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ideas that is narrated in a number of different collections including the Sahaba of Imam Muslim imam, Abu download, and the Hadith unlawfully in Abuja, the Sunni and Ebihara out of the LA hazzan Colorado Salahi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam maman Raju Lin

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yes Luke who are you can? Yes we will be here Elman. In the Sahel Allahu Allah Who busy or equal Jana,

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one of TA b He, Lu La Nuestra de NASA.

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So this is a Hadith that there are many different versions of it, but this is one of the shorter versions of it.

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And it points out two very important matters.

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The first is the Prophet SAW Selim, he said that whoever sets out a path, there's not a single person, I mean, anyone, man or woman who sets out on a path, seeking knowledge, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala will make easy for them the path to paradise. That's the first part of the Hadith. And then the second part of the hadith is that whoever their deeds, if they are slow in doing their deeds, their deeds slow them down. They're nessa their lineage is not going to speed them up. Now, what does that mean that last part of the Hadith, this is a Hadith that points out in terms of what truly matters on the Day of Judgment is really our actions. And that if a person is falls short in

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their actions, don't think that if you have some position of privilege, through your lineage, that you will be able to ascend degrees or stations with Allah subhanaw taala. On that day, will equalling that will equivalent dollar jets would mean that anyone they end up sending degrees based on their actions. And so this is a Hadith that clearly indicates, first of all, it's something that if we look at it from a perspective, it goes against all different forms of racism, and discrimination based on skin color. Because it doesn't matter what color your skin is, we live in a society where people who have a certain color of skin will have a certain level of privilege, right?

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That doesn't exist on the Day of Judgment, even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself when he was told and this is an another Hadith in Sahih Muslim and in Sahih Bukhari that when the prophets I said was commanded to warn his family to warn his his tribe to warn those who are closest to him. He's the Asherah that his own family. He said to them, he said, Oh, Quraysh I cannot avail you of anything. Just because we're from the same tribe. I cannot avail you of anything. Yeah. forays into law, and criminal law. He said, I can't do anything for you on the Day of Judgment. God no Hashem, lo me unclean. Allah, He che

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children of Hashem, I can't do anything for you on the Day of Judgment, when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala that it's all based on your actions. Abbas ibn Abdullah methodic let me and Kevin Allah he share, and then he addresses his own uncle, oh Abbas, the son of Abdullah, I can't do anything for you before Allah on the day of judgment. And he goes on to name his aunt Sophia and even his own daughter. Yeah, Politeama been terrible. Hannah didn't tell you my *. He loves me and Kenyan Allah Who Shana. He said to the prophets, I sent him to his own. He said, Oh, Fatima, this daughter of Muhammad, ask what you want, I cannot do anything for you before Allah, on the Day

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of Judgment, I will not avail you anything based on that relationship. And so the idea here is that even though we people might come from a lineage, or that they might have some position of privilege because of who they're related to, or where they're coming from, it will not do us anything on the day of judgment. And that's the meaning of that hadith, man, Allah be here and I knew who

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Allah used to be Hina, Cebu, right that the person who does not put forward their good deeds in order to the help them on the Day of Judgment, if their deeds slow them down, meaning you didn't do enough good deeds on that day, your lineage is not going to speed you up or help you in that regard. And so it's imperative that we understand the first part of this is seeking knowledge. That's one

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Have a means by which we will be able to enter into paradise, Allah will make that path easy for us, when we seek sacred knowledge, knowledge of how we can gain nearness to Allah subhanaw taala knowledge of what is foreign of what is obligatory upon us, when we study the sciences of Islam, when it comes to our fifth when it comes to our theta when it comes to understanding, you know, Hadith or the Quran, all of these are sciences that when we put them into application, it's not sufficient that we just simply study these things. But then we have to apply them. That's how it's defined as they didn't have that knowledge that actually benefits us. And so then once we understand

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we gained the knowledge, then we have to put it into application. Because if we don't, and that happens to slow us down, our lineage is not going to speed us up. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us knowledge that is of benefit to put us on this path by which we will enter into paradise and to allow us to increase in our good deeds, so that we do not end up being held back or slowed down on the Day of Judgment when our lineage will not avail for us anything. And Abby Herrera Johan who called Carlota Sula, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mammon, Raju Lin. Yes, Luca toddy con yaki goofy element Elissa Hello hola hola who be rica Jana. One

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min Anna. One, one Optra V Anna Lou. La used to be NASA boo boo. Also hola hola said and I'm heading to Alex