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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of healthy lifestyle and holistic nutrition for weight loss and health. They emphasize the importance of accountability and accountability in helping people achieve their goals. They also discuss the importance of healthy eating, including physical exercise, sleep, and diet. They stress the need for experts to shed light on the topic and encourage people to practice holistically. They also emphasize the importance of balance and moderation in healthy eating, and offer advice on how to eat keto foods and balance with other foods.
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All right, Salaam Alaikum and welcome to woke Wednesdays Whoa, we're gonna get woke. right we're gonna get enlightened. It's all about being the best of our in ourselves and I have a very special guest today very, very special because you know, we're talking about the health and the body and the soul connection right of eating well, and there's no one better that I could think of having

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other than my best friend Suzanne bettercloud best friend have now going on 11 years Mashallah 12 years. And so, I would love to have Suzanne bedika Welcome Mashallah.

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So, Suzanne, Mashallah, and has her bachelor's in, in biology and she's also has her master's in education. So seven years of training in biology teaching, Mashallah. And now she's soon to become an NTP, which is a nutritional therapy practitioner. But really the most important thing is she has been a soul sister to me and, and my health, buddy. So

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thank you. I feel so blessed to be here. And I'm excited to share our health journey together and hopefully inshallah inspire all the beautiful sisters around this. Yes, yes. So we want to just share with you what we went through. This was about, was it eight years ago? That was eight years ago, 20 years ago. Yes. So the funny story behind this is off for one year, my husband was talking to me about paleo. I was like, I'm not giving up bread, I'm not giving up rice. I was very, like, not into it. Then we had an authority that you all were there and some friends and he pitched it the pitch the Paleo. I'd be over on board. And I was on board. Right right away. Yeah, it sounded

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really, really good. Because it was just perfect timing for me. right about that time, I had just found out that I had high cholesterol. And for two months, you know, I was doing what, you know, the doctors say to do to, you know, to, to cut down on fat and to and I hadn't seen a change, and my weight wasn't changing. You know, I was overweight at the time. And I was kind of doing my own thing for a couple of months. And I wasn't seeing results. So right when you know, right when you all talked about it, I like I'm in

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and you were assaulted, I felt like I was obligated to get on board. And we did this we did like it was that 30 Day Challenge. We got herself into changing our eating pattern. We started exercising, we were doing insanity workout, which was completely insane. completely insane. You know, but that was one of the keys is we said it's 30 days, we didn't want to overwhelm ourselves. We said we'll try it. Let's see how it goes. And let's see how we feel. And and then just all in the same day. Yeah, we started the insanity, and it was literally overnight.

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Fasting as well, for part of it. You're right. And I think the greatest thing about that was that we were doing it together. We were supporting one another. And and we started seeing results. And what what changes Did you notice? Because I know that for you, it was more than just losing the weight. It was you know, the doctor had said, you're going to need to take cholesterol medication if you don't get this under control. Right. Absolutely. And that's the last thing I wanted to do was to take status. You know, I wasn't you know, I was under 40 at the time. And you know, I said, you know, I'm too young for this and there has to be a better way and I had previously gotten my health

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coach certification. And and I knew that I should be able to manage this through diet. And so I had never heard you know, even though you know, I was in the health industry hadn't heard much about paleo, and it sounded interesting. It sounded a little bit you know, extreme but still manageable, and I was ready for you know, ready for that change. And like he said, the key really was that we were doing it together that we were supporting each other we were motivating each other. You know, we It was crazy Holly you know, we wouldn't sleep sometimes until like we'd be fasting all day and then we break her fast with you know, a healthy paleo star. And and then we do what we needed to do

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and then it'd be like midnight and I get attacked. Did you do your workout or like no, did you know let us do it.

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It was funny Am I remember actually, third time, so it's like, oh my god, we didn't do our workout and it would be 1am and we would just we would

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Do it and report to each other. And the importance of having that support is critical. I think that is, you know, in any in any area of our life, whenever we want to make improvement when you're doing it on your own, it's easy to kind of give up or to get discouraged. But when you have this, like the beautiful sisterhood, and that encouragement, I think, makes it so much easier. And what kind of results Did you get after after three months, of every month, eyes and paling actually, even less than three months? Really, I remember, I remember, it was like, towards the end of October, which means it was two months, I went and got another blood test, and my cholesterol was back into the

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normal range, I wasn't just borderline, you know, it was well into the high range, you know, enough to concern my doctors and say that, you know, I should take that news. And so in just two months, and I do have to say the month before that the board paleo I was, you know, I was, you know, careful, I was health conscious, I had started exercising nothing like insanity, you know, walk, you know, a little bit of aerobics here and there. But, you know, 111 the best part of it was I just felt energized, my cholesterol was down into normal range. And then, you know, just the weight loss, you know, it was just, you know, happening in so quickly and, and I just felt so, you know, satiated

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as well, you know, I wasn't hungry. I felt so good eating

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so much. Tell me what, I know that the weight loss wasn't the focus, but it was a nice side benefit what it was.

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It was it absolutely was more than I expected. You know, I was,

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you know, I won't talk Wait, I don't even tell my husband.

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No one's gonna know, my

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father on the law. So you know, that, you know, that accounts for anyway, I was I can say I can talk sizes. So

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for me, you know, that a size US 14, right, and those were even getting snug. And then, you know, those were big and you know, when to 12 to 10, you know, to eight and then with your encouragement, come on, let's do this. We got to finish or insanity. You know, you can

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I got down to a size six, you know,

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you know, on on that that was just a fringe benefit. You know, that was the cherry on top, the icing on the Yes. Yes. And, you know, the thing is that, really, we're not we're not focusing about the weight, and I didn't lose 20 pounds myself, and I felt, I felt like I was 25 again, right. And I was that at that time, I was in my 40s and early 40s. And it just felt like we felt so energized. And

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benefits. And, and so the the whole purpose behind you know, setting up this group is that we wanted, you know, accountability, right, you know, I felt I would I told Suzanne, I said, this is in your way too accepting and nice.

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When I know how busy you are like, Oh, sweetie, I understand.

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You have so much.

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If I tell you that I cheated, or I had this, she said Oh, but you're so stressed. I mean, it's understandable. Yeah, and I go best, you know, just

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and I needed I needed accountability, I really needed accounting, I needed to announce it and not and feel like I have to stick to it. So I did get healthy with Holly and, and muslimah it's just kind of grown as you know, through Facebook page of this getting sisters on board encouraging good health. And Mashallah, now that, you know, you're pursuing this, this is your passion, you're studying about nutrition, and this is, you know, you want to change people's lives by helping them and inspiring them to, to be at their best health. Right. So this is now how do you feel about being a part of the you know, the group and what are you what are you sensing? I am loving it, as you

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know, I have been off of social media for more years than I can count. Now, you know, as I was teaching, you know, I had to just cut out Facebook and I was never on Instagram, and it was just, you know, too much. I didn't have the bandwidth. You know, I was exhausted in every single way, you know, mentally, you know, like teaching middle school and high school and, you know, every year I would teach like four or five different grade levels. And so I was just I was drained, you know, and so I just didn't have the bandwidth or

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desire to be on social media. And coming back, you know, you deciding literally, you know, just, you know,

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eight years ago, eight years ago was September 1.

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We did exactly, so we wanted to commemorate that same day. And so on August 31, I was like, Alright, let me go back on my, my Facebook page, and you know, get it going again, you know, and I had just, like, no profile picture up and, and literally overnight, you know, got on here and then it just kept growing and growing, Mashallah, and seeing all of the beautiful sisters on there, and their, you know, their, their concerns and their comments and their desire to be healthy, and, you know, just wanting to learn more, and just be the encouragement. And really, that's what it's all about, because eight years ago, when we did this, we, you know, we had our own support network. And I would

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check in several times a day with each other, but then, you know, we we made a whatsapp group of buddies, you know, and we had

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Yeah, buddies anymore. Yeah. And it was encouraging, we shared pictures of delicious meals and

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just our experiences and it's just so critical to have that, that support and encouragement to eat, you know, real foods, you know, Whole Foods

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for us

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confusing because there's so much conflicting information out there. And so, you know, when somebody asks, or you know, is oats or oats healthy or are is coffee, okay to drink, you know, there are there is a lot of different information, you know, but at the end of the day, we just have to do the best we can, you know, and try to eat, as you know, organically as possible, you know, whole foods that are not processed. And you know, like you said in your I love your coffee video that you posted yesterday, you know, fats are our friends, they are

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the fats healthy fat, hell yeah, that's because, you know, there is a lot of misinformation and there's a lot of things that we really, we need to make a paradigm shift in how we view things and, and I think that this is why it's so important to to have experts, you know, such as yourself to shed light on this information and, and that way people have a fair chance at achieving their goals, because, you know, some people work really, really hard and they just don't see results because they're doing the wrong. So.

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Yeah, just being healthy and holistic, right? Because we get a lot of times people could be very successful in different areas of their life, they could be spiritually, you know, very advanced, they could be successful in their careers. But what do you think is the role of health good health within your life? And, and how can you improve in every area of your life when you have good health? That's a really good question. Because, you know, really, you know, health infiltrates every aspect of your life in terms of energy in terms of, you know, function of your different systems and dysfunction and we don't realize how much what we eat impacts impacts all of our systems and, and,

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and how many you know, dysfunctions you know, we actually have we may you know, think it's normal to experience you know, bloating Oh, I ate too much or Oh, you know, I have I'm having heartburn and digestive issues and sadly, you know, many times these are attributed to the wrong causes. And I think you know, as time goes on, and we with a functional nutritionist, like I am thoroughly enjoying having sisters, machine med and um, you know, as you know, if you look around in your communities, you'll see that there are a lot more ntps nutritional therapy practitioners, functional nutritionists and you know people more and more are seeking this help because you know, we are

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generally you know, as a population especially you know, in the US and now you know several, you know, most places around the world generally unwell and once we get a taste like we did eight years ago surely literally, energy levels, a taste

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of what it's like to eat whole foods and actually you know, feel them fueling our body and have our energy just go through the roof and, and then you just you just, it just improves your self image. It improves the amount of energy you know that you have to do to play with your kids to you know, just be the best you know, mom the best you know, the the best daughter the best, you know

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Teacher or professional in every single aspect, you know of your life in it, it increases your confidence because you know, when when you feel better, you know, when you're healthy, you feel better and you carry yourself, you know,

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you're just happier and, and it's contagious, you know, it is. And I definitely sense that with working with my clients. And as they are getting healthier, I see actually the correlation between healthy eating, and overcoming some of the mental health issues as well, right. So when someone is not eating healthy, they're more prone to have depression, there is that link and I find that even controlling the, the bipolar disorder, that if you controls your, your diet, and how you eat and how you exercise and sleeping, right, that can definitely play a big role. So that's why it's so important to look at things holistically. And, and like you said, when you're at your best, then you

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can give your best. And I and that's, I think a lot of times, that's the missing link, because as women, we you know, and as moms and as wives we carry so much, it's it's a huge role that we play. And if we're not taking care of ourselves, if we're not in good health and good shape, then we can't keep it running, right, we cannot maintain.

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Absolutely, you know, and it does have to be a holistic approach, it isn't just about the way we eat, it's about the way we move, and we, none of us, I don't think most of us don't take into consideration the amount of stress, you know, in our lives, and we don't affect that it, we don't, you know, realize that it can really affect our digestion and every single aspect of our health, you know, and it's, it's stressful will lead to, you know, an increase just a stress response, which doesn't allow you to digest your food properly, you have an increase in cortisol and you know, your adrenal glands are acting when actually your digestive system, you know, need CDC, the attention and

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it can lead to blood sugar dysregulation, and you know, inflammation and just so many things. But luckily, you know, yeah, these things can be reversed through eating whole real foods and just being conscious, you know, of what we're eating. And, you know, just realizing that you know, what I'm eating is going to fuel and nourish my body. And you're just asking yourself, the key that this food needs to feel me. And so when you eat something, and you don't feel energized after it, and I always see that say if I'm giving Li You know, sometimes there's this, there is a four or five hour training I would give for for training and moms, right. And after lunch, I would see the dip and I

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would ask, okay, what, who ate the car? Yeah.

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a guy, everyone's like, half asleep, right? So then you need food that's good for you. Your body thinks you, you're energetic, you feel great. But if you're eating and then like, you feel sluggish, or you want to sleep that just,

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it's not doing what it should be doing.

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Absolutely. And I really experienced that again, you know, it was through the encouragement of you and your family that I got on paleo. And then about a year and a half ago, you introduced me to keto. And then that tie was me that took a while to get on to you know, it was a very stressful time. And then you had started, you had started keto, and you're like, come on to me. And let's let's do this together, just like we did before. And I was like, really, you know, just you're mainly eating and you're not eating fruits, you're not eating, you know, you're eating all those fats. And I said, I need to think about this. I'm going to research this a little more.

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I need to research this. And then our mutual friend nutjob says hey, I'm doing keto. Yeah, get on board and Suzanne's on board. I'm like, Oh, hello. I was happy. I was happy.

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I needed I needed a few knocks on my door. You know, I totally I know. And, like I was about six months that I stayed on keto and I really flub grade. It was just

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that and I missed it. I missed that feeling of being in control of my life. Because I think what ends up happening happening is that a lot of us are emotional eaters. And when things are stressful, whether it's in our marriage, whether it's a pandemic, right I think everyone gains during this, you know, during lockdown and pandemic, we turn to food because we feel empty and we feel that if we keep

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Eating that's going to fill the void but we're going to end up feeling so bad about ourselves and it affects the self esteem.

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Exactly you know and so often you've also spoken about that all or nothing approach it doesn't have to be all just baby steps you know so you know instead of if you can't exercise and do a 30 minute you know cardio workout and get your heart rate up, that's okay, go for a five minute walk and then maybe tomorrow a 10 minute walk or you know, just if you're if you're not to the point where you can even do that just go outside into the sun and absorb you know that sunshine you know, it's baby steps and you know, maybe gradually you know, gradually changing the way that you eat you know, swap out one or two of your comfort foods at a time for healthier replacements and, and gradually you'll

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find that you're slowly feeling better and you won't want to go back and you know, I think it also affects your skin I mean, Mashallah, I see you're glowing and whenever you give up sugar Mashallah botica live like, you know, you always notice you always know

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that's a secret.

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It's not to be like, Alright, you doing some stress eating?

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shows, it shows so I want to see, first of all of welcome all the sisters who are here, Mashallah. And we're getting some sister Nyah to sing congratulations. Excellent work. I'm trying to focus on my healthy lifestyle. mindful eating may help. Yes. And sister Adriana saying, I'm Ah, I will, I am always bloated. Yes. What do you have to say about the bloating? That's, that can be an issue for a lot of people. Yeah, that that can be, you know, caused by by many things. So,

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you know, even even allergy food allergy specialists, you know, they, there are blood tests, there are many different there's what we call pulse tests, you know, as well, many different kinds of testing. But the gold standard, you know, what I've learned and as training to be an NTP, the gold standard of all of the testing is actually an elimination diet. And that is that isn't so easy. You know, and I think, you know, I think deep inside, many of us know what's causing it. Like, for me, I know that I experienced bloating and digestive issues from dairy. Yet, you know, I didn't want to acknowledge it, because I love dairy. Tell me to give up sugar, even though you know, I do have a

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sweet tooth that I benefits and most of the time, I don't eat it. That's easy. I'll give up grains, but my dairy and that's one of the reasons I actually loved you know, keto, is because I could have, you know, all the dairy that

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much cheese's you desire. And I did.

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So you know what, that's one of the things that I'm doing this month is just trying to figure out you know, that's why paleo is really good. I thought, because I am giving up dairy completely. You know, being on paleo giving up sugar, giving up all grains, giving up all you know, booms and you know, pulses, and then

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you gave up dairy and you gave up grains and sugar, sugar. Exactly. I see that the bloating goes down when we

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find way away.

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Yes, exactly. So my bloating by day three. And by the end of day three, on day four, I woke up and it was, you know, my bloating was completely gone. And so and I had, you know, with keto given up, you know, sugar and grains. And so for me, I know, it's scary now, which dairy products you know, I'm hoping I can still keep my Greek yogurt, I don't know. But what I'll do later on when I feel like you know, okay, I want to test this out. But I also want to give my body a chance to, to heal and have a break and then I'll add things and you know what, it one at a time, I think I just saw a message saying consider Adriana say she thinks it's gluten for her. So, you know, you can start you

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know, with that by eliminating eliminating gluten. You know, and start by telling yourself, okay, I'm going to do this for 30 days, because that's what we did. You know, that's what we did eight years ago. And then we continued for, you know, I think four months before I broke paleo, you know, and it might have been even more, you know, for you. I remember it was I read about you, you did keep it up. Well, I stayed on paleo, but I strayed a little bit, you know, like I would have been, you know, dairy are a little Yeah. And, yeah, we were we were really, really committed, you know, we we wanted to keep up with it because we felt better. So, you know, all the icing on the cake results

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as well. Right. I mean, I think the the most important thing was the fact the amount of energy because many people complain about feeling sluggish. Right, and being at that time 40 and feeling 25 I think that was that was the most phenomenal

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experience and so I want that back and I'm really hoping that the sisters you know you join us Come on It's a free group it's on get healthy with holla and we have Mashallah, this is Suzanne back catch is sharing so many wonderful tips we have also new Sheen, that is also Mashallah giving a lot of expert advice and, and everyone is being very supportive and sharing. And I think that that's what is needed. So could red meat cause bloating? Sister Hannah's say?

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I'm not that I'm aware of, you know, so read, um, you know, again, elimination diet, you know, I would, I would try I would try that keep everything else the same, you know, and then eliminate that and see how you feel? Yes, I think that's a good idea. You know, sister Adriana was talking about the gluten and we found out that we have gluten allergies, we did the blood work and Got a long list of things that we were allergic to and we didn't even know it was dairy eggs.

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Even garlic for me

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and the gluten so we've been gluten free for almost now I would say almost 10 years and even more so and yeah, it's more it's more than 10 years, but it feels so good and and give it a try. I like the idea of the elimination diet and see Are you feeling better when you give up this this food? So tell me this what what do you encourage the sisters to do? Like how can they How can they get started maybe someone you know wants to become healthier but they kind of don't they don't know where to start what would be your your tips so some tips are

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think of the most unhealthy thing so well first of all, think of the the three healthiest things that you're eating right now. and congratulate yourself on those things. I like to

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acknowledge what you're

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absolutely so what are those three things and then think of three unhealthiest things that you're that you consume regularly and ask yourself what are healthier replacements for those things you know, and start there and you know, just educate yourself and because we are all very bio individual, you know, paleo will not work for everybody I know. Some people do paleo and then they realize that you know that they are they don't tolerate you know, nightshades very well you know, tomatoes and eggplants and so, keto is the same way I had a friend you know join me on when I was doing keto earlier this year in January and she lost you know, no way she was doing it for weight

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loss. She didn't see you know any any results but you know again, the best reason to you know go to start eating healthy is to just honor your body and honor your health and know that you want this body that we have been blessed with to last you you know for the rest of the rest of your life and to be healthy you know, Holly and I went zip lining a few Colorado

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Colorado the first time we went we saw a 70 year old who said this is on her bucket list and we looked at each other and said we want to be supplying when we're 70 inshallah we're in Colorado and Colorado Springs were zip lining and we see this lady she's 70 years old and she was zip lining. She said it was always on her bucket list. And we said we want a zip line at seven days in order to zip line at 70 you got to take care of your health during the state so it is very important for me that stat is the most important thing I have both my parents have had you know neurodegenerative diseases and and handle I tested that I don't have it but still I want to take my body and I want to make

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sure that I do whatever I can right we don't know what are others but at least we can do our best to take care of it and it's so important to have that sense of why of wanting to be healthy wanting to not have diseases. This one that you showed that video on the whatsapp group. The 90 year old doing fit what a CrossFit

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oh my gosh, me.

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Yes, she looks like a 25 year old her body. Yes. And yes, her motivation. I loved what she said at the beginning of the video. Her motivation is like, I want to go to the bathroom on my own at 90.

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You want to be healthy, you don't want to be a burden. You don't want to take medication. You don't want to do all that because it's just not worth it. This is me and I make sure you

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You're on get healthy with Hala and we have all these wonderful all of so much information that Mashallah then you have been sharing with the articles with you know, inside as far as you know, how had the importance of drinking water? I've got my water bottle

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Got it? Many many things that are just foundationally important Sure, yes. So it Do you all have any questions to society a saying can you please suggest some simple steps to start and stay on keto for health benefits?

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Um, you know, again, like, like you just said a little while ago and like we posted on our group is you know, find your why, you know, what health benefits are you looking for? And you know, envision them you know, write down you know, I have in front of the wall here, you know, just inspirational things at the moment right now, it's now is the time to start living the life you always imagined I have that on my wall, right there, you know, so you have little reminders for yourself. Yeah. And take it you know, if you're not able to just dive right into you know, to punch right in, you know, take it you know, one one step at a time and don't be hard on yourself. So if you do slip up in it,

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you know what, you just pick yourself up and next meal, you're back on track again. Oh, okay. I'm very sorry about my internet connection. It's just a bad internet day here. Yeah, so just pick yourself up if you if you fall off the wagon, get back on the wagon and continue continue moving you know, take it one step at a time. And even if you you know get weak fall off the wagon just get back on and not to be discouraged. Something that I'd like to mention with you know, the sister who said about you know, the the blood thinners and all that you know, when traditional medicine control symptoms, but the holistic approach would be to set like a nutritional foundation right? So the goal

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is to get blood thinners inshallah. So, using a holistic approach, what you could do is, then inshallah, you don't have to rely on the medication, and then you can, and then you can get all the nutrition they need.

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So, absolutely. So yeah, you're supporting, you know, what is foundationally? Wrong? Why are you on the blood blood thinners to begin with, you know, so, you know, when you support your digestion, when you are supporting your blood sugar regulation, you're getting the right fatty acids, you're staying hydrated, you're sleeping, well, you're moving, you're trying to decrease the amount of stress, most things end up falling into place. Exactly. And that if we use that approach, rather than being dependent on medication and Mashallah you saved yourself from being on cholesterol medication, how many people do we know who are on, you know, diabetic medication? Not we're not

00:33:00--> 00:33:34

telling you to stop your medication? Absolutely not. Yeah, it's not what we're saying. But as long as you get healthier, and then you check with your doctor, and then you will see that maybe you won't need it. This is the last question we're gonna take Sr nyla is saying, I found that the balanced diet is more important in small portion because our body needs everything. protein, fruit, vegetable, carbs, and fat, short term. Different diet regimens are okay, but long term, they could do harm. Please let us know how long you will advise to take keto diet.

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00:33:38--> 00:34:21

again, it's very different for each person, you know, so, you know, I know, you know, for me after, I think you you were on it for six months, you know, and you felt great. You know, for me, I think it was more, you know, like four months. And then, you know, I fell I started maybe even three months because I think once Ramadan, Ramadan came, I wanted to eat fruits. I was, you know, three, yes, for three months. And then, you know, I felt like I needed to eat more fruits, you know, and I wanted to break my fast with a date, you know, and I, so, you know, many times our body tells us what we need and we just have to have to listen. So pay attention to the cues that your body is

00:34:21--> 00:35:00

giving you and you'll you'll feel you'll feel it Are you feeling at your best, do you still feel energetic, you know, maybe get a blood test, you know, just make sure everything is in check unit is a keto diet, you know, working for you overall. So you just check in with yourself on many different levels. I think that's a great great, great advice, Mashallah. And just also looking at the keto sometimes is, it's about getting maybe to your goal, and then the payload is so much easier to sustain. I mean, I think we were on it for about a year and a half consistently, and I didn't feel deprived, you know, and what I was trying to decide, we were in

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

The grocery store eat you know, buying all our health stuff at sprouts. And then I was debating between keto paleo, then I saw all those amazing fruits and I saw the exotic fruits and I saw the figs and I'm like, you know what I'm gonna do paleo because that way you don't feel rushed because I had gone off the wagon. And I, I wanted it to be kind of like an easier thing. But, you know, thank you so much. It's been such a pleasure to have you on Suzanne I want to do this more often. And as you know, as we go through our own journey of good health and the cool thing is last time we did it, just you know, the two of us and a few friends and this time we have over 1000 sisters who are we

00:35:47--> 00:35:50

have a tribe we have a tribe.

00:35:52--> 00:36:37

And you know, it's it's gonna be exciting for us to keep reaching our milestones and encouraging each other. Remember too much fruit stresses the livers since it metabolizes. So limit your fruit intake to two servings a day. Yes, we don't want to go overboard. That's good advice. Yes, absolutely. That's That's great advice. Yeah, you don't Yeah, so just you know, balance make sure you get you know, a lot from a little bit of everything just balance and moderation. And because the more Do you remember that when you were on keto, when you started eating, you added fruits back and it's only when you reintroduce the carbs, whether they're fruits or whether they're grains that

00:36:37--> 00:36:45

helps when you start craving them again, an actual so you know, I don't have any I have a sweet tooth you know that and

00:36:46--> 00:36:56

to make the most scrumptious desserts, we had a I had a halaqaat my home on Fridays, and every Friday everyone looks forward to Suzanne's treats

00:36:57--> 00:37:38

and so we would love that and but you know what's interesting is that now since I cut out the, the, you know, the the wheat and the rice and all of that I'm not even having sweet cravings. So I think that's important to realize it'll go away We promise Yes, it will it will and that is good advice about the fruit so if you're eating fruits that are very high in sugar, you know all day long and you know you're not eating as many vegetables and you're not getting your healthy protein and the right fatty acids and you know it really does need to be balanced and then if you're if you're still craving sweets you know you're and you're craving comfort foods that means that you just really need

00:37:38--> 00:38:07

to look at you know, what carbs am I eating? Because when we get cravings that means that we are burning glucose sugar for fuel and where is that sugar coming from? It's coming from the fruits the the starchy carbohydrates that we're eating. Okay, when you're getting carbs, you are burning coals but we need to burn fat so just be aware of what it is for you. Yes. And we have Nick John's here yeah Lee Come and join us our mutual

00:38:10--> 00:38:18

and she's Suzanne was the baking queen. No, I was I was on the baking

00:38:19--> 00:38:38

but now she is upgraded to you know Mashallah you know working towards being a nutritionist and we're like so excited I'm so proud of you and so happy about doing this journey together and you know, I know you have a lot of energy and enthusiasm Mashallah and,

00:38:39--> 00:39:26

and we're gonna do this so we'll have you on to do this inshallah, all of us together. Thank you so much for having me on here. It's always a pleasure talking to you, sweetie. It's fun to share our health journey with all of these sisters we can be together and encourage each other and we will inshallah all succeed in holding hands along the way, and just celebrate our successes in sha Allah. Absolutely. So May Allah give us the the strength, the determination, the perseverance, and also the positivity right and to be gentle, be gentle and compassionate with yourself inshallah. Thank you. It was fun.

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It was.

00:39:32--> 00:39:34

Bye, sisters.