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The upcoming video discusses the history behind the name Azza wa jal, including its use in various media and the importance of practicing it in daily life. They also touch on the difference between falsehood and reality, including the meaning of a hawk and a law. The speakers emphasize the importance of telling the truth in order to practice the concept of falsehood, citing the history of Islam and the importance of practicing it in daily life. They also discuss the meaning of "verbal" and its relation to actions, including appointments and promises.

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99 Names of Allah azza wa jal from Virginia and I see all the kids coming after taking candy. So I sent them a big bag of KitKat so if I don't know if that's a brother or sister, but that person they're watching us right now, we thank you so much for the gift we got it. And in sha Allah Allah may Allah bless you and encourage others to bring more candy

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so another good news and inshallah Tada today, we have two brothers, brother a son and brother Anthony stand up on second that the people see in sha Allah, they came today and a lot of alameen and there's a lot of Dora was the first summer they ever prayed Subhanallah tech Vir for handler Valentin so they came and they haven't taken the shahada before, but today they came and brother Hannon May Allah reward him. He taught him how to make wudu and brother Mustafa is taking care of all the rest of the stuff and hamdulillah Bellamy May Allah subhanaw taala keep them steadfast on this deen and may Allah subhanaw taala increase the people coming to Islam in sha Allah Tana Amin.

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Tonight's name, one of the attributes of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala has many names and many attributes. And one of his names is that we're going to discuss tonight in sha Allah, Allah is Allah.

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Al Huck

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and Huck

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is the Absolute Truth. Allah subhanaw taala is a fact he is the absolute truth. It is that name as the name of Allah is mentioned 10 times in the Quran as the name of Allah, but the word and Huck is mentioned many, many times in the Quran. For example, the sort of that we all know by heart, while also in the in Santa Fe hustle Illa Latina and then why middle slowly hat but also, Bill three up here is not the name of Allah, he's here to us,

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telling each other encouraging each other about her. So one of the names of Allah azza wa jal is is an

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alert is true in and of himself. And in his attributes, His existence is undeniable and nothing else exists except through Him. Some of the areas that Allah mentioned the name and hacked in it there Lika B and Allah Who and Huck were and Amaya the owner, Minh Dooney Hua al belphin.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the all

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true, truthful, and anything that you call other than Allah is falsehood is about in another area there Lika be and Allah Who and Huck were and now you will notice we're uno Allah Kulish Are you in Kadir? Allah is the Huck and he's the one who create or who

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re give give life to the death and he is capable of doing anything. You're amazing. You are fearful, you are free. You are fear him. You will feed him you will feed him Allah Who Dena whom will help ya Allah and Allah who and how can Modine Allah subhanho wa Taala is the clear heart is the evident hug to Allah Allah who will Milliken Huck La ilaha illa who rob Bula Rochelle Karim Allah subhanaw taala May he be glorified? He is the Huck and there is no ILA there is no God worthy of worship except him.

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Now Subhanallah

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Imam Sadie for him Allah. He said something very beautiful. He said, How will you hack with a new who

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will you call oh who helped or to sue who helped welcome to boohoo hack. What do you know who and Huck where are the two who the WHO Lashley killer he and Huck were coalescing in Yun sub la for one hack SubhanAllah. He said, Allah subhanho wa Taala he his word is the truth.

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And the meeting with him is the truth. His messengers are the truth. His books are the truth. His religion is the truth, worshiping alone, worshiping Him alone without any partners is the health is the truth and everything that has to do with Allah azza wa jal. His words are the truth everything that has to do with Allah is absolute health, without any doubt, this is the name of Allah azza wa jal,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, in the meaning of the closest meaning for that, for that is Allah, your Lord the truth and what can be beyond truth except error. So how are you averted? Huck in the Quran usually comes opposite off button. Allah subhanaw taala said was your and Haku was that Huckleberry Finn in Alberta, Canada. When the hawk comes, yeah, one we're going to explain I'm just giving you always in the beginning, I give you like

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a summary

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And then we go into how can we practice or live with that name in our life. So Allah Subhana Allah Huck, this opposite of battle, battle is falsehood. The truth is the opposite of falsehood and Allah subhanaw taala, certain Surah Surah Jaya and Huck, truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Surely, falsehood is ever bound to vanish. And what is the difference between

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between hawk

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and justice? And ugly? What's the difference between hawk and Aggie? Is justice and help is truth? The truth is a value well as justice means the truth being put into action. Okay, true a hawk is a value, when you put it in action, you are doing justice, when you put the truth into action, you are being your being just

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now in order to practice this name in, in our daily life, and live by this name. So we can see we are benefiting from these classes. Number one, yeah, one my brothers and sisters, is to be truthful yourself.

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To always tell the truth, no matter how hard it is, always tell the truth. The truth will always say to you, no matter sometimes it is against your desire to say the truth. Sometimes, like

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there was a man

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there are people who are running after a man.

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they were trying to harm him.

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So they were running after him until he got to a place where there is

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a huge pile of hay, you know, the hay,

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you know, for the lack of you see it. And

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so, he told the man who owns the hay said, I'm gonna hide under here, if they pass, please don't tell them where I am.

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So the man he hid inside the hay is a huge pile, nobody can see him. So the people running after him, they came and they saw, did you see anybody running here? He said, Yes, he's under the hay right there.

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They looked at the hay, he will do mountain snow, you crazy. So they kept running. So the guy came up and said,

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What did you do? He said, True, saved you

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telling the truth saved you. You know, they looked at it, how could somebody hide under this hole? And they left? You know Subhanallah so this way I did not lie and the truth saved you. So always telling the truth is always good. And Albert,

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Albert, will de la Jana. How can we do to better and we said yesterday, what does the meaning of better, better means doing the best of good and who withholding the least of evil. This is Bert and Huck telling the truth leads you to better and better leads to Jana. being truthful does not just mean speaking the truth. But it's also means seeking honestly see, seeking honesty in all your actions, being truthful in the way you act also, not just telling the truth. Also in the way you act, when you give, when we give appointments, yeah, when this is something that we are a little bit, you know, behind in, when we give appointments our appointments are a little bit shaky. Six

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means seven seven means eight eight means nine theory. So we have when we give when we are truthful, we have to be truthful also in the way we when we give our promises also, I was invited to somewhere when mentioned the other date, I was there, when they said six I was there at six, the horse was not there.

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How long he had he had a valid excuse but it was not there to 640

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May Allah subhanaw taala blessing with the new baby. So

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truthfulness is in all in all the actions.

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It means you can never hide the truth and you should abide by the truth even if it is against your personal interest. Al Haq himself instructs us and do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth. While you know.

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Bukhara will tell you this will help Carville Dalton protect human heart color and tone to Allah moon. Do not mix the hack and data together and you hide the hack. While you know sometimes we hide the hack. Listen carefully. Sometimes we hide the hack because the hack might harm us.

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Sometimes we hide the truth