allah. I don't attend furture saw the morning Salam because of so and so they did not mention specific to this person. Because I want to be objective. It's not about being you know who the man it's about the actual action of the man. So becoming objective or the actions of being wrong, not the person being the one within himself. He said, I'm not coming to the measure. I skipped basically if I do so I don't come to the masjid because of so and so who leaves and he prolongs us a lot too much.

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So basically, I don't come because it's too much it's too long. You can wash your clothes or the Virgin and the mom is enjoying this time is reciting 10 pages per icon.

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Imagine you come to solve the tragedy already yours right where your suit on. And your cup of coffee is very important in the car, you want to go to work after Salah. And here's the man Marshall is enjoying his time is getting too emotional, pretty much. All joking aside, it's too much, I mean, an ideal situation, that's beautiful. He's given you an extra opportunity to be connected to the last panel with that. But in these regular circumstances or time, it only feels difficult for them, you know, to stand for a long answer like this, they have other things to do. So the process of alasa when you hear that when you're done, gotta have a lot of time. He said he didn't

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leave a female. In a shed, the men took a shot, or they biomed he said, I have never seen the Messenger of Allah so provoked so angry while giving a sermon as he was on that day, which means when he was advised by the people in regard to this issue, he was very, very angry.

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Angry for what, because of those people who might cause others to not come to the salon. Sometimes the man beside him too long. So a lot of people that intentionally come into Las Vegas

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you know, they want to catch the local gym or the Las Vegas sufficient in

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some other people they wait if they want to do Mashallah good so that instead of coming 10 minutes before the exam, they would come right when they know that the Imam is going to be saying a lot of these 100 like us.

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So they delay instead of coming to the masjid and waiting for some time enjoying their time, the violence of war, and then they pray. So they come as late as possible, essentially, they should come unto thee as early as possible. So he was very angry. And as you can see, he was provoked because there's a violation against the last parameter, that someone is causing other people not to come and worship our last panel and the measure because of their their approach to solve for God.

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The prophet SAW him in his football and his speech about this issue. He said, Yeah, oh, people in the mucuna three, he said some of you create hatred, sacred hate among the people against us all. Then America, one of those of course the people who basically like they because of people to repel,

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and also to become rebellious. They don't want to come to the song. Why because of the actress for Casa de la Santa Fe, you can say you and Manasa for us, whoever, whoever leads a lot of people, you should make it brief.

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Whatever it is, a lot of people should make it brief for God in the menorah he kaviraj was what I had. Perhaps behind him those who

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will be the old man and the very young and those who have urgent needs. Someone just came stopped by on his way home to press a lot of mother and their name and you have an Imam Mashallah reciting a lot of blood I mean, like Tommy, long recited now for this person was in need his his mind is not there.

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And then next time, if he was going back home, do you think he's gonna stop by the measure to preserve the amount of before he gets home? I don't think so. He's gonna act like this man.

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He was in the home, I pray at home, shall we? Because this man to Lusaka now,

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however, make it very clear how long or short Uppsala should be. Now that's another issue. There is no specific standard. And the prophets of Allah said and he gave approximate length in his native in German, he said for the ultra besonders model because Allah had attacked it last year. That is not a big deal. And he has call up one lady that

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he gave him these examples. As I Bridgeland, you're talking about two thirds of the page. Correct? That's an algorithm. What is the people that love to hear the demand side longer? In this case, yes, the man can prolong the Salah for them. Let's say we have a guest a man coming and you know that the amount of beer has a beautiful voice. So we can predict these mangoes

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that's fine. In this case, you can do that. So there's a special occasion for or special let's say event, have a conference you have specific programs in this case, people are there to listen and enjoy. So you may get long. So there has to be some circumstances.

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Like in the prophets, Allah Salaam, he was he was seen Prince otter mother, some watermelon and inside a melon, he decided So a lot of

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you guys know how to hold on for the long office. It's almost to Jesus.

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And it was just under half. So it's a very long and who's decided

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the thing is getting started quickly and fast, supersonic speed. Now he's taken his time and joined the Navy and he would be given at the top of the house a lot.

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That means by the time he first started America, he at that time I was out of here. But these were special occasions, special circumstances, and sometimes they would recite insalata, Lucia, he was hurt, so lost, and I'm reciting in Southeast Asia with what Tina was at.

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That's even one quarter of a page in one Mecca. So it depends on the circumstances. There's no specifics, but if we're going to resort to specific average would be a surah that I decided for you from the dispensation of man for the long term bar on 31. Muslim one long time, Any question?

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Not so much.

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But sometimes, when you do the the last

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ditch effort, sometimes

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just prolong it.

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What are you saying? I'm just wondering,

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sometimes the question is about the last

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part. So when you're done from the final to shackle, sometimes they might make it too long. That's sometimes the length of the shepherd is longer than the tattoo rocker perhaps. So what is that? I'm saying at that time? Yes, there are so not to decide specific grass.

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But for how long should I continue? Now again, if the person is leading Salah, if he's still under the command of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to make it brief, even if the show should be actually brief. So what would you say? After saying that there are asked Allah subhanaw taala protection from from jiangnan from the torment of the grave from Finland Rada.

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Hacking Tunisia, and fitness

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is an open space for that, whatever you want to say.

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If you want to be if you want to make Amanda, do it, and then I saw, do it.

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But if you're going to be bleeding people and saw, you've got to make it.

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That's why the professor was upset.

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He says, man, man, NASA for you. If you're going to be in a salon, make it easy, make it brief. Then he said, if you pray for yourself, for Luther Maya, but you got to be praying for yourself, make it as long as you wish. So I agree with you. Sometimes they don't actually belong. And it's not the son of the prophets of Allah Himself. What would you say after the DA the prescribed da? It's an open space for general law or law?

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Any question? Yes? What's the etiquette for when you're reciting?

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You have to wait.

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Yeah, so after the Salah, the end of the salon the man's gives us he gives the lamp to the right side and then to the left side. Should you wait for the man to finish both sides, right and left and then you do your salon? Or should you join him right after the first one and then write up the second one. These are actually two opinions in film some of them because the larger part of the salon is the first one to the right side, a semi metal law. The first one, that'll be enough. The second one is considered Summa amsterdammer. So the argument they argue are both considered one one just one part of the salon or each is a separate part. Those are separate between the Father and the

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Son not they make them actually two separate things.

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So they make them to actually separate parts and that's why they say when a man go to the right side to the right side. I'm gonna remember to the left side, but I believe this is all one part of the Salesforce. So he went until the man finishes both sides and then a shallow die. Well, Ah, yes.

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That can be open.

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It's got to be open after that now.

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Yeah, it's open action. It is specific in the fort salado the vast majority of the whole class they prefer to keep it in the Arabic language and it's open and then I feel all of a sudden assault. So to be on the safe side, if you do your faults or keep it in Arabic, so learn a few more as inshallah Tada. But if you bring your daughter soon now and you'd like to add a specific drop, personal drop, you can make it in your language

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we as following?

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Because I know we say

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but I heard one of the three of

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you actually was doing the demo facade he said he was supposed to say

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the question is about when you cut when you join the man and salaat and you're coming back from Brooklyn, when the man says semi I love the last panel Doherty hears those who praises his name. So what do you say would you repeat the same statement with Imam Samia Allah Mohammed and then we say to him

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so what would you say? You say some Allah Mohammed in the German in the German you should respond to the call of the man so when a man says semi a lot a lot listens and hears his name you raise a last name you say rock balaka but if you pray by yourself that's when you say something out loud and Mohammed

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The question is about racing with a man or matching the amount of his positions basically should you raise the amount enough the man's got to do you know some people see them one day man

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standing up my show

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that is wrong. And even when they come up the man mister making the banana counter or the accident, their backs or the bent down towards the situ so they're all down their throats sometimes getting ready to go to the studio as if it's rice. I mean, regardless of how much you try to raise with a man at the end you're not gonna give salami for him right?

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So take it easy. You're not gonna finish before the man so just take it is for the entire slideshow a lot of I thought that it's not it's not it's not actually any good specifically that they say if someone

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raises the Imam and they surpass the man three positions and so on. In this case the Salah will be invalid also they say if someone slows the opposite of someone slows down anything mammals brains average speed. We say average be not the one who's praying too fast sometimes, but a man will bring an average speed but there's Mashallah somebody behind the Imam is the man he has this moment of a man rush. So spiritual moment and he's a prolonged and his ruku and his use of a man says Sammy Allah Muhammad

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The man finished the saloon and Mr. Machado says that if you skip if you too slow that the Imam you know, passes you to parts of the salon, that rock I will be invalid and you should join the man when he finishes you stand up to add another record instead of down. And if this happens in your salon, you have to provide all of that

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last push

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you should be fine and

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you should be