Yaser Birjas – Isha Khatirah 2011 09 07

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of settling for the right side and giving permission to give people first in a competitive process. They stress the need to open the door and stand up for privacy. The speakers emphasize the importance of being the person who gives the highest bid to win a prize and prioritizing individuals who come early to secure their positions. They also touch on hardship and reward for people who choose to stay in front of a car or bus. The speakers emphasize the need for people to secure a spot in front of a car or bus and avoid leaving early.
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If you've ever eaten apples if you

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are a member of our COVID chapter, competition in matters of the Hereafter, holistic third amendment of Baraka and then try as much as possible to, to get more without, which has a lot of blessings in, caught along with the vodka with Allah or fee, Danica Eliot and emphasis

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it all those drive, who wants to strive means to the finish of the last panel without another act of translation, those who VI is in this kind of matters should see the competition and to vie for phenolic affiliated members and with an emphasis on the iron, so to motivate him before that speaks about abroad and abroad that happens, a virgin and the quality of what they're going to get. And they will get also Michel Thomas.

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On this kind of good things of agenda. There are lots of parameters says those who would like to compete if you would like to compete in anything, you should compete with something else that is worth the competition. Whether

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it's spiritual, it's not going to stay. So lost to compete for the dunya it's losing any competition losing race, but the alpha that is definitely the lucrative one. Carla Salvarsan decided on the alarm.

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And also allies

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who TV show Robin fisherwomen said one day the prophet SAW was a mandala gathering, she was given a drink while there was milk for something else. So he was given something to drink. So he took his share from salada, seven first. And then when he was done one immediate hula, on his right side, there was a young one, and was left side, there were the older ones, the older ones. And on the right side, there was just a young one

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from Cornell, who saw the process of Lhasa, he knew that after you finish priorities for the person who's on your right side, right, so you give to the right, it will go on all the way to the left.

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But on the right side there is the young boy and the left side are the older ones. So now priority is gonna, you know, it's kind of conflict right now between the age of those on the left side, but the prior to those on the right side. So the process of a lot of settler knowing that it's the right side that has a priority, but he still want to, you know, give it to the elders. So he took permission from that from the kid. Imagine that messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam is taking permission from a child a lot.

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Look at the

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MSF law and his manners. He didn't say like

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in the Muslim community some case you might have gone shoo them away. Go for me, because

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that was the right permission from them. So he sought permission from that other than me, and

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says Do you mind means do you give me the permission to give those those people first? For Carlota fever not the position of that kid, what would you say? Was the Messenger of Allah smell and go for it? I am and look at this. They are these are all the people so they deserve it God given to them. However, this kid has a different thing in his mind, even though he was a child, but he knew for Carlos de la la la, la la.

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He said he said jasola I would certainly not give preference to anyone and anything that might come to me from you.

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So you got it first as well all the blessings now. I'm gonna take it first and then you can give it to them.

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So sort of like

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Takada could

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So, basically just he was so happy with the statements in how resistant he was, he said You

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deserve it.

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So, the good he has a chip on your laptop. So we learn from this is that when it comes to the fight, there is no such thing as given preference other people before that we were talking about ethos altruism in matters of doing matters of wealth and matters of food and most of the things you give preference to other people over human beings. When it comes to the idea, you should not be giving preference to anybody else. So for example, I Cincinnatus cup that happened here in the Missouri

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scenarios that happen in the method for example.

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There will be the brother brothers they come to the masjid so they

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Standing up, Marcia lining up for Salah for the first line. And then there'll be gap one or two gaps in the first line. And I will be surprised and shocked that the people in the second row, everybody's just saying you do go, I mean inviting each other to get to for that, yeah, there is no invitation of it. And the rest of us m says that we are lamona safilo. If they know the reward that is hidden in column further than or standing and the first item, Salah, let's tell them why they would have drawn lots, basically, they will just throw lost space, who is going to be standing in that line, because they will be fighting for it. And they will not be able to solve it unless they

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just you know, see who's gonna be pulling, who's gonna be the person to take that place. So something that's a lot like domestic tourism. Another thing that happens a lot it in some people they consider it as a courtesy, but it's good to shout out data is when you enter them as when you enter the magic, you should try your best to enter before everybody else. I know you're going to open the door forever to come in. But how about you open the door But first of all, you get in and you keep holding the door from from inside. So that you will come to be before 10 people that might come after you sort of holding the door for them. Everybody's coming in before you

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you come first and then over there for them. This is for the methadone if you go to the mall and go somewhere else.

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For the people that don't want to come to the pirate, you should you do your best not let anybody come compete with you aggressively to surpass you. When it comes to giving charity. If you can be the person who gives the highest bid go find a donor anybody is surpassing given the highest and doing that good deeds, staying in their mercy, if you can be the last person to leave this mela. So when it comes to doing good, try your best almost to compete for that. And try to allistic thought means to do as much as possible to get and collect as much as possible from the reward for that. Now the last thing about this idea is that this young boy, can you get so good that Bobby

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Abdullayev enough bass because of the law, or the law, no wonder, this young man, he became more than a great item for Islam. Because of his martial art, his dedication, his devotion, and the lessons he was receiving from the prophets of Allah Tada.

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Any questions?

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So you took my shirt to give the first ask the first question.

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and abuse in America.

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Allah Allah,

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Allah will amendments and Alas, pass messenger sending Salawat and blessing for those who are the first line. And on the right side of these lines. That's the first thing. Second, usually always basically always those who come first, they deserve the reward first was Sabbath when a Sabbath on the last Mother's Day. So they'll come first always. So that always we always think of first Yeah, those who come early deserve most of the rewards. So therefore the first line deserves that. The other thing is that when you're on the first line, chances for distraction will be less.

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Because you're not in the backline by now when you see all these different cars, some people come in, up and down and so forth. So it might be a distraction. But you're completely clear, and you're closer to the inner and we're in school, you know, the good kids that would compete to be in the first month right? And the slackers What do they go

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in the back rows of the classroom so that they don't get bothered by the teacher? So when you come first you show also the last panel that you would love to be as close as possible versus being in the last the last month specifically for Joomla you know Joomla most people they come early they do come

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but what do they go?

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The lineup for the wall? Mashallah. Good for them.

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Good for them or good for the wall? When it comes to the reward, it's those who come and stay in the front. Milan. Yes. Follow up on it. Yes. So we know it is special because you come there first. Right? Not everybody else. And

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you know, you're waiting for this. Are you doing the robot? You know, you probably

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My mind is a big reward for that. That is certainly say somebody's

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just coming in and saw his apartment and is racing. An old man who get to the front line.

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A lot of kids raising an old man to get to the first line. So I don't know how to describe it. You know, it's still I understand

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And I understand what you're saying that those who come early as early as possible they sit down and read and listen to that and make sure I can't sit and wait for them to come. Those are the people who deserve this reward, right? But someone who comes late, and then suddenly when they read their karma, they just jump straight into the first line to take that award. The answer is, he won't get that award for

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somebody, caring of other people, that's a different thing.

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But the thing is that that statistic people who come early not to go and sit in their backyard,

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not so let them come and fill this this at this, these lines, I remember when used to be in school, there was one brother, Mashallah, he comes late. But the method is almost half full already. So in order to secure his first and his a spot, and the first line, he would just like to say the current for the older people. And it comes in in front of the first line, to pray his sooner. So when they, when they call the karma, he would back up just further find a space for him. And the first time it was really young people they criticized him for that. No one liked it, everybody would look at him and just glancing went away. That's not what is that? What are you trying to do? If you really want

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the first line, you need to come as early as possible.

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But still, those who would raise to get into the first one, even though they come late, they will take their word for the first time. a follow up to that too. So if you see a half of visual help,

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there's only one spot you of course, if there's a fall that the Imam would need them behind him, then let them detect priority because the prophets Allah says dear and even

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those who pray behind me the llama not is the end.

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We call them the rashidun basically, that those who have a good understanding, and habit of all means people have good minds, I want them to be behind me. So they could help me if I needed help with data and so forth. Well, law law is not only just for for for ours, that for elderly in a case, and that's why it was sometimes elderly might not necessarily be qualified to be. They don't have to be Yeah, so it's not a matter of age. It's a matter of qualification for that position in terms of

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counsel, so we don't lose our award by giving them space in the first line by going back.

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If there was someone more qualified, like being hovered, and he deserved the spot, you give it to him. And

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I hope you I hope you will not lose your award. Because in this case, you're paying the profits or loss I'm giving him priority. But if it just because someone knew that you missed you come and give them a space on the first line now take themselves

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off the subject.

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musafir Vianney

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suffer a lot easier than there was no hardship as it used to be.

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God began to believe they can fast and you It's okay, it will be so

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the question is, can you fast while while traveling, I've dealt with a

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lot of others on the forums and quantum of our suffering.

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Basic if you will be traveling or sick, you can you can make up these days after the month of Ramadan. But there is no obligation on you to break your fast

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that doesn't say that you need to break your fast it depends on how sick you are. And depends on your ability to factor in the month of Ramadan. However, what is what is the what we call a seven, which means effective codes The reason that allows you to to break through faster in the month of April during the month of Ramadan. It's not the hardship, son the length of the journey, it's not that trip and so forth. It is the actual suffer.

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If whatever whatever you go in qualifies to be suffer regardless how you're traveling, whether you're flying, whether you're riding a car or a bus or train, it doesn't matter if it's called suffer is qualified, qualified. It's a breakthrough fast. How about hardship? hardship is another issue. Because what is easy for you might be harder for someone who was maybe 1015 years old, or maybe younger than so it depends. So that's why we don't measure these rules by these fluctuating

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for reasons so we say sulfur is the one that qualifies you can you fast also while traveling? Yes you can the prophets all of a sudden needed that. And they said that the one day we were traveling with a process that Allah Solomon was very hard to say that no one wants was fast except for to socialize and blah blah. They learn

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and the Sahaba used to say goodness ever models relies on us used to travel all the time.

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Witness one woman none of the some of us will be fasting some of us will not be fasting. One of you have mentioned to her the other day and no one will be criticizing the other. No one's a wire to fasting others say why are you breaking up fast? So whoever wants to do that that's fine. Generally speaking, the process of Assam says de semana para samosa? It's not good to fastball in general.

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Meaning if you think that's gonna be hard, don't even try one last

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That's for Zuma.

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you should not be crossing over the shoulders and the necks of other people. The professor said one time, he saw a man coming late for Juma and he was trying to take a spot in the front. Now that's provided that the front lines or the full sound like in our time, just like we said, most people will be filling the back roads before the front. That's like a will come later, they can go through to get you know spots in the front. But in front lines or the phone, you cannot just go through so that you secure a spot in the front. When the prophet SAW this man coming in, and he's just jumping over other people's shoulders. He said at least

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sit down, you're hurting people to sit down. So the minus one law but if you see an opening, but if there's a lot of fun, yeah, for example, second, third row, but people are not filling it up because they want to leave early, you are allowed, but don't raise your foot over their shoulder. So let's just you know, let go through in between.

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When you see the first floor completely fit, does it matter in terms of reward if you sit on the fourth row versus near the wall.

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In terms of what we want to talk about Juma? any reward jumada Professor Sam says the reward that you get which is like sacrificing a camel, a cow or sheep and so on. It's when you come in, when you enter them as that's what it is. However the reward for the salon which line you want. That's basically what you're going to be sending. Or what are you going to be spraying. So if you come let's say in the first hour of Juma, you got your account, you got your account, but then you chose to go all the way back just to secure a spot you know, today on the wall. So when they go there karma, there is no way you can go from there all the way to the first line. Yep. Does it matter to

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you? It wouldn't matter. The last one, of course, it would matter because the profits are such as federal and federal law, whatever. The best ones for the man or the other foreign lines

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and the words or the backups and so on. And it's the reversible one law.

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However, there is no better than the man position.

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It's a it's an authority and amatola it's it's a huge responsibility. You guys have no idea how difficult that is.

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Reverse for the woman the back of lots of rows, but it's better for them than the first one lions Park alone.

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