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Al-Anam 111-127 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 122-124


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The conversation covers the use of light and its impact on people's behavior, including the concept of "will" and how it can lead to blessing. The speakers emphasize the importance of following rules and using light to make one's lives easier, particularly for those with criminal history. They also discuss the history of Islam and its use of words like "has" and "has been" to indicate superiority or weaknesses, as well as the use of "by the way" in the context of de la. The speakers stress the need for individuals to be aware of their weight and not try to criticize others.

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From the below him in the shadow energy Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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I number 122

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I woman kanamycin

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and is one who was that a person who was dead? A question is being asked over here. A woman kind of eaten then a person who was dead for a while, you know, then we gave him life. What do you know who know Ron, and we made for him light. And with this slide young she believe in mass, he walks with it among people.

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This person can he be common, like the one who must know who his example is like have the one in feels low to Matt in darknesses. lace Have you heard you mean her and he's never to emerge. They're from Casa de casa del caffeine, American Ramadan. Thus it has been made pleasing to the disbelievers that which they were doing.

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In this ayah, two people are being mentioned,

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two characters are being mentioned. The first is of the one who was previously dead. And Allah gave him life. And he didn't just give him life. But he gave him light.

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And with that light, he walks among people. He lives by that light,

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on the other hand, is a person who is in darknesses many darknesses and he's never to come out of those darknesses Can these two people be the same? No.

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One is in light, he is alive. And the other isn't darkness. They're not the same at all, in their behavior, in their lifestyle, in their consequences. They're not the same at all.

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Now over here, when the last panel TARDIS says element animating, it does not mean a person who was physically dead, but rather it means he was dead spiritually. He was dead spiritually.

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Because of unbelief, because of misguidance because of ignorance, he was dead.

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And if you look at something that that it does not produce anything, it does not grow.

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Similarly, this person, he was dead, he was not producing any good deeds. He was not going in as a man. He was stagnant and eventually he would shrivel up and finish he would decompose completely.

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So over here, Matan refers to a person who was spiritually dead, because of this belief, because of nofap or because of Khufu because of shake because of lack of knowledge because of misguidance. Whatever kind of death This is,

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for Archana who, but then Allah gave him life.

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By giving him a man, by giving him he Daya

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by giving him guidance to the right path.

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It's not possible that a person who was dead in this dunya comes alive except in the time of restarting the server as a miracle. But generally this doesn't happen. So over here, again, if yet refers to spiritually coming alive, spiritually becoming alive.

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So we gave him life wodeyar anala, who neuron and we made for him a light? Which light is this?

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The light of the Quran, the light of Eman with which he can tell between what is right and what is wrong.

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Because the person may be alive, but if he is in the darkness, what use are his eyes? Nothing, because he cannot see. Although his eyes may be functioning very properly, he doesn't even wear glasses. He doesn't have weak eyesight at all.

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But because of the darkness, his eyes are useless. They're not benefiting him at all. What does he need? A light. So what is this light that Allah subhanaw taala has given him this light is our knowledge. It is of the Quran. It is of Eman through which he can tell between what is right. What is wrong. What should be done, what should be left.

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Young shibi he walks with it. EMG from the room fetters mean sheen. Yeah.

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He walks with it With what? With the slight amongst to finesse amongst the people. Meaning wherever he goes, he has the slide with him. He doesn't leave it at home. He takes it everywhere that he goes.

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He's not selective as to where he's going to use that light. No. He uses it in every situation.

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Because sometimes what happens, we learn about the Quran, either we don't see anymore. We don't walk anymore amongst people. We completely boycott people. We become extremely antisocial. But what does Allah say? Young sheep? He walks, he walks. He is socially active, he lives amongst people. And when he's living amongst people, everywhere that he goes, he takes that light with him. What do we do sometimes, when we come to the masjid, then we have that light with us. When we're standing in prayer, then we have that light with us. But when we're having an argument, and that light disappears, when we're getting upset with someone, that light goes away. When somebody's staring at

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us, that light goes away. When we go to the mall, the light has gone. Yum, shibi, even finesse, he walks with that light amongst people. He is social, he lives amongst the people, he does not become a raw hip. But no matter where he is, no matter where he goes, he has that light with him. He follows that knowledge. Whether he is on the street, in the mall, in the bank, in his house, in the masjid, he does not blindly follow the people rather, he follows that light.

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It is also the gemcitabine finance What this means is that he walks amongst people taking the slide around with him. To who? To the people. Because if you have light with yourself, and you are in your room, and the doors shut, who will benefit from that light only? You will. And there are other people in the house on the street, who don't have light at all. So what is your responsibility that you should take that light to other people as well. You should walk amongst people so that as you walk, people can find light.

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If you don't walk, if you shut yourself up, people will have no light.

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evenness. He provides this light for others as well.

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Now this person who was dead a legate him he man, he gave him knowledge and he uses this knowledge everywhere. He's an enlightened person. Can he be like the one method who whose example is off? The one who is filled Luna met in darkness? Which darkness is this? The darkness of unbelief, the darkness of misguidance the darkness of ignorance and laser behind him in her he's not even willing to come out of this darkness. He doesn't want to emerge from it. Because he's very comfortable inside. He's very comfortable inside. He doesn't want to come out. Because if light has shown then what's going to happen?

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He's going to see what is right. He's going to see what is wrong and he doesn't want to change his ways. So he doesn't want any light at all.

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Bye. For example, if a person is doing something wrong, if he has some mistakes and other people point out those mistakes in what does he do? He doesn't want to listen to them, because then he's going to have to change his ways. So he does not want to change his ways. Laser vihara Germania so he stays in that darkness. These two people can they be the same? No they cannot be the same.

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gallica likewise like how like we have adorn Eman for the believers. Like Eman becomes something so beautiful to the believers Zoo unit in Catalina for the disbelievers also it has been adorned.

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What has been adorned for them. McCann we aren't alone, their actions, whatever they do, which is why we learned in the room. Number seven, that Yama Luna la mina hayati dunya wahama filati, Houma la Fado, they know what is apparent of the worldly life only. But they have the hereafter they're unaware, completely negligent of the answer, because they are so happy and content and interested in what

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in the actions of the studio only. They're not concerned about the

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zucchini, the cafeteria, macaroni Macedonia.

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So we see that these two people, they're not the same in any way, in their actions, in their lifestyle. In their end result. They're completely different. What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned that there are two types of people. There are only two types of people. I are someone who is spiritually alive, or someone who is spiritually dead.

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And these two people, these two characters are mentioned over and over in the Quran. They're not just mentioned over here only, but they're mentioned in many chapters of the Quran in many different ways. For instance, in sort of Al Baqarah, where did we learn that Allahu Allah, you're letting me know your

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Domino's lumati

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on the other hand when Latina cafaro Alia opa hooked up dude a woman a notary,

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one is in light and the other is in darkness. In Serato molk number 22. We learn FM am shimokita Allah YG ammonium she Serbian Allah soroptimist Hakim, then is one who walks fallen on his face better guided, or one who walks straight on a straight path, who is better guided to characters are being presented.

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Similarly, solitude is number 24 we learn methadone for your clinical armelle Asami. Well, this lady was Samir halia, stoian, mithuna, flr tilicho, the example of the two groups, meaning of the believers and disbelievers is like the blind and deaf, and the seeing and hearing one person is dead, because he is blind, he is deaf, and the other person is alive because he sees and he hears, are they equal in comparison, then will you not remember?

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Similarly, in sort of fat, I have 19 to 22 last panels, it says when is the will arm elbow sleeve, one of Luma, two and a new one a new one, it will not equal or the blind and the same? Nor are the darkness and the light, nor are the shade and the heat? One is the will here? Oh, well.

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Similarly, the living and the dead, they're not the same. Meaning a person who is spiritually alive, and a person who is spiritually dead, they're completely different. So there are two completely different opposite characters. A person belongs to either one of these two groups. Either he is someone who is in life, someone who is alive, or someone who is dead.

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And we also don't want this ayah that a person without knowledge, without a man, who is he? Who is he? He is made, he is dead.

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And a person who has been a person who has knowledge of the deen, then what is he? He is alive?

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Just like a seed, if it is kept dry, in a container, it's dead? Is it going to produce anything? No, is anything going to come out of it? No. And if you leave it there long, what's going to happen? It's going to become extremely dry. And it's going to finish. Eventually, it's not going to produce anything, even if you try to grow it, it's going to die eventually, it's going to finish eventually. But what happens if you put that same seed under the soil, and you pour water over it and you provide it with sunlight, what's going to happen? The seed is going to split open fairly cold, heavy, whenever it's going to split open, and then what's going to happen, life is going to come out

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of it. This is the case of every heart as well. At the heart of a person is that without even without knowledge. And Allah subhanaw taala bestows upon the person knowledge of the Quran. And remember what a revelation is like rain as well. And what does that do? It brings life in a person, and then he goes, then he grows. And when a person does not have the Quran, when a person does not have a man, then he's dead, he does not produce any benefit, he does not perform any good deeds at all. But a person who comes alive because of the Quran, then he becomes productive. And for that a person's ego has to be broken, the Shell has to be broken. And only then a lot of hair will come

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out. Which is why we see that for instance, sometimes there are people who have not received any kind of good training, good therapy in their entire life, who have been involved in every type of sin, from theft, to lying to Xena to drugs and alcohol, all types of sins. They are committed all types of sins. Why? Because they never learned about what is right what is wrong. Or even if they learnt about it, it never really affected them. But what happens when they learn

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what happens? They completely change completely. It doesn't they have become a completely new person. They have come alive. Previously, they were shelled up. They wouldn't talk to anyone. They wouldn't share their feelings with anyone. They wouldn't do anything good. But now when they come alive, then you see them being so productive.

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You see them being so beneficial to the other people who are around them.

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Do you see that? Just as our bodies they need nourishment. Similarly our hearts also they also need nourishment directly

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On what nourishment you receive, that is how you will grow. If a person gets nourishment from shaitan lay you hona Isla Olia him, when he's going to remain that. It's not going to make him grow at all. It's like junk food, which doesn't do you any good. It only harms you.

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And on the other hand, there is the revelation that Allah subhanaw taala has sent the Quran and when that is given to a dead heart, what happens? It becomes alive.

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We also learn from this ayah that a person who has been given a man, a person who has been given knowledge, it is as though he has been given a new life.

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Because just imagine life without

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life without a man and life with completely different, completely different. So a person who has been given the knowledge, who has been given a man after having no man, after having no knowledge after being far from a lot, it is as though he has been given a new life. Therefore, it is incumbent on him to take this as a huge favor of a loss of penalty. And thank him day in and day out constantly for this blessing of a man for this blessing of knowledge, and never even for a moment. Should he take it as a burden. Never should he take it as a burden. He should think that this is a blessing from Allah, I have become alive. I was like a dead person before. Now I'm spiritually

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alive. And if a person after being given this knowledge, after being given this event, if he leaves it, and if he returns to the state of ignorance, then what is he choosing? He's choosing death for himself. He's using life business for himself.

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We also learn from this is that a person has to put an effort to try to come out of darkness. Because Allah says laser, Bihari Jimena is never going to come out and he doesn't want to. Only when a person wishes to come out of darkness, then Allah subhanaw taala Guyton because a person might say that, okay, both were dead, but Allah gave life to one. Why not the other because the other didn't want to come out of darkness. Even though he was given the knowledge of the Quran. Still, he didn't want it. This is why he never changed. He never wanted to leave his ways. He was so happy and content with the ways of darkness, he never wanted to leave them.

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So what do we learn? That only when a person wishes to come out of darkness, then almost panel delegating,

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work or their leakage or under frequently creating, and thus we have placed within every city that Cavalia moody Mia, the greatest of its criminals. So we have placed in every city the greatest of its criminals, why? Liam Kuru Fie her so that they can spire in it against you against the Prophet. Remember the beginning is Zuko Falco.

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So, in every Korea, in every nation, in every people, in every population, be a cabin.

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A cabin is a plural of UK above, and it was a quote, greatest. Over here, it means elite, the leaders, those who are greatest, whether it is in wealth or in authority, in money, in status in lineage in age. So the Cabot McDreamy here with Remi is actually Muslim in Florida Muslim and he was murdered him

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a criminal culprit, someone who commits evil, someone who creates facade, someone who harms others, through his actions and through words

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a tabula Muslim he has been understood over here in several ways. First one has been said that a caviar emoji media means greatest of its criminals. And this is the object of jhana This is the fruit of jhana because look a Kabira would you leave me here?

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What is this one? So what this means to me? It ends with a Fatah. Okay, what else? It is an object. So, Jana, I can add me here, we have placed in every people, great Mischief Makers, its greatest criminals. Why have we placed them over there? Liam Kuru, so that they can plot and plan.

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So in every community, there are people who are the greatest of its criminals. There are levels of criminals, the greatest of the criminals of the people. What do they do? They plot and

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Land against the Prophet against those who are unhappy.

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Like, for example, in the city of Makkah, there are many people, many people who lived many people who were oppressive, many people who were oppressive towards their slaves, who did not care about relationships. But if you look at it, I will gel and Abdullah. They beat everyone in these crimes, wasn't it? They beat everyone in these crimes.

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Avila was a relative of the profits of the party.

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But still he didn't care about that relationship. So the greatest artists criminals are made what are placed in every nation? Why? So that they can plot over there?

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We learn in sort of new high number 22, about the people of New Zealand that will make our omachron cupbearer. And they plotted a mighty plot. Why did they come up with a mesh plot? Because they were the greatest criminals.

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Secondly, they set that workaholic agenda frequently creating a kaviraj moody mean.

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What it means is that in every people, the Cabot meaning the elite, the elite, the leaders, they were made, what? Its criminals. They were made its criminals, the elite were made the criminals in every nation, which is why we see that in the time of musasa was the greatest criminal.

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He was made the criminal. Similarly at the time of profit sort of autism in Makkah, who were his fiercest opponents. It was the leaders it was the elite. So who became the Muslim? It was the cabinet, meaning it was the elite. And what did they do? Liam Kuru FIFA so that they will plot in it against the Prophet against the people of Eman in order to stop people from even when I am Karuna. Illa be unfussy him and they do not plot except with themselves when I use early on and they do not proceed. What do we learn from this is that a person who plots in reality who is the army himself, instead of the normal ift, we learn? Well, Marco makhan are my current amicon are homeless, and they

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plotted a plot and we made a plan as well. And they did not perceive

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that their plan was actually going to go against themselves.

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We also learned sort of falsehood. Number 43. is think about on film a woman say what are you going to say in Libya

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due to arrogance in the land and plotting of evil. But the evil plot does not encompass except its own people. Meaning those people who spend the web who put the trap they're the ones who fall in the trap. They're the ones who suffer harm at the end.

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When you're at home, if and when a sign comes to them, meaning when a miracle comes to them, due to the people of Mecca, or do they said look, Mina, we will never believe had no Muslim at all to sudama we are never going to believe until we are given what the messengers of Allah were given

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was out his hand was given us stuff. He's already said I was given so many miracles. So we should also be given miracles. And when we can see those miracles, when we're given those fine abilities, then we will believe what does Allah subhanaw taala say? Allahu Allah. Hi, Sonia Gerardo decided, but Allah knows best. Allah is most knowing as to where he should place his message. Meaning who he should make the messenger, the people of Mecca they used to object that if someone had to be made the profit, why is it Muhammad service?

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If where he could come to him, that it should also come to us? And since it has not come to us, we're not going to believe we're never going to believe until we're given exactly what the other messengers were given. If the angel comes to Mohammed Coronavirus, Adam You should also come to us. If the Quran is given to him, then some kind of Scripture should also be given to us. If where he comes to him, where he should also be given to us. We're never going to believe until the same is given to us. What does Allah say? Allah knows where he should place his message, meaning who he should make the messenger and you don't know. Allah knows who is most worthy of this position.

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So you say we're Latina, as you're among. Those people who have committed crimes soon is going to reach them. What's going to reach them solvar on a basement humiliation

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The law in the sight of Allah what the sodomy. So what are some new fetters sod, lane law, and Savile Row is to be small to be level. And over here it gives a sense of being humiliated, being humiliated when a person is made small when a person is insulted

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so soon, what's going to reach them Sahaja humiliation,

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in the law in the sight of Allah, in this dunya also India, they may consider themselves to be very arrogant, people may look up to them, when in reality, they are very low in the sight of Allah.

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What are they when should either meaning a severe punishment is also going to reach them? Why be McCann William crude because of their plotting.

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We don't know when the prophet SAW this. And when he began calling people, towards the towards the oneness of Allah towards the worship of Allah only. There were many people who were posting, and they came up with many objections

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of them was that Who is he to be made the Prophet of Allah.

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And we learned that will lead even Molina who was a very wealthy man, and also very successful man. It is said that he had 10 children and 10 sons, which was a big deal. And he was also very handsome. He was also very eloquent and he was one of the leaders of Mecca. he objected. And he said, that Locanda tinubu what would happen if Nebraska was really true, Lacan to olavi hemming, then I will be more deserving of it than you. Why? Because Lee unni acaba, Roman casin, because I am greater than you in age, what extra Roman cannon and I am more than you in wealth.

00:26:50--> 00:26:57

I am older than you. I am wealthier than you. This is why I am more deserving of prophethood.

00:26:58--> 00:26:59

But what does Allah say?

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Allah knows who deserves this title. Allah knows who deserves job,

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whether it is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even Abdullah? Or it is when it even Maria, Allah knows very well. What do we learn from this ayah First of all, we learned that a person should not object at the decisions of Allah, at the decree of Allah. And he should not be arrogant in accepting other people's superiority. Because sometimes what happens when we see somebody else has given something that we want,

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or somebody else has given something because of which they are made superior to us, we cannot tolerate it.

00:27:43--> 00:28:29

And we deny we refuse we object we make fun, just because we think that we are more deserving. But the fact is that Allah is or the does he not know that so and so is more deserving of that position than you. Then what's the point of being jealous, what's the point of being arrogant, your arrogance, your jealousy is not going to change anything anyway. So one should not be arrogant towards the decisions of Allah. And he should not object at the commands of of law either. Whether it is with the matters of this, with the matters of provision, money, wealth, status, knowledge, a title at work, and authority at work, or marriage, even loss of penalty, Allah knows who should be

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given more and who should be given less. There is a Hadith of the Prophet sort of autism in which it is mentioned, that Allah knows, this is just a summary, that one was a slave so well, that if you were to give more wealth to some, they would become disobedient. And if we were to give less to some, then they would become disobedient. So it's possible that there is a person who is very honest, who is very obedient, but still at the same time he doesn't reach the same height that the dishonest person is reaching. Allah knows it's his wisdom, it says knowledge. So behind every decree, behind every decision of Allah, there is the wisdom of Allah, we should never become too

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arrogant and object at the decision of Allah.

00:29:11--> 00:29:32

We learned earlier as well that if a person does not obey Allah, then as wesbite Allah gives him more benefits in this dunya. So never should we judge through material level that okay because this person is materially successful, therefore allies happy with him. And this person is not materially successful, therefore allies not happy with him. No, it should never be judged according to that.

00:29:33--> 00:29:46

So over here, the problem was that the machinima they would say that since we are more wealthy, we are more prestigious, therefore profit which should be given to us. It should not be given to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam What does Allah say?

00:29:47--> 00:29:51

Allah knows better, as to who he should give Prophethood to.

00:29:52--> 00:29:58

Therefore a person should not object at the decisions of Allah, and he should not be arrogant in accepting other people's superiority.

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Sonoma desert is number 52. We learn, but you really cannot remain home and you suffer from inertia. Rather, every person among them desires, that he should be given scriptures that are spread out. They're so arrogant that every person from among the machine he wants that, just as Mohammed said, a lot of them is given revelation. They should also be given revelation. And not just revelation that is oral, but written. That's what they want. This is how arrogant they are. We also know from this eye that if Allah soprano, Garda has selected someone for something, then he knows that they deserve it. There is some reason behind it. It's possible that you don't see it, it's possible that you

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don't find that person deserving of something that he has been given. But Allah has a wisdom behind it. There is a reason behind it. And maybe that person has some ability, because of which Allah subhanaw taala has given him that, especially when it comes to the dean, we're not talking about dunia, we're talking about the dean. If somebody has been given success in religion, and you think they're not deserving of it, never think like that. Never assume that. There is some special quality that person that Allah chose him, and he did not choose you.

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So don't think that Oh, these people, they don't know anything.

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If we compare this to the previous ayah, that a person who was made than a person who was dead, Allah gave him life, meaning knowledge of the deen he gave him a man. And now all of a sudden, he comes in the limelight or something like that. People start objecting? Did you see this person before? Do you know what they used to before? This is how they used to behave? This is what they would do. You don't know their past, I know very well. But what is Allah say? There is something in that person because of which he was given this blessing. And there's something that you don't have because of which you are not given this blessing.

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So it's possible that we don't see it in the other person, but Allah definitely sees it.

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For example, it's possible that there are a group of people and one person is always leading the center.

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And other people become envious of him. Why him? Well because he has knowledge of the Quran, he has memorized the entire Quran that's why a low RM, Allah is most annoying.

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So when it comes to such things, we should accept the fact that Allah knows very well about each and every slave of his. He knows who is worthy of what

00:32:30--> 00:32:47

if I have not been given something of the deen, then the problem is with me, the problem is with me, instead of pointing fingers and other people, instead of publicizing their past mistakes, what should we do? focus on improving ourselves.

00:32:48--> 00:32:54

We learn from the coriander avocado Lola anusara has an allergy liminal period.

00:32:56--> 00:33:29

And they say why is not this Quran sent down to some great man of the two towns? A homie oxy munakata? Big a lot questions? Is it there? Who would portion at the mercy of your Lord? No, who distributes the mercy of Allah, Allah Himself. So Who are they to say that Mohammed Salah is and does not desert prophet. Of course he does, which is why Allah selected him out of all people, out of all people. This is why Allah selected him. So it's possible that we are lacking in something because the reason which we have not been chosen,

00:33:31--> 00:33:36

so we need to improve ourselves, we need to check ourselves instead of looking at others.

00:33:37--> 00:33:51

We alternate from this idea that when a person becomes arrogant, and he does not accept the other person's superiority, and he conspires against him, he plots against him, then such a person will be humiliated in dunya. And

00:33:53--> 00:33:59

when a person does not accept, then is degraded. He's insulted Indonesia, and

00:34:01--> 00:34:23

when a person does not accept when a person becomes arrogant, and when a person goes on to the extent of conspiring against those people who have been chosen by Allah, such a person is humiliated because Allah says they usually will Medina ajamu, Sahar owner in de la. They will become small. Where are they haven't read even Why? The Macan we have grown because they used to plot