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AI: Summary © The panel discussion on good conduct begins with a discussion led by a member of the family and a member of the community. The discussion will focus on first qualities of good conduct, including being true to oneself and others, dialogue and researching one's opinion, and sh Harting people to avoid embarrassment. Good manners are crucial in relationships, especially when faced with difficult situations or with unexpected events. The speakers emphasize the need for good manners, including being polite and confident, following advice, and being prepared for unexpected events.
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So last comment while he was on the stream and

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first of all, I would like to invite you all and shout louder this coming Wednesday to our program after South Russia, Russia seven and the program will begin immediately after that article with Allah until 930 in the last this program is it's actually a panel between myself and the Imam as seen from from Plano in Mount Pleasant plenum. The discussion inshallah will be a parental advice from the surah or from sort of block man and Shaw are going to be two parts I'll be speaking about advice to the parents and mmsc will be speaking and advice to the children. So it's a family program we would like for all of you to come and bring your family Sharla Tara and your children to come and

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listen to this. Also Akari under Karim inshallah will be present he will lead Satoshi for us and you start sort of man and shallow out at the beginning of the program. So this is going to be this coming Wednesday, Mark your calendars and come and bring your family inshallah so is it over here, it's over here it is gonna be here.

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Now, and it can also be we actually do podcast live. So if someone is going to be an outside the very ranch community, out of state even you can watch us in Charlotte there live at 745 Central time in Charlotte

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and hamdulillah remember no Rahim Allah de Vaca Dido put food on the side of him and follow the same chapter the good conduct. Kala imamura himolla and mammoth Valley are the Allahu anhu kala, kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as he won't be waiting, firaga the agenda demon teracle Mira our karma aka the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam speaks in this hadith right now about qualities of good conduct good manners. The first one is said salatu salam, I guarantee, I guarantee abode means eternal life within the boundary of paradise for one who gives up arguing off even if he is in the right. This is the first quality progresses me saying that I guarantee you agenda for you.

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I guarantee eternal life. If you live disputation, argumentation, even if you're right,

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because usually when people they fight, though they argue, no one is going to be arguing No, that he's wrong. Unless of course, when they do that they become bitter argumentative. But when someone argue about something, most likely they have at least in their belief that they're right. And that's why they are the prophets all of a sudden is making difference between elmyra. Well, Judah, so when you have the raw data and the Akash, who are in the Arabic language, different appetites are different words for dialogue, discussion, arguments, and so on. So when you when you discuss with people, that's your dialogue with people, that's, that's, that's actually recommended.

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But when you make a debate, that is also considered something academic, and it's good, but almira is different. And ramen becomes just for the sake of argument. When the discussion turns into just an argument, just for the sake of argument, no one is really benefiting from it. And they only try and just enforce their stances on these issues. And they have no interest in listening to the opposite side. There's a difference between sitting and speaking with someone with an open mind. Maybe they might say something that might change your position. Because in this case, you're going to be learning something new versus sitting there close of your mind and just listening for them until

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they finish without trying even to understand what this arrow remember now Rahim Allah

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Shafi monolight Allah here good

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intimacy is etiquette in Debate or discussion. He says call is our yestermorrow Haha, well, ko lucapa terminal saw me when I talk when we discuss my opinion for me my appeal is right. But it's possibly it possibly it could be wrong and European to me is wrong, but it could be right which means he always open open the discussion for for an objective, you know, in dialogue or debate. So, basically, I speak with full confidence that my opinion is right, until you prove me otherwise, when you talk to me, I assume that your opinion is wrong, until you prove me you prove it otherwise, if you start with that kind of attitude, when you discuss with people, you will always inshallah and in

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good terms, and you will always find the truth with the last version. But if you start the dialogue by saying My opinion is right, whether you like it or not, and European as long Don't try to prove yourself right. Then in this case, that kind of attitude will need to lower and that's the meaning of a mirror. When you discuss with arguing some people sometimes when you discuss with them, you can tell they have no knowledge and it is argued and those are the people that you should not be discussing with them at all. The prophet SAW some that he said Carla will be waiting for you also the agenda, Lehman Oracle Captiva in Canada

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He said guaranteed a home in the middle of paradise. For one who abandons lying even for the sake of fun. You know, some people that make big lies, just to make a prank or a joke.

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They cause a lot of damage, emotional damage, sometimes financial damage. And they just want to make fun. Just joke about, you know, the very famous story of the boy and the wolf.

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And he kept calling the Townson wolf Wolf, everybody came out, you just laugh at them, because it was just trying to make a plan. So they're leaving because they know he's a kid, you cannot make a lie just to make people laugh.

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That's that that something is considered responsible. And it might cause actually really serious damage. How many people did fall into troubles because they just they made a they made they made up a lie. And they thought they were just joking by so it's very serious matter. And the third category, the prophets, Allah says he says, we'll be waiting shiana Jin demon hacer una loco. And he said, and I guarantee the prime portion of Paradise, for one whose conduct is excellent. So the prime location agenda is that for those who have the best of luck, and the best manners, he mentioned, to qualities of good manners before, but then he summarizes that he says, Listen,

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somewhere in the middle somewhere, and agenda is guaranteed for you. But if you want the prime location agenda, then you need to have good manners. And

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this is the most important thing we've been discussing that for the past few nights, that it's one of the most important thing that guarantees people gender. And of course, when you have your position in the prime location of agenda, who is going to be your company, as you know,

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an MBR or shuhada was silent. He has

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all these righteous people, the prophets and messengers, the martyrs, the righteous ones, all these are gonna be in this in this location. So this is going to be your company in general, in general for jobs.

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And a question Yes.

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can be Adela about this, I'm gonna learn maximum one Allah Jalla wa Giada. It could be actually the parliament or could be debates. But it's that yeah, that pointless discussion. It's beyond that evade point beyond the law?

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Yeah, sometimes a mirror is just as dumb because some people they want to show up. That's one. That's one reason. But another reason you start with the right dialogue, or discussion or debate, but then when someone is cornered, they turn into a moron. So that they know that they cannot, they cannot, you know, and when. So it's not just taking that that nasty route of just arguing for the sake of argument. Once you get to the point to this point with anybody, you should not continue. Because you know, you're gonna hurt yourself, hurt that person. waste your time and What's your deal? So just quit handling law.

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By the way, this headache don't apply between a husband and wife

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or husband wife if someone says that she's always arguing this for the sake of arguments. No, if a husband wife, they go through a lot of that tough times. They need to seek counseling. For sure. So yes, of course, even husband wife unit should avoid argumentation in general. But if they go through this very often in the relationship, then they should definitely seek serious counseling. Well, Monica Lam hundreds of others.