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A lot of blind men sort of lost and I'm gonna kind of Muhammad and it was just my my bad. So who's hungrier Gemma?

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And it was hungry

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so you're all full because this hadith might ruin your appetite

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it speaks about eating something we're not used to it. So let's see what the hell it says over here. How did number 1833 In the other side Hank it every month all right well moolah, the chapter miscellaneous are highly two significant values called one Abdullah may be alpha. Radi Allahu Anhu mockcall rizona ma Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Saba Kulu Jara,

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Arizona my Rasulullah is still Allah sell himself as a word. Nakuru, Jarrah hydro who al Bukhari Muslim. And this hadith Abdullah, we owe for the Allah Juan. He said we accompany the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam in seven expeditions, seven journeys expeditions, he said during those expeditions, we ate only al Girard, which is what locusts grasshoppers visit the big grasshoppers

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reality in grasshoppers

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not not with biryani.

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All of you have heard the word video never disappears, okay. And no one will notice the difference. But seriously, anyone ever tried that before?

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Now Oh, you tried it? Not sure how to taste.

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Sir again. Crunchy Shala you're gonna address the problem in it.

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Well, not the black ones. The black ones not not lockers. That's

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that's just insects. But this one this the lockers are the big ones. The very big ones. The grasshoppers are small and tiny. There isn't much meat in them really. But the big ones, the locals. They do have some stuff.

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And I try that because one time it was was was shared with me Rahmatullah Indonesia. So that season, there were a lot of swarms of locusts coming and flying into the area Subhanallah you know, these insects, they fly in big, big groups. And they come to the crops and just leave nothing Lumsden. So they only eat, they only get graze, therefore, they're clean, they're clean and they're nutritious, really. So under full of protein. So I remember she was he was asked by the some of the students share, can you eat that stuff because of course you should.

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I mean, it's this It's okay. Because look for what they call them a limited or limited. So they'll makin those the big ones that also cutting in its belly the the eggs basically, like now double the protein basically. This is the one you look for. So how would you eat that? How would you eat that simply they just they take off the head, the wings and the legs and everything and the only they just leave the body. And that body you have multiple options how you cook it, you can just eat it raw. If you want to few there.

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You can boil it when you bought it and you can eat it afterwards. Or you can roast it I tried the roasted one it over the fire. How did it taste in terms of texture, I would say maybe like popcorn.

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In terms of texture. In terms of taste, the closest I could really resemble the taste for would be with the most like it would be actually the shrimp.

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It's like shrimp literally just like shrimp the big ones just like shrimp.

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Now in a matter of a matter of taste that you can you can use any season as you wish. You can use salt you can use pepper, you can use whatever you want. You can use sauce with that. Anything you want. But it's still good and nutritious Chevra there may have been one time he told us a story.

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And that story he said that they had

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I don't know I said a shammy teacher in the area from a sham. He maybe that was back in the 19 probably maybe 70s or 60s Even he was he came from a sham a sham martial that fancy food and all that stuff and so on and never ate that stuff. Because the one so he was one always wondering about the locusts because he heard the Hadith the Prophet ate locusts and the people who they say they eat locusts when it comes to season. He never heard that before. So she said one one of those years we had a good season of the making the big ones because I got some of them in a bucket and you know kind of prepared it for him and sent it to his house. You gave us this the McCain that you're asked

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about this will enjoy it. And he left the

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next day the chef is Eagles how was it? The man says call call May Allah forgive you.

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Because what happened? He goes he goes I almost died. He was tried one outside choke and I couldn't swallow it. I couldn't get it out. I almost died I'm gonna suffocate the chef so what do you do with the rest of it? Because I throw it away the La hawla wala Quwata level like you throw away some of them amazing makin base

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ugly, so it is permissible and the Prophet saw some hate our beloved Muhammad Barbara the lion he was asked even about the permissibility of certain foods so he gave salsa special instruction so in

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a summer called Gerard he was asked about eating fish and eating locusts dead fish and dead locusts call

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or hell Atlanta mate attorney weatherman to the animals were made halal for us to eat and to bloods were allowed to consume says As for the US for the meat he said the fish and the Locust which means when you find the dead in the desert, you can grab it and eat it. It's okay as long as it's not bad.

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So how do you know it's not bad? I mean, if it's not rotten doesn't smell for example bad or it's not on the back of a swarm of antsy and traveling so leave it for them right

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so in this case, it's okay for you to to use it same thing with the fish. If you see a fish floating on the surface of the water as long as it's not bad, you can still eat it. Yeah, but I did not do any the proper slaughter there is no such thing as proper slaughter for these animals. As they die you can still eat them. Similar to for example, if you eat crawfish for instance, or even lobster while it's alive, how do you how they call it animal put it in the boiling water that's fine. But isn't that torture? This is don't don't put human emotion on these animals that sense? This is how there's a lot of this how they are they sacrificed for us it wasn't the same way we should be okay

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Inshallah, as per two bloods the prophesy says that al Qaeda What the hell, the liver and the spleen because it's heavy content of blood in them and the promise that it's okay for you to eat it. What does that mean? Cook it before you eat it that's what it means. You cook that before you eat it how to cook it that depends on your recipes and dishes obviously, but it's okay to eat. From of course from the from the halal animals that we eat. You are allowed to eat the spleen and liver even though it's filled with blood. And the same thing you are allowed to eat the fish and the locusts if you find them dead. It should be alright insha Allah Tabata Katana so next time you travel to Medina

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inshallah or mica wait for the season and enjoy some MyKad Shala any questions? Yes.

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I like to eat turtle. Actually, as I say no. No. Depends some animals if they're amphibians have two phases in life. Like for example frogs dilemma, they say it depends on what phase they're they're more into, is it the land phase? Or the water phase? In regard to turtles basically the specifically turtles they allow the sea turtles but the lanterns they say no, because it actually has claws and fangs

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and therefore she should be actually shouldn't be eating it. Allah

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what's on the menu, right? Alligators? No, same thing you can eat them now. Yes. You mentioned about some of the

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some of that don't allow shrimp like in the Hanafi school

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you don't want you're missing

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background they use so talk about shellfish basically like for example like crawfish in the river or shrimp which is in the sea for example why they say it's not allowed because actually it's considered more of like extra

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scavengers they they pick up whatever actually falls on the ground and they eat it. Yeah, but that's inland inland animals that dirty like hyenas for example or anything else. But in terms of the sea, the sea animal It's okay. It's okay to eat the shellfish. It should be fun to shelter.

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Anything from the sea? Yeah, because it's in the highest

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As the Hanif is done on don't ask me.

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I remember

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one of our one of our messages or one of our colleagues it was Hannibal is from Turkey actually. He was so stubborn about the whole idea of shrimp. He says he don't eat shrimp. One time he was invited to go to New York and he was invited there so that when they present the food, the appetizer were all shrimp and everyone was eating shrimp and they said chef eat because I can't I'm hanapin should not be doing that. You actually I was Mila try it out you know it's okay. We will not have any was will shall have us we'll try it out. So he tried it out. I said so what happened? Because today I'm Sharpie and this must

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follow only with shrimp is Sharpie on shrimp. Yeah.

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can we get the microphone to the sisters? Not great. But it also says we can't eat from anything that was now

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Most of the slaughtering that happens

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we're not going to answer this question where we kill this masala tons of times and the debate is actually is too long the whole idea of the slaughtered animal the proper slaughter and so forth. That's a long discussion actually. There's not a ton to discuss I can talk to you about it later inshallah. Yes,

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sir again

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look of the locus here in America.

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I think so. I mean, just go go somewhere where there are farms you'll find a lot in shallow Tara. Now.

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No, actually the because this is considered si si animal completely. It's okay. Again, it's part of the shellfish. Now, the crab is

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just as good. I was wondering, does the permissibility of locusts also extend to other insects? No, it does not. It does not go to other insects is there's actually what the what the locus for being halal. Anything else in terms of necessity, it's different. But if it's a normal circumstances should be okay. Charlottetown wala Donna Samadhi kilometer Loboda