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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea of giving people who are obnoxious to be generous and gives them money to cover losses. They also mention the Prophet sallua and how it relates to the news story of the Battle of Mecca. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being generous and being a generous person in society, while also discussing the professional beggars in society and how they make money off them. The speaker emphasizes the need for care and good manners in society.
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A lot of blood I mean, so Allahu wa salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad, Allah alayhi wa sallam the Sleeman kathira My bad. Would you be generous with people who are asking you in a in a harsh way? What do you guys think?

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Someone who is someone being an obnoxious and they were they asked him, like, hey man should have a nice car? Can I have some of the money that you have?

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What would you tell them?

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Get out of my face, right? But would you give someone who's obnoxious and they were they asked you? Would that bother you? That's the question. Meaning when you give, do they do you give with generosity because of who you are? Or because of who they are?

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Should you should you give them because of you owe it to them? You owe it to yourself.

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So how do you give you give because you owe it to yourself to be generous? Are you over to them because they're poor and in need?

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That's the question right? Many people when they give, they give because of who they are, which means if they deserve it, I'll give it to them. They don't know why.

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But it doesn't matter. I mean, it's generosity no matter what. Let's see what the prophet sallallaahu salam did said about the lawyer ceremony and this how do you develop more time for the loved one What if you could travel Academy will do the book of excellence from the other side? Hey, Menachem Allah Palawan Jeeva will not remember the Allahu anhu call. When a man who was serum and be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mcfa home in her name. So you better be moto bill ID he said when we were coming back from the Battle of Penang with the prophets of Allah wa Salaam. And for those who know what what the battle plan was, is the battle right after the conquest of Mecca. When the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam conquered Mecca.

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A lot of the tribes who were in the surrounding area obviously they couldn't find in Mecca so they kind of start gathering and recruiting together in a valley, mountain area and valley called Hernan.

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And there were so many

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there were so many. So the prophets Allah Salaam immediately ordered the Sahaba de la to run home to go and meet the people in hand before they start, you know, making troubles. Now the people as they were the Sahaba they were living in Mecca, they were over 10,000 plus warriors. So what did they say to themselves, so called Ola noble Avenue.

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It says no one can beat us today. Like with so many martial law, look at us, we conquered Mecca. And we're so many, so no one can beat us at all today. But the small number of the tribes of her name that the tribes that they got an actually they were able to almost defeat the Sahaba of the love and home and defeat the army the Muslim men. They even when they were cornered and ambushed, they start running away that they left the prophets of Allah Salaam and few people around him, the professor suddenly stood his ground and he starts calling. So it's called an Kala

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Abdulmutallab. I am the Prophet, no doubt about it. I am the son of Abdulmutallab, like he's proud of his lineage. So how are they good? Actually, Mashallah unenthusiastic. They came back again to the Prophet salaallah salam, and they fought until they won a larger quarter in the Quran. Well, mahana the Java is a Java karateka remember that there are nine when you are so proud of your numbers for them, don't anchorman aleshia it helps you absolutely nothing. So the point is, after the conquest of Mecca, and then the Battle of her nine, the Sahaba and the Muslims, they earned a lot of war spoils. Like instantly, the treasures and of Mecca Mecca was a trade center, and the

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treasures of Hernan and Mecca was so much in their hands. So a lot of people now looking at the profit zone for what was my shoulder sola? Can I have my shirt? Can I have my shirt? A lot of them were just, you know, barely became Muslims. And now they think that you know what, I want to get something out of this. So what happens is as jubair is recording the story, so as we were coming back from her name,

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called Sally Cole rrbs aluna. So the few bedrooms they caught hold of him, and they kept begging and asked him like, I kind of have some kind of some. So they kept begging and asking and kind of bothering the Prophet selasa like pestering the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had the rule Illa somewhat in for hope for whatever Trudeau they keep going after him surrounding him until they pushed him towards a similar which is a desert bush that does or Bush has stones. So his so called wood that term with the thorns that almost actually took her away from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you can imagine you walk into what they keep pushing you to the into the bushes, and then it just your claws

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get caught into the bushes over there and just like what do you do with these people now, you're gonna probably grab them put them down in the bushes themselves, right? But there wasn't the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so for cultivating a fork of an abyss Allah Sam so the prophet SAW some stuff. And that moment he stopped for tala

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Tony did I give him I gave him I didn't give him my clock that the one that was actually was taken off his back solo salon for call for ocana Lee added to her de la da Hunan la casa

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su malata. Juniper hidden Walla Walla Giovanni says just take it easy. It's like saying this Take it easy. I swear, if I had the number of all these trees in that in the desert, the shrubs in the desert, if I had the number of these trees in the numbers, all of them equally into camels, I would give you I will give it all to that, like I don't I don't care about this. Don't worry, like it's not gonna go anywhere. I'll give it to you. Don't worry, call some mulata you do need to heal and Wanaka dabbawala Giovanna and he said Sir la sala, and he would not have found me a miser, or a liar or a coward. I'll give it to you. But just take it easy. So the thing is the profits or loss, even

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though these people still kind of like holding on to him and bothering him, he still says you know what are still gonna give you but just take it easy. So the generosity, it's not because you owe it to the people. It's actually you owe it to yourself to be the generous person and the kind of person, one of the people don't deserve it.

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You deserve to be generous.

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You deserve to be generous. That's very important. And that's how the prophet SAW some serious people. He treated people based on his standard of character, not their standard of character. If someone decided to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala and the way they treat you don't reply to this by disobeying Allah subhana wa tan and the way you treat them, obey Allah azza wa jal inouye and the way that you treat them again, not because you owe it to them. It's because you owe it to yourself to be that kind and generous person. Now let's ponder making some of those are general cerebellum in Milan, any question Gemma? Yes. Coming to you. I'm coming to you.

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So the question is about those who are called professional beggars, which means they make their life begging life as a profession. So do we give these people actually exists in not just in Pakistan, like you said, all over the world, even in America.

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You go to America, there are professional beggars and unfortunately, some people exploit the need of other other people. And they make them work for them. And some people even they made what make though worse than that, they come and they take street kids, Masaki nanny, and they do this well them in a certain way, and then they start making them beggars, and they make money off of them. So do we give these people now honestly, first of all, I hope we shall allow our main focus as a society as a Muslim community, no matter where we are, that we improve the quality of life for everybody. So that these people inshallah won't have to put themselves in such a situation to bake.

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That's number one, because that's our duty. And the first, the most important thing to make this happen if the rich amongst us would truly pay pay the right amount of the car in the right place.

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But the problem is that most of us even here in America, Gemma, what do you want to pay as a car? What do you send it?

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You give it to your people, to your family members, and your family members, with all due respect, they might not be in need of it. You're just trying to make their life better. That's all. When we know that other people actually they have a miserable way of life. You want to take them out of that misery. So there is there is a lot of money management that is mismanagement, management, our society or community led to this situation. But then you have this professional beggars no matter how rich they are, how poor they are, they're still making this because it is your money for them. Do I give them honestly if you know that they are professional beggars, you don't have to.

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If you work in a society in a city, then it's this responsibility that we actually we take these people out of the way so we can show them prove the quality of life for everybody. However, what if they keep you know insisting and asking for me Should you give, you don't have to give but it's mandatory upon you to keep your manager Aflac with them. Which means you don't be rude with them. You don't yell. You don't scream at them. You don't you know, say bad words, whatever. Just say stay away from me. You know, Zack Allah, May Allah give you I wish you the best, whatever, but you don't yell at them. And so because Allah Subhana Allah says, Pamela tema de la Takara Masha Allah for

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Latina, as for the team, don't oppress them and for the beggar. Don't Latin which means don't yell at them. Don't scream in their face, no matter what kind of you know Sal or beggar just make sure to keep good manners Good luck with the Mashallah but you don't have to give now.

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Okay, and a lot of damage. So you got it covered.

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Kershaw's panicle of 101

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With the level of care

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