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Yaser Birjas
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Hey Kara, Shadow Anna. Mohammed and Abdullah Zulu. Yeah you Alladhina amanu talk Allah haka Takata. You Allah Tomatina Illa onto Muslim moon. Yeah you and us to talk more about Kamala de halacha coming up sua haga Ocala Carmen huzzah Java seven humara gel and Kathy Romani sir, what talk Allah Allah did not harm in Allah and Allah kumara Teva. Yeah, you're Latina. I'm gonna talk hola hola. Kulu governance said either use the Hella Kumar Manoj Kumar Welcome to Aruba calm. Where are you to Allah Allah sudo vaca defesa Fosun Alima la Monica de la Nasaan Karim Karim Allah Tabata, Kota Allah wa Hiral howdy howdy Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot on a more than once has data

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to have Hakuna Matata in Buda, Aquila Vida tindora Allah wa culotte Allah Latin for Northam, Mama, bada bada Allah, my dear brothers and sisters.

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Do you remember Surah Yusuf alayhi salam and the story of use of Ra Salam. What happened at the very beginning when they were young, and his brothers plotted against him and they throw him in the water well, man, what happened then, and he was picked up from there by a caravan that was traveling towards Egypt. And then he had to go through some trials in the house of Al Aziz. And then he went into prison, until Allah subhanho wa taala, blessed him to become the treasurer of Egypt, like his whole of the treasure of the world, at that time, in control of the provision of the entire world can imagine the power that was put in his hand, the prestige that was given, Alia Salatu was Salam.

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But then there was an incident, that Allah subhanahu wata Allah care to mention in the story in the Surah. So for us, we can reflect on it. Maybe it's not a big deal. But it's a very significant part of the story. That part of the story is when he when his brothers after a long time, out of hunger and starvation, they were thirsty, they were hungry, they came to Egypt, seeking provision and food. And then he recognized

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and he said, Look, you have another brother, I want you to bring him with you.

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Eventually, they did for the following year. And when they did, he took his brother from them. And they made a plan. And that plan, he planted that measurement cup, put it in their caravan and their luggage in his brother's luggage. And as they were leaving, they called after them hey, you thieves. You stole something from us? And they said no, we're not they didn't do anything else such as such a thing eventually said if you're telling the truth there are searcher so go ahead and either start searching they found fun or they pulled that that measurement cup from the from the luggage of his brother Binyamin.

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And that's when they said something to him. They were shocked and surprised. How do we yesterday have a concert aka hula hula club. Oh my god. Like if he did that. He had a brother before he has full brother before he did the same thing. They were referring from a story that they had back then when they were young when they're little.

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But I want you to put yourself in his position.

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Look what they've done to him when he was young. They almost killed him.

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The heart he had to go through fear and anxiety and whatever you want to call it when he wasn't the little kid in that Waterworld pulled out by strangers, taking him through the desert or strange land, living as a servant and then in prison for no reason for years. Then at the end, he came out and he became a king. Now he has all the power to finish them. But what did he say? Allah subhana wa Tala mentioned that to us we can learn from use of Allah is Allah call for a Surah Yusuf Athena See, he will remove the

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use of he hid that from them. He kept it in his heart. So he spoke to himself for Asara USofA VNF. See, he like his outrage. His outrage was immeasurable in that moment, but it did not disclose that. He kept it to himself. And then he says, Carla, the anthem, chatroom makhana, you are in a worse position. Are you worse people, but that's in his heart. He wasn't speaking to them right now. In his heart, he says, Oh my God, you didn't change.

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You haven't changed after all these years. You still holding grudge against the man against the boy that's probably you thought that you killed. They're still talking about him Bradley's panela so in that moment, he had all the right to seek revenge from them. But what did he do? He did something we call it an Arabic durafon.

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Overlooking, pretending it didn't happen. He didn't he didn't hear that. Why? Because in it, he's in a position that he has so many more important matters in his life, that to go after these things. Brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching and this is the art of photography. That is now the art of overlooking and forgiving and tolerate all these pitted things and moving on.

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There is no doubt yourself so many things happen in our lives. But if you're going to be worrying about every a lot of things, if you're going to be worrying about every little things here and there. You

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We're not gonna live our own life. We're going to always feel depressed, anxious, worried about what people say, and we will never enjoy a moment. Brothers and sisters at the raffle is part of being tolerant and part of the alpha

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and the order Laffel is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah for the one who pardon is the one who forgives Subhanahu wa Taala Allah azza wa jal says to us called hodl Alpha watermarble or wa analgesia Hadyn He says, Yeah Muhammad when you deal with the people dealing with him with alpha, she means what? Keep overlooking keep forgiving her the Alpha Mr. Bulatov only speak in douches right? When you give them orders command when you speak to them and then which is good. What does that mean? You have the right to retaliate and curse back if you want to. But Allah says don't do this.

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Don't be like these people overlook their mistakes. Who the laugh take the path of forgiveness and tolerance. But when you speak speak well well mobile modelled well out of the Anil jehlen and turn away from the ignorant ones. Which means don't go to their level. Don't be like them. Don't you ever come on tell me well that started it. That's child is a Joomla. Allah subhana wa is teaching us to have the highroad making sure that we live a life of tolerance. Why not? Not because we are weak is because we can retaliate. But we choose otherwise. Allah subhana wa even taught the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the people around him. God Fabula Rama timid Allah He didn't tell

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him if it wasn't by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he made you so lenient, so compassionate, while Quinta for gonorrhea called love for them and holy, if you are so hard hearted, and you will be so rude to them, no one will be standing around you, they will all disperse away from you. And that's what ALLAH SubhanA wa tells them after it's called far one home. Make sure that you forgive you overlook their mistakes, keep overlooking what's done for long seek forgiveness for them wash out and will I'm still keeping good connection with them. This command to the Prophet sallallahu sallam was even given to us when Allah subhanho wa Taala said to us God far for was for

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who you need to learn that he says you need to forgive you need to overlook was for who? Which means to forgive to the highest level. What does that mean? So there are three levels for that. There is there is Matt Farah, there is awful and there are some Al mudfur is when you forgive people by not pursuing any retaliation or any compensation What happened to you? Like, you know what, I forgive you. But it's still in the heart.

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A laughable when you pardon something you forgive and you forget. That said I'm not going to hold a grudge in my heart. I'm done with this.

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However, I'm gonna still be neutral towards you. A soft, you don't just forgive and forget. That's when you even do better than what's expected of you. Like you'd be nice to them. Even though they wronged you, you still being nice to them, not because you owe it to them. You owe it to Allah subhanho wa Taala what do we get the view, if you try to become you know, overlooking and tolerance with people. The first thing that is no doubt about it as you will please Allah subhanho wa Taala because that's his command. And he's asking you to do so subhanaw taala and he will reward you for it. He will reward Subhana wa Tada for being tolerant, then you will close doors of harm and damage

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as Allah subhanaw taala says chi waters that will say I didn't say you had to Mitla the retaliation that punishment for say if someone wrongs you, you are allowed to seek you know, justice by return that back to them equally. But then he said Subhan on what the alpha and alpha was. But if you will give and seek you know, to reconsider concern for drew on Allah, your reward is with Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah is telling us, you can retaliate, you can seek justice, you might cause harm to them, just like they did to you. But that's not what Allah wants from you and I,

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yes, you have the power to do that. Which is what is more powerful is if you forgive, and you see the conciliation with them, brothers and sisters, if you really tolerate many things happen on if you overlook people's mistakes and errors and so on. You really have that inner peace, reduce your own your own stress, because you're always worrying about what do they think about you what they might saying about you, how they plotting against you. And probably this is enjoying their time and you don't want agonizing about yourself. Have that inner peace by not thinking too much about this, overlook it. Be tolerant to it with that? What happens it also improves your own relationship for

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Allah with Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost because now your heart is free. Isn't occupied with all these activities about other people. Your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala will improve your relationship with your deen with yourself as well will improve and your relationship with your family will improve.

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Imagine some people Subhanallah that perfectionist they're perfectionist

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when they come home, they expect everything to be perfect everything from their spouses from the children, and as a result they don't tolerate mistakes. Thinking that mistakes means it's an insult for them.

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These mistakes means that you don't listen to me you don't obey me and you break my words and as a result Alon was done they break every every relationship they have at home with their spouse and with their children. Even though Allah subhanaw taala remind us that sometimes it is true that can be challenging, especially with our children and with our families chemical Allahu terracota Allah Yeah, you Alladhina amanu in them and as far as you can work network that Islam I don't we're looking for the room, that sometimes from your own spouses, your own children can be enemies to you. What does that mean? Sometimes as you want to pursue, let's say, the higher and the dunya our family

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may be attached the dunya more than we are, so they keep dragging you not to go to the masjid not too fast. Monday's not to do is not to do that. That is like an act of someone who doesn't look for after you. Not like they are enemies, but they act like so. So sometimes your husband does that to you, your children somebody does that to you, Allah subhanho wa Taala yes, they might be but what is your option towards them still awful and overlooking.

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So you need to forgive you to overlook not stop at every little thing that happens in your life for them. Why am I say that? My dear brothers and sister because I do a lot of counseling in this community and others other places as well to Wallahi sometimes the story that I get from people that just like baffles you, why do we even have to talk about this?

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That ego, our egos too big for us to forgive and tolerate our brothers and sisters, our in laws, our parents, our children, and our Shantay Satan takes advantage of that starts blowing into it and making it so big. They will blind you and cloud your judgment. So when you speak you speak ill when you do you do wrong, and you never forgive people.

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People don't like someone like this as your mind. No matter how much you think that you're doing right? If you're not doing it by the command of Allah subhana wa the sin of the prophets of Allah, Allah wa sallam, people will recognize that you're not an easy person to deal with. And no one likes to deal with difficult people but with tolerance with forgiveness and overlooking. You have that award from Allah subhanho wa Taala in this dunya and in the era and the love for the people around you. A cola COLA that was tough for a lot of the money welcome. What it said was a bit of a stir through inaudible photo Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Bara cannabinol Mohammed and while earlier was settling with the Sleeman Kathira mama bad, my dear brothers and sisters, I should not be allowed to run when she was asked about the prophets of Allah Allah wa salam. She said Cara, let me confer Asha along with the fashion. The Prophet saw some was never vulgar, and never pursued that behavior. So Allah said, I've never tried to be what as a club and Villa swag. He was never rowdy and loud. Like many people like to yell and beloved, while AGVs say to Persia, he does not retaliate. If someone wrongs me to go doesn't go after them. So Allah to Allah was Rahmani, wala Can ya who was fine? He

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always pardons people and forgive them. He overlooks Salawat Allah wa salam ala,

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ahead of the Allah TerraNova. He gave us an example, even from the time of the time of Maccha. Like, you know, in Makkah, they almost killed him. Salatu was Salam. And then when they talk about him, the O was the O was actually named calling and basically they call him modem.

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Mme is the opposite meaning of the name Muhammad, Muhammad is the praised one. So when they call them when they speak about the prophets that Allah said and do the same with them curse modem, this modem, the Sahaba some of them they were, they're hurt by that, how they refer to the prophets Allah same as Madonna, like, you know, like a curse one or something like that. So when they told the prophet Jarrah salah, why don't you ask Allah Subhana Allah to prevent you from going after your name? So the Prophet he was with a smile he says kata Allah Tara, don't you see how ALLAH SubhanA wa de diverted from cursing me? My name is Muhammad the Christian with some

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love because it was so easy with it. Like you're not cursing me the Christian someone come with me. I don't know who that is. Because my name is Mohamed, imagine if you're always that, at that level of, of tolerance, that you're in control. When people upset you, they seek to control you and the moment you respond to that with the way they expect from you. You lost yourself you lost control for them. But being stay cool headed and listen, and just forgive and overlook you'll all stay in control. Finally Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah Allah he says something interesting about overlooking Paul. These are two Asha al Afia photographer so makan bell here if you have to Kula he says Rahim

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Allah Tala nine tenths of wellbeing like being in good hamdulillah word route and lifestyle and being well being because

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nine tenths of lobbying lies in overlooking faults. And then he corrected himself. He says no, no, indeed it constitutes all will be like have you ever look and forgive and move on? You'll always feel good. I was living amazing life brothers and sisters, before we leave this Serato. Juma think about the people who have issues with

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and make commitment today. live an independent life not controlled by the graduates you hold against other people. Free yourself Monica lovely calm. Allahumma Olivia my Asana will finally be my alum Tina in that Cantera lemon Hakeem, Allah Allah and for Sarah, taqwa was Atlanta Hello mazurka Antonio himolla about Allah and Allah Malika saloon Allah Nabi Yeah, EULA Deena Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam waters Lima, la masa li wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali was Benjamin in what Allah Who mancora Farah she didn't be working while Amara was mana Valley. One Sara Sahaba Tasmanian woman tambien BsrM Medina welcome salah.

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