Yaser Birjas – Tafsir Of Surah Al Kafirun

Yaser Birjas
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Salam aleikum wa barakato

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handler blood amin Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira my bad so welcome back. We have now started countdown to the end of the Futurama the last six zeros of the official ama few opened almost half from way from the back. So you have the last six years all together on the same page almost. So inshallah Allah as we move forward in the region, we come we become much more familiar with the sewers, specifically the last three sewers of the coldest poonawalla had cooler, cooler webinars. We have a very special presentation for the sewers in shallow water Kota Allah. Tonight, we have tafsir Surah Al caffee rune tafsir Seurat Alka

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freuen, we will sell careful

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disbelievers but what does it exactly mean from the linguistic perspective specifically in the context of a tribulation soldier kaffee rune was revealed as according to the mufa Syrian army, it was about number 18. So as of Katherine was number 18, in terms of the order of revelation, by the sort of the noun after noun and before sort of oil field by unanimous agreement, so total carat rune is a makiura. It was revealed in Mecca upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The name of the surah almost also unanimous agreement that you know, they say El Capitan However, some of us some books of Tafseer you know, God kind of gave it meanings not necessarily the name of the surah so

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remember why Rahim Allah Allah He names in his book of Hadith surah Yeah, you healthcare from Julio he says called Surah Al calculon. Another another professor added the meaning for that sort of for the name of the surah he says cassata A bada surah la vida the surah of worship, why because all about worshiping Allah Subhana Allah and negating the worship of any other database as Allah subhanho wa Taala. Also some they say Seurat at Deen meaning faith doctrine aqidah alchemilla the TAs basically Allah subhanho wa Taala because it says Korea you are careful ah Buddha Buddha at the end says let continue come, Walia did that, to me is my religion and to your religion. So here these

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are the different names of the surah some of the aroma of the seed as they speak about the value of the surah they say that you call it also al Mukesh Tisha Mukesh Bhatia, which means it's basically like a lady that destroys a shirt which means completely wipes out a shirt polytheism and partnership, any kind of partnership with Allah subhanho wa Taala. There are other most other names for the surah but these are the most common ones. What is exactly established when we look at the surah and the meaning of the words. In general, we see that Allah subhanho wa Taala here is kind of like in the in the context of given the news to the disbelievers, specifically those who came to the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam. When we talk about the reason why it was revealed, we see it's given them the news that they should be desperate, completely desperate form, having the prophets of Allah accept any kind of compromise or negotiation when it comes to worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the surah has a reason for this first revelation. Many, many books of Hadith mentioned the same origin story with different generations, different different words and so forth. But they all say that that group of the people of Mecca, specifically four of the elders of the people of Mecca, they came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, after they get very tired, they get extremely tired, you

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know, trying to convince the professor Sam to quit his Dawa, and his preaching and stop it and so on. They couldn't. So they tried to negotiate few things with him. Like you know, what we can give you money we can give you this, we can give you that it didn't work out the problem was not after dunya at all. So finally, some of them they kind of said, Okay, fine, let's have this kind of compromise with with Muhammad. What was the compromise? They said? How about how about if you accept that we worship your God for one year, and then the next thing you worship our gods, so let's be together in this, like they compromised, they compromise their gods in order to accept the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam to compromise his we willing, we are willing to worship your God. If you give us the promise that the worship hours thereafter, and the prophet SAW some Of course, he said, I'll ask a word for Allah to give me the answer. And the answer came down in the form of Surat Al capital. Allah subhanho wa Taala says this sort of rune call Yeah, you can say all you who disbelieve land are Buddha Mata who do not worship What do you worship? What are you doing? I'm an Abbot. No. Do you worship what I worship? was an IBM Ah, but no, do I? The transition here says serve what's awesome is worship. What do you serve? What are you doing? I'm an avid nor do you serve what I serve, let

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them denuclearize.

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Do you have your way and I have my way, his way of life and we have faith and religion of course, we can explain that in the Arabic inshallah to Allah and see if the English matches the exact meaning of these words or not but before that some virtues of social capital. What do you guys know about some of the virtues in terms of sort of calculon there's a citation what would you decide to tell Catherine the most Can you guys tell me

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sooner the further further sooner you pray Coolio Catherine Soraka Lola Where else

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would when you pray when you praise a chef on water as a sub bass Malbec Li risotto El Capitan where else

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so that's another negative Yeah, it was a report that was mentioned automotive as well.

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What? before you go to bed? Yeah, well, when you're in bed, basically you research author Catherine as well.

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Rom, ROM and power after tawaf, would you prefer to record behind maqam Ibrahim? So there are many many cases? Yes.

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We did. And we here already actually.

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Now, so I'm not really sure about about that, specifically, as being a recommendation to recite the surah for that purpose. But eventually sawtell casual rule that a lot of verses, as the professor said recommend for us to decide in many many different positions. Also, it was reported as sort of the softer cat rune has the value of one quarter of the Quran. One quarter of the Quran, in addition to Surah

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Zilla as it was reported by an Ibis or the last run in tirmidhi. So the Prophet sallahu wa salam, he recommends to recite also salted capital when you go to bed salaatu wa Salaam, Allah, Allah, Allah either avoid Eli theologica when you go to bed kuliah you healthcare through to the end of the surah he said so Allah Salaam Hata tomato be hidden until you are done to the end for inhabited automata shirk because it's a sign it's a sign or basically it is like Bara which means when this is a testimony for you to be free from shark it's a testament testifies for you that you free from shellcode Of course you decide that with understanding the meaning of these words. So what is this

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sword is all about

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the beginning of the surah Allah subhana wa Taala says call.

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How many students do you know in the Quran that begins with call

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for Okay, what are they?

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Come on azima y'all know them by heart?

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Korea, y'all careful? That's one. Hello, Aloha, Colorado,

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Colorado verbenas. This is for? What if I tell you there's another surah that also begins with a certain

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color Haley, I know Samana from Elgin. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, oh, some sort of virgin with coal. So these are the five sources and the foreign, that speaks about that starts with coal. But what is the difference between coal in this and all these students? The first three, the first three sewers, Korea,

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Elgin, Sora, Korea, Iran, and so on. Allah had this resource called was mentioned at the beginning of the surah. for one purpose, it's equal and all this resource, but call in the other two sutras sort of

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Pelican colada been asked for the reason. The reason for call in general whenever you start with call in the Arabic language, what is the purpose of starting with coal anyway?

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It's a command right to say it means say, to whom to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But what does it mean exactly? They said it Amanda, Nevada. When you say to someone, when you say to someone, we basically call somebody like you call a child, come over here, come over here. And you tell them to tell your child go and say to your brothers, or your sisters Go and tell the children so when you say Go and tell go and say what is it required from you, or from this actually child that you speak into? After you say the word say, means you need to pay attention to what I'm going to be giving you after that?

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Well, usually you say a lot of things because in the Quran, Allah Subhana has given the professor Sam the entire Quran to deliver to the people right? So why is it so special that there are some ayat were mentioned with the beginning would say Mohammed, he been commanded to deliver the entire Quran. They say that because there is a special message after every single hole that is mentioned in the Quran. That special message requires to me and you to pay attention to very well. And here in the first three Sutras, the first like sort of gin, sort of Catherine and surah, Allah Allah had the message was something to deliver to the people.

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A last part

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Command, professors have to deliver some news to deliver some news to the people. So here call your metabolism. The news that was given to the Capitol here is that I don't wash up on tuition. Same thing with Elgin Elgin and same thing with Paul who allow I had a lot of some of the news, I will give it to the kofod. And Allah has one and only one, indivisible and so on. But in Surah, cool, honorable Falak and colada. verbenas. There wasn't a specific news that was delivered to the people, because it was delivered right now to the believers. And in this case, it was four hours so that they seek refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala, when they recite these words, for the Baraka and for

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seeking protection, and refuge as the origin. So there's a difference between these five suitors in regard to beginning with with the word call. So call, obviously, there is something important that's going to be mentioned after that, that requires a very special attention from you, even though you're required to have attention to what Allah says all throughout the Quran altogether. But here is a special attention that required for you to give special attention for this message. And what is this message? Allah Subhana? Wa tada says? Call? Yeah. Remember, we mentioned many times before? Yeah, what do we call this an Arabic language?

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added to the DA, which means it's an article of calling Unicode someone you say Yeah. And then we have au.

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au. Au has made of two words. So we have au and we have the heart. So I usually it's the kind of like being specific. And how in the Arabic language when you call someone who was added in order to prolong the call to grab the attention of the person. So if you call someone by saying, Mohammed

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so now that you call Mohammed, Mohammed. Okay, if you want to if you want to grab the attention of Mohammed who's far away from you, how would you call him?

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Say Mohammed?

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Right, he add more to it. So he wouldn't say yeah, mohammedia Coffee rune, Brasilia El Capitan. All this edition in the sentence to grab their attention. Before we give the article you were talking to you? Something to add to it. So here are lots of answers. Kalia, au ha and then says l capital.

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l capital is a plural of what

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What's the transition for Catherine English,

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nonbeliever, disbeliever, infidel and so on. Right? That's the that's the definition for it in English in English dictionary. But in the essence of the Arabic language, as it was revealed at the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. It was really about being disbeliever non believer and so on. It has a deeper meaning. a deeper meaning what is the meaning of it? Originally the Arabic language alkire for alkaff wohlfahrt or raw means what? covering and concealing, covering and concealing. And that's why even until this day, in the Quran, Allah Subhana says

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he was able to fall that pleases Iran. It pleases those farmers love able to farm the kuffaar here is also has to do with with farming too. And that's why in some cultures until this day, villages in the countryside, they call them cover. What do they call them cover? Because what's the job of the farmers all the time? What do they usually do?

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They plot the land and then what do they do? They put the seeds and then they cover the seeds. So most of their job is covering is called cover. So akufo basically is concealment is covering but what are they exactly covering here?

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covering the truth, covering

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their hearts, covering their genuine intentions covering their true belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala why is that because Allah says in the Quran many many is about them. He says Panama's Allah was the hydrophobia was there was definite

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that they denied it when their hearts genuinely believed in.

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Like they have certainty in their hearts, that you tell the truth. But their arrogance prevent them from believing. So they covered that belief they conceal that why because of their arrogance and so on. here Allah says, you're careful, don't say Mohammed, all you who are too far miss those of you who know the truth, but you hide it in your heart and you cover it in your heart. So that's the message that was mentioned to them. The terminal calf room, by the way, this term or this kind of like calling the statement in itself calling has has a sense of Marja. Like there is a there's a miracle over here. What is that miracle? Can you guys tell me

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what could be the miracle here in this call at the beginning of sort of Kalia ayakashi

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Two kind of miracles, by the way to miracles over here.

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Can you guess?

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Number one,

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this call this name definitely is provoked into the people of mica right? But the Prophet salla Salah publicly he went out and announced it to them for the coalition in Mecca.

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And if you go and you call them and said, hey, you're infidels, are they going to be happy with it? They want most likely that they're going to hurt you. But they heard the Prophet salaallah Salah No, they didn't. They didn't dare. Why? Because Allah promised him that I'll protect you from the people.

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That matter this was after Allah rasuluh Bella Bella Angelica Moravec while mtef Alpha Bella sala de la jolla, similkameen and nest and Allah she will guard you, against these people. So that's the first thing the property went out. Deliberately. You could say it's provocation, really. But Allah protected him. That's one. Number two, the people who came to the Prophet salla. Sam, would that compromise the request for compromise? They were called What Al calculon

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that they believe afterwards? No, they didn't. They remain alpha.

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They died on Cooper. So when a lot called them cash rune, they remain careful until they die. So that's another actually miracle like giving us that these people will die as kofod course with a call have an extension to everybody else who stays the information Mecca, and even those who comes after the Carlota Allah Kalia, y'all Catherine, he says supanova de la Abu

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Abu ma da boo.

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Lakewood linguistically speaking, what do we call Abu

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they call it an Effie negation. And matava Dune is it's bad. So here you confirm something, but before you confirm it, you first of all need to negate everything besides that, and that is very powerful statement. You begin what was called a tough layer and then you start with a Dahlia. So you start you know, you're vacating everything. And you start adoring what is left after that. So you make it empty from anything else besides this, like we say la ilaha illa Allah so we first of all, negate all kind of, you know, any kind of categories of deities or gods whatsoever. besides Allah azza wa jal, same thing over here, la Abu Mata Buddha, so it began the law, the negation, the

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command that came with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is to proclaim to the people of Mecca, that I do not worship your Lord. Abu is a present tense verb. And present tense verb usually gives the present, present state or future state. So this statement over here, when the problem was telling them to do, what does it mean? Does it mean that I would that I have never worshipped your Lord? Or does it mean that I will never worship You, Lord,

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this is for the future.

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He was given the no hope, whatsoever for that kind of compromise law, which means I shall never worship law, Abu

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Avada we've talked about rebuttal from before the finish of rebuttal. And that is the essence of worship is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala coolamon is known by his boyhood or actually this mon jammer. It's a comprehensive name or title. And that incomprehensive name encompasses all kinds of form of speech,

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the worship of the heart and the actions that is considered public or private, which is Allah subhanho wa Taala. So anything that comes from Allah and His messenger to fulfill as part of the act of worship, we should fulfill that in any way, whether it's something major or minor, whether it's something such as performing hajj, Givens, a car, or just sitting quietly and making Vicar or just smiling in the face of somebody else for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, all these are considered also acts of law. I don't do any of these things for anyone besides Allah subhana wa tada Abu matar Boone, Mata Bhutto man the Arabic language is saying a lady in whatever what ever not whomever. So

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what was it mentioned over here speaking about the gods and the date is of the people of Mecca because there was the anonymous there are often so Mata Buddha, whatever that you worship, I don't worship that because the mecca had hundreds of gods

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and he said, I will never I shall never worship what you worship taboo.

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The word taboo don't say much about what you worship. Because that speaks about now their status today as the conversation was taking place, that I won't worship what you're already worshipping today, let Abu Mata Buddha and then he was also lots of to say, what unto

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What are antem rb do na,

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same thing now we come to learn negation while anthem speaking to them mentioned the pronoun mentioned the pronoun over here in the sentence to kind of like to grab their attention and to make it exclusive to them while our anthem and you what our anthem? We do now. Look, what's the difference between our boat and RV Dune? Our boat, this boat over here is a verb. Ah, good is a noun. That noun is called it's called Arabic language isn't fat.

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It's basically the name of the verb

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with the springs from the exact same Avada means to worship.

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But what's the difference between saying I do not worship and saying I'm not a worshiper?

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Exactly. When you say, I do not worship, you speak about the incidence of worship.

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But when you say I'm not a worshiper, that means you're in the continuous state of worshipping the status of the individual. So what are we doing a mob which means that is actually a very powerful statement to say that you are like you used to be unusual continue to be in the same state of worship, which is none other than Allah azza wa jal

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like here is saying that you will never worship what I worship, which means your claim is false, you will claim is not true. And again, that's another miracle. Like another challenge. I mean, some of them could have said to the Prophet salaallah, some you know what, okay, we change your mind, we're going to worship your God. But these four people in particular who came, didn't do that. And they died.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala, given the prophet SAW Selim the news that they are not going to watch, and they know they're not sure about their claim. Well, until we do now, in the state of Nevada, you're going to continuously be on the same state of Nevada, like it used to be in the past, used to be right now, and in the future as well. What are antem ib do Na Na but Okay, now, we said that MMA, the one that came before this, MMA is for the anonymous basically, because they're worshiping worshiping idols and so forth. But here, what anthem abdulah MMA but also came in the same

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article came, which is man, but what is immediate. Now that we speak about Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. There are other matters in the Arabic language, when we use ma instead of saying men are good for the African. So when you use Ma, instead of saying, men, that means you are using it in the most, with the most actually kind of any profound meaning of the quarter cream royalty over here. So like you just kind of like, whatever comes to your mind, that allows what I worship is greater than that. So our last pass of what an anthem ad we do not whatever that comes to your mind of your deities, you will never worship him because he's beyond your imagination. subhanho wa Taala What are unto my

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Buddha, my Abbot. And then he says, Well, no,

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we don't.

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Coming back again, negation. Well, Anna, and I am not going to be able to look over here.

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The first time the professor lesson, he was ordered to speak in the form of a verb. The second one in the form of this will fall while Anna, have you done my bottom? What was the difference? Okay, what's the difference between avid an avid avid speaks about the incidence of worship and either the state of Nevada, like he is now telling Anna, I will do my best to me, I've never been. I've never been in a state of Nevada,

00:24:32 --> 00:24:39

to your gods and Lord, like you've been to yours, because this is a comparison here between these two words over here.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:59

So they were in a constant state of Nevada to their gods from the past. Today, I'm going to continue the future. And the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was he was told to let them know that I would never be in a state of Nevada like you did. I've never been and I will never be in a state of Ribeira to this day. It is that you worship

00:25:00 --> 00:25:08

Anna ibutton ma. But Tom, what do you have enslaved yourself to what you worship? Then came the last statement.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:16

What our anthem Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah, who was repeated twice for the Prophet salallahu salam, for what reason?

00:25:18 --> 00:25:55

It was repeated so that they would know that was the be the same thing over and over again. Let him Dino qumola Dean. So here we go back again to the surah. So Korea you have Catherine la Buddha Mata Buddha. What are antem Avi Duna la boda Motta, Buddha anthem, Iberdrola Odwalla, Anna, I will do my bottom again, what an anthem ibotirama, same statement number three and number five, these two will repeat twice, exactly the same format. Why? Because their condition was permanent. It's not going to change.

00:25:56 --> 00:26:32

Like that always was in the past. And that's going to be the future for them. It's not going to change. And again, that's challenge for them, that this is their status, and that's what they're going to be held accountable for before Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah says, Let them dynochem Walia Did you have your own Dean and I have my own Dean? What does that exactly mean to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he was so lucky. I'm Dino qumola. Dean. Like you know what, there is no way that these two ways gonna take basically like they're going to cross at some point, we're going to have to do a compromise. And in the Arabic language we use

00:26:32 --> 00:27:12

puneeth say lakum Dino come instead of saying Dino Kuma calm your face is yours. And my faith is mine. Now it says no, we say you let come to you is your way. And to me is my way let us because the focus over here isn't what the focus is basically is on them right now. And their condition that's going to be permanent and continue. Let him do what he did. Now, this last statement in the Arabic tradition and the Arab tradition, they use it as a proverb. Which means when someone is kind of like staying at a certain end when you decide when you disagree with somebody, what do people usually say? They say like I'm the newcomer lady.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:24

Even sometimes the Muslims among themselves. When they agree on something, they say like I'm the new commodity. Is that allowed? What do you guys think? Is that permissible to use this statement as you

00:27:28 --> 00:27:39

know, let's say Muslims among themselves, they disagreed on something for example, they disagreed on which which cuisine is better than the Breanna or the capsule for example.

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00:27:42 --> 00:27:47

is it okay if let's say they disagree they couldn't agree on which one is better than they say like computer community

00:27:52 --> 00:28:06

Yeah, but we're not we don't mean then over here to be the is faith. We mean by this the way your way of cooking whatever you have yours or mine. Are we allowed to use this ayah in that context?

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So using an example from the Quran for this kind of you know, things might not be appropriate right? Alabama because Alabama mmm Grazia I'm sorry remember Raja Rahim Allah Allah He said people should not be using the for an for this because it wasn't revealed for to be used as a proverb instead to be used to to understand contemplate over and also put into practice. However other facilities they actually they replied, and they said no, it's okay to use the Quran as a proverb. Why because it was originally built in what Arabic language which is the most sophisticated language and because it has the best form of speech this for this value people use it as proverbs so they allow that like I'm

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I'm a part of an actual Rahim Allah Allah has gotten weird. He refuted actually ma'am. Imam Raja Rahim Allah says okay, you can you are allowed to use it and it should be fine. So either way, it depends on how you look at that actually, it should be fine and shallow, the Baraka doll. So this is Surah alkaff rune and it's the first sort of all the last six years of the AMA, inshallah terracotta. When we come back next week, we will be discussing Seurat

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with Rama.

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What comes after sort of calculon sora Nasir Elijah and also Allah He will fit. So one of the short sorrows of the Quran, but has a very interesting story, and a very profound meanings can a very emotion in the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. That will be our discussion next week in Sharla. Georgia. Voila, any questions?

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Was Abuja let me give you the names of the four people as they were mentioned the books of diversity. So they say they were eligible Madeira, Alaska, meanwhile, well, Abdulmutallab Romania that's one aeration.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:16

Yes, so basically this is actually the the nourishes they agree on these four. So again, they will be eligible Madeira, will ask them while while a solvent Abdulmutallab omega

00:30:18 --> 00:30:19

one of the law? Yes.

00:30:28 --> 00:30:59

Not so the repetition of these in these statements that like they would never believe, is it only for those who were meant by this sort of this for people, it doesn't apply to everybody else, even including in our time? Well, it's open for everybody, if they have, if they have the same condition of these four people, which means of their heart conceals the truth, and they, they insist on their way, even though they know that, you know, otherwise, it's better to submit the last panel with Allah, the condition will be the same thing. Will Allah not? Yes?

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So the question is, is it is it allowed all the non Muslim cafard

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now in the general meaning of in a general meaning of faith, and of course, you know, theology, obviously, yes. Anyone who doesn't believe in the Quran and the message of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and scold Kapha even the formula that says, capital Medina, Paulo, and the latter is Elijah, that this they cafaro those who claim that God is one of three What if? So, in general, yes, they will call q4 but using caffeine, the word caffeine to label people with that's a bit that's another story. Like just going out in the senses, calling the people yeah, careful, come over here.

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That's not what it meant to be the professors and never went out in Mecca, calling these who for whom Allah call them yeah, you will never come call them come over here,

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even though they will label the cattle. So again, in terms of the theological aspect of it, yes, they are, even though that transition for it is used wrongly as infidel, but it's not actually still, though, in terms of theology, the archive room, but in terms of using it to label people with it, no, we shouldn't be doing that. Well, sometimes people specific in our time, when we talk to people who talked about non Muslims, people they prefer instead of saying they are the word cafard, saying people of other faiths,

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people of other faiths, which is basically more of a positive way of giving them the benefit of doubt in regard to their belief system alone. Yes.

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So how do you know these four people were the people meant by that? surah actually, that these are the words you mentioned, the book of the store was mentioned in the book of Sierra which means men might have been public at the time of the prophet SAW some in Mecca. And who were the people who came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the Prophet told them their names specifically, none of the donations that I know I like that you read that mentioned the profit source. I mentioned the names, but they will say for people and they mentioned 123 400 dimensions of the profit. The conversation you had with them will have on

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Coachella next week when the last call, we will have the CSR I must have said America, middle America.

Sh Yaser Birjas discusses the explanation and in depth meaning of the commonly recited six verses of Surah al Kafirun.

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