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The speakers discuss the importance of staying firm in worship, avoiding fear and building confidence in actions, holding strongormous positions when discussing religious matters, and not giving up. They stress the need to be humble and considerate, and emphasize the importance of creating a collective body to unify the nation. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding punishment and creating a collective body to express one'sContinues and faith when speaking about religious matters.

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Al Hamdulillah hit him with the word Alhamdulillah he'll go for

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Alhamdulillah hamdulillah Hill herdy la Sawa mozzie Alicia Ed workers in Mossad Yes, Moussa Hall Oliva Fabian, a pub. First of all, bahala whom in Iran in Hakeem V dollar in morpholine alim huella. Buena Allah Allah Allah Google Ruffman Rahim wash hello and Allah had the island where he don't

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want unnecessary Eden a woman will learn what Imam and Eden

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam followers will not be with Sarah who I like to say that my whole being I think Nash attained while early he leadin What do you do goofy My habit is

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they respected elders, men, che mothers and fathers D brethren. Oh, praise and glory forever belongs to Allah, the master the maker, this is staying at the maintainer, for he's the only one worthy of worship, and may the peace and blessings be upon the one who delivered the revelation taught mankind the meaning of their creation, and was a means of liberation and inspiration to the world. In this lesson nation Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the prophet of clemency, the Messenger of mercy, the one whom Allah honored his name by placing his blessing name next to his Azerbaijan in the declaration of faith in the call to prayer and in the pray itself. It has been great sadness that

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yet another Ramadan has passed so quickly. For those who took advantage of this month, and seize the opportunities during we say to them, congratulations. As for those who missed out on these precious moments, and let these virtuous deeds slip through their fingers, we only offer them our condolences. Although the month of Mercy has ended, the master of mercy shall forever remain. So whoever worship Ramadan, then he is in a state of loss and plight. But whoever worship the Lord of Ramadan, then he is in a state of bliss and the light for the Lord of Ramadan is a lot of every other month. And although these blessings month has come to an end, righteousness and obedience has

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not come to an end. Although this noble month has come to an end, good conduct and upright morals has not come to an end, although this honored month has come to an end, abstinent from the covenant, and all that which is indecent does not come to an end. And know that over time, the struggles of an act of worship disappeared while its reward remains and the enjoyment of sin disappears, and the consequences remain. So let's bear worship with patience. Beating Ramadan farewell leaves a lump in our throats, no doubt. I mean, we could just sit there feeling sorry for ourselves and make continued goodness a possibility. Or we can make continued goodness a reality. Let's not become

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anxious by looking too far ahead. For as the saying goes, you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. And if you're struggling in the months ahead, post Ramadan, it doesn't mean that you are failing. For every great success requires some element of struggle. Let's remember making mistakes doesn't make us inferior, but rather makes us stronger and wiser. That parable of Ramadan is like that of a university in which the one who takes all of its subjects and strives hard to perfect them graduates with a certificate of Taqwa that gua the purpose of fasting Taqwa the goal of Ramadan taqwa, the missing ingredient that places Baraka blessings in our lives. For Allah the

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most majestic has stated, If only if only the people of the towns had believed in that Taqwa. Surely, surely we would have opened upon them by God's blessings, blessings from the heavens in the earth are slaves of the most generous. If we are complaining, why we have no blessings in our time, no blessings in our wealth, no blessings in our health, no blessings in our knowledge. It's due to a lack of taqwa, no doubt. So let's turn to our master Azerbaijan for forgiveness and beg him to aid us in our worship without describing any partners to him. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the great companion while the new job in one day, Allah was right, every slaves is that

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they worship Him and associate nothing with him, while the rights of the slaves over Allah is that if they do so, he will not punish them. Allahu Akbar. So heat is what will save us from the fire. Door heat is what will save us from punishment in the grave door here is what the revelation opened up with to Hades wants to confess

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Behind the Quran started with door here this one's super nice and the Quran ended with the Hadees. One of the pillars of Islam and Eman began with Torah Hades is what every believer was created for and must know that after he comes Judah fullness towards mankind, and on the top of that list, our beloved parents, they are two doors to our paradise. If our parents is pleased with us, then Allah is also and if they are displeased with us, then Allah is also dutifulness towards them is among the greatest defeat while mistreating them is among the greatest of sins. And no matter what goodness you may show towards them, then know that their goodness towards you has already preceded yours and

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is far superior. So it is a shame that our mother can look after 10 Children, while 10 Children cannot look after a single mother, Allah who will stand as for our relatives, join the ties of kinship and do not break them. For the one who does say will be the testing cut off by Allah making an obligation to visit a release called every single relative you have today, not tomorrow. And if there are problems between you and them, then this is even more of a reason to call for what better opportunity can they be to resolve our dispute and seek forgiveness from those we have wronged then a blessing and joyous occasion like eight itself part of the mercy of the Almighty and then he gives

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us these opportunities to come closer as families, as communities, as nations as brothers and sisters, continuing in the list of beautifulness towards mankind are the orphans. And Allah mentions them in the Quran. Over and over again. One might ask why? Because the orphan is one who is vulnerable, one who is weak one who cannot defend him or herself Yet Allah azza wa jal took it upon himself to defend them Allahu Akbar, so beware beware of treating them with undue care for the one who does so is under the threat of punishment, while the one who despite his good treatment will be rewarded abundantly for the messenger of mercy so long while he was setting up and formed us that on

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the head of an orphan lies a hacer una in every hair one touches, if one receives this remarkable reward for merely patting their head. Imagine the reward of sponsoring and providing aid, food and water to the defenseless orphans of Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Burma, Africa, Sri Lanka and elsewhere, showing mercy towards them, makes one eligible for the Mercy of Allah and remembering them will bring love to our dead hearts. As for the needy, ignorant, vain Rahim Allah says, if Allah forgave the one who had to quench the thirst of a dog, well, what would be the case for he hit quenches the thirst feeds the hungry and close the unclosed from the Muslims. Their concern is our concern and

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affects us when they are affected. It pains us when they're in pain. Moreover, Allah gives mentioned to the neighbor and the guests and goodness towards them to never be undermined and belittle for Allah included their rights in the final revelation, the Quran, which is in exactly agreement of the prophets, body and soul, Allahu alayhi wa sallam way he said, Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not tell me his neighbor, and whoever believes in Allah and Allah state should honor his guest rasool Allah linked Iman faith with the neighbor and the guest to indicate that our goodness towards them is a sign of goodness of faith, while badness towards them is a sign of badness of

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faith. And the prophet of wisdom also connected our tongues, our tongues to toe hate and faith when he said, Whoever believes in Allah and Allah state, let him speak good, otherwise remain silent. Some people use their tongues to cause fires, let's be among those who use their tongues to extinguish those fires. Let's speak only when our speech is more beautiful than our silence. And it you know, the Lord who said My nana to get him to watch it, but my heartbeat to whoever's words have become soft and tender has forced the love of the people upon them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam length Eman and faith to silence as well. Therefore, let's hold our tongues when

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necessary. One of the senators said if I were to speak about religious matters in front of so and so then my bed deserves to be shaved off. Thus, we need to hold our tongues in front of the people of knowledge out of respect for them and what they hold. The same is seven preaching knowledge for to say I don't know when you don't know is actually a correct answer.

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So to summarize this important topic, the seller said whoever rectifies the relationship between them and Allah, Allah will rectify the relationship between them and the people and and hamdulillah over the last month, we've engaged in correcting this relationship between us and our Creator with cm with the with the Quran. However,

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We still need to put in the effort to correct the other relationships for Islam is built upon two prime principles, goodness towards the creator and goodness towards the creation. And this is highlighted over and over in the Quran with the eight. What are the more solid there were two. The Salah is for the Creator, there's a case for the creation, which is why I show you on Islam because they need a move Allah said when he described I had a student that who are they he said they are adding them on NASA will have what are hamanasi will have, they are the most knowledgeable of the truth and the most merciful to the creation. Most people won't remember the words that we said, but

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rather our actions that we did instead. So let's show goodness towards all regardless of their position and what they can offer for any said You will only know the true colors of a person when they are no longer of benefit to you. And who could keep up with fasting every single day and pray every single month after the after Ramadan will there is a way to achieve the same rank of the one who does so how one might ask. It was righteous character. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Minella yo Draco be Husni Holika he Daraja saw a mill for him, I believe who attained by his or her good behavior, the rank of the one who finds during the day and praise during the night.

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Allah who asked about Furthermore, it goes without saying Don't forget your brothers and victimize brethren overseas and your sisters likewise, who had been devastated by extreme brutality and being massacred on a daily basis will Allah here it is nothing less than an honor than an honor to be standing in the same position. That LD friends LD teacher or the shave, I shave for most often Mizzou Rahim Allah, the one that he himself, students, I che who stood up against the justices, and said no in the face of oppression and because of it, pay the price in full and be it Nilay as they were then he will also be rewarded in full May Allah the most I had mercy on your soul, and all

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those that follow the path of truth and God is still the final date. So let's remember, as our presents and gifts are being wrapped up this aid, let's not forget our brethren who are being wrapped up in this route overseas. Oh Allah as we hold and carry our children to the eighth surah. They carry their children to their graves to shower them with mercy and patience

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to help them number one, we need to come together and unify as a collective body. For united we stand and divided we fall we need to do what we can and never belittle any good deed for colossal mountains are made up of pebbles. Bars. deserts are made up of grains of sand, and deep oceans are made up of drops of water. And number three, we need to create awareness whether it's via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise expose the war crimes of the perpetrators and don't shy away from the truth. For as we compromise the truth My dear brothers and sisters, if we compromise the truth, how will ever be known Moreover, never lose hope for what is happening to these noble nation is no

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doubt a product of divine inspiration, a mercy from man himself for the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Almighty heavy on matomo Homer laziale Had everyone

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either who had dunya Alphington was the nozzle one cotton, this nation of mine is a nation that has been given by Allah there is no punishment for it in the hereafter for its punishment is in this world by a trials and tribulations in the killing of its people. As for calamities that we face on a daily basis, whether it's through sickness, loss of wealth, anxiety, depression, death of a family member, just remember, the struggle that you're in today is developing the strength that you need for tomorrow, and the scholars have said the WAM will have minimal hell. No doubt I continue with state is an impossibility. In other words, your bad situation will surely pass. Life is like a

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roller coaster. It has its ups and downs but it's your decision. It's your choice to scream or to enjoy the ride. And whenever you are tested sad hamdulillah remember these five points to ease your suffering during trials and the stress number one is written and decreed by Allah number two, it is temporary. Number three, it could have been worse. Number four, thank Allah the test is not in your religion. And number five, there's lots of rewards in your wait. What you desire is what you want. But what you get is what Allah wants. Be grateful with what you have, such as your spouse or children job or house as opposed to what you want for it. Allah has decreed for you and Allah only

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wants the best for you. Be patient, perhaps Allah is delaying a play

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thing you are yearning for until you are ready to give it justice for Life is like a camera. Life is like a camera. Just focus on what's important. Capture the good times develop from the negatives. And if things are turned out, taken other shots, and that which also deserves our special attention is our determined and strong willed reverts. If you know any try and visit them, this aid for many of their families has forsaken them just because they bear witness that no one has a right to be worshipped by Allah. And if you yourself are a rivet, and you find yourself lonely this age, don't worry, don't worry, perhaps Allah set everyone away. So it could be just you and him. And he

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conclusion, Allah has gifted us this day the day of aid, so let's not use it to transgress his limits. For I wrote the law and who said every day that passes without you having sinned? Isn't a evade. I asked Allah to Allah the most time to accept your virtuous deeds to inspire you with guidance protect you from all evil and to keep you steadfast until your final breath. Are you mobile, Boko Haram and we're anthem one Muslim owner behind what the propel Allah Who mean our main concern Subhan Allah Huma will be handed national to Allah Allah Allah and that's the firaga one or two what we like

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and in hamdulillah