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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season two episode 20

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims Welcome to the show. I'm your host me for my roof and I'm here with day 20 of the pre Ramadan bootcamp. So today's episode is round three of the weekly challenge, and this challenge is going to be slightly different. Now instead of ticking a box of three challenges every day, I want you to experiment what one day of Ramadan would look like for 24 hours. Here's how it will work. So what you'll do is pick any day any day except Friday over the next seven days to complete a dry run of your ideal Ramadan routine. So your day could look something like you wake up for Soho or you pray fudger do carve read Quran go for a walk, go to school work come back

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do something beneficial with your family make do our before Maria happy third pray Marie pressure, pray to rocket night prayer three rocket Vitor and sleep early. Now, this is just an example but it can be different and you want to maximize your spiritual, physical and social aspects. So basically go through a rehearsal of a typical Ramadan day. And this is what I want you to identify. Identify when are your most energetic and least energetic times? Also, what challenges did you face overall in terms of your energy, focus and time? And finally, what could you have done better? In this activity, I also highly recommend that you write down on a sheet of paper what you did hour by hour

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during the day and recorded down so that your memory doesn't fool you into thinking you are productive when you want.

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Salam Alaikum This is Mick faddis founder of productive Muslim calm at productive Muslim our mission is inspired automatically productive again. And when we were doing this is through online courses and webinars that are hosted on productive Muslim This platform is a personal development platform for Muslims worldwide. It combines faith and science to overcome so a practical development challenges whether it's waking up early in the morning for overcoming stress or difficulties in life, and from athon we've had three special courses just from about on the platform. What is freedom have been called the robot boot camp. One is jr Milan co production Milan

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course and one is postmodern called postmodern v. So make most of this platform join us today at productive Muslim Academy calm be part of this personal development journey with us. Zach Lafitte salaam aleikum

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so now, over the past few weeks, you may have fasted as a part of our weekly challenges. But the point now is not just to us, but to be conscious about each minute hour you spend from morning to evening and identify the challenges that you face and hopefully you can solve this before Ramadan starts. So are you ready? Let me know which days you can meet to for this 24 hour rehearsal of Ramadan. And let me know in the comments of the show notes over at productive Muslim slash is to eat 20 so that's all for me today. inshallah, I'll speak to you again tomorrow with our pre Ramadan Bootcamp, and till then, work hard and be sincere