Nouman Ali Khan – A Deeper Look – Surah Adh-Dhariyat – LOST IN DISTRACTIONS

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the views of the Quran in relation to addiction. The Quran has banned certain addictions, including pornography, drug use, and alcohol. The transcript uses various examples and references to describe the various ways in which the Quran is used to describe human behavior.
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The Quran

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prohibited things like alcohol like gambling, like Zina, right.

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Pretty much everything the Quran prohibited is addictive.

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Everything has addictive tendencies. So for example, the prohibition against sinner we know now what kind of addiction * is that it's actually people have to get into therapy to get out of it. It's very serious. Gambling is an addiction, people lose their entire homes. Alcohol in any intoxicant, is an addiction. Right? Allah says Allah Nina home and Allah who more or they don't they stay away from useless consumption of conversation. Now we know useless content is an addiction. There's there's billions being made out of humanity's addiction to low, right. And all of these addictions are immersions you immerse yourself in the drink, you immerse yourself in the useless

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conversation, you immerse yourself in *, you immerse yourself in drugs or alcohol or whatever. Every one of them is actually the Quran prevented them for a reason, because human beings can be self destructive with every one of those tendencies. It's incredible that pinpoint Quran pinpoints every last one of them. Every last one of them. timelessly, it's not like oh, no Quran, justice issues of 1400 no human beings are still wired the same exact way we develop new tech to support our old habits.

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They're not new habits. It's just new tech. But our issues are still the same issues that were there for since Allah created us. Same shaitan same he's got the same sale. It's just got a different, you know, sales mechanism. That's all it is. So here Alladhina homefree hombre de Anza Hoon. Distraction is the ultimate. I mean, by the way, when someone's distracted, what are they not doing? They're not thinking. Remember, I told you this whole battle is about thought. Right? So now you inshallah see that when someone gets so immersed in this, then the thing that's supposed to snap them out of it, is you don't like the I told you the exam, right? Three hours from now there's an exam, bro, what

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are you doing? Get off the phone, there's an exam, right? And then if you're so deeply drowned, you say, I don't care about my exam.

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If you're really far gone, you're like, forget the exam and I'll just tell the professor, I'll give me a makeup exam. Right? That's what happens spiritually. Then the person says yes. Aluna Jana Jung within they even ask What is this judgment a

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cleanse enough?

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They could ask this now, you know, rhetorically, why would somebody ask a question? People ask you a question to know if they don't know, right? They asked when is judgment day? What is it gonna Jana is a more emphatic form. So like, come on, when is it when? When there's judgement. Jana, you're moody. Sorry about the mic. I know you your your heart jumped.

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So one one reason, a question rhetorically in Bulava studies we study what other psychological reasons are there when people ask a question? It's not just to know, for example, when you say, Messiah,

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you like that? You enjoy that? Like your dad says after he gives you one he goes like that.

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Did you learn now you understand now? And you don't answer that one? No, I still actually can you explain that again?

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Don't do that.

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But what could we some of the reasons why this question is being asked. It could be a still valid. Oh, come on. When is it? Seriously? Like? It's impossible. What you're talking about is nonsense. You're so immersed in your world, that everything nothing else makes sense to you? Because you're in the camera, right? Another is Nephi. No, it's not going to happen. When is it going to happen? Huh? When? Like, it's not going to happen. It could also be a decade seriously. Now, that's going to happen how Judgement Day. All right, okay. That's great when it's happening.

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Can you give me a time schedule sarcasm, putting someone down making someone feel stupid. So a tepee at the haccombe Ellis timber says that it can be a little dolphin. I will hop out of a lottery when you're making them realize, you know what, you have a problem this whole judgment day thing, this whole warning thing and you can you not be so religious. You're you're getting extreme. I'm worried about you. Hold on a second.

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But I'm really worried about you.

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Let me go back to my version. But then everybody else is wrong. Because you're it's too difficult for you to let go imagine like a drunkard and you try to take their bottle away. Right? They can get violent, right? So they're now having this reaction or even questioning in the next tire. Or Jana Yama Dean, one. One is judgment day coming. Allah is specifically describing the thing that he started with in Edina. Lavaca is a logical conclusion for those

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who actually use their minds? But those that are lost in Sahoo? Those that are lost in alternative facts, they will boldly question that this doesn't make any sense the people that are living their most senseless lives will call call the actual sense senseless, they reverse engineer the truth.

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And you know what, the more you will get lost in the camera now I'll come to you and I, the more we get lost in these alternative realities and these distractions, the closer we will get to questioning the very basis of our religion. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the

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deeper look section

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