Ahmad Saleem – Oldest Pillar in Makkah

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker is headed towards a model Academy and is impressed by the innovative features of the car. They are inside the model Academy and are impressed by the car's design. The speaker explains that the car is a factory for coverings and uses the word"cyber" to describe the process of attaching a knot to a leather pouch. They arrive at the grave of the wife of Prophet salallahu.
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ad units Whoa it was a

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great pleasure

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now I'm headed towards the airport that's my driver

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Where are you from? I'm particular from.

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I've just arrived and I'm going to

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enter the car with this innovator Oh.

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Entering madder than *

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we are inside the model Academy and this is a factory where they used to make the cover of the data really interesting. And then if you guys think this is cool, then let me just show you something even cooler you see garba GABA used to be built. So, this was the kava

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you see that inside they used to have three pillars 123 From the time of prophets Allah Salim said it was always like that till today you have you know these pillars, but obviously they have been marbleized put stone and stuff like that, but if you wanted to see how one of these fillers actually looked like this filler

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was from the 65th pitch rock live engineers time and kind of this thing is

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as old as this habit

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this thing that you see over here is called CORBA and Allah subhanaw taala he talks about in in one of the verses that he says well cowardly means right and those that suppress their anger, but in the Arabic language what is referring to as somebody who puts actually a knot on top of the mouth of this thing. So, you see the thing over there

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somebody that puts a knot on

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this thing. So, you cover the mouth of that, that water leather pouch that you have and basically what you do is you do not let anything come out. And the size is basically your anger before it transforms into a verbal or before it transforms into a physical thing is the imagery being drawn towards is that leather water holder. When that gets filled with anger, take a knot and tie it on top of it and do not let that anger come on and ensure that none of that anger actually comes out and is is visible in on your physical body. And that is right is the stage of anger where you're completely filled.

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with anger, but you haven't allowed that anger to impact your physical being. It's all inside.

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If you're angry, if somebody pushes you somebody hurts you. You want to give him a one tool. You want to give him few things from your mouth before you get physical tie in onto your mouth. Kind of that, you know, tying a knot on top of that leather water pouch and keep quiet. We just arrived here,

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right off the highway.

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This is the grave of the wife of Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

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