Yaser Birjas – Worship Does Not Mean Stress

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the confusion surrounding worship levels and the use of sall campaigns for men and women. The speakers also discuss the importance of practicing devotion and staying true to the Prophet's teachings. They warn against taking advantage of current political climate and suggest patient behavior. The segment ends with a discussion of the murder of a man and his assistant, which they call a hate crime.
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Lara Malala means Allahu Akbar Khan, Amina Mohammed Ali, salaam maga.

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Who has the best level of worship is a man

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who had the best level of worship.

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we talked about that last one was consistent but in general, the standard the best level of worship, whose standards,

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profits or losses or

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you have any doubt about this? What if someone had a doubt and

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that's a problem, right? Let's hear this story. According to Anasazi a lot on how young men and women sometimes young people, they think that they can do better than

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that zero

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has a lot of variables in it. A lot of good intention doesn't mean it's right. Let's see what happened.

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istorage Anasazi Allahu Allah Jalla wa ala, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Yes, Luna Nevada Tina.

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And this Haddad nsec three persons came to the houses of the prophets that are the wives of the prophets of Allah Salah. So they came to ask the minion, the mothers of the believers, and they were inquiring about the level of worship of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Professor of Law stellar This is his life was was public.

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What do you guys think?

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His life was public, right? He's always in the middle would come and see and they will see how much he worships or a lot of Solomon public concern. So why these people are going around the household of the prophets Allah Sam asked was his worship what's the point? what exactly they're trying to do? What they're trying to get away?

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Yeah, because all of us are human beings. We have two images I have two faces, the private I'm coupler. When you're in the masjid, Mashallah in the Juma you feel the atmosphere, the ambience, you become Tabata Kala more focus. And for more, for sure, you prolong your citation, enjoy the citation, or you go home when you're supposed to be there with them wherever you do

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it a lot of family just visit the bathroom and come back to sleep.

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So the actual theorem will lead the actual data is in private, private directory, right? That's what the people were asking about. So they were inquiring is the professor Sam in his house? Does he do a lot of that? How often does he make this? So they asked about the professor semoga

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Canon takala so when they're informed when they're informed how much the processor allows us to worship Canon takala like they belittle that?

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Wow. Sula, he doesn't do that. More than this. Like is one ask my wife how she has at home right? She's very serious.

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Seriously the enam the shapes and so on. The same thing the same concept we have this kind of like aura that you know your engine that you're always perfectly always this or that so the people came about the process that Assam they thought that the level of the wash of the process Allah Salah will be something that you know, an elder expectation be like 100% at 100% level.

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So when they were told how he'll worship salado, Selim Karnataka, you know, they said that's not much for but they get this. God Rasulullah sallallahu

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ala Mata Mata Mata,

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obviously, Allah Subhana has guaranteed this forgiveness if we gave him all his sins.

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So therefore, you know, and we're not, we cannot be matched to the Prophet sallallahu taala we have to do more.

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So they thought that the professors are doing less, because he was granted forgiveness for sure. They didn't have to put much effort.

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And for them, they said, You know what, we're not even close. So we have to put more effort, the worship of Allah subhana wa. So they give their own proposals and suggestions. And manna for suddenly Laila Anna

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more than he says, I'm gonna be spending the night and pm every single night like I don't sleep at all.

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So this person who wants to devote all his nights to selectively

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obviously during the day, he's gonna take his time to ask the other one who said, we're gonna assume udara

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for me, I can't do PM, but I'm going to be fasting every single day.

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Every single day will be a fasting day from

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the third one he said, why not attend Mesa para de was are will completely cut off myself from the pleasure of this world. So I'm not going to get married.

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I'm not going to approach another design. So therefore I'm going to make an arrow now

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What do you guys think of that standard? Isn't that something righteous?

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agenda? Is that righteous? Is that righteous? No, it's not. It sounded like righteous. Wow. All night piano

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all day fasting and nothing to approach to that the pleasure of this dunya and so forth that must be righteous. No, it's not righteous, that is not righteous. That is extreme. That's what the prophet SAW a SimCity. So when the prophets of Allah, Allah and he came home, and he heard what the story what they said about you after they were told how the purposes of worship so he came and he gave a homeless person, the one of the narrations he says and tabula

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rasa you said so and so. Now the narration he made in a third person like what's wrong with people that say so and so? And he mentioned their statements about not fasting, not sleeping at all fasting every single day and not in a project pleasure answer. He said unsterilised Allah, tala ama Allah He in Nila Sha, Camilla, Camilla atlases, and the most pious and Muslim should most most fearful of Allah subhanaw taala, among all of you.

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there is no doubt about he had the ultimate knowledge he has finally attained Salalah he saw the miracles of Allah as there was in in heaven earth, He saw everything said about the last sermon that says, so here's the Athene is way beyond animal. So if anybody's going to be really worshiping because of the knowledge that he or she has, with a prophet sallallahu wasallam. So he gave his example he said, however, the enemy assume friendly, California Sumo hostile, I fast and a break my fast. So I don't do it every single day, or every Sunday. And I pray part of the night, and I get some sleep as well, I rest as well. While Carla was a virgin Lisa, and I married one. And then he

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said some other bands, Timothy Ferriss. So this is my example. Anyway, anyone who tries to disassociate himself or turns away from my example, is not a true follower of me.

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So you don't you ever allow anyone to come and teach you an act of devotion or righteousness or a bada that will surpass the example of the prophets of Allah Allah said, and then they will say this is good. Yeah, but the Prophet, the prophet doesn't do that. What maybe no, but you know, it's a different time. So for us, we have to do more. We have to do this, we have to do that. So these are invented for you certainly by that and then eventually, because you trust them and you believe in them. So you follow that example? Go back again to the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So what is the example the profits or losses? To summarize the example of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what do you call it?

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As a man

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about moderation

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was at the start of the visit, that's the middle the middle way.

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It's always the mother, the mother who has to live a ceremony. And if anyone would like to fast would like to pray to Malaysia we would like to push you know, to enjoy the pleasure of this dunya take the example of the prophets are what allows them in that sense.

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That was the example the prophets are what allow us to Ramallah and there is no example better than his, as we always say, for the Juma

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam The best example for example, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Someone said, Okay, how often did the professor sell and fast, I shall the law, she said that the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam didn't have any specific, you know, any kind of rhythm for that fast so but sometimes the month begins, the month begins. And he fast in many days that we say he doesn't plan to break his class. But then at some point, he breaks his class after a few days, and then sometimes the month begin, and he wouldn't fast at all. So we say that he still that this month is going to take a break. But then somehow, later in the month, he will start fast and reliable.

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So he's so awesome. He kind of like diversify this time, based also on his energy for us this summer right now. So in summer, it's it's hard and difficult really to fast, long days, when the winter becomes better. So sometimes some people in the summer instead of doing you know, fasting, they will start doing other activity, but when the winter begins, they shift to fasting and to emulate because the days are short, and the nights are very long, and they enjoy the

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outdoors or listen to the speech of

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Allah. Before I open the panel for the question, just an announcement, I guess you already know the news right now. It's not a new news, since it's happened

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in two days ago.

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And that is, unfortunately the murder of yesterday. The murder of the Imam from Queens New Blumstein. I mean I watched the video surveillance video that was actually posted later on in the day. And it is actually it looks like a hate crime.

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It doesn't seem that there's any motivation other just really deliberately killing the man and his assistant. Because as they were walking from outside the masjid, and they walk on the, on the, the side of the road, then this guy he comes from behind and he shoots at very close range, like in its execution style, unfortunately, and this part of the fill the ground, and melas panel give them Shahada for the ceremony, because parliament and what a better way of dying after finishing an activity such as

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being in the masjid in Gemma, and as you walk back, as the professor Sam says in the heading that whoever goes to the masjid and come back from his house, hopefully them much like Leonardo da and he is under the name of Allah which means Allah subhana wa tada is taking care of them until they return. So when the time comes, comes up, they are actually not under the warranty realizes the law takes his channel during that time. So there is no doubt it's a great loss. And I know some people somehow they might focus on this aspect like martial law, the Shahada was misplaced. don't wish that.

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And honestly, this is because their family are grieving right now. They're grieving for the loss of their father, a loss of their friend and their brother and their beloved environment, that leader that some of that to take in consideration to make sure that they may draft them shallow to Allah subhana wa tada and accept them, bring them peace and tranquility, who has collages and to give his family beautiful patients that have that I'm in the midst of this journey and

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we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make his ama and his heyland he has done in this dunya to be running, running the church and sacaton gereformeerde manual Rahim Allah subhana wa tada elevated status Allah forgive us, or Brian, I mean, again, we ask Allah somehow for his family to be patient, to ask Allah subhana wa to give them that peace and tranquility in their hearts and their minds and to bring to them in this dunya which is best self manual. Allahu taala. And the question

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is article 100 shadowland Mr. Furukawa

“Worship Doesn’t Mean Stress” in the chapter of Moderation Riyad-us-Saliheen. Vol.1 #143

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