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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The reward for fasting during July, which is limited to six days, is still available to individuals who fast during the month. The importance of fasting during quarantine is discussed, with success in fasting during the pandemic. The speakers emphasize the benefits of fasting, including avoiding sickness and loss of productivity, and addressing health-related issues such as missing class or video. They also discuss rules and voluntary deed for fasting, as well as potential consequences of missing a class or video. A shadow lane announcement is announced.
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There are a few other filthy questions there one of them which was which Ahmed was referring to, which is, can I fast the six of Shaohua before making up fast I'm not sure if she has to address this or not. It is it is a legitimate if theta if it's a legitimate difference of opinion. So if you choose either opinion, it's fine and shall let's add the most, the one that seems to have the strongest evidence to it is that the reward for fasting Ramadan is limited to the month of Ramadan, meaning that you have until the next year to make up your fast for Ramadan. The time the restriction on the time is that you have all the way until next Ramadan before next Ramadan to make up those

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fasts though you're encouraged to make them up as soon as possible. Whereas the six days of Shawwal are limited to show Well, according to the majority opinion. It depends because in the Arabic language when the prophets lie some says citta to Michelle while six from Shaohua, it can mean citta to me, it doesn't mean sure what it can mean starting from show up throughout the year meaning if you fast any six days in the year, or it can mean six days within the month of show up. So the majority of opinion is that it's six days within the month of show I'll carry a special reward. So the time for fasting those six days, the reward of it is limited is restricted to the month of show

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up. So what's the most balanced? What's the most balanced approach this entire discussion if you only missed a couple of days, one or two days, it's better and you think that you'll be able to make them up before praying

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Before fasting the six of show well then go ahead and do so. If you have a huge number of fast to make up and this is of course particularly for sisters usually and that's where the example of it shall be Allah and her comes up that inshallah Allah and had fast that she's still owed from Ramadan and she made them up in the Shaban of you know right before Ramadan meaning this Ramadan she what she missed, she would have missed a few fasts. She still had fast that she was making up in Shaban all the way until the month right before Ramadan when the next year came around. And then I said there is no way that I shall the Allahu Taala and her would would would miss out on the reward of

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something like this meaning that there was a general permission there was a general excuse and understanding amongst the companions of the Prophet sly salam to fast those days another example by the way, I'm loving Ambassador the allot of time and though it's not necessarily restricted to show well, but the concept of fasting of voluntary fast I'm loving my boss of the Allahu Taala and who whose method is known as Madhava to Yasir Yasir, he had a very lenient fifth even Ambassador luevano was haberle OMA, he was a scholar of this ummah. But his fifth was extremely lenient, within acceptable balance. He wasn't a progressive in the regressive sense. He was within wherever there

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was ease wherever there was flexibility in the Shediac. He used to give it to the people, and he was the scholar of this, and that's what a fuck he does. He makes it easy for the people, but even our boss of the law, and when he used to travel in Ramadan, he used to break his fast, but when he used to travel, and it was a day of Ashura, or a day of alpha, he'd keep his fast. So some of the people said to him, and I Bassel the Allah and adjuvant nacmias have Rasulullah you know, you companion to the prophets like Selim, sometimes you do things that are agile, they're strange, like it doesn't make sense to us. You break your fast for an obligatory fast when you travel. But Ashura out of

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these voluntary days, you still fast them even when you travel. He said that's because Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says about the fast of Ramadan, very determined am and you still have the chance to make them up later on. But the reward of Ashura and alpha are restricted here. Now, another question comes and this is the last thing I'm gonna give you guys because this can go all day, all night. The fifth key implications here but another question comes what if a woman for example, fast you know her her tradition, her habit is to fast Ashura out offer a yummy meal, the middle days of the month, Mondays and Thursdays, but at that time, she's unable to fast for her for her reasons.

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What does she do? Does she make up?

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Or does she get the reward?

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Barack malefic, the profit slice and I'm said that if a person was accustomed to doing something, when they were resident, when they when they were at home, and they weren't, and they were healthy, if they were accustomed to that, and a sickness or travel prevented them from doing that deed, Allah would write them down the full reward of that deed, tan with absolutely no deficiency. So it would be as if she would have fasted that day anyway. Allah would give her the full reward without taking anything from it. There's zero deficiency in it. So the point is their brothers and sisters, Allah azza wa jal presents a lot of opportunities to us and Allah is merciful and the opportunities he

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presents to us on sha Allah to Allah. Let's make the habit you know, to try to fast these days anyway, you know, starting with myself now that we're in the habit of fasting, you know, subhanAllah the day was so long, right? And we thought we wouldn't be able to make it through this Ramadan. But you know, you get accustomed to it. So while you're accustomed to it, try to keep the habit of fasting in Sharla to Anna, and particularly tomorrow in sha Allah tan, which is Thursday. If you can combine the intention for for fasting the six of Chawan as well as fasting Thursday as well as as well as a&b, then. That's good. All right, last for PSU, Friday and Saturday.

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Are they prohibited too fast or not? Is it prohibited to fast Friday or Saturday or not?

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Too fast Friday alone,

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is severely disliked. To fast Saturday alone is severely disliked to a point of prohibition from the Prophet slice.

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Okay to fast them alone. However, when the reason for fasting those days existed before those days came, then it's known then the prohibition and the dislike is removed. Meaning what if I couldn't fast tomorrow, but I can fast Friday? It's better there's no doubt it's better to add Saturday to it. But if I decided to fast it alone on the basis that it's from a YAML below, it's from the white days, then inshallah it's permissible. Why? Because the prophets lie some recommended slim note, the fasting of the older Islam, which is the fast alternate days so obviously, if you're fasting alternate days, that means every week you're gonna fast either Friday or Saturday. So as long as

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it's part of the habit or there is an established reason to fast that day before that, just like if it was Asha or Ottawa, then it's permissible and shotguns on it. So I know we just

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covered a lot of issues. So hopefully we're good for the hedge. We don't have to do anything for the hedge, either. Any questions?

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You mentioned like if somebody is used to fasting, and then for some reason they would still get that award? Or do they have to make it up to get the reward? No, you don't have to make up a voluntary deed, or entertainment, I am an ochreous for Ramallah, and that you make up days. And the second thing is, if you miss Ramadan, first, you have to make it next year, or you can make it up in subsequent years.

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If you if you missed, if you missed the fast of Ramadan, then you become you know, it becomes a form, it becomes sinful to delay it beyond the next year, unless there was a very legitimate excuse. And usually that excuse exists for women, not for men. Right? So unless it's you had this abnormal amount due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, no, not men dealing, you know, with pregnancy.

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But it felt if a woman was pregnant or went through that type of stuff, and she had many days to make up, then that's fine. But for men, it becomes sinful. And if you had to do so then there's a Cafaro, that's due. And you also pay the video as well as making up the day. You also pay a video for that day. Lon. Yeah. The CMO of

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the sahaba. Anybody following that? The first thing of the Buddha Islam, do we know of any of the Sahaba that follow that? Yes. Abdullah binominal and also the Allahu Anhu. Who the prophets why some gave that prescription to? We also know Obatala Radi Allahu anhu, who was the stepfather of Anna supramolecular, the longtime animal and it's been narrated, you know, from Jodrell, the Allahu Anhu and some other companions as well. So yes, there were companions that took that prescription of fasting every other day.

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Yeah, always nowadays, is applicable, relaxes pasty during traveling.

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Okay, so the question is, how is how is it applicable in our days, the restricts or the

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taking a day off when you travel and fasting because now traveling is quite comfortable. It doesn't change the ruling at all, according to any of their elements. The ruling on traveling and fasting is that it's up to you the profit slice and M says matcha and your swim failure. So whoever wants to keep fasting can do so on whoever wants to break his fast can do so. So to some people, it's not that comfortable. Even if you're in a plane and it's you know, it's still difficult to fast. So that's they're completely there that it's up to them. So the prophets lie some did not assign the or Allah or the messengers lie so neither of them gave the permission to break your fast when you're

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traveling only if it's a hardship, like my Shaka is not mentioned in the equation hardship is not mentioned in the equation that any of those you know broadcasts that are given so it's open it's still open to us. Yeah, so when there's like a timezone difference for instance, so horror is like in Texas and the time zone between California or Texas, would you do some more according to your local time here in Dallas, or do you do so you're a new fast and you pray according to where you are. So if you're flying to the West Coast, for example, and you're losing time then and you want to keep fasting, you've got to wait till nothing in the West Coast. If you're flying to the East Coast,

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you cut an hour out good for you. Right, it's fine. Allah's Montana has opened it up inshallah It's okay. But yeah, it's according to where you're at alone. All right, last last question. I'll go to Oregon and then you can ask me personally Julia

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no, you don't have to make up if you missed the white day you don't have to make

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tomorrow Thursday

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Yeah, so you can fast any one of the white days exclusively right? But the best sunnah is for all of us Inshallah, if we can make it a habit to fast all three of those days and that's good. And shall Ilana Zakouma haters chronicle I'm having to get shadow lane. I don't have to worry. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait everyone stop stop. Stop, stop. Stop, stop, stop. Stop. Please stop. For the Shakira has a quick announcement.

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I'm sorry. It's not gonna

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