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Solo Solo gotta kind of be an uncommon either on your side.

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Remember no Rahim Allah tada COVID mP rabbit, an alpha CVO model alpha champion and competition in matters of the hereafter. What is the thermal metabolic Omen? And to seek more from that, which is you can get lesson from. I've asked you the question right now if Allah subhana wa Taala blessed you with mine, that's a worker hunter handler for a certain amount of cash, whether it's a salary contract, whatever you do, and then we got an opportunity to get $200 extra

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per month per week, maybe even more, what would you say? Would you say yes or no to it?

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As your man, I want to do what say no.

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No, no. So everybody would say yes. Why?

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isn't enough what you're getting already?

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If it's enough Alhamdulillah, but why should you seek for more? Here's the answer. It had a

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lot of a lot of BS and a lot of silica.

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Whenever you want a tsunami of tissue, Arianna says when one day you got a certain profit or you job and actually Judeo Christian culture, the prophets of Allah is AutoSum. He was it was taken about he was undressed. So basically, nothing covered his body. That's what the professor said wants to say. As a result of that, they say we're going to see what happens next. So he was taking a show. No one's watching. he's by himself alone. Suddenly for corralejo gerada. Suddenly he was he stopped showering on him. Gold coming on him, basically coming on him and covering him. Gold all over. Imagine if you just turn the water in your shower. Suddenly gold coins has fallen. What would you

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do? Would you still be basically scrubbing your body or such collecting all the gold that comes down before it goes on down the drain? Perhaps it wouldn't be right or racing before you lose it. Are you at a ceremony soda? flagella you boo. Yeah. So he grabbed his stuff, which was basically all outside. He grabbed his own garments though. He starts filling with that gold basic the interest though, as I'm using it as a bag, and such as stuffing it in there. He's still taking a shower. But he stopped his show to collect that go for another horrible as Allah subhanho wa Taala called it Yeah, you had an akuna Matata? Oh, you have I not made you unconcerned of that which you see which

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musician me Didn't you have enough already? So why Why are you doing that? So he gave us he gave very clever answer, Rs.

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Column Vela was Attica. He says indeed, by your dignity and honor. What I can learn in a de Alhaji NaVi and Baraka, he said, but I'm not indifferent towards your blessings, which means I will never have enough from your blessings.

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So this is a blessing from you know coming for me I'm not gonna say no to it

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at all, like you chose to do this to me, I'll take it was coming down from you. I'll take remember, this was not coming through a second or third party. It was coming straight from Allah subhana wa tada in a miraculous way to you guys. It's not like he was pursuing dying for it to get it from some other people from other people's hands. It was coming from Allah subhana wa. Tada. You see, we're saying yes, of course. So for you, if you if you offer a job that gives you a higher salary, for example, or maybe your job itself. So listen, if you add an extra hour,

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are you okay to do that? And we're going to compensate it for, let's say, $200 $200 extra for that extra hour that you make? Would you say no?

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It depends on your circumstances, right? You say no, this is for my family. I mean, I'm not going to take any money for that. This time is for my family. So Mother's Day will say one hour 100 Mashallah, with that I still have the time for the family and other things that I'm doing. So they will accept that. So it depends what the point from this hadith is that if this is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala never seen it. In October, the allotted time, which we discussed actually earlier, one one night.

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The prophets, Allah was given him his share in the attire which is like the salary that he used to give to some of this a lot. So he says he didn't want to accept, I have enough for colonoscopy service and the property said to him take over the money. If the money comes to you, without pursuing it, just accept that. But if you start pursuing that it shouldn't be done. But now that it's coming to you for free, don't do anything.

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It just got accepted. And that's coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's again a blessing from Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala says, am I become an amateur feminine? Whatever blessing number that you have, make sure to understand and realize that it's only coming from one last panel what's on? Well, Allah. Any questions? Yes. Should we?

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Of course, the question is, should I? Should I ask Allah Subhana Allah to provide me for more to increase my income? Yes, of course. Allah subhana wa ebonyi encouraging us to seek some of these means that would increase us indras net loss of passive venture carto

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if you're grateful, I'll increase you. Which means what you need to do it's okay to get more income to show gratefulness Allah

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Allah spoke about some noise about go to stuff Europe but then

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a lot far. Your citizen madikwe Mitra wave did come down more in my body and

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then if you seek forgiveness of God to start your own book normal selling distributor Jaco mighty Sega still says, seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala in who kind of afar is off, forgive it. He forgives the panel and also rewards you for that because you soon you're seeking forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal you're a citizen of La Mirada. He was in the rain coming down to you, William did he provide you with wealth whoever Nene and family means increase your numbers was Allah come Janata was Allah one ha God is all over the place and water streams running all over the place. Just by seeking forgiveness Allah Allah is encouraging us to seek these means of receiving the blessings

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of Allah Subhana Allah

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Subhana Allah 100 a shadowland sobre kotoba