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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of a seal class and expanding knowledge during a session. They recommend writing action items that will benefit from it, not putting too many action items down to specific details, and instead writing them that will benefit from it. They also advise against taking too many action items down to specific details and instead bring along certificate of certification to avoid confusion. The importance of fulfilling the condition of being forgiven by Allah is emphasized, and recent events such as a disturbing death of a woman in the Boston area and a recent death in a community in the US are also discussed.
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Session and how to get to the most benefit from that seal class. How would you do in such a class when you were student?

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I'm not sure if the student is online or on site student. We did have a meeting this past weekend with the team and the students of Tel seal. I shared with them some of my old notes from the Tamil show. Hello Tammy Rahim, Allah Tala and even before that, and so on. In this kind of situation, if you ever see my books, I usually actually personally, I like to take notes on on the margin of the books. Also, if you have something to add, you can add on the first page on the sleeve of the book from the inside as well, too. And our mother used to say Accardo al Kitab, live near Hatfield Lim, your book will not shine until it gets darker. What does that mean? Getting dark with your notes is

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such shining with knowledge. So when you listen, when you sit down in a session like this, just being there, as an observer and sitting, you're going to lose a lot of information. So the best way is to have the book in your hand and start taking notes and shallow data, you can take the notes on your books, or in a in a specific notebook. I know some people are very sensitive about their books, they like to keep them clean, I'm the opposite. Because I know that my book is not going to actually shine and become more beneficial until it's full with all these footnotes from the right eye level and up and down.

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Some of us want to keep it clean. And if you have your own notebook, but sometimes, you know, you lose the note the notes, unless they're written on the margin of the book itself. So that keeps them together. And that's one way. The second thing after you're done from taking that session, I highly recommend for you, when you go home, that you have your own notebook or at least on your on your laptop, go back again to what you studied. retype your notes, but this time in a more professional way. So once you type it, if you have it on your laptop, I highly recommend for you to type it out and leave a hard copy of it on the site. So at some point, you would bind them together as one book

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or not book for yourself. We have so much dependent on technology today, that we are losing a lot of the opportunity to save our knowledge because of how technology can fail in any moment really. So having a hardcopy whether Hamdulillah I showed the some of the students actually some of my copies from the 1988 8985. Yeah, my exams when I was still a teenager, and used to get full marks, I have to brag about this. But anyway, the thing is Hala, it's very beneficial. You take notes, you refine your notes, and you save them, and you will do your review them every now and then the third part and show of how you can benefit from that from the notes that you learn over here. I highly

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recommend two things. Number one, expand your knowledge by looking at one of the subjects that you have already studied, and expand on it. Like for example today we talked about for sure, for example, has your Onsala as being the true meaning of the spirit of Salah, expand on it, go and look for a lecture on who should go read a book on Russia. See if there's anything written about how to improve your posture. For example, expand on what you learned from the surgery because if you don't expand, you're gonna lose it. The other thing that we need if you would like to benefit from it as well to write down your notes in forms of action items. Like what did you learn today from the

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Hadith for example, about an empty tell this help the wizard today and from a lot of I don't know, yeah. What did you learn? Put on put down your own action items. What do I need to do? For example, do this don't do this, do this. Don't do this, do this. Don't do this. Because when you put the action items, you put this knowledge into application, otherwise, it goes lost and you won't benefit from it at all. Now.

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Can you please provide a bit more clarity on whether it's okay to go into details now about things as the dean is complete? One common example is people going into extreme details about food products these days whether halal or haram. To what extent can we do this? Look, I mean, if you see,

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let's say a food product that says halal, do you have to go and investigate who said that and what organization and who's the chef? do I prove that chef or not call the one 800 Number of if they have it down to this place? You go to a restaurant and the restaurant says hello.

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And there's a label that says halal food for them provided don't investigate that. Don't say can I see the box of meat that you guys have in the freezer? Don't do this. That's excessive right now.

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Nowadays Subhan Allah Welcome to the halal Halal meats Halal collars. Nowadays we have a classification of Halal halal and then you have the bare hand and you have I witnessed the beer hand you have the enhanced lot of the beer hand you have you know,

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easier Jamar is

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people invite you over for food for example, I have to send them an email or text message just to let you know that I ate only their behalf and when they say don't worry we'll get handler that we have for you. So can I get the certificate please

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don't do that don't do these things is excessive. This is too much really same thing when it comes to food products. Yes, I understand some food products are obviously it'll be considered actually harmful and dangerous even sometimes maybe had animal products that they don't approve of, or maybe alcohol and so on avoid these things. But if something that has an issue such as for example

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like cheese products, for instance, Carla's move on you have to doesn't have to be an extreme on these matters. It could be in the Sahara gelato and um, they ate the cheese that came from different places even though they were not actually from Al Kitab. They were from the majors, so it's okay. So don't be excessive to that level. But if somebody if somebody for sure, like they're absolutely 100% sure about something to be haram, then it's haram for you.

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It is haram for you. Like for example, somebody might say, Well, honestly, I don't think this farm really is slaughters properly. Okay, but this is how the herd certified has been Halal product. Well, I went there and I saw that they were not doing it properly. Okay, it's haram for you don't eat it.

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You can't impose on everybody else unless you have you can have the certificate that it says is not haram is not halal, or calling the agency that certify this farm, for example. And then only then if they review that certification and revoke that certification becomes a public notice people can avoid that meet and so on Allah.

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If a person has a colostomy bag, which has stolen it, can can he pray with that? I mean, of course for Takala master data, if you can't, if you can't avoid it, then that's okay. You should actually pray with that.

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For us, when when should we ask you questions? And when should we avoid Zaghawa?

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Well, in these classes, obviously, this attempt to answer your questions, we have the QR code there for you, you can ask a question Charlotte aborto. Darla, after salah, you can ask and by the way, I really recommend for people well, before they ask the question, can I ask a question, right? And there is a difference between asking a question that requires just giving an answer versus asking a question that requires to give an accurate verdict, that you have to investigate the matter. And then expect the question that requires investigation to be answered in five minutes. So therefore be conscious of that as well to like, shortly, do you have to leave? Can I take five minutes of your

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time you have two minutes and so on? So if we have the time we'll give it to Charlotte about a quota on that Mala?

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Is it a must or affirm that when you ask forgiveness you believe ALLAH has forgiven you? And if so, can one say to themselves or to others that Allah has forgiven me? Or would that be a cause of arrogance and a claim of knowing the unseen? Well, no one knows for sure that Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven them anything. No one and even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ALLAH SubhanA says, or Allah forgiven him and was guaranteed What did he say? But I felt I couldn't have done shakoora The limit. Let me prove that I'm deserving of this. I want to continue to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in the way that showed that I deserve this forgiveness from Allah azza wa

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jal. It was reported one time that one of the Allama was so someone that was crying so he came to me it was called and why are you crying? Because they asked him, he says, Have you done a sin before?

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He goes, did the diseq Toba from this sin? He goes Hamdulillah I did you said Did you know that Allah subhana forgiven you that sin? was well no, I'm not sure should go then go and cry because perhaps ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will accept that Toba from you. Now that could be also extreme. Because for me as a believer, Allah Subhan says that if you repent, I'll accept your Toba when the lack of foreign demand tab our Armano I'm gonna Salah antimatter, I will forgive you. As long as you repent

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our faith, you do good deed remain steadfast. So if you fulfill the condition of Toba, you need to have a conviction like an absolute certainty in your heart that Allah forgives, forgives in general, but for me, I need to be fearful. Have I done it right or not? I need to continue to ask Allah for forgiveness as long as I can as much as they can unless it becomes harmful that people sometimes become so obsessed that they start losing hope and even so for Allah even Yanni get depressed and stop in asking forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the Shetlands way to them now.

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You see those given that we're having unbelievers coming to them asking hypothetical scenarios such Is it okay for the Dawa givers to answer rules of

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effect in excess? Well, again, depends on what they're asking about like for example, if you go to Mars, what are you going to pray? I mean, let's go to Mars and then we'll talk about it in Charlottetown All right, or we have aliens coming down over here can you marry them for example? Yeah, hello them arrive and they will talk about this inshallah surgeon so these kind of questions don't waste your time with them on these matters because sometimes is asking for annoyance. That's all really, but they're asking some legit questions. legit question about your deen and you have an answer for this. You should give the answer if you don't have the answer. Say you know what,

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honestly, I don't know what but I can shallow Tara asked for you. Give me your email. I'll get back to you. Now

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is asking excessive hypothetical questions also discouraged and worldly matters, especially from teenage children. This isn't a political question, what really depends on what they're asking about. They will ask you, for example, I mean, I get my kids was asking me, Baba, if someone has a dream like this, and if what we'll do in this in this kind of situation, did you have that dream? No, but I'm just asking, right? So in this case, try to entertain a good answer for them. That gives them confidence that they can still come to ask your questions. But still, you don't have to

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keep on answering these hypothetical questions.

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In a fault, we'll give them false statement about them. Make sure that you're given the right Inshallah, to Allah answer the satisfactory

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Someone's asking what is the meaning behind the beautiful crocheted flower, as from Vasa that you're wearing of air? I don't know if you guys know what that is. Exactly. You know what that is the symbol of what

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it's revealing itself. It's actually disturbing itself back in 1995, towards the end of the civil war in Bosnia,

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a horrible massacre happened that Subhanallah was the worst thing happen in Europe since the Second World War at the time, in which an enclave that was supposed to be protected by the UN, with the Netherland, troops supposed to be protecting the refugees and the civilians who are there. Unfortunately, under pressure, the the army of the Serbs of Bosnia, they,

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they kind of like pressure, the these Netherland forces and let them leave. So they took over, and obviously with the 1000s of civilians who were taking shelter in that area, they were exposed right now. And as a result, the separator between the men and women and more than 8000 plus people were massacred men and young and young men and children. And until this day, they're still looking for these remains. If so, those have maybe seen some of the pictures I posted. We've been visiting Bosnia for the past couple of years. And we visited the memorial there and we see for ourselves how it looked like Subhanallah it's really

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it's a very awful thing to remember in this moment like that. So this is the symbol I actually of Serbian Itza, which happened 28 years ago yesterday, July 11 1995. It lasted for about three plus days, in which many many men and children were killed. Unfortunately, to hide their crime what they did they put many of these people in mass graves and they keep moving them from one place to the other one. And as a result, now they were able to recover about close to 6000 Probably maybe of these bodies, but there's so many people are still missing. And as they find new mass graves these days, they realize these mass graves and some of the remains that they find belong to people they

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already buried in a grave which means these bodies have been moved multiple times.

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So as they move them obviously some of their body parts remains in the previous grave. So if I'm one body and maybe three different four different grades along with Stan

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so it's a

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hope inshallah Allah hope that this will never happen again anywhere in the world or Bananaman but just a reminder that you know how awful and how cruel humans can be towards each other unfortunately institution like that Allah so there's just a commemorate these incidents and hopefully inshallah Allah peace will remain in that country in JAMA

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is a concern of being distracted by dunya which would take from your for sure if you think of something in your life that an IRA you decide pretends to it No, that's actually part of reflecting on it. Like if you listen to an IRA that returns later relate to something in your personal life that's okay that's one of the crucial in shallow Tana

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because so many fake questions right now about halal meat and all the kinds of things if inshallah you feel you need to pass gas but you hold it does that go under the ruling of the professors that have not praying when needing to use the bathroom? What is still valid but I mean, if you're going to hurt yourself, but I go and break your salon just make fresh food and come back again and shallow down.

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When asking for forgiveness, it's wrong to say Allah please forgive me or should I say Allah forgive me? Um it's in the English language using pleases okay. But whenever you ask Allah for forgiveness as with Azeema your Allah forgive me because I know Allah forgives Hannah Montana. Don't say Allah forgive me if you will. That now suspends Allah subhanaw taala is the only forgiveness in this regard.

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First of all the Toba, we mentioned if you're thinking about the sin you've committed during that salah,

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salata Toba, is that okay? You better not to think about the sin, but just in focus on what you decide and focus on your culture with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Okay, so the other questions are kind of not read to the subject we started. Xochimilco was shot the next week but in the light of ricotta law, Santa Monica amatola Vodka