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An-Nahl 22-40 Translation 22-40


AI: Summary © The group discusses various characters' actions and potential outcomes, including Sue Kalu and Kalu Arden. They mention various names, including a woman named J anyone is a woman, and discuss the potential consequences of their actions. They also mention a woman named J being a woman and discuss the possibility of a woman named J being a woman.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sola russellian Karim. I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Riley's solidity were Sidley, MD Washbrook data melissani to Carly or Ben acid in our in my lesson number 135. So that is number 22 to 40 Translation it will come your God Illa Hoon God were hidden one fella Dena so those who learn not Yamuna they believe will fly in the hereafter. galoob ohan their hearts monkey rotten one that denies we're home and they must be rune ones who are arrogant.

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ledger Rama, no doubt, unless, Indeed, Allah, Allah. Yeah, animal he knows ma what you say Runa they conceal, they hide warmer and watch your linoone they reveal in the hood indeed he learned not your hibou he loves our Mr. query. The arrogant ones

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were either and when Dana it was at the home to them, mother. What is that? Angela? He sat down for a book O'Meara kalu they said sadly, stories, a welline of the first ones they are Emmylou so they carry out their home their burdens gamelan completely Yama en de LTM of the standing woman and from oza burdens and levina of those who usually Luna home they lead them astray. Belay Nia without elmen any knowledge, Allah unquestionably sir it is evil man what is the rune they carry?

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out in fact macaron he plotted and Medina those who main from cabling him before then, for adesso he came Allahu Allah banana whom they're building. Main from Alcoa worried the foundations for harbor so it felt I lay him upon them a sackful the roof, the ceiling, main from FOCA him, about them well at their home and it came to them or their Buddha punishment main from high school were learned not yet alone, they perceive.

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So Medan yoma on the LTM the standing yakezie him he will humiliate them, or kulu and he will say, I know where Shoraka he my partners and Edina those who come to you were to share Guna you all opposed feed him concerning them in them. Allah He said, Allah Vina those who do they were given an ailment, the knowledge, indeed and his ear, the humiliation, Aloma today was Sue and the evil Allah upon and carefree the disbelievers

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and levena those who that are for whom it will cause death to them, it will take them fully Malaika the angels volley me as ones wronging and forcing him themselves for alcohol. So they offered they cast a selama the submission man not gonna we were normally we do men from Sue in any evil Bella rather in Allaha Indeed Allah or Lehman, always all knowing Bhima with what quantum you were Dharma loon you all do

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for the Hulu so you all enter abueva doors Johanna of Hellfire, Holly Dina once abiding eternally fee her in it felt a bit sense so surely how bad math were aboard al moussaka, marine of the arrogant ones.

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Well, Taylor and it was said, Linda Deena to those who eat the code. They feared, Mother What is that? Angela? He sat down for a book O'Meara kalu they said Hira good. Linda Dina, for those who are so new, they did good. fee in heavy this adonia The world has an attorney is good. What and lawyer surely the home hero of the hereafter. Hi Ron is better. Well and linear man surely how good they are home and we're talking of those who fear

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Jenna to gardens are the name of Arden of eternity. Yeah, the whole Luna ha they will enter it that really influenced men from that the hair underneath it and how the rivers the home for them, fee her in it male whatever you share owner they wish gallica likewise. He edges hE hE recompenses Allahu Allah, and with the pain, those who fear those who have the power

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Under the you know those who that are fair home, it takes them fully it causes them to die and Malaika the angels by you be as good as pure are ones good ones pure your colonna they say salam on peace or they come upon you order Who do you all enter agenda the paradise Beamer because of what quantum you were Dharma loon you do. How are young Luna they wait in that except and that that they are home it comes to them alma ecoffee angels Oh or yet There it comes under command or big of Europe. gallica likewise for Allah he did and levina those who main from poverty him before them warmer and not one of my home he wronged them Allahu Allah. Well, I can but can they work and foster

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home themselves? You have removed the wrong

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for our cyber home so it reached them say he added two evils. Man, what army Lu they did, what have and it enveloped became with them, man, what can we they were busy with it yesterday on the mark.

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What color and he said alladhina those who are Shaku they did ship low if he will. Allahu Allah. Man, not our buddy No, we worshiped men from dooney other than Him main from Shay in anything national we wanna and nor ever owner, our forefathers, whether and nor have alumna we made unlawful men from dooney other than Him men from Shay in anything Guernica like ones ferula he did. And Medina those who made from poverty him before then, for her, so is Allah upon a rustle the messengers in there except albula the conveying and maybe the clear,

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one awkward and certainly Barcena, we raised fee in Cali every omoton nation, or suelen a messenger and that are Budo your worship Allah Allah, which then he boo and you will avoid a route that route the false gods for men home so from them, man who had he guided Allahu Allah, or men home and from them man who have got it was justified are they he upon him? upon Allah The misguidance for siru so you all travel fee in the earth from the roof so you are look okay for how can I was arriba to end result, I'll look at the beam of the deniers. If that is you desire greedily Allah upon who they're who their guidance for enter then Indeed Allah Allah learn not yet He guides man who you will he

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sends a string warmer and not the home for them men from NASA needing any helpers.

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Welcome and this world biLlahi By Allah, Jihad strongest amen to him. They're all learned not yet but he will resurrect Allahu Allah, man who you move to he will die by law rather than a promise or lay upon him have gone into what our kingdom but after almost a nurse of the people learn not Yana moon Dino

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liova Hina so he makes clear the home for them. Ella D which yesterday funa they differ fee in it when the LM and so that he knows alladhina cafaro the disbelievers and the home that indeed they can do they were caddy been liars in them or indeed not but toluna our word Leisha in for a thing, either when our dinner who we intended it and that Nakula we say La who for it can be for yakun so it is presentation of design.

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lady next

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men Hakata fatale Bala

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me Simi

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you been on a woman lady

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