Yaser Birjas – The Signs Of Hypocrisy March 2nd 2012

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the signs ofteenth trigram, including breaking promises, giving promises, and calling people. It also touches on the importance of not giving up on promises and setting up offers to break them. The speaker suggests calling someone who has multiple qualities a monopoly and advises against giving children what they want to get. Two scenarios are discussed, including being called a "c robacant individual" and "by the way, this is not the case." The segment also touches on how certain people, such as business secretaries, can be corrected by saying "by the way, this is not the case."
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What's up,

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buddy? What's up yo?

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Remember number for more love

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the book of good manners that will affect

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the fulfillment of promises. Palawan hora de la

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Manasa kita either had the credit for it a lot of love to Two Minute con

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of muslimah and sama masala was Muslim.

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And this

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is the Messenger of Allah. So the last

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three are the signs of hypocrisy.

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So to recognize hypocrisy, you could see it in three practices three behaviors

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or a hypocrite, in this case, the signs of a hypocrite. When he speaks, he likes

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when he makes a promise, he breaks it. And when he's trusted, he betray his trust on Friday Muslim, another narration for the 700 according to Muslim law, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam added to this, even if he observes a song, or a song. In Museum, it observes even if you fast, even if you froze, this is still a concern when I feel and even if he asserts that he is a Muslim. And so on solid song when Salah was announced, this person will still count as a deprecated masala.

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It's a very dangerous and scary headache. First in the profits, awesome says I have to

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I have three things you mentioned the kettle, if he speaks he lives. And what does that mean?

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It's not that when he if he was somehow put in a situation or a condition that he is going to be any have to hide some some of the truth. So realize, occasionally, for example, now this person, it's a habit

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he's assumed to be he just cannot tell the truth. That's the problem is cannot tell the truth. And he lives his life based on these lives. So for example, he tries to live above his means. And he will show us a specific image. And he always loves about what he does, how he does things, where he lives, and so on to hide his real identity. This person

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he's basically is hiding the true identity from himself. Second, what

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is he promises? He always brings response? Not once, not twice, three times, and so on.

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Always making promises and what's the reason for him to even to give up on this is just the right time.

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You know, people they buy, they give you permission to buy time selling a business deal when you're going to finish this tomorrow.

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Okay, sure, I promise you. So what do you promise me What are tied up with this and so on. So always add to do that. And this becomes like a technique and

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they give promises just for the sake of breaking them. So that divide to my times, it's not like you've been pressure at some point that you had to break a promise. Let's set up an offer. And just to break upon, but to deliberately plan to break a promise. That's that's, that's different images.

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And then next, followed by that to mean a fan. And if this person was trusted, this person based on trust, he betrays the trust. So for example, to give someone a secret.

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No, please don't tell anybody because if if this comes out, it's gonna make a big problem.

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And don't worry about

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And the next day

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because someone just the thought of tweeting it in on the internet, no one's gonna see that. Because

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someone's trusting you with wood items with commodities, but whatever. And he betrayed our trust. Someone trusted you in his or her house. They they brought you into their house, and they fed him and they were nice and gentle and hospitable to you. And then you betray that trust but you're harming them first in the family whatsoever, causing some damage to them. So this person the prophet SAW some says one subtle one salah and saw I want some more Salah rosamma knows

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how much he fasts, how much he prays of them to be a Muslim is still considered and

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here's why.

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thing in terms of

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another Hadith the prophet SAW seven says Obama couldn't have he can have not with

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anyone who has more qualities, these four qualities will be considered when African fathers and that means he is considered like a pure type of woman can't be a hustla can't because of the moment, however possessed one, he has a sign of hypocrisy.

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So that's handy. The second I did not have the legs plans the meaning of the first one, meaning it doesn't mean that a person can be completely went off by having some of these exactly these qualities or characteristics. Rather, this person, if he has one side, he has

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two sides, two sides of the pharmacy, having them all constantly and continuously. That is actually now like the improvement of

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acting upon these qualities on and off, does not make the person but he will have the quality of Hippo

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that is very bad by itself. It's very, very bad. But the one who always acts in that fashion Professor Sam says this is the one who's Hardman African philosopher, is viewed as one example and not one somehow some of them are now Muslim, even if he claims to be a Muslim. The professor licenses are the second honey after that product. To add with what we mentioned earlier, Carla, what is the other way that

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this person would he argues, he behaves in a very imprudent manner, and insulted manner, whether false or fraudulent. So basically, if you give us

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a promise, he betrays our promise when it reaches the promise. And then if he argues with people if he fights with people,

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and he will be

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specifically, and he acts in a very, very vulgar and very actually negative way. It's not like he's being just unfair to see, burns everything out, that's a sign of

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this issue. So can we in this case, if we know someone who does that frequently, can we call this person whenever

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we got

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someone who comes to them, and says,

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it's not someone who comes to them as if he was already attending massage.

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But unfortunately, it is very weak. And he is actually since he always acts like that, can you call this person a monopoly?

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You have no right to call anyone and when after this orifice, have no idea. You cannot say that this person you cannot, you cannot say but you can warn this individual by saying listen, this isn't the fact this is called hypocrisy.

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And now what you're describing here, this case, the action. So because the objective of a hearing when you when you say you are when I feel and you are objective, a lot of it will be just target action. Just by the way, this is hypocrisy. What if the person tells us You follow me?

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What would you say? So that is said, I'm saying what you're doing is an act of hypocrisy, because without further progress.

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But what if this person is not known to be like that it just happened once or twice. But this is not even fair. To say to the person that this is this is an act of hypocrisy.

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It's still too early to decide.

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Just was weakness was a mistake.

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was given up once or twice? If it becomes a habit, that's when this person is called the kunafa. Or at least he has at least qualities of hypocrisy. Allah. Allah.

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Somebody somebody calls.

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So we have two scenarios in the suggested the first scenario, if someone calls up calls the house or maybe knocks on the door, and your child opens the door.

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Basically, you knew you know who's calling or basically who's behind the door. If you could take your child by the time that

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would that count towards acts of hypocrisy? anti that's that's double the problem. That's double the symbol. Number one, because you lie. Number two, you went somewhere else.

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So you're basically you're teaching them even the wrong value, that the horrible value, then you are allowed to like?

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What are your chapters about? How can I say that you just do what I say. You basically

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damaging your, your image, your fatherly image in front of your child. This has become habit among the people.

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We teach our kids romantic love is another thing that the second scenario is a new child that just, you know, whining here and there and just to calm them down in a moment of embarrassment whatsoever in front of people, you tell them, Listen, come back, come on down here and I'll give you this.

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The child comes to you, you grab towards what you promised last budget later, and that never happened.

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Would that count as a sin? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, the prophet SAW said on Monday, he was in the presence of God in the in the house of people.

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So woman told her father, her child, to Allah.

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It's like, you know, what are we gonna do with what say, says, Come over here, I'll give you something.

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For the purposes I'm told, oh, what do you want to get? She goes tomorrow, these days.

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I do not operate from that.

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They'll kept us alive.

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Even your child come away, I'll give you this, I'll give you something and usually achieved by saying something you didn't say exactly what is it? So it could be a paper clip, whatever. Just lie.

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Don't cheat, don't teach your kids these on the futility child. Come on, give me something, give them some bother, give them something that they will they will agree to. It's not like it was a given your keys for a 16 year old child, for example, teenager, that's not gonna work.

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It might work was maybe two years kid. But one one for someone like seven, eight years old. So you have to do it within a job that would that counts towards hypocrisy even continues, it might actually come like that. One of the famous stories of demand will try

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to show this,

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how careful he was in collecting the book, not just

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the collection of Hadith by him. And

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he was very careful to say that

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he was taught one time that there is such and such Adam was called, who has this chain to hide it in the visa lottery, but no one else had.

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And caliber number five, that's unique. That's particular things like that. So he took the journey to God.

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Upon arrival into this place, the man was busy dealing with some, some errands around the house chores around the house. And then he asked him to rest until he finishes. So by the time he was done, he wanted to grab the horse was a distance.

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So you grab the part of the bag,

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and he starts calling the horse to come, come, come.

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So the horse came.

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At the time, by the time the horse arrived, he grabbed the bag, put the bag on the side, and he grabbed the horse and tried to

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the number five is soda. So he took his stuff.

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The man went after him says, What are you going? I didn't send it to you.

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I don't need it anymore. He said Why? I thought that you were so interested in this idea that you traveled from far away just to get that. He says because I saw you lying at the swamp

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says if you utilize this force, how can I trust you?

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See, even to that extent, even to that extent this was so careful. And of course, egregious ly for a horse to just grab a bite it says come and eat and then you grab the bag of anything. That would count as a like an imaginary do that for him.

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So definitely, we'll come back to that.

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And it was

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the business secretary? Yes.

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Let's say you're a businessman, you have a secretary. And you don't have time to answer phone calls because you visited on something. Can you tell you say to the rest, and I'll be busy for now. So basically, whatever calls that you have, I don't want to answer any calls. Is that right? Can you do this?

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Man, can you do this? Yes, you can. But you don't tell her If anyone asks you this is out of the office. That becomes a line.

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But if you're too busy, you said mistake there is too much right now. Can I take enough time?

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Then That will be fun if you're

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Yeah, if you're not busy, you just want to chill. You're just too tired.

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You can tell a lesson for anyone to ask you cannot take calls by now. You can't take what I've done doesn't mean that you actually are too busy. It just you're not in the mood to take off and they don't have to know what

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By the way

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