Yaser Birjas – Becoming Productive

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of productivity in one's life is crucial for success, and four major principles for Islam are valuable. The speaker emphasizes the need for self discipline, focus, and passion for success. Pr principles like learning to produce, learning to be productive, and learning to handle time are essential for achieving success. The importance of prioritizing one's time and staying focused is emphasized, and technology like movies and pictures help people stay focused. The speaker also emphasizes the need to prioritize one's goals and stay focused to achieve them.
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The speaker about their goals and their dreams and what they wanted to do and so forth. And one of the brother Actually,

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I asked him, so basically, how do you spend your time? What is it that you do right now? Now the school is out and summers coming almost an end right now, which means they're going to go back to school very soon. So what is it that you do? He goes, Chef, honestly, I'm always bored.

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Like, I'm bored. I'm not so panelized think about it, the statement that he just he said that I'm bored. Looking at the time that we all spend, it's the same 24 hours, we all have the same amount of time, we all have the same opportunity to do things. But now the word unborn is becoming an iconic definition for our time, whether for the younger generation, or even other ones Subhanallah the word I'm bored, like, I don't know what to do. You know, even when you try to do something, suddenly you realize, okay, Subhanallah Time is up right now. So the word on board is just a reflection of our time. And then what do we do with it with the time that is left for us? We try to get ourselves

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busy, so we can feel that they have done something? You see, there's a big difference between being busy and being productive. You have to learn to be productive, and this is the time this is the life and this what Allah Subhana Allah has given you in this life in this world, that you should be productive. Why is it that many people after Ramadan, until

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it seems that this time is usually actually that time? For many people, it's a dead time they wait until it comes. And then once it's over, then you hit restart, and then we start counting our days and our armor in between, we're still recovering from Odin. By the time we'll handle it, we recover it raw comes we start catching up for the hygiene, hygiene events and so on. So this time becomes kind of wasted because people just they stay busy until the time comes and the time is up for them. So how can you become How can you become productive in this life? And I want you to remember that lives of panela flies time life goes so fast just like life. Many people today they're lonely or the

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middle aged and then they look at themselves of how long was just just got married, you know, just yesterday. And I already have two three kids other people that say my kid is about to get married to Halliwell just like happened like yesterday. What happened with all this time? Are we happy with what we're achieving? Are we being productive in our lives? That is the thing that we need to talk about a shout louder Baraka word Allah, how can you become more productive in this life? We have the same 24 hours. How can I benefit from my time in this dunya so that when I meet my lords of hanawa, to Allah, I feel true that I have accomplished when I come to my to the end of this time in this in

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this life, I feel that I have already accomplished accomplishing what whatever that you had in your mind whether on a personal level, social level, spiritual level, a financial level, are you being productive? Our Deen is all about productivity. It is all about productivity, which is why the prophets Allah says in the Hadith,

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of the law of the land, that when you stand before the Lord subhanho wa Taala, on the day of judgment, you feed will not be removed from that station, until you're asked about five things.

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You're going to be asked about your time you asked about your life. You asked about your wealth, you asked about the time that the gift that you've been given in this life. It's about what have you done with it? Have you been productive? Our Deen is all about productivity. If we don't take that seriously. We're gonna regret it as we stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala. So therefore, when it comes to the principles of productivity, they say Actually, there are four major principles, four major principles and they're very valuable for us in our Deen as Muslims number one.

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Number one is the ability which means to be skillful. What does that mean? I need to learn. Our Deen is all about learning. The first thing that came down in the Quran is what Oprah which means what learn? It is me recite but what's the essence of reciting and reading what is the essence of it is learning. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after the after the Battle of better they captured about 70 plus of the prisoners of wars from the Meccans part of the deal that the settlement he had with the prisoners of war that if if each one of you could teach 10 Muslim kids how to read and write your set free.

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what he was doing Salalah Salaam teaching people skills, if you can read and write so can you imagine Can you imagine the doors that will be open to you if you can just learn that? Can you imagine this? When the Prophet salla semi so some of the Sahaba of the landed on him they were they were practicing archery, he said irmo bunnies in mulberry smile for an Iranian keep doing it. The key practicing obon was my family was my because your father used to be a good Archer. And he even he practiced with them. salallahu alayhi wasallam it's all about building skills, because skills will produce will give you some results. You see. It's not about knowledge. Keep that in mind.

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It's not about knowledge. It's about the skill. Because many, many people, they have so much knowledge, but they don't have the skill to convey that to the people.

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Sometimes, you have so much knowledge, but you don't have the right skill to help you produce. And that's why it's not just about knowing it. It's about do you have the means and the ability and the skills to make it happen? Part of our Deen is to learn from others as well. We learn so we can learn skills when Allah subhana wa tada mentioned the Quran, he says to sort of a lot of folk social causes Allah Allah amiata for karoun to the prophets, Allah Allah His calling, he said, Spano what Allah narrate to them the stories and the parables of the past, so that they might reflect. So it's our duty that we see what can we learn from other people, so we increase our skills Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam was a very skillful man. Remember this? He in Mecca used to used to be a shepherd, a skill that he learned and being a shepherd Subhanallah it's an interesting skill that teaches leadership. No matter how much you think about how long you think about this profession. It teaches people a lot of qualities and skills you need for leadership. It teaches you patience. It uses perseverance. It teaches us pilot compassion on Brockman, mercy, many, many, many skills. He was very skillful salvato law he was lmra. And even when he was at home, he learned also the skills of taking care of himself. He wasn't always dependent on others for his needs salata Allahu wa salam O

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Allah, he was very productive. He's not going to wait for his wife to cook for him or do his job on this data. We can do it with him himself. He used to do it's a lower level ceremony, as I showed you, around her when she was asked, how was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam around the house. She said like everybody else he would speak sweeps the floor, he would fix his shoes if it if it if it breaks, or this or that he does, like everybody else are allowed to lie. He was allamani MADI brothers and sisters, learn to be skillful, and action item for you. On this mountain. This point in particular, I want you all to learn something new every single day. Don't let a day pass

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without learning something new. And if that thing can be put into practice, make sure that you do such as language for example, learn a new language, something that you could practice and use and shallow to Bhagavatam. Learn how to read the Quran properly, probably maybe you pass 50 years old right now, and you still could barely barely pronounce two letters together. panela isn't about time that you now spend more time with the camera than the TV probably learn it. learn the skill. If you already know how to read the Quran, the learn the skill of Tajweed upgrade, always learn a new skill, make something useful out of it too shallow to Ireland. And if you can, if you have some

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issues with your families of highlights about time that you start learning the skill of mastering relationships, or parenting, or talking to other people or negotiating difficult things, and so forth, learn a new skill for life, it will help in the dunya. And number two, the second principle of productivity in this life, they say after you have the ability and the skill, you need to focus, focus. When you say focus, what does it mean exactly? It actually means self discipline. In our Deen, that's what it means to say focus, self discipline. And we can see that in many, many things. SubhanAllah look at

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look at the people on how they don't focus. They lost completely focus and they're always distracted.

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Look at the people when you go to a restaurant, see how they eat, they eat while they have their phone on the table face up.

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When they type on their keyboards at work, they're having the phone in front of them as well. And they call it multitasking.

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Well, multitasking for something productive and useful is okay to handle the most dangerous thing I've heard about. People will be driving while watching Netflix.

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And like somehow you're endangering yourself and the life of other people. Some of them are in your car with you, your family members of how you drive and you watch Netflix. What is this? Can we just focus on driving 15 minutes or 20 minutes or even let it be 10 hours.

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But that's something for life. You focus on this, but people are so distracted and focus and self discipline is a great principle or Dean, look at fasting. What is fasting is all about.

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It's about focus. Like you remove all the other distractions from your life, eating, drinking, you know, partying, enjoying life in certain ways and so forth. All of this to focus on one particular area and that time and as your spirituality focus in your heart, focus in your mind and taqwa focus. When it comes to Salah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says mineral Ladino Salatin has your own successful other believers those when they pray, they focus they have who should concentration it's the quiet self. This

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Most people when they pray, they start their Salah because they do it just to get over with it. They just get distracted with many things. Even hotel Juma. You have people sitting here and their mind is somewhere else. Or they have called on the phone and watching something else until the hotel finishes. It's called bus ohana. We call it multitasking again. No, that's not multitasking. That's a waste of time, waste of life. You focus one thing at a time Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah in the future of Allah didn't give you two hearts in you know in your body. One, so one at a time. And you focus on this Yes, there are certain areas

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where can you do multitasking when it's productive on both ways, but definitely you need to focus upon Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is teaching us the essence of focusing requires what leads to what leads to excellence. Because when you focus on one thing you'll produce and you will make an excellent just like when you pray. When you start what your Salah and you focus on your Salah you produce what do you produce? serenity and peacefulness. Use yourself as a say like wow, that was awesome. I want to do it again. Subhan Allah but when you always pray and you always distract, you don't get the benefit of it. Because you're not connected with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So focus for

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these five minutes when you make in your Salah. They can give you energy for the rest of the day probably focus is very important. Having that sense of self discipline. A man to show you how self discipline is very important and focus is very important to do a sin and excellence in everything. A man came to the masjid and he prayed on the side and then came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Minnesota salaam aleikum Rasul Allah Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam replied walaikum salam Rahmatullah. And then he says, urgent for Sullivan column to suddenly go back, do you redo your Salah because whatever you did, there didn't count. So the man goes back again, and he prayed one

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more time, then he comes back, he's trying this time you're trying to make it better. So when he came back, he said to the Prophet, the prophet SAW some says, go back again and redo it. That didn't count as well. The mandate for the third time. And then he comes to the Prophet Allah and the Prophet told him still didn't count. Go do it again. The man he said coloratura La, La ilaha limini era so this is the best I know, please teach me teach me. So the prophet SAW Sam told him he taught him how to pray his Salah, like first thing when you do you stand up before Allah subhanho wa Taala. You focus your mind on saying Allahu Akbar. He was teaching him how to do it with sun with

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excellence. Our Deen is based on a sun and you can reach that sound without you having that focus on what you're doing. Even to things that we don't consider major, like in Hades, abu allah shadab and also the Allahu Allahu Akbar, the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, Sam says, in Allah but cuttable Santa Allah coalition, Allah subhanho wa Taala prescribed and he ordered you that you do, Sam, which means you observe excellence in doing everything. I look at example, out of all the examples of processes and materials, something that might not be considered something you know, of importance to many people, such as when you sacrifice your animal, probably the context of the story was in that

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in that in that area, but he says further.

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When you hunt the animal, do it correct. Do it right. And if you're going to sacrifice the animal, then do it right.

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Do it with excellence with a son. And then he mentioned some details he said Sarah, Lhasa is bilasa la Selim when you hit that had to come to Florida to make sure that your blade is sharp. And when you kill the animal dude quickly would need to put a tourist. So the point is the prophet SAW SMS saying you need to observe the sun and everything. When you come to eat. Do you take two three hours eating? Or do you take you know, 1015 minutes with focus with the sun I want to eat and then go do something else or just want to kill the time while you're eating for half an hour to three hours for this panel. What do you do with that stuff? What do you wake up? How much? How long does it take you

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to get out of your bed.

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Just think about it. Everything has a son, and you need to learn. You need to learn that you do it with perfection. So an action item for you. If you would like to have that focus on sound and your life. Make sure to remove a lot of distractions from your life. move some of it, think think about what distracts you really just remove that stuff. If you have some apps on your phone that kills your time, get them out of your phone. Make sure that you just take them out and focus. Use it for the right reason. Also, learn to trust people and delegate you don't have to do everything yourself. Because when you delegate you free some of your time, and you can do your things would focus on what

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they're saying as well. And as a suggestion. Make sure to take some time and pray at night to hedge it because we're law hedges will teach you discipline will teach you focus and concentration when no one is there awake with you. You're doing it only for that purpose that has to do please

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Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the ultimate s and that is the ultimate concentration and focus. Get up at night 1015 minutes before Miko do pray to rocket with a sun, connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number three, to become productive, in addition

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to that, is to have the time for it. So you have the ability, you have the focus. And now we need time, obviously. And what is time time span is the envelope of everything, all our activities require that time and time is abundant. Until we run out of it. You have all the time until the end of the period didn't realize also palai wasted my time. You see, so the lawsuit is very well known for all of us, while also in the incentive to host the losses of panel data that allows by swear by time that human beings in San are in constant state of loss, except for those who have faith, practice upon this faith. And then they enjoy and good with each other and also the preserving

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persevere and patience. So that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us about time it's the most valuable thing and on the Day of Judgment. Allah azza wa jal mentions an incident that happens a conversation with the people of Johanna May Allah protect us from jahannam samina Gemma, so the people of Johanna Allah somehow described that he says, Well homeo study Hoon and fear and they all cry out in *. They are crying out right now. What are the things Robin? are they calling upon the Lords of Hamlet or our Lord? Krishna min Hannah Amazon. Our Lord just give us the opportunity to leave * one more time, just one more time. Just give us the chance to get out of jahannam out of

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*. So we can do righteousness and good deeds, the hydrological animals so we can replace what we've done before with something good. Allah somehow replies to them he says, Allah, Allah, Mohammed, American, our American didn't give you enough time.

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We gave you all almost all the Armor All the lifetime you had to give it to Karla, our alumna American Maya that copy him into the car like we gave you time that is sufficient for those who want to remap to reflect and remember, they will remember

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no matter how long or short, still have the opportunity. But unfortunately, a lot of people don't do so. And the law community it's not just your left on your own, we send you reminders. But what did you do with that? You chose not to follow it for Dooku just taste that that fire of * family Ballymena minasi they will have no help in Johanna melas pepper Texas, herbal Allah mean. So the point from the ayah Allah Subhana Allah says, we've given you enough time in this life that will make the one who's heatless to remember the one who would goes up and down and if you still have opportunities to reflect and remember so no excuse basically time my brothers and sisters is very

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valuable. And in the hadith of an ambassador the allowed and mandated by a human and by herpe Carlos de la Sol I'm the Messenger of Allah, Allah Sam says aeternum Hampson, couple of humps take advantage of five things before other five things come come to you. What are these five things he says? Shabaab aka Kabbalah harmik. Your use before your old age, when you're young and capable handle of doing things learn the skill, do something useful in your life, before you get old and he started saying I can't know make gurukula sujood it's hard for me to make Salah long. Do it while you can, was a headache, a couple of supplements and take advantage of your health before your

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illness. Because at some point we start you know, getting old and so getting ill. So if you have 100 of the time to smilla take care of it. Well enact a couple of fabric and take care of your rich and your wealth, your wealth basically on what you can handle and prosperity before times gets become hard because you don't own the economy. Things go up and down so can also take advantage of your wealth and your prosperity to do the right thing before you know hardships come your way. Well for Africa couple of shivalik and your leisure time, your free time before you get busy. A lot of the young ones are not married yet don't have kids of Hanalei they think that the busiest people on

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earth doing what I don't know is getting busy probably. Is it productive

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people that have different ways of looking at how productive it means for them some they spend three four hours in gym some they live in the gymnasium and all their job is just taking pictures on from the gym and send it on Instagram or on their Snapchat whatever. Do something productive with your time span Allah. It is very crucial that remember the number five the professor Sam says well hyah taka kablammo take a new life before you die.

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They have to have the armor as Allah says and you have all the lifetime so use it wisely. As an action item for this point I would like to turn few things number one, my dear brothers and sisters please please please learn to unplug.

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Get out of the

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phone every now and then

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just leave it, turn it off, put it somewhere at home and just enjoy time with your family doesn't have to be on the phone, when you come back from work, don't make the first thing you know, to go to your phone, go to your spouse, have some quality time, enjoy that time will lie is so precious, don't wasted likeness, same thing, you know, between Aaron's focus, and use that time wisely as well. Even when you're driving many people to Palawan, they drive they have the habit right now, the moment they stopped at a traffic light or even now nowadays on stop a stop sign, they grab their phone just to kill some time. Use this for the kid.

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Just Just how to love him the low level awkward, it's gonna take 15 seconds for 20 seconds, make it productive, do some liquor during those times. So unplug and minimize your social obligations, because one of our biggest problems is that we engage with lots of relations. And now we spend the rest of our lives trying to make maintenance of these relationships.

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Some of these relationships are very important, others not necessary, but we just we get out there. Especially when you start on social media, you feel obliged right now to please all your followers.

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And you're going to spend more time just maintaining these relationships than your relationship with the most important people in your life. Pray on time, it will teach you how to be disciplined, and how to appreciate them. And the last point of becoming productive is shallow to Allah. So after having the ability and the skills, and you have the focus for it, how do you have the time right now? So what do I do? I need to I need to live a purposeful life goals. You have to have goals, all that skill, all that focus and energy all the time you have it has to drive you somewhere. Where is that somewhere that you go into? What's the direction? You know, people come to me for counseling,

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and they asked me to share, what do I do?

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And I'm just like, Are you serious? What kind of question is that? Like what I do in my life? I said, Where do you want to go? That's the first question. If you don't know where you're going, how can I help you with what you want to do? You first need to know where you want to go. And I'll tell you what to do to get there. But coming to me says What do I do? I don't know what you want to do. That's exactly many people's life is just like this. Their life is on hold, waiting until they figure it out. How long is gonna take you to figure it out. It's not going to happen by itself. You need to put these caps. You need to put these goals for yourself and start having that purpose for

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life. Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us that life is not the Sabbath is not in vain. It's purposeful. This is the purpose behind a Carlos panna cotta Allah of septum Anima hallak nakoma avison. One Nakula told john, what do you think that we have created you in vain for no purpose, and you're not going to be returned back to us. Now that is the ultimate goal. If you know that your return is going to be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Make sure that all your long term and short term lead you there,

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learn the skills that will get you there. Put that energy and time to get you there. Keep focus, don't look good, distract, don't remove any distraction that will take you out of that achieving that goal in your life. This is so important. The professor says in the Hadith, in MLM Albania, that these are just by their actions are just by their intentions. What does that mean? When you do something, do it with purpose? What is your intention for it, make sure whether you're spending five minutes on the phone, or five minutes, you know in the bathroom even or whatever that you're doing, there has to be some some purpose for this.

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That purpose should lead you to where you're supposed to go. Where you need what you need to achieve, whether again, it's a personal goal that you achieve or spiritual goal, or social goal, whatever that is. Your time is very precious. The skills you learn should lead you there and make sure to have a goal of be purposeful inshallah robotica Watada my brother and sisters, I would like to remind you, Charlotte Allah as part of the goals, she would like to achieve something before you do anything. Ask yourself why

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before you grab the phone, make this a habit. Ask yourself, Why Why are you grabbing the phone Are you just going to go to one of these videos which are going to keep our play forever and you don't even know when to stop? And all of it is just seven seconds each. And you realize after two hours, you missed actually two valuable hours of night's sleep. Why? Because you are on your phone in bed and just wasting your life. Make sure that you keep focus ask yourself why am I going to do this right now has to be purpose for this. Look for the ACA and make a good plan. These are the four major principles to be productive as Muslim I'm responsible for this. I am responsible to make sure

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that I have all these qualities together in shallow terracotta The first thing I want you to remember is that you have the skill the skill for learning something new every single day in shallow data focus. Make sure to be self discipline. Use your time wisely and set goals that are religious

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The Acura akula call you had that was tough for a lot Emily welcome

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through in order for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa barakaatuh Bina Muhammad Ali was a Muslim and cotton mama dad, my brothers and sisters, and a whole different topic today as I was listening and watching the news Subhanallah we've seen what happened in the Lok Sabha as we speak today are actually as a matter of fact, it just happened earlier when they finished the hook but of Juma there, the IDF which is the Israeli Defense Forces they came in and they start kind of going after the people so pantalon attacking them will Selena the worshipers in that area. It's such a disgraceful site will lie to see that people unarmed, and they just know after the event of times panela and just being

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harassed. Why because that they commemorates what happened last year, I don't know how many of you remember that when they wanted to enforce electronic electric gates for the people the worshipers when they come into metal oxide to monitor who comes in and who comes out. And the people that policies they refuse to go through these doors. And it was a big thing. People lost their lives as in protested these things. They refuse to get into there, finally they were removed. But after a while, a lot of harassment, a lot of injustice being committed against the policies and the residents of the area over there. And today was just at the university for many people, they just

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kind of like they felt that the idea felt that they something's going to happen and they prepared themselves for that provoking the worshippers, creating another injustice and Allah Subhana Allah to protect the people that are behind me. malice harboring peace of menorah him to them your particular metal oxide Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah protect them as acceptable and I mean, Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to protect our brand I mean, a lot of melanoma and Phantom in front of me my alum Tina in the country lollywood Hakeem Allah Martin fusina taqwa was Herman Zika Antonio Oh, la la la la la la mallacoota saloon. Allenby Yeah, you Latina Manasa lucilla Motors Lima, la masala

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wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali was a big marine. What de la Mancha Russia Dena be back and Mama was Nana Valley one sir Sahaba Tasmanian woman tambien via celluma Dean, welcome Salam

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